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  1. Scrapbook Your Way

    1.Scrapbook Your Way

    In a world where a camera is always within reach and creative options are abundant, “Your Way” is the memory-keeping approach that fills you up and fits your life right now. This free, scrapbooking-focused show celebrates the breadth of ways to be a memory keeper today. Scrapbook Your Way is hosted by Jennifer Wilson, owner of Simple Scrapper and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking.

  2. Dear Textiles

    2.Dear Textiles

    Dear Textiles is, at heart, a love letter to textiles. These interviews explore how fiber-based craft practices can help us heal, connect + grow. To find out more, check out deartextiles.com. Dear Textiles logo by Clarisse Hassan.

  3. ASMR


    Doing ASMR with things in your house

  4. Thee Amazing Doctor True (Trapologist) $DoctorTrue

    4.Thee Amazing Doctor True (Trapologist) $DoctorTrue

    "When doctors speak be patient".

  5. The Plan on Purpose Podcast

    5.The Plan on Purpose Podcast

    My name is Charise I am a storyteller. I love meeting and interviewing people who love planning and journaling. This podcast will introduce you to the stories of planner lovers who live to plan and create just as much as you do. Follow their journeys', learn the latest tips and tricks, and get to know some of the people who live behind the pretty planner pics and plan with me videos. Who knows, you might just find a new creative bestie. 

  6. Pardon My Stash

    6.Pardon My Stash

    Knitters (and crafters) unite! Come join us weekly for a conversation about knitting, crochet, and yarn crafts all around. With a touch of comedy and sass, we talk about projects, pitfalls, and pointers about the fiber arts. Find more content on our Patreon or on pardonmystash.com

  7. Mostly knitting podcast

    7.Mostly knitting podcast

    Welcome to the Mostly Knitting Podcast. A monthly, free audio podcast, coming to you from Norway with Ingvild and Vibeke. We speak about knitting and creativity. Mostly knitting, but also some other crafty things. Sometimes we have guests from around the world.

  8. Hard Rock Crochet

    8.Hard Rock Crochet

    Tegan and Kate are makers and creators who love to create 🤪 silly crafty content and talk all day long about making things! This podcast is dedicated to just that. Crafting. You'll discover what's happening in our community, patterns and yarns you must own, things that unravel our yarn, and creator shout-outs. We will also discuss what's happening in our neck of the woods including WIP's, new patterns and products, and yarns we're stashing. So grab yourself a cuppa or WIP and join us on Hard Rock Crochet every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month!

  9. K2tog Podcast

    9.K2tog Podcast

    More than a Knitting Podcast! Cohosts Kenzie (IG: @kenzieknits) and Kara (IG: @thekineticknitter) talk all things knitting, knitstagram, commu-knitty, and chat with other kinds of makers because knitters know best how to appreciate all things handmade!

  10. knitting with confidence & hope

    10.knitting with confidence & hope

    A podcast about knitting and recovery, broadly defined.

  11. Thread & Therapy

    11.Thread & Therapy

    Welcome to the Thread & Therapy podcast! A podcast for quilters with big hearts. I am your host Maude MacDonald, The Retro Quilter, and every episode we dive into the “why” of our beloved craft. You can expect guests to share their stories on how quilting became a catalyst for change, helped them heal and even changed their lives. We’ll be hitting on some vulnerable topics like mental illness, burnout and more. Join us and see how quilting is therapy for us all.

  12. Brave Knitting

    12.Brave Knitting

    A knitting podcast to inspire knitters of all levels to take the next step!

  13. Mitsy Kit Adaptive Crafting and Sewing Project Instructions

    13.Mitsy Kit Adaptive Crafting and Sewing Project Instructions

    Welcome to our Mitsy Kit adaptive crafting and sewing tutorial podcast. Mitsy Kits makes it easy for everyone to sew by touch with or without eyesight! All of our adaptive sewing kits come pre-cut, and ready to hand sew and our no sew line of adaptive crafts come with fabric that has drilled holes with tactile borders to allow lacing with a plastic needle and ribbon or shoelace. Each episode will feature different kit tutorials that will walk you through project assembly instructions step by step. Happy adaptive crafting!

