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Earth Sciences


  1. Climate Emergency

    1.Climate Emergency

    In India, every year, the summers are getting longer, the winters harsher and the downpours intense. Floods in Assam, droughts in Tamil Nadu and growing problem of water scarcity in many states are no longer an abnormality but the new reality!There is an urgency to solve the problems caused by human induced climate change and to understand and find solutions before it is late. This is Climate Emergency and we will bring to fore and discuss the growing impact of climate change. We will also highlight and celebrate climate champions- individuals and communities who are undoing the damage done so far

  2. Crazy Town

    2.Crazy Town

    With equal parts humor and in-depth analysis, Asher, Rob, and Jason safeguard their sanity while probing crazy-making topics like climate change, overshoot, runaway capitalism, and why we’re all deluding ourselves.

  3. Talk+Water


    Talk+Water takes a deep dive into the world of water with those making the waves. Todd H. Votteler, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Water Journal & Texas+Water, interviews a special guest making a unique contribution in the water profession.

  4. The Composter Podcast

    4.The Composter Podcast

    Welcome to The Composter, a podcast for farmers and composters. I'm your host and fellow composter, Jayne Merner Senecal. Join me in practical conversation between industry professionals and farmers with a passion for producing high-quality compost. We are going to dig deep into the science, technology, and art of compost production so that we as composters can help enliven the world's soils.

  5. Pollution


    Dangers of pollution and call to action against it.

  6. The Backpacker's Guide To Prehistory

    6.The Backpacker's Guide To Prehistory

    The podcast that provides top travel tips for time travellers. Each episode host David Mountain will be asking experts in palaeobiology about the most interesting, exciting and important aspects of prehistory.

  7. One World Podcast

    7.One World Podcast

    Climate change and pollution are gradually endangering the Earth’s vitality. Join podcast leaders Tristan Miller and David Han in their endeavor to interview impressive individuals and organizations that strive to create a greener, more sustainable future. Each episode contains powerful information that depicts the work of environmental pioneers who are the beacons of tomorrow. The One World Podcast is the Orange County Climate Reality Project’s official podcast.

  8. Soils For Life

    8.Soils For Life

    Join the conversation that bridges the gap between #farmers, researchers and policy makers to breathe life back into our soils. @soilsforlife We believe that by enabling and empowering farmers to rebuild and restore soils, Australia can mitigate and adapt to climate change and other challenges while producing healthy, plentiful food and fibre in ways that are good for farmers, consumers and the planet. Head over to www.soilsforlife.org.au to check out our farmer case studies. Produced by growloveproject Information contained in this publication is not intended as #agriculture #farming advice

  9. Sustainable(ish)


    The home of easy, everyday sustainability for the #imperfectlygreen

  10. Let's Think Earth: Let's Think Sleep

    10.Let's Think Earth: Let's Think Sleep

    Welcome to Let's Think Earth's reboot, Let's Think Sleep, a relaxing podcast that is all about sleep, and of course, our bedtime stories.

  11. regenagri podcast

    11.regenagri podcast

    Featuring experts in the agricultural industry, the regenagri podcast explores the ways that global farming is steering towards more regenerative agriculture approaches and how the movement is evolving at pace. Tune in regularly to hear about all things regenerative and stay at the forefront of the global movement.

  12. FoodSecurity2022


    How can we improve Food Security in a rapidly warming climate? Join us as we talk to meteorologists, sociologists, and policy experts across the Globe who have dedicated their careers to improving access to nutritious food. We will tackle everything from what makes an impactful early warning system to how technological advancements in agrometeorology can help in the battle for Food Security.

  13. Geoscience Futures

    13.Geoscience Futures

    Geoscience is central to all our futures. Whether it’s the energy transition, clean water, feeding the planet, mitigating climate change, or building sustainable cities, the world needs geoscientists. But is the discipline of geoscience fit for purpose? In this podcast, well known broadcaster Professor Iain Stewart - along with colleagues Cam McCuaig and Neil Evans from the resources company BHP - talk to "thought leaders" in the field of geoscience, to discover their vision for the future of the discipline. How does geoscience reinvent itself for the great societal challenges of the 21st century? This is a podcast that grew out of a Unesco research project exploring the relationship between geoscience and the UN's sustainability goals. It is intended as a showcase for creative thinking about the future of geoscience.(As a consequence of Covid lockdowns, all the interviews were conducted via video conference and the audio quality sometimes reflects this.)

