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Comedy Fiction


  1. DnDnD


    Join us for an adventure that's part dinner party and all improvised role-play! Each episode five friends combine forces to weave a tale of fantasy, food, and fun in a home-brewed D&D campaign. There's powerful spells, magic horses, other realms, and enough excitement and laughs for everyone to get seconds. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dndnd/support

  2. Join the Party

    2.Join the Party

    Join the Party is an actual play podcast with tangible worlds, genre-pushing storytelling, and collaborators who make each other laugh each week. We welcome everyone to the table, from longtime players to folks who’ve never touched a roleplaying game before. Hop into our current campaign, a pirate story set in a world of plant- and bug-folk, or marathon our completed stories with the Camp-Paign, a MOTW game set in a weird summer camp, Campaign 2 for a modern superhero game, and Campaign 1 for a high fantasy story. And once a month we release the Afterparty, where we answer your questions about the show and how we play the game. New episodes every Tuesday.

  3. Death by Dying

    3.Death by Dying

    The Obituary Writer of Crestfall, Idaho finds himself deeply in over his head as he investigates a series of strange and mysterious deaths… when he is supposed to simply be writing obituaries. Along the way he encounters murderous farmers, man-eating cats, haunted bicycles, and a healthy dose of ominous shadows.

  4. Rude Tales of Magic

    4.Rude Tales of Magic

    In this improvised narrative role playing podcast, come and join artists, writers, and comedians from Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Marvel Comics, and more as they fight and fumble their way across the madcap, and exceedingly rude, fantasy wasteland of Cordelia. Branson Reese and his jester's retinue, Christopher Hastings, Carly Monardo, Tim Platt, Joe Lepore, and Ali Fisher star as a group of unlikely survivors (a talking crow, a lich in a wig, a bubbly fawn, a Sasquatch punk, and a tiefling hunk, specifically) who must solve the mystery of Polaris University's vanishment and return balance and higher education to their world. It's going to be very hard and very, very, rude.

  5. The Adventure Zone

    5.The Adventure Zone

    Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me have recruited their dad Clint for a campaign of high adventure. Join the McElroys as they find their fortune and slay an unconscionable number of ... you know, kobolds or whatever in ... The Adventure Zone..

  6. Sounds Like Adventure

    6.Sounds Like Adventure

    An actual play podcast all about short runtimes, fun role play and great sound design.

  7. Bad Influencer

    7.Bad Influencer

    A wannabe nobody makes a wish and wakes up a famous influencer only to find herself caught in non-stop scandals.  Featuring Deuxmoi, Kristen Doute, Perez Hilton and Christy Carlson Romano, Bad Influencer is a romantic comedy for your ears set in the current New York City Influencer world. Supported by: First Round’s On Me (FROME), a dating app for people who want to date intentionally and actually meet in person for a real date. First Round’s On Me is now available for Android and iOS! Bring back real dating. Learn more: https://bit.ly/fromexbadinfluencer If you like Bad Influencer, find us on IG and TikTok @emeraldaudionetwork and try out these other titles! The Royals of Malibu The Key of Love Rainbow Girl

  8. Gamma Radio

    8.Gamma Radio

    Madcap post-apocalyptic radio style comedy. With inspiration from video games, pop-culture and sci-fi. Warning: Heavily irradiated.

  9. Murder in HR

    9.Murder in HR

    It’s Jemma’s (Kate Mara) first day as Employee Experience Manager at Peace of Ship, an AI-powered tech startup. When her colleague Larry is electrocuted during the company All-Hands, she uncovers a terrible secret. It was murder! Now, she and her Chief People Officer, Nicholas (Brett Gelman), are tasked with finding the killer. She must use her HR skills to investigate her toxic colleagues – without becoming the next victim. Murder in HR. Presented by Gympass. Starring Kate Mara and Brett Gelman.  A Caspian Studios Production.

  10. Honeymoon for One

    10.Honeymoon for One

    The very first story from RomComPods! Meet Claire, a 28-year old Chicagoan who seemingly has her life totally and completely together... until she catches her fiance cheating on her the week of their wedding! Heartbroken (and broke), Claire decides to go on her non-refundable honeymoon — a romantic couple’s tour of Italy — alone. RomComPods is Co-Written, Produced, and Directed by Rachael King and Becca Freeman. More at romcompods.com.

  11. Trice Forgotten

    11.Trice Forgotten

    Alestes likes to keep her head down while she works as a merchant, couriering deliveries and carrying travelers to destinations across the seas. Only as her travelers gradually become permanent crewmates, she realises her ship has become a floating museum, laboratory, vault of repatriated ‘treasures’, and a chef’s kitchen. After spending most of her life with the understanding that nothing changes, no matter how hard you fight, Alestes is faced with a choice: Will she use her new network of allies to build safe harbour and potentially a future for her new community, or will she once again put her head down and drown in her sea of excuses… Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  12. The Amelia Project

    12.The Amelia Project

    The Amelia Project is a secret agency that fakes its clients' deaths, then lets them reappear with a brand new identity! A black comedy full of secrets, twists... and cocoa. The series starts as a succession of interviews with clients who want to fake their deaths, then slowly a larger narrative begins to emerge... Each episode tells its own story, but we recommend starting with Season 1.