  14. Let's Craft Today

    14.Let's Craft Today

    Different crafts to try. And if they worked well or not so well for me and why. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jessica-knuteson/support

  15. FOSS and Crafts

    15.FOSS and Crafts

    A podcast about free software, free culture, and making things together.

  16. Michaels Craftivity Podcast

    16.Michaels Craftivity Podcast

    From the definitive arts and crafts store comes the definitive place for creatives to share their stories. Creativity can take many forms and on Michaels Craftivity Podcast, we’re celebrating and exploring the infinite ways creativity can be applied to life. Join Anna White, Michaels VP of Communications, as she speaks with tech leaders, artists, influencers and entrepreneurs to uncover their best methods, recall their biggest lessons, and share in their love of creating.

  17. Introducing....


    New to the podcasting world, and ready to start chatting

  18. The Rooftop Podcast

    18.The Rooftop Podcast

    Stay happy.

  19. Fiber Nation

    19.Fiber Nation

    Join host Allison Korleski as she brings you stories from all corners of the yarniverse. From Victorian murder mysteries to the trenches of the Western Front, from deadly dyes to futuristic fabric, each episode explores the connections between fiber, history, and humanity. 

  20. Creative Queso Podcast

    20.Creative Queso Podcast

    Welcome to Creative Queso with Jennifer Perkins, where we taco about the business of being creative and the creativity behind running a business . Learn more at: https://creativequeso.com/ Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  21. Teaching Your Brain to Knit

    21.Teaching Your Brain to Knit

    Margaret and Catherine talk about what they are learning from their knitting, something about the brain or learning, Behind the Redwood Curtain, the area where they live along the Northcoast of California, and a knitting tip

  22. The untethered's Podcast

    22.The untethered's Podcast

    Best blonde hair dye

  23. Better Ideas

    23.Better Ideas

    A weekly lifestyle series Hosted by Peter Colquhoun, where he chats with experts, enthusiasts and the Better Homes and Garden TV crew to make your home...well.... Better. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  24. Craft A Life You Love

    24.Craft A Life You Love

    Join craft maven and creative coach Amy Tangerine as she extracts juicy wisdom from tastemakers, experts, and entrepreneurs. Her guests have found their own unique voices and infuse creativity, fun, and intention into their daily lives– so can you. Listen for the freshest takes on how to build the life of your dreams at the crossroads of creativity, passion, and purpose.

  25. Quilt & Tell

    25.Quilt & Tell

    Every quilt has a story to tell. Tracy, Lori and Ginger from Quilting Daily cover the full spectrum of experience, from a third-generation quilter to a practicing novice, and pull inspiration from their distinct backgrounds. Each episode features a patchwork of in-depth conversations and engaging stories that appeal to quilters of all skill levels and all quilting genres.

  26. The pastortoddrmnt's Podcast

    26.The pastortoddrmnt's Podcast

    Best Dry Shampoos for Fine Hair

  27. Crochet Circle Podcast

    27.Crochet Circle Podcast

    A crochet podcast with a little bit of knitting on the side

  28. Craft Hangout

    28.Craft Hangout

    Welcome to the artsy crafty inspiration destination podcast with an upbeat & fun edge. We’re here to help you get better at whatever creative projects you’re doing. If you’re looking for encouragement, inspo, & a fun listen, then this is the show for you. Let’s hang out & get crafty!

  29. The Very Serious Crafts Podcast

    29.The Very Serious Crafts Podcast

    A very serious podcast about very serious crafts.

  30. Cosplay Gems

    30.Cosplay Gems

    Ever had a cosplay malfunction? So have we! Jade is a costumer. Pearle is an actor and makeup artist. Together these gems recount their misadventures in Geek-dom and the things they've learned along the way.