  14. The MapScaping Podcast - GIS, Geospatial, Remote Sensing, earth observation and digital geography

    14.The MapScaping Podcast - GIS, Geospatial, Remote Sensing, earth observation and digital geography

    A podcast for geospatial people. Weekly episodes that focus on the tech, trends, tools, and stories from the geospatial world. Interviews with the people that are shaping the future of GIS, geospatial as well as practitioners working in the geo industry. This is a podcast for the GIS and geospatial community subscribe or visit https://mapscaping.com to learn more

  15. Eco Futurists

    15.Eco Futurists

    Planning for the future and breaking new ground across industries must involve improving our natural environment along the way. Our lives and livelihoods depend on it. In this podcast, we hear from people leading the way not only in imagining, but also providing solutions for a future with environmental sustainability in mind. We speak to scientific experts, industry leaders, artists, adventurers, and committed personalities who make connections in their local and global communities, making life on earth a priority in their grand plans. They are Eco Futurists.

  16. Climate Sense

    16.Climate Sense

    From hurricanes and floods, to wildfires and extreme temperatures, climate change is happening all around us. In this podcast series, energy and climate expert Samantha Gross, director of the Energy Security and Climate Initiative at the Brookings Institution, sheds light on the essentials of climate change and how to deal with it. She talks to other experts in various climate-related areas to help you understand the issue. How serious is climate change and what causes it? How does our energy system work and why do we use fossil fuels anyway? What are potential solutions and are they ready for prime time? Why is it taking so long for the world to act?

  17. Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival

    17.Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival

    How have humans become powerful enough to disrupt the world's climate, trigger the sixth mass extinction, and cause serious harm to the biosphere? And with all the abilities and technologies we've accrued, why do we so often oppress instead of uplift one another? Join us as we explore the hidden driver behind the converging crises of the 21st century. It all comes down to power - our pursuit of it, overuse of it, and abuse of it. Learn how different forms of power arose, what they mean for us today, and why giving up power just might save us. This podcast is based on the groundbreaking book, Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival by Richard Heinberg, one of the world's foremost experts on energy and sustainability. For more information, please visit https://power.postcarbon.org/.

  18. Bermuda Triangle Mystery

    18.Bermuda Triangle Mystery

    Linking science to unexplainable events in the Bermuda Triangle.

  19. Geology Podcast Network

    19.Geology Podcast Network

    The Geology Podcast Network is a source for geology news, career highlights, and insights by experts in the field from around the world.

  20. Getting Closure

    20.Getting Closure

    The Landform Design Institute Podcast

  21. A Climate Change with Matt Matern

    21.A Climate Change with Matt Matern

    A Climate Change with Matt Matern is a weekly radio show and podcast featuring influential guests from government, business, activism, academia, and culture. The show serves to inform its audience with a focus on environmental and climate issues. Join us as we commit to making “a climate change.”

  22. waterclan.earth


    This is a podcast about water for water. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  23. Adventures in Sustainable Living

    23.Adventures in Sustainable Living

    There is one thing you will hear me say again and again. As long as someone else is in control of your resources, they are in fact in control of your life. Consequently, my solution to that problem was to develop a sustainable, self reliant lifestyle. Not only that, but I’ve lived off the grid for more than 20 years. This podcast is not only about sustainable living it is also about teaching you to take more control over your life by being in control of many of your resources. It is possible to live a life without debt, produce much of your own food, have much more personal freedom, as well as increased personal security and peace of mind. So join me as I discuss diverse topics associated with sustainable living, off grid living, and share some of my hilarious and sometimes incredible adventures. My goal is to make you realize that you can also have a wonderful sustainable life that is adventurous, enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding. I will also make you question why you live the way you do now. Besides this podcast, I have a companion blog at www.offgridlivingnews.com Enjoy!!!

  24. Water We Doing?

    24.Water We Doing?