  13. Curl Up & D.I.

    13.Curl Up & D.I.

    Gemma and Andy are two feckless coppers patrolling the mean streets of Slatby, a faded North Yorkshire seaside town with an unsolved murder problem. With conventional leads exhausted, local hairstylists, gossipmongers and armchair crime-solvers Yacky and Reuben are enlisted, and their salon unwittingly and illegally becomes the beating heart of all ongoing detective operations. Welcome to the murky hinterlands of soft perms and slaughter. Curl Up & D.I. is a Folding Pocket production, written by Tony Pitts and starring Katherine Kelly, Vic Reeves, Morgana Robinson, Mark Benton, Burn Gorman, Tony Pitts, Tomi May, Nancy Sorrell, Jennifer Saayeng, Kevin Eldon, Bill Fellows, Adam Gillen, Charlotte Lucas and Georgia Sansom. Produced in association with Make Me Films.

  14. LONDON PUB REVIEWS (feat. Tim Key)

    14.LONDON PUB REVIEWS (feat. Tim Key)

    Do you remember what pubs used to be like? No, neither do we. Fortunately someone was taking notes... Written by Paul Ewen Starring Tim Key Produced by Nick Coupe Cover illustration by Max Dorey Executive Producers Andy Goddard and Claire Broughton London Pub Reviews is a Hat Trick Podcast Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  15. Pump Panel Podcast with Skip

    15.Pump Panel Podcast with Skip

    Skip tell you what no one wants to hear. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/skip97/support



    I already know We are going to live Forever I just hope the one I Love forever is on the #SamePage

  17. Slop Stories

    17.Slop Stories

    Short comedy stories about the misfortune of others. Beautifully narrated, often twisted. It's hot slop. New episodes released every other Monday!

  18. Creole


    Please have positive energy and feedback

  19. Riddles with Elaine

    19.Riddles with Elaine

    If you like riddles and listening to fun random talks, check this out. I post at least monthly so stay tuned!

  20. Every Life

    20.Every Life

    Wasup guys

  21. Ships,art,anime and ramen

    21.Ships,art,anime and ramen

    Pretty self explanatory

  22. Sports Horn

    22.Sports Horn

    Sports Horn – it’s the UK’s third most talked about sports radio network! Join ex-footballer and current pundit Ian Fiveankles with co-host Anthony Richardson as they tackle the biggest sporting stories in their brand new breakfast show, only on SPORTS HORN. Dishing out the sort of insight one can only acquire from playing LDV Vans Trophy fixtures against both Jamie Cureton and Jamie O’Hara, this is a breakfast show not to be missed...  Sports Horn is a weekly sports radio parody from Stak and the comedic minds of The Exploding Heads (Mark Davison and Anthony Richardson) who can be found here! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.



    For comedy, history, self-improvement & culture fans. ☘️Shannon, is a “Plastic Paddy”; a clueless Irish-American who loves Ireland. She’s at the arts residency to collaborate with her Druidic-healer poet cousin. (They met online when their DNA matched on a genealogy website.) The residency is rundown, the lakefront is full of stoats and her fellow housemates put her “positivity practice” to the test. As they prepare to inaugurate the new Megacorp Exhibition Hall, an heiress, a hot groundskeeper, a fairy fort, a famous Russian dissident artist, and an army of frisky stoats have other plans.

  24. Zoom Zoom

    24.Zoom Zoom

    Meet Cute Presents: Zoom Zoom. In the fast-paced tech world, Katherine is just looking for a man who is as addicted to work as she is. Or maybe Katherine’s just not looking for a man. Luckily she’s got her best friend, Raina. Except—Raina’s just seen her CEO sneak off with an intern at a company event…Will happy hours turn into happily-ever-afters for these women? www.meetcute.com

  25. Camp Firefly

    25.Camp Firefly

    Meet Cute Presents: Camp Firefly. Two camp counselors try to keep the fires burning throughout high school, college and married life. At least they’ve got Camp Firefly to keep them grounded, or, incredibly busy: kids sure know how to pull off pranks. So what will the camp counselors do when they have a kid of their own? www.meetcute.com

  26. PodCube™


    ://INITIALIZE(); :{" Congratulations! 🎉 You are now able to receive transmissions from any of our deployed PodCube™ recording devices, located throughout the known universe; past, present, and future. What is PodCube™? Beta-testers have described it as "a multiverse workplace comedy" and "a weirdly grounded look into the chaos of mainstream marketing and working under capitalist restrictions". Some reported that when operating a motorized vehicle, they have been forced to stop because they are "laughing too hard". One user went so far as to say that PodCube™ "marks a meaningful improvement in the American sketch comedy scene." (NOTE: Our team believes this tester is unaware that our transmissions are in fact from real people in real places.) ⊲ To begin, select any of the transmissions from the list. ⊳ "};