  31. Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

    31.Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

    Who are we and why are we podcasting? We are Kelly and Marsha.  We came at yarn and fiber from different directions, but we both love it. Marsha is an accomplished knitter, learning to dye yarn.  Kelly is a spinner who knits and weaves.  Fiber is one of the many interests we share after over 30 years of friendship. 

  32. The Creative Ritual Podcast

    32.The Creative Ritual Podcast

    A podcast about creativity, ritual and community. We talk about making sense of the human experience, movements fuelled by expansive imagination and practices that light the way.  If you enjoy listening and would like some support for your practice please consider joining my Patreon. You’ll get access to recorded workshops, ritual guides, journaling prompts and movement & creative practices to explore in your own time. I also host monthly intention setting sessions & quiet co-creating sessions on Zoom around each new moon. https://www.yarrowmagdalena.com/practice/

  33. The changefundraising's Podcast

    33.The changefundraising's Podcast

    Red highlights on brown hair

  34. Stamp With Us

    34.Stamp With Us

    Join stamping gurus of the cardmaking industry, Simon Hurley and Rina K. as they discuss the ups and downs of life, share hilarious stories and their input all while making cards! Their guests have paved a way for themselves in the crafting industry and share their knowledge, journey, and insight on how they made their dreams a reality. Grab your craft supplies and get ready to laugh out loud!

  35. Blue-Collar Tribe

    35.Blue-Collar Tribe

    Welcome to Blue-Collar Tribe Podcast your go-to for EVERYTHING Blue-Collar.BCT was created to be YOUR safe space from the nonsense of not being heard. Ive learned in my time that every trade thinks they are the best but if you talk shit about one you talk about ALL. This podcast is for everyone in the trades , For the family members that stand by us for the long hours we work, to you the workers who make the word turn. I firmly believe that its the BCT that keep the world turning. You need buildings to run computers and those buildings are touched by over 7 different trades if not more. Here are a few things that you can expect from being a weekly listener. Hear about the newest tools and directly from the manufactures themselves. Deep dive into being the business owner. from starting up to being in business for over 30 yrs. Get Exclusive "SPLASH" discounts for the tools YOU need to be ahead of the game. Stories from job-sites... Thats right you will hear from others in all trades as they share their own job site stories that will make you laugh and say OMFG but not only that you will have the ability to share your stories as well. Exclusive Merch and MORE... So make sure you hit the SUBSCRIBE button and please share this with anyone who you know that is Blue-Collar. Lastly thank you and leave a review as it helps continue the podcast and shows our awesome sponsors that you WANT MORE NO-BULLSHIT Blue-Collar Stories and Swag.

  36. Sew-organised-style


    Sew organised style- listen to people just like you. We'll cover sewing, style and interview people who are the backbone of our sewing community and provide you with reputable organisations you can go to for help when you need it. Go to our website: https://seworganisedstylepodcast.com/ There will be evolving playlist series as we find experts with gems of information and resources to keep you creative. Don't keep our podcast channel a secret. Tell your friends and rate us on Itunes.

  37. VeryPink Knits - Knitting Q and A

    37.VeryPink Knits - Knitting Q and A

    VeryPink Knits, the companion podcast to the VeryPink Knits YouTube channel, focused on answering your knitting questions. With Staci Perry and Casey Bernard.

  38. Unraveling ...a knitting podcast

    38.Unraveling ...a knitting podcast

    A podcast about knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other fiber arts. Hosted by Greg Cohoon (KnittingDaddy on Ravelry) and Pam Maher (pammaher on Ravelry). Follow along as we talk about our knitting and explore books written by popular knitting authors.

  39. Craft Industry Alliance

    39.Craft Industry Alliance

    An interview show for creative entrepreneurs.