    Discover how our most precious commodity impacts our lives in so many fascinating ways. That's right! We're talking about water, but not like you've ever heard it before. Join us as we explore social, environmental and economic issues around the globe as we ask the questions: what are we doing, and how can we do better? The "Water We Doing?" won the 2022 Canadian Podcasting Award for Outstanding Branded Series. The podcast is a production of the Aquatic Biosphere Project. The podcast is produced and hosted by David Evans (P. Biol), the Project's Director of Conservation. For more info please check out www.AquaticBiosphere.ca

  25. NSF Live

    25.NSF Live

    NSF Live is a weekly discussion show about spaceflight from http://NASASpaceflight.com.

  26. Going Green

    26.Going Green

    Welcome to the Going Green Podcast! Our mission is to educate and inspire people to take action on climate change by exploring various environmental issues and discussing practical ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle.Every week, your hosts Philip and Paul will delve into different aspects of climate change and its impact on the planet, from rising temperatures and sea levels to the destruction of ecosystems and loss of biodiversity. They will also examine the role that human activities, such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, play in exacerbating these issues.But we don't just stop at identifying the problems. We believe that everyone has a part to play in combatting climate change and we will provide practical tips and advice on how you can reduce your carbon footprint and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. From small changes such as switching to LED light bulbs to bigger decisions like buying an electric vehicle or installing solar panels, we will explore a range of options for you to take action.It's important to remember that time is of the essence. The longer we delay taking action, the more severe the consequences of climate change will be. As a society, we need to act urgently to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and shift to cleaner, more sustainable forms of energy. We believe that everyone has a role to play in this collective effort, and we hope to inspire you to take the necessary steps to become part of the solution.So, join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future. Subscribe to the Going Green Podcast and let's start making a positive impact today.

  27. The Land Before Podcast: Fossil Histories and Paleo Mysteries

    27.The Land Before Podcast: Fossil Histories and Paleo Mysteries

    The Land Before Podcast explores fossil histories and paleo mysteries from Dinosaur Ridge, sites around Colorado, the United States, and everywhere on Earth where the remains of dinosaurs and prehistoric life is found. In 2022, a group of Dinosaur Ridge staff members teamed up to create this podcast to connect with dinosaur enthusiasts, those interested in paleontology, geology, ichnology, natural resource preservation, STEM education, natural history, and new fossil discoveries. Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, Colorado is North America’s #1 rated dinosaur tracksite, according to an esteemed panel of paleontologists. More than 250,000 visitors from around the world visited the site in 2021 to see the tracks, ancient seaway ripple marks, trace fossils and dinosaur bones embedded in the Jurassic and Cretaceous rock of the Dakota hogback. Since 1989, the nonprofit group Friends of Dinosaur Ridge has been providing educational tours and other visitor services including camps for kids, while working to ensure preservation of the dinosaur tracks and fossils set in the Ridge just east of the iconic Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre outdoor concert venue. Dinosaur Ridge is part of the Morrison-Golden Fossil Areas National Natural Landmark, a subunit of the National Park System. In this podcast series, our own network of experts share their knowledge and interpretations, explore the issues and challenges impacting the field, do some myth-busting, and of course celebrate the fun stuff from fresh fossil finds to dinosaur movies, dinosaur art, and the stories told in popular culture that continue to fuel human fascination with life on the planet from long before our time. Please visit the website https://dinoridge.org to learn more about Dinosaur Ridge, and how you can get involved.

  28. Why We Mine

    28.Why We Mine

    Join our host and journalist Robin Stickley as she digs into some fascinating conversations about what, how, and Why We Mine. Think about it - practically everything around you that isn’t born or grown is mined. The toothpaste you brush with every morning, the vehicle you use to get around, even the screen you’re reading this on right now contain minerals extracted from the earth. As the climate warms and we race for sustainable solutions, we know you’re asking questions: How can mining help us hit our emissions targets by 2050? How do we continue to build an inclusive workforce and prosperous communities? How will we sustainably mine enough copper for the all the electric cars? Robin explores the answers and takes a closer look at Canada’s innovative mining technologies and community-driven approaches to ensure a sustainable future for everyone. If you want to understand more about “Why We Mine,” this podcast by Teck Resources is for you.