  27. Jack of All Trades

    27.Jack of All Trades

    A queer occult horror comedy, JACK OF ALL TRADES follows Jack in her new job as a woefully unqualified repairperson. She soon discovers that her resume embellishments are the least of her worries: the flickering lights and strange sounds in the walls all seem to be caused by hauntings! Luckily she has help from Jose, an experienced technician, whose specialties come with some worrisome side effects. Now she hopes to pick up the skills to survive and stay employed, before her boss (and latest crush) finds out she lied on her resume. Or worse, decides she's crazy. JACK OF ALL TRADES is a Faustian Nonsense original. Check out our website at faustiannonsense.com or become a Patreon subscriber at patreon.com/faustiannonsense .

  28. The Swashbuckling Ladies Debate Society

    28.The Swashbuckling Ladies Debate Society

    Welcome to the seaside city of Massalia, nestled in the south of France. It’s the dawn of the 20th century, but things aren’t looking bright. A group calling themselves The Six engineered a sinister cultural revolution and united Europe under one banner, all beholden to the Emperor. Saffron and Zinnia are a married lesbian couple doing their best to defend the people and fight evil wherever they find it, battling with swords, words, or whatever they can use. Opposed by villains like Lord Buxton Blue, Piker Pendulum, and The Red Rapscallion, the Ladies help where they can and seek to bring down this corrupt regime. The flame of hope is still burning bright in the Swashbuckling Ladies Debate Society.

  29. Funny way to handle an issue/problem😂

    29.Funny way to handle an issue/problem😂

    Passing by and read a quote so I thought of sharing it on here just for laughs😂

  30. Cruise Ship

    30.Cruise Ship

    Meet Cute Presents: Cruise Ship. Bestselling author Sara Shepard (PRETTY LITTLE LIARS) takes Queen Beatrice to the high seas and hijinks. Our peppy cruise director, Corby, is determined to warm the waters between herself and Captain Karl. Other crew members find a way to form the perfect Bermuda love triangle between themselves and the celebrity chef on board. Then there are the cruisers…who are simply all at sea when it comes to love. www.meetcute.com

  31. Mall Brats

    31.Mall Brats

    Meet Cute Presents: Mall Brats. Welcome to the mall in the early 2000s, a place where if all else fails, you can still get an Auntie Anne’s pretzel for under five dollars. Maxine’s just started working at the Clinique counter, and to make her time more interesting, she’s decided to conduct an investigation into the mall. Any good journalist knows not to get involved with their subjects, but who said Maxine was any good? www.meetcute.com

  32. Ain't Love Super

    32.Ain't Love Super

    Meet Cute Presents: Ain’t Love Super. How do you tell the World’s Mightiest Man that he’s the World’s Thirdest Wheel? Over two seasons, we follow Matriarch fight Dr. Payback for good, and maybe also...his heart? C-list supervillains The Mink and Robber Baron have a love story of their own, replete with playdates, as they journey into parenthood. You’ve seen heroes and villains battle it out, but now they’re meeting their (love) matches. www.meetcute.com

  33. Now or never

    33.Now or never

    Hello keep in mind I am not a therapist if you need professional help go seek professional help. This podcast is trying to improve yourself and just trying to relax your mind and stop thinking about your life for one second. I will be talking about culture in today's world, advise that I could give you or just talking about my personal experiences in my 20 years. It's not just going to be about sad and depressing things I do like to joke around with previous experiences like my trauma so I'm just here to have a good time with you guys and just talk about anything. I hope you stick around.

  34. Kakos Industries

    34.Kakos Industries

    A deeply entertaining, R-rated, darkly satirical, sex-positive comedy audio drama with elements of horror. Congratulations! You are now a shareholder in Kakos Industries, a megacorporation that specializes in helping its clients to Do Evil Better. You are now entitled to listen to the shareholder announcements that keep you up to date on all of the advancements made in Evil and the bizarre occurrences inside of Kakos Industries itself. For fans of Welcome to Night Vale, Douglas Adams, Better Off Ted, the Venture Brothers, and Archer.

  35. The Bootsy Boys' Blackbird

    35.The Bootsy Boys' Blackbird

    The Bootsy Boys got tired of waiting for Michael Flatley to release his modern day masterpiece, action spy thriller, ‘Blackbird’, so they wrote their own version. Starring Edwin Sammon, Finbarr Doyle & The Bootsy Boys, Edited by Michael Sullivan and Directed by Mikey Fleming. The Bootsy Boys are a sketch group comprised of Steve Bennett, Victor Bible, Fionn ‘Danger’ Cleary, Jordan Daniel, Brian Garvan, Niall Johnson, Kori Schagunn, Michael Sullivan, & Richard Zimmermann. They are part of MOB Theatre Dublin. @thebootsyboys (https://instagram.com/thebootsyboys) on Instagram.