  40. Candles and Crafts

    40.Candles and Crafts

    How I became a crafter

  41. Craft Cook Read Repeat

    41.Craft Cook Read Repeat

    Bi-weekly conversation featuring crafty goodness, wonderful reads and tasty eats

  42. The oneminutepreceptor's Podcast

    42.The oneminutepreceptor's Podcast

    Best Ash Blonde Hair Dye

  43. Dapper Notes

    43.Dapper Notes

    A look behind the scenes of every Dapper Notes edition: Pocket notebooks made from scratch, by hand, by Enon Avital.

  44. Stitch Please

    44.Stitch Please

    The official podcast of Black Women Stitch, the sewing group where Black lives matter. Stitch Please centers Black women, girls, and femmes in sewing. Weekly discussions, interviews, tips, and techniques celebrate and contextualize Black creativity.

  45. The starwarsgofigure's Podcast

    45.The starwarsgofigure's Podcast

    Best drugstore shampoo for oily hair

  46. Yarnspinners Tales's Podcast

    46.Yarnspinners Tales's Podcast

    Join me as each time I either prep fiber for spinning, or sit at my spinning wheel. There is also music and stories while we spin our fiber into yarn.

  47. The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

    47.The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

    Gayle and Sharlene talk about what they are wearing, what they are stalking, and of course, what they are knitting. Grab your knitting needles, your favorite yarn - or your favorite craft - and come knit with us! We are on Ravelry as gayleywayley and knitterninjashar. Show notes at http://yarniacs.blogspot.com/

  48. Pomcast! A knitting podcast from Pom Pom Publishing

    48.Pomcast! A knitting podcast from Pom Pom Publishing

    Pomcast is Pom Pom's knitty and witty podcast, now twice monthly! Lydia and Sophie talk to all sorts of interesting fibre folk, as well as indulging in knit-chat and plenty of giggles. Remember you can keep in touch with us and other Pomcast listeners via our Ravelry forum, and you can send us your musings via email at podcast@pompommag.com. To be kept informed with all the latest updates, delightful titbits, and treats, we recommend signing up to our weekly newsletter!  pompommag.com Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  49. Imagined Landscapes Podcast

    49.Imagined Landscapes Podcast

    Grab your tea and knitting and settle in with Sarah and Katie as we talk about the awesomeness of working with yarn. We’re Canadian urban prairie girls, sisters, sci-fi and fantasy fans, and can seriously talk about knitting all the time.

  50. Life Handmade by Scrapbook.com

    50.Life Handmade by Scrapbook.com

    A podcast about scrapbooking, stamping, cardmaking, die cutting and papercrafting in general. Listen to interviews with designers and creatives who help empower beautiful, meaningful handmade creation. Get behind the scenes looks at the product creation process and other fun handmade topics!

  51. The Build Guild Podcast : A Professionally Unprofessional Podcast for Makers

    51.The Build Guild Podcast : A Professionally Unprofessional Podcast for Makers

    A Professionally Unprofessional Podcast for Makers. Hosted by: Ben - Myers Woodshop www.myerswoodshop.com Brian - Fiery Squirrel Art www.fierysquirrelart.com Peter - Rowdy Roman www.rowdyroman.com Coty - Arganic Woodwork www.arganicwoodwork.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thebuildguildpodcast/support

  52. The LoveCrafts show

    52.The LoveCrafts show

    Welcome to the LoveCrafts show, the video and audio podcast everyone is talking about! The LoveCrafts Show is your monthly craft juice - where we chat everything crafts related, share news from the making community, and discuss the joy of making.

  53. Care to Coffee?

    53.Care to Coffee?

    You down for a cup of coffee? Let's talk about life experiences, daily grind, love for travelling, tips & tricks on how to make a perfect cup. 😊

  54. The Craft Room Podcast

    54.The Craft Room Podcast

    The Craft Room Podcast is fully dedicated to crafts of all kinds. Card making, quilting, crochet, stamping, painting, embroidery ... there's so much craft to talk about, so join Dawn Lewis in The Craft Room.