  29. Do I have to cell everything out to you?

    29.Do I have to cell everything out to you?

    A podcast about science. We'll talk about news in the scientific community, discuss theories and laugh at each others dumb jokes. Join this nerdy couple for an insight into everything vaguely scientific with a tonne of laughs along the way!

  30. A Rock and A Hard Place

    30.A Rock and A Hard Place

    Welcome to A Rock and A Hard Place, a podcast brought to you by Mineral Choices. In each episode, Dr Saleem Ali and Thomas Hale speak to experts about the integral but too often hidden role of minerals in our modern world. From complex communications infrastructure to next-generation clean energy solutions, minerals are the key to unlocking a brighter and sustainable future. However, supplying enough minerals to meet the world’s ever-increasing demand is a significant challenge. Stuck with a choice between accelerating conventional mining activities and finding new alternative mineral resources, what is the global solution to this global problem?

  31. PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast

    31.PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast

    A Geology and Earth Science Podcast. Join Chris, an award-winning geology teacher, and Jesse, a geoscience professor, in discussing the amazing features of our planet and their impact on your everyday life. No prior knowledge required. New episodes coming at you every week. Listen, subscribe, share with someone you know!

  32. GeocHemiSTea


    Every geoscientist is capable of understanding and applying geochemical data, however, at GeocHemiSTea we understand that there is an incredible amount of nuance and accumulated knowledge. We are here to break down the impediments towards geoscientists learning more about this exciting field! Are you a student wanting to break into the field? Listen to each episode to see how reknown geochemists got to where they are today. Are you intrigued by integrating geochemistry, but don't know how? Stay tuned! Lastly are you looking for some Tea/good gossip? We got it. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/geochemistea/support


    33.ASH CLOUD

    This is series of conversations discussing global food sustainability with guests who bring a deep understanding of the environmental and cultural challenges facing our society and creative ideas on how to address them.

  34. Agriculture


    Agriculture as an extinction driver

  35. Cities 1.5

    35.Cities 1.5

    Cities 1.5 is a podcast featuring progressive policy conversations with urban leaders taking action to limit global heating to 1.5 degrees. Hosted by David Miller and developed by University of Toronto Press, this podcast serves as a platform to discuss the most pressing policy and underlying economic issues facing cities in their effort to lead on transformational climate action. The podcast is an extension of the Journal of City Climate Policy and Economy (https://jccpe.utpjournals.press), which publishes timely, evidence-based research that contributes to the urban climate agenda and supports governmental policy towards an equitable and resilient world. Join Editor-in-Chief and host David Miller as he speaks with mayors, city policymakers, economists, youth leaders, and scholars, among others, who are implementing and fighting for ambitious, near-term climate action.

  36. Let's Talk About the Weather

    36.Let's Talk About the Weather

    Observing the elements is key to better understanding our planet. This podcast tells the manifold stories of experts working in environmental monitoring with help of our sensors and solutions. These range from hydrology to meteorology and climate studies to solar monitoring for photovoltaics. Environmental monitoring combines earth sciences with technology and the possibilities of big data. A lot to discuss, a lot to learn - Let's Talk About the Weather! ===> Find more stories and insights on environmental monitoring on our blog: https://blog.otthydromet.com/

  37. Ag Future: Innovation in Agri-Food

    37.Ag Future: Innovation in Agri-Food

    Ag Future focuses on the challenges and opportunities that exist within the agricultural sector. Join us as farmers, entrepreneurs and other agri-food industry leaders, both on and off the farm, discuss some of the most significant issues facing our planet and how they are working together for a better tomorrow.

  38. Eat For The Planet with Nil Zacharias

    38.Eat For The Planet with Nil Zacharias

    Eat For The Planet features conversations with food industry leaders, health and sustainability experts, as well as entrepreneurs and creative minds who are redefining the future of food.

  39. Forward Talks

    39.Forward Talks

    Forward Talks is a podcast about moving towards sustainability, brought to you by the people behind Goumbook, the UAE’s first social enterprise. Each episode will feature a sustainability changemaker — leaders & professionals who through their work, entrepreneurship & commitment promote sustainability in the UAE and through the region.