    Ray Smith -- Cock and Bull’s #1 adversary! Join Ray, the Warrior of Facts, on his odyssey for truth. He exposes the lies, battles the absurd, and unlocks the unknown. This podcast features interviews with real ghosts, cult members, and a dream demon. It also features Ray's opinion on everything from Alien encounters to luxury bird feeders. If you’re scared, maybe you should be...

  37. That Summer

    37.That Summer

    Meet Cute Presents: That Summer. Val, Izzy and Natalie are all determined to have the kinds of love stories you read about in books—maybe even Natalie’s book, as she’s an aspiring romance novelist. When Natalie’s career takes off, the girls backpack through Europe, discovering hard truths about love and relationships along the way. Over three seasons, three unlikely best friends weather all the storms of young adulthood, together. www.meetcute.com

  38. Mockery Manor

    38.Mockery Manor

    Summer, 1989, somewhere in deepest darkest England. Mockery Manor is a theme park where people disappear, and it's up to a pair of chaotic teenage twins to catch a killer. British Podcast Awards 'Best Fiction' Nominee 2020. If you like Hot Fuzz, The White Lotus and Scream, then Mockery Manor is for you. Mockery Manor is a full-cast production best enjoyed using headphones.

  39. Flight Risk: A Star Wars Actual Play Crime Dramedy

    39.Flight Risk: A Star Wars Actual Play Crime Dramedy

    Flight Risk is a Star Wars Actual Play Crime Dramedy, using the FFG Star Wars ruleset, set during the Old Republic Era. Join Flight Risk, an eccentric group of mercenaries, as they are thrust into the dark and violent world of organized crime. As agents of an enigmatic Count, they traverse the Outer Rim in an attempt to not only survive but to realize their destiny without losing their souls. Flight Risk is hosted by DeWayne Feenstra with players Joe, Velvet, Nemoy, and Kyle joined by additional guest stars from the podcast community each week.

  40. Standard Docking Procedure

    40.Standard Docking Procedure

    Humanity might have reached the stars, but the 9-5 still rolls on just the same. There's just spaceships now. Follow a ensemble cast of characters ase they do their best to get through the week without breaking anything too important. Who among us hasn't dealt with classic sci-fi sitcom conundrums like forgetting one's keys on a spacewalk, cooking food with a rocket, or tracking down a missed connection in virtual reality? Just them? Well then. Transcripts of every episode and minisode can be found on our website.

  41. Doom Clock: A Shiver Actual Play

    41.Doom Clock: A Shiver Actual Play

    Welcome to Doom Clock, a comedy/horror actual play podcast using the Shiver tabletop RPG system. In this sci-fi story we follow four members of W.A.T.C.H as they try to jump through time to divert catastrophes. Listen to our prologue now to get a taste! If you enjoy TTRPG content then we're the show for you. Patreon: patreon.com/MajesticGoose Discord: bit.ly/oneshotdiscord Website: MajesticGoose.com Twitter: @goosemajestic Twitch: twitch.tv/MajesticGooseNetwork

  42. Exquisite Porks

    42.Exquisite Porks

    Exquisite Porks is a podcast created by Ken M and Mike Kosak featuring original sketch comedy and short stories.

  43. Calling Darkness Podcast

    43.Calling Darkness Podcast

    Six women. One book. And a demon from hell. This is Calling Darkness, an audio drama that follows the mishaps of six girls who inadvertently summon a demon and have to deal with the chilling consequences. Calling Darkness is a horror comedy show from the pens of NoSleep writers S.H. Cooper and Gemma Amor, showcasing many familiar voices from the horror podcasting world. Get ready for twists and turns, shocks and surprises, special guests and terrible jokes.

  44. For Shits and Giggles

    44.For Shits and Giggles

    This pod is about me (Noe) and my good pal Julian and we are here to talk about anything and everything that we want and things you probably want to here

  45. The Banging of the Shrew

    45.The Banging of the Shrew

    It’s Shakespeare at its naughtiest in this hilarious sex-positive retelling of The Taming of the Shrew! In Madame Baptista’s famed house of ill-repute, proud Mistress Kate must dominate over Peter Pluck, else lose herself to his command, while young Luke and fair Bianca fling themselves headlong into hormone-driven romance and forbidden love. High art meets tongue-in-cheek in six outrageous episodes of comedy, sex, and foul language! Written, directed and produced by Joseph Stephen Leonardo. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  46. We Will NOT Play DnD

    46.We Will NOT Play DnD

    Four friends struggle to get through their weekly roleplaying campaigns together.

  47. Lovenwantintin: Drama Series

    47.Lovenwantintin: Drama Series

    Drama Series based on Love Family and Relationship

  48. The Slanted Hallway

    48.The Slanted Hallway

    Super scary stories that are certain to scare, but they also may make you think....From 1952 to 1972 The Slanted Hallway thrilled and terrified (and sometimes aroused) audiences around most of the world and some parts of South Dakota. Presented by “The Narrator” the anthology series produced several hundred radio plays artistically crafted to frighten with horror and thrill with adventure and mystery, also they had an episode called “Doe-man”. Recovered and remastered from their extensive archives for modern ears…whether they like it or not.