  55. Knitting Nerdcast

    55.Knitting Nerdcast

    The Knitting Nerdcast is where host and knitting-magazine editor Hannah Baker gets together with passionate crafty friends to nerd out about oddly specific knitting-related topics. In the first season, Hannah and friends nerd out about knitting on TV shows, knitting in works of art, lace knitting, and the knitting community. Get curious with Hannah and friends on the Knitting Nerdcast podcast!

  56. art for all

    56.art for all

    Creative inspiration and advice to help you stop procrastinating and start making stuff. Any kind of stuff. Hosted by best-selling author Danny Gregory. Brought to you by Sketchbook Skool.

  57. Knit Picks' Podcast

    57.Knit Picks' Podcast

    Find camaraderie and understanding as Knit Picks employees confess to their own knitting triumphs and complete blunders. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, tune in weekly for the further adventures of the gang at Knit Picks and any other knitters we can round up.

  58. Body Wisdom - Universal Love

    58.Body Wisdom - Universal Love

    I am going to fill you in on my day-to-day life situations, and how i cope: with addictions, and being spiritually and physically balanced, through yoga and kriya, and kundalini exercises. Also introducing friends and family as we all go through this time of great change in 2020 that has lasting affects on this planet!! I paint and read , and write, enjoy my little stories and poems and art as well.

  59. Basic Art

    59.Basic Art

    An art podcast, with tips and tricks, ideas for your art, journalling, and so on!

  60. The Pentertainment Podcast

    60.The Pentertainment Podcast

    A PenBoyRoy Podcast on Fountain Pens and Fountain Pen yammer. Got good words? Wanna share? Email us at pentertainmentpodcast@gmail.com. Check out my affiliate link to make pen purchases and support me and my content! https://goldspot.com/?aff=3

  61. WeCrochet Podcast

    61.WeCrochet Podcast

    The podcast for all things crochet from the people behind Crochet.com. There will be interviews, helpful information about crochet, talk about yarn, patterns, design, techniques- all that and more! Will there be crochet shenanigans, tune it to find out. Keep crocheting and we will too, because WeCrochet.

  62. The New Craft House Podcast

    62.The New Craft House Podcast

    Join Hannah & Rosie from The New Craft House for a weekly episode where they chat with members of the sewing community about their sewing and business journeys. We'll cover everything from how to kick start your sewing to more in-depth chat about advanced skills.

  63. Bewitched Crafts with Tracy Miller

    63.Bewitched Crafts with Tracy Miller

    This podcast features content for paper crafters, card makers, stampers and scrapbookers while exploring many aspects of a creative lifestyle.

  64. Bull


    Random crap

  65. Simple. Handmade. Everyday.

    65.Simple. Handmade. Everyday.

    The Simple Handmade Everyday podcast is where I talk about living a creative, intentional life. I like to chat about quilting, knitting, what I’m reading and watching, and even a little bit about keeping a cozy, organized home.

  66. Stuck at home

    66.Stuck at home

    This podcast is about things people are doing the new trends opinions and fun DIY’s

  67. unCUT - The Makers' Podcast

    67.unCUT - The Makers' Podcast

    unCUT is a podcast for makers with co-hosts: Atia and Juliet. Through intimate interviews and chats, we will dive into how everyday people from different walks of life approach creating the things they love without fear of criticism. We look forward to welcoming you on this journey of creativity!

  68. Keep Calm and Carry Yarn: A Knitting and Crochet Podcast

    68.Keep Calm and Carry Yarn: A Knitting and Crochet Podcast

    Keep Calm and Carry Yarn is a podcast in equal parts measure about knitting, crochet, and the mother-daughter bond between its co-hosts, Vivian and Alyson. Join us for our twice monthly chat as we talk about our latest projects and yarn obsessions, advice from a long-time fiber fanatic to a beginner, living in Edinburgh, Scotland (Alyson) versus Virginia, USA (Vivian), fangirling over TV shows we love, and other everyday pursuits.

  69. Final Gravity

    69.Final Gravity

    A Podcast about craft beer, friends, life, and existing on planet earth. Hosted by Cuzzin T, The Viking Peaches, and CJ the Groovy Bear... Or by our birth given names, Thomas D., Josh S., and Chris(CJ) M.