  40. Generation Anthropocene

    40.Generation Anthropocene

    Exploring the connection between humans, nature, and the powers shaping our new geologic age. Hosted by Michael Osborne and produced by 14th Street Studios.

  41. What On Earth: The Sustainable Podcast

    41.What On Earth: The Sustainable Podcast

    What On Earth: The Sustainable Podcast sees Sarah discusses the issues affecting our planet with a different topic each week. It's a lighthearted, chatty and informative look at climate change, backed up by the experts at environmental charity, Hubbub. Created by Hubbub Presented by Sarah Divall Produced by Ross Buchanan

  42. The Biofriendly Podcast

    42.The Biofriendly Podcast

    Your beacon of light in a gloomy environment, The Biofriendly Podcast is 3x International award-winning educational series! Hosted by Noel Carroll and Jacob Givens. Episodes air every Friday. Check out www.biofriendlyplanet.com

  43. Age of Plastic

    43.Age of Plastic

    An environmental podcast with tips on how to live plastic free! Host Andrea Fox tackles big ethical issues with her knowledgeable guests, all in the hope of overcoming the climate change overwhelm and battling the single-use plastic guilt.

  44. Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

    44.Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

    This is a show for professional growers and agronomists who want to learn about the science and principles of regenerative agriculture systems to increase quality, yield, and profitability.

  45. Cyclone Debbie with Ned Shnebela

    45.Cyclone Debbie with Ned Shnebela

    An interview with Ned Shnebela about the terrors of Cyclone Debbie.

  46. Antarcticast


    A podcast to share a bit of mine dream of going to Antarctica coming true

  47. The Aurora Underground

    47.The Aurora Underground

    Unmarked grave detection, GPR-SLICE software, space weather forecasting, and camera sales

  48. Mama Earth Talk

    48.Mama Earth Talk

    Welcome to Mama Earth Talk. I am your host Mariska Nell. I am so grateful to have you here. If you are new to sustainability, already on the journey or just curious to learn more about the topic, then you are in the right spot. Mama Earth Talk is a podcast that takes a deep dive into the three pillars of sustainability (environmental, social and economic). Since its inception, it quickly grew into a forum that showcases the amazing hope through the incredible contribution many around the world are making to a more sustainable life and society. There are over a 140 episodes to learn from, with many amazing and inspiring guests like Her Deepness, Dr Sylvia Earle, Zero Waste Queen, Bea Johnson, activist and humanitarian Rob Greenfield, Chief Heart officer for Gary Vaynerchuck, Claude Silver, Climate optimist Kathryn Kellogg, zero waste chef Max La Manna and many more.

  49. Ryzzun Energy

    49.Ryzzun Energy

    Ryzzun Energy with Electrical Engineering Student and Energy Expert, Luis Angel. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ryzzun/support

  50. Ground Cover

    50.Ground Cover

    Welcome to Ground Cover. A podcast created for farmers, by farmers. Ground Cover is a uniquely Australian podcast series exploring real life stories of land managers who have undertaken the transition from conventional farming to regenerative agriculture. In this series, we share unique and honest conversations about the challenges and opportunities of regenerative agriculture, so you can make informed decisions about how to best manage your land. Proudly brought to you by The Regenerative Agriculture Alliance and Southern Cross University.

  51. No Planet B

    51.No Planet B

    No Planet B is an independent climate change podcast hosted by Breanna Waterman and Wyatt Jordan! We talk to researchers, analysts, politicians, farmers, and more about climate change causes, effects, and solutions.

  52. The Climate Press

    52.The Climate Press

    Bridging climate science with public understanding and action. Follow us on Twitter @TheClimatePress

  53. All About Science

    53.All About Science

    Join me while I talk about science related research and information that is relevant today.

  54. The Global Energy & Environmental Law Podcast

    54.The Global Energy & Environmental Law Podcast

    A discussion of global and local environmental law issues. Produced by the EinStrong Foundation and the International Environmental Law Committee of the American Branch of the International Law Association. Hosted by Myanna Dellinger.