    Podkes terbaikk

  50. Rambos Weird Nights

    50.Rambos Weird Nights

    Just a black dude talking about wild things with the squad at night

  51. Sick Fiction

    51.Sick Fiction

    Sick Fiction is packed with as much good stuff like Lovecraftian horrors, world-ending nightmares, soul-crushing dystopias, barbarians, dead things, tentacle monsters, human hands, and heartwarming Christmas stories as a teddy bear stuffed full of fingernails. Join us as we ride the titan robot pig demon into the apocalypse once a month with original fiction you can never forget. Never. It is forbidden. This is the home of Pastoress, Starbat, and whatever that shadow is with the three spires on its head that keeps showing up.

  52. The Daily Podcast

    52.The Daily Podcast

    Presenting MOE Gangat and Umayr PADIA. Follow us doing Cringey podcasts, sometimes funny and eventually happy podcasts. Follow us on our journey to become Covid 19 radio hosts for anchor.fm

  53. Cape Chronicles

    53.Cape Chronicles

    Cape Chronicles is a Masks: A New Generation ActualPlay Podcast, set 15 years after the events of Fables Around The Table: Super. Cape Chronicles follows the adventures of Falcon Girl, Royale, R3mixXx, and Quasiraptor, as they face threats old and new threatening Halcyon City.

  54. Classic Mysteries

    54.Classic Mysteries

    Every Monday, tune into this snarky and hilarious podcast poking fun at classic mystery books! And as a bonus: Every Thursday, listen in as I try (and usually fail) to solve Minute Mystery puzzles.

  55. Story Time

    55.Story Time

    Story’s from my life

  56. Witty Kanto Podcast

    56.Witty Kanto Podcast

    A talk for a no good reason. Satirical content and mostly funny experiences from people of all walks of life. It ain't LISTENABLE if there's no laguh! My mistake, "laugh". (Insert smile emoji with blush)

  57. Quest Friends!

    57.Quest Friends!

    Skeletons! Zombies! Angry, angry mushrooms! Even the most average day is filled with excitement when the afterlife is only a plane ride away. Join five best friends as they tell improvised tabletop adventures in a ghostly world inspired by cartoons like Amphibia, The Owl House, and Gravity Falls.

  58. Trailer


    It’s good to meet everybody

  59. Untrue Stories

    59.Untrue Stories

    A sci-fi comedy-drama putting surreal new spins on classic speculative fiction. When George Orwell and H. G. Wells accidentally double-book a getaway cottage, an argument about tea escalates into an aeon-spanning adventure of time travel and political machination. A full cast audio drama from award-winning writer Robin Johnson.

  60. American Comedy Horror Story

    60.American Comedy Horror Story

    American Comedy Horror Story is a self-contained audio (comedy) drama. This season, grab some hot cocoa and a creepy doll as we follow mediums, Claire and Olivia, on their journey through "Orphanage." Will they survive? What happens during Sunshine Time? Exactly how many consumption jokes can two people make? All of the questions you're *dying* to ask shall be answered. Warning: There are multiple deaths throughout the season...some may or may not involve children and/or religious figures.

  61. The Younger Man

    61.The Younger Man

    A rom-com audio fiction series about a burnt-out business-woman, whose fling with a younger man turns into much more than she bargained for...

  62. Pink Fohawk

    62.Pink Fohawk

    Pink Fohawk is an ENnie-Nominated actual play podcast set in the Shadowrun universe, following two rad shadowrunners making names for themselves in the streets of Seattle in the year 2053. Content Warning: Pink Fohawk is a crass, vulgar, violent, and raunchy podcast full of 80s edginess that is meant for immature adult audiences only.

  63. Sidewalk Confidential

    63.Sidewalk Confidential

    Meet Cute Presents: Sidewalk Confidential. It’s 1980s Manhattan and a salty private detective, Liz, finds herself dogged by the very charming, irritatingly persistent journalist, Rachel. The unlikely couple teams up to catch a sleazy cheater, but ends up catching much more–ahem, feelings–along the way. www.meetcute.com

  64. Confessions of a Catholic Single

    64.Confessions of a Catholic Single

    Cecilia is a newly widowed Catholic woman struggling to find love in Sin City.

  65. Classic Breakdown!

    65.Classic Breakdown!

    An audiobook narrator who just can't focus on the job in hand. His digressions take him further and further off-piste. Now including the complete and unabridged The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle. Personally, I wouldn't recommend it. And now we're engaged in a tug of war between Chapters of Dracula by Bram Stoker and 1984 by George Orwell. gregwagland.substack.com

  66. Cautionary Tales

    66.Cautionary Tales

    Dive into a side-splitting collection of wild and wacky tales from the tradies of the world! Inspired by the real-life misadventures of the average joe, Cautionary Tales is packed with larger-than-life characters and situations almost too ridiculous to be true! Stupidly shameless, sometimes disgusting, and always side-splittingly funny, these tales raise awareness for men’s mental health as they leave you thinking “these can’t possibly be real”. Join the crew and take your seat around the proverbial campfire as you discover tales of revenge, pranks, accidents, and toilet humor.