  70. Running Stitch - A QSOS Podcast

    70.Running Stitch - A QSOS Podcast

    Running Stitch - A QSOS Podcast explores quilt stories, revealing the inner thoughts, feelings, and motivations of contemporary quiltmakers by drawing on Quilters S.O.S. -- Save Our Stories, the long running oral history project created by the Quilt Alliance in 1999.

  71. Tirelo Maget$e.

    71.Tirelo Maget$e.

    On this Podcast , i'll be Interviewing guests & talking about their craft , Discussing what's going on around the world & Debating with Guests on any topic yall want us 2 debate on ! HOPE U ENJOY , LOVE

  72. Beyond Crafting: Creating Your Most Inspired Life.

    72.Beyond Crafting: Creating Your Most Inspired Life.

    Let’s take a look at behind the life of a crafter. The ups and downs, and the journey in the lives of many. You guys knows me as Holli Mostella, Content Creator. With this platform, I want to show you what it’s like behind the craft room doors. To bring in people that inspire me, and to have a place where my voice can be heard.

  73. Soaper’s Chat Podcast

    73.Soaper’s Chat Podcast

    A Podcast for Soapers. Whether you are a hobby soaper or professional soaper. This is a place to talk shop.

  74. Seamwork Radio: Sewing and Creativity

    74.Seamwork Radio: Sewing and Creativity

    On Seamwork Radio, we share practical ideas for building a creative process, so you can sew with intention and joy.

  75. Elephant's Toothpaste

    75.Elephant's Toothpaste

    I was doing an experiment called Elephant's Toothpaste and I had some of my sisters friends watching me.

  76. The Long Thread Podcast

    76.The Long Thread Podcast

    The artists and artisans of the fiber world come to you in The Long Thread Podcast. Each episode features interviews with your favorite spinners, weavers, needleworkers, and fiber artists from across the globe. Get the inspiration, practical advice, and personal stories of experts as we follow the long thread.

  77. Be Createfull

    77.Be Createfull

    Be Createfull is a podcast about finding fullness through creativity. Join Jo and Madison as they explore all the ways creativity enriches daily life.

  78. Jewelry Artist

    78.Jewelry Artist

    Jewelry experts share their successes and offer lessons they’ve learned along the way. Listen in with host Katie Hacker for tips, trends, advice on selling your jewelry, using tools, shopping for jewelry making materials, and how you can impact the environment in better ways. Discover how this intimate accessory and historic status symbol has brought people together and apart, and how jewelry connects makers and wearers today.

  79. A Smaller Life

    79.A Smaller Life

    Hi, my name is SASKIA. I’ve got over a decade of experience in running a small business in the needle craft industry. Selling, pattern and product design, teaching and running a needle craft school. As a small business owner you’re in charge of EVERYTHING branding, marketing, selling, promoting and cleaning the loo. I’m educated in marketing and photography and learned to do everything else ON THE JOB.I’m obsessed with the healing magic of crafting and the power of community.And I’m determined to lift our scene up for the world to notice so they can step away from FAST FASHION.In A SMALLER LIFE we learn from experts in the needle craft, textile and creative industry - big names and small - about what it’s ACTUALLY like to run a small business. Emotional talks with SELLERS about wins and woes, product and design, conscious decision making in branding and communication. Why we do it, how we do it and what we need to become the future of fashion without BURNING THE HELL OUT. A SMALLER LIFE fights apathy in apparel and aims to inspire YOU to look at your wardrobe differently. Where do you buy, how do you use your clothes and can you make some of it yourself? DREAMING BIG about a world where we rely on value based businesses, the KINDNESS ECONOMY and where we can fully say; FUCK FAST FASHION!