    The Legend of COCKPUNCH™ is the tale of a fantastical realm, a universe of the bizarre from the mind of bestselling author Tim Ferriss. Stories are the gateway drug in this Emergent Long Fiction (ELF) project. Characters, maps, artwork, and more will be released over time at cockpunch.com and tim.blog/cockpunch. For other oddities from the world of Varlata, follow @cockpunch and @tferriss on Twitter.

  68. Starship Q Star

    68.Starship Q Star

    Starship Q Star is an award-winning sci-fi comedy: When a space agency sends the “first all woman and non-binary crew” on a blatant PR mission to Mars, they inadvertently end up the last six humans in the universe. Lead by Co-Captains (and exes) Aurelia and Sim, Starship Q Star follows this madcap crew on their quest across the galaxy in search of a new home... which is basically one hilarious mishap after the other. Recently winning Silver at the Signal Awards for Best Writing (Fiction), this Aussie sitcom has picked up awards across the globe including Best Fiction Podcast at Sydney Web Fest, Best Comedy at LA Webfest, and Outstanding Comedy at New Jersey Web Fest. The show was chosen for the ABC & Screen Australia's Fresh Blood 3, and will be releasing three animated shorts in early 2024! Created by co-writing couple Meegan May & Lauren Anderson, Starship Q Star stars: Annie Lumsden, Drey Mendez, Lena Moon, Sunanda, Scott Limbrick, Isha Menon, and Ben Russell. For More: https://starshipqstar.com/ https://www.instagram.com/starshipqstar/ https://www.tiktok.com/@starshipqstar Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  69. Candice



  70. Hannahpocalypse


    Hannahpocalypse is a comedy/horror audio drama that follows living dead girl Hannah; a zombie ‘living’ her best life long after the zombie apocalypse has come and gone.

  71. Human B Gon

    71.Human B Gon

    Excited about the AI Takeover? Lol at a future where robots capture stray humans. New episodes bi-weekly. Warning: violence and stupidity.

  72. The Mythos Mysteries: A Pulp Cthulhu Podcast

    72.The Mythos Mysteries: A Pulp Cthulhu Podcast

    The Mythos Mysteries is a Dumb-Dumbs & Dice live-play podcast where professional voice actors and improvisers delve into the madness that is the Pulp Cthulhu Roleplaying Game. Join Red, Adrian, and Old Man Richter, as childhood friends and their erstwhile mentor return home to try and save a friend! This show features our Keeper Tom McGee (@mcgeetd), and our regular players Ryan LaPlante (@theryanlaplante), Tyler Hewitt (@Tyler_Hewitt) and Clare Blackwood (@clareblackwood)! Follow our anti-heroes, and see if they can maintain their sanity as they're forced to fight otherworldly horrors!

  73. SIMPLISTIC Indian Culture And impact Of Movies

    73.SIMPLISTIC Indian Culture And impact Of Movies

    Have you ever imagined how it will feel to learn about Indian Culture and it's deep rooted humour with podcast- So allow me I will going to take you to a journey which will be beautiful and middle class tales. We Indians are very much attached to our Culture and films and how it helped to evolve the society into a big community. For more information follow me on Instagram id- Saucastic

  74. Naughty


    When Santa Claus goes missing three days before Christmas it’s up to the North Pole’s head elf Emma and her shit show of a colleague Pam to find him and save the day. Naughty follows Pam and Emma on a mission from the toy factory at the North Pole to swampy New Orleans to Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas and down Hollywood Boulevard in LA. Along the way they’re guided by a voodoo priestess, pursued by drug dealers, and win a million dollar jackpot at a Sex and the City slot machine only to discover that Santa’s disappearance may very well have been an inside job…  A high-stakes tale of teamwork, mystery, danger, friendship, intrigue, sex, drugs, death, and anything else you can fit under a Christmas tree. 

  75. Mansfield Mysteries

    75.Mansfield Mysteries

    Martinis, Motives, and Murder. Mansfield Mysteries is a satirical, cozy murder whodunit, featuring the inquisitive, martini-loving socialite Dorinda Mansfield. Set in quiet, affluent Berkshire Bay, each three-chapter story finds Dorinda wrapped up in a new murder. With the help of her devoted daughter, Stacey—as well as the occasional frenemy—Dorinda digs for clues, navigates Berkshire Bay’s elite social circles, and sifts through years’ worth of grudges and motives. In this company town, no one can be trusted, and everyone has something to hide. If you enjoy our show, don’t forget to Follow and Rate us on your favorite podcatcher!

  76. Gossip


    Gossip is a audio drama about how gossip can ruin your life.

  77. Mosquito Springs Paranormal

    77.Mosquito Springs Paranormal

    Creaking floor boards and a chill on the back of your neck may be a ghost or zombie reaching out to you. Maybe you've just been probed by aliens. Or maybe it’s Bigfoot's hand on your shoulder. Join the Mosquito Springs Paranormal team in this comedy fiction as they uncover mystery and adventure in a town that is just like yours - mostly normal.

  78. Mona Lisa

    78.Mona Lisa

    Hood sh**

  79. Oblivity


    A comedy sci-fi series || Commander Falconer is missing the war... Following years in front line combat, a decorated hero is posted to the remote ice plains of Pluto on her toughest mission yet: to oversee a small, dysfunctional research team. Oblivity is a comedy science fiction audiodrama about family, isolation and meteorites www.oblivitypodcast.com @oblivitypodcast

  80. Asif Show

    80.Asif Show

    My podcast is about my life

  81. six feet under🪱

    81.six feet under🪱

    Six people talking

  82. Persuasion


    Are you a fan of classic literature and romantic comedies? Look no further than Jane Austen's Persuasion! This heartwarming and enduring love story offers a witty and charming look at love, friendship, and self-discovery. With its relatable characters and engaging plot, Persuasion is a must-listen for fans of Austen and anyone looking for a delightful and enjoyable audiobook experience. Don't miss out on this chance to lose yourself in the world of Persuasion – start listening today! https://www.solgood.org - Check out our Streaming Service for our full collection of audiobooks, podcasts, short stories, & 10 hour sounds for sleep and relaxation at our website This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at https://www.spreaker.com/show/5770323/advertisement

  83. Worlds Beyond Number

    83.Worlds Beyond Number

    Brennan Lee Mulligan, Erika Ishii, Aabria Iyengar, and Lou Wilson hang out together and use games to make up stories. It's pretty good.

  84. Michelle Rojas Is Not Okay

    84.Michelle Rojas Is Not Okay

    Michelle Rojas is not okay. In fact, she’s burnt out. With a PsyD from Yale and a job at a renowned Connecticut therapy practice, Dominican psychologist Michelle Rojas is a Washington Heights success story. When she gets fired for lashing out at co-workers and giving patients questionable advice, Michelle returns home. Ashamed yet bullish, she lies to her family and friends: Michelle—voiced by Dascha Polanco (Orange is the New Black, Samaritan) —opens a therapy practice in a local bodega under the false pretense of expanding the therapy practice from Connecticut to New York. But where she’s from, people just don’t go to therapy. It’s a struggle to pierce the tough resistance from the community, even with support from her free-spirited cousin Dora (Darlene Demorizi) and her quick-witted childhood friend Niño (The Kid Mero). Michelle Rojas is Not Okay follows Michelle as she struggles to grapple with both her professional and personal identities. Throughout her journey, she faces setback after setback before it slowly becomes clear that she’s there not only to offer help to her community, but also to receive it. Michelle Rojas is not okay, but will she be?

  85. Super Suits

    85.Super Suits

    In a world full of superpowers, where superheroes and supervillains take to the courts as often as they take to the rooftops, Harper Hallo is the newest associate at the biggest law firm in Megalopolis! They work with colorful characters like Malcolm Aria, the vampire lawyer bitten by a radioactive mosquito, and L.O.I.S., a.k.a. Law Office Integrated Systems, the AI who runs the office. They're mentored by Bonnie Firestein and Cole Castillo, who have lived and worked together for years but are just friends (as far as they've noticed). And while Harper handles the legal troubles of heroes and villains alike, their twin Hazel Hallo takes to the rooftops as a super themself! SUPER SUITS is brought to you by the Faustian Nonsense network. Check out our other shows at faustiannonsense.com and support our Patreon at patreon.com/faustiannonsense .

  86. Tin Can Audio Presents...

    86.Tin Can Audio Presents...

    The best place to find all of our award winning small-batch audio fiction series. Featuring: Middle:Below, The Tower, The Dungeon Economic Model, Love & Wards. Part of the Rusty Quill Network. Cover art by Eden M-W Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  87. The Encounter Table

    87.The Encounter Table

    A D&D real play podcast where three best friends "encounter" guest(s) each campaign, strive to entertain, make you laugh, and make a positive impact on the world! CURRENT CAMPAIGN: Marvin's Game FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: contacttetpod@gmail.com

  88. Pokémon: Dungeons and Dragon-Types

    88.Pokémon: Dungeons and Dragon-Types

    Set 11 years after the events of Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, "Adventures in Kanto" follows Flip Blaze, a contest coordinator from Hoenn, and Sicely, a trainer from Lavender Town. A chance encounter in Cerulean City joins them together in an adventure that's sure to go down in history! Join them as they travel the Kanto region, prove their worth as Pokémon trainers and contest experts, make new friends, and uncover a villainous plot that spans the Kanto region and beyond! What adventures await our intrepid heroes on their journey? Find out right now! What are you waiting for?