  80. Kellofaplan- Planning a Life I Love

    80.Kellofaplan- Planning a Life I Love

    Heather Kell's podcast dedicated to helping YOU plan a life you love! Some weeks it will be Heather sharing tips and tricks on how to use a planner to plan a life you love. Some weeks will be Heather sharing stories of how she has planned a life that she loves. And some weeks, Heather will interview fellow planners to learn their stories on how a planner has helped them to plan a life they love! A well loved life is within reach, and a planner can help you achieve it! This podcast will show you how! Follow Heather on all social media platforms- @kellofaplan Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/heather-kell/support

  81. This Crafted World

    81.This Crafted World

    This Crafted World is a discussion between Harry T. Morris (furniture maker) and Shane Orion Wiechnik (furniture conservator) diving deep into craft, materials, and how understanding these things changes the way we work and see the world.

  82. I’ll go home

    82.I’ll go home

    Go to https://anchor.fm/shazamer , where the podcast really is. Thank you!

  83. The Quilting Arts Podcast

    83.The Quilting Arts Podcast

    Take a deep dive into the world of contemporary art quilting with your hosts Susan Brubaker Knapp and Vivika Hansen DeNegre. Listen and learn as they explore how art and stitch intersect in with passionate creativity unique to the art quilting community. Make the Quilting Arts Podcast part of your story!www.quiltingdaily.com/category/quilting-arts-podcast/

  84. The Crochet Sanctuary Podcast

    84.The Crochet Sanctuary Podcast

    The most unprofessional crochet ramblings you are ever likely to listen to! However we'll promise a giggle whilst you crochet

  85. Planner Girl Chatter

    85.Planner Girl Chatter

    Planner friends that met through their obsession decorating their day planners share their adventures, friends, product reviews, and thoughts on all things planning. Covering real life adult topics, while talking about stickers, intentions, and sometimes the lack of having it together expect big laughs and adult language.

  86. The heardonthehoosier's Podcast

    86.The heardonthehoosier's Podcast

    Best hot air brush

  87. Cast On

    87.Cast On

    Cast On began on Monday, 31 October, 2005, founded on nothing more than the desire to talk about knitting to people who get it. All the other stuff, about how memories, thoughts, hopes and dreams are knit into the fabric we create, and so become part of the fabric of our lives; about how life and knitting intertwine, and how sometimes you simply cannot tell where one part leaves off the other begins; about how the only thing wrong with the world today is that there is not enough knitting in it, all that came later, over time. Since 2005 the podcast has evolved to focus on finding inspiration in the ordinary, using it to kick start the process of making stuff, and finding ways to carve out the creative time and space that allows you to work your ass off on the projects that matter most to you. Like knitting a sweater. Or saving the world.

  88. The Carpentry Show

    88.The Carpentry Show

    Join Robin Clevett as he takes a look at all the latest topics from the world of woodwork including product launches, top tips, and special guests. Robin will also be joined by some of the biggest names from across the industry giving their view on the latest news and developments. The Carpentry Show on Fix Radio is brought to you in partnership with Bosch Professional Power Tools.

  89. ROBLOX


    Talking about ROBLOX period

  90. The Melanie Grace Show

    90.The Melanie Grace Show

    Hi I'm Melanie Grace and this is my new podcast - The Melanie Grace Show. I always wanted to be my own boss and I have the entrepreneurial Spirit. But I never knew how to go about it so I thought I would start here to talk about my experience in my journey and hopefully you can join me. I've always been a crafter a Creator and an artist and an entertainer. I am excited to see where this podcast will take us and see how we can follow our dreams. I'm also a creator of The En Studio head on over to my website www.theMelanieGrace.com Join mailing list: https://bit.ly/2QBWVHW

  91. Sew & Tell

    91.Sew & Tell

    Three sewists from different backgrounds — fashion, indie sewing and theater — discuss sewing topics and chat with big names from the sewing world. Join Meg Healy, Amanda Carestio and Kate Zaynard as they share their collective knowledge, insight and inspiration, connecting the sewing community and keeping listeners up-to-date on news and trends of sewing and fashion.