  89. Tinka Bell

    89.Tinka Bell

    Just having fun

  90. Meera and Rabaab

    90.Meera and Rabaab

    Random conversations between a couple.

  91. Ed Sheeran Smells Like WWI

    91.Ed Sheeran Smells Like WWI

    Worldwide Leader in Sports

  92. Unpacking the Power of Power Pack

    92.Unpacking the Power of Power Pack

    We journey through each issue of the most underrated Marvel series of the 80’s while drinking beer. Please join us in rediscovering the joy of the Power Pack comic.



    A narrative fiction podcast. A foolish and self-absorbed newsreader accidentally kills an old man. infinitegossip.substack.com

  94. Spoken Word Poetry with Smita

    94.Spoken Word Poetry with Smita

    I write about my experiences - dating, weight loss, being a foodie, hating exercise, loving Gilmore Girls, and other random stuff that happens in a 30 year old’s life

  95. 100 Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

    95.100 Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

    100 Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse | Part of the 100 Ways Series | In this podcast we go over 100 Ways To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse. We go over the outcomes of each scenario and how to build your empire. Follow us through our journey to survive this horrible time! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  96. Community Cat News

    96.Community Cat News

    The neighborhood news show created by cats for cats! Our feline reporters bring you: Local News: The human is opening the fridge! Will we get a taste? Foreign Affairs: What are those squirrels up to now? Traffic: WHY is the bathroom door shut again? Every episode is sponsored by Meow Meow Puffytail, Feline Rights Attorney, who is ready to sue your human for even the slightest inconvenience.

  97. Audio Oasis Storytelling

    97.Audio Oasis Storytelling

    Ever want to escape? Get away? Rest your mind? You've come to the right place. Welcome to the Audio Oasis Storytelling Podcast. Here we share stories about life, confessions, the power of music, and even matters of the heart. These are mini-stories created for you to stop by, listen, think, laugh, and most importantly, rest. It is an audio oasis for your journey... Safe travels, enjoy and be well. PODCAST WEBSITE: stephanieycole@gmail.com

  98. 108.9 The Hawk with Jason Gore and Geoff Garlock

    98.108.9 The Hawk with Jason Gore and Geoff Garlock

    The World's Greatest Improvised Comedy Podcast About Classic Rock Radio with Jason Gore and Geoff Garlock.

  99. Planescape: Torment - The Unofficial Audio Series

    99.Planescape: Torment - The Unofficial Audio Series

    Re-discover the amazing story of the 1999 cult classic - Planescape: Torment. A fully voiced re-telling of the game's story with a modern take and narrative drive. I hope to follow on from Rhyss Hess' example in lovingly creating an homage to this wonderful story, that aims to allow new and existing fans to enjoy the narrative in an episodical, fully voiced, unofficial audio series. I will be mostly using Dan Simpson's in-depth guide to cover as much content as possible in one single playthrough. This series began as a way to challenge and stretch my voice over and audio editing capabilities; and since, has become a vast passion project where I re-experience one of my all-time favourite stories, bringing renewed life to the beautifully written characters. https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1109783.Rhys_Hess https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/187975-planescape-torment/faqs/7964 Planescape: Torment - Enhanced Edition Beamdog brings modern features to yet another classic isometric RPG in Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition. Uncover secrets of past lives in this story-rich, tactical roleplaying game set in Sigil, a dark fantasy city at the heart of the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse. Explore the planes, survive combat alongside a party of unique companions, and solve puzzles unlike any ever seen in the genre. The original Planescape: Torment was released in 1999 to widespread critical acclaim. It won RPG of the Year from multiple outlets for its unconventional story, characters, and amazing soundtrack. Since then, millions of Planescape: Torment fans have enjoyed exploring the strange and dangerous city of Sigil and surrounding planes through the Nameless One's eyes. Beamdog has partnered with Chris Avellone, Lead Designer on the original Planescape: Torment, to curate Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition and update it with modern features to share with a new generation of role playing fans. "Beamdog has worked hard to ensure the feel and tone of the Enhanced Edition matches the original game. At the same time, they've also taken advantage of current generation technology to allow for improvements to the interface and feel - it's the best way to play Planescape: Torment, hands-down." Discover an incredibly rich story and a unique setting unlike anything else in fantasy. Defeat strange and alien creatures, engage in rich dialogue, and explore the dark and dangerous Planescape setting in this 50+ hour RPG classic. This is Planescape: Torment like you’ve never seen before. https://planescape.com/ Get bonus content on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  100. Twelfth Night: The Radio Show!

    100.Twelfth Night: The Radio Show!

    The University of Virginia’s student theatre group Shakespeare on the Lawn presents Twelfth Night: The Radio Show! This classic tale of mixed identities, unrequited love, and mischievous antics tells the story of twins Viola and Sebastian after they become separated during a train crash. Viola disguises herself as a man to secure a job in Illyria and is suddenly indistinguishable from her brother — what could possibly go wrong? Directed by Avery Erskine. Produced with the help of the University of Virginia’s Miller Arts Scholars Program and WTJU.

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