  92. flower.garden


    just wanted to post some songs :D

  93. The livefromlordnorthstreet's Podcast

    93.The livefromlordnorthstreet's Podcast

    1b Hair Color

  94. Connecting Threads Quilting Podcast

    94.Connecting Threads Quilting Podcast

    Join us as the Connecting Threads team explores all things quilting. Each season the Connecting Threads host will embark on an adventure of fabrics, threads, and everything quilting. From behind the scenes stories to our favorite tips and tricks, listen in as we chat about our passion for sewing. More information available at our website: ConnectingThreads.com.

  95. Commuter Knitter Podcast

    95.Commuter Knitter Podcast

    Where the Yarn Meets the Road - Work from Home Edition. Hi, I'm Jen! I'm a knitter, and in non-pandemic times, I'm a commuter. For now, let's chat about knitting while I work from home until I get back on the road again. Come along for the ride! Follow me on Instagram as @ndjen04, Twitter as @CommuterKnitter or Like the podcast on Facebook. Enjoy!

  96. 96.Spoon Carving Conversations

    Conversations with Spoon Carvers from around the world. About how and why they carve spoons. Hosted by Simon Pouly alias Roots Spoons.

  97. "NO" is A Complete Sentence

    97."NO" is A Complete Sentence

    Anxiety is the price of unacknowledged anger

  98. Fancy Plans & Things Radio

    98.Fancy Plans & Things Radio

    A Planner Babe Podcast Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/fancyplansandthingsradio/support

  99. Gift Biz Unwrapped

    99.Gift Biz Unwrapped

    Have you thought about turning your hobby into a profitable small business? This podcast shows you how to do just that. Whether you want a side gig for some extra cash or to get out of your 9-5, the handmade products you make for fun can hold the key! In each episode you'll hear steps and actions to take to start and grow a profitable business. It's created specifically for the handmade product business entrepreneur; a group I lovingly call Gifters, Bakers, Crafters, and Makers. You're a fabulous unique creative person and I'm here to help you get on the right path to making your vision a reality. There's a lot out there about building a service based business, some about building a product business, but handmade is different. There are specific nuances to handmade that we cover here. Have you thought about starting a business but not sure what the first steps should be and you're afraid to do it "wrong?" Have you started your business but it's not progressing as you had envisioned? Are you confused about Etsy, Amazon Handmade and Shopify platforms? What about email marketing and Facebook or Instagram ads for attracting sales? There is so much to know it can be overwhelming and confusing. I'm your host, Sue Monhait, and I interview business owners who have been where you are. This is combined with over 30 years of experience consulting hundreds of boutique and big brands along with opening two profitable product based business of my own, I'm here to help you realize your dream. At the end of each episode, you'll walk away with new ideas, tools, or processes that you can apply immediately to get results. Decide on your business. Learn how to get started. Hear what others do to get customers and increase their sales. A great first step is to subscribe to the show. Then you'll automatically get each new episode as it releases - ready and waiting for you when it's convenient to listen. The main show becomes available on Saturday morning with a short Tips & Talk episode on Wednesday. I want you to know that you don't have to do this alone. Find more free resources over at GiftBizUnwrapped.com and if you're looking for a community of handmade makers just like you, join us over in my private Facebook Group - Gift Biz Breeze.

  100. Stuff Stitch, the Upholstery Podcast that tells the story of the skill that lies beneath the covers!

    100.Stuff Stitch, the Upholstery Podcast that tells the story of the skill that lies beneath the covers!

    Essential listening for upholsters and teachers alike, you'll hear an eclectic 'weaving together' of life and skills as we talk to some of the best upholsterers in our business and provide a forum for those new to our trade. We'll delve into a rich tapestry of fascinating stories, experiences, skills sharing, and general 'chitchat' on our virtual couch. Because a chat is always a good thing, right?! Hosted by Robbie Richardson, Master Upholsterer, it's 100% by upholsters, for upholsters. Everyone is welcome, so switch on, tune in, grab a coffee or listen as you work.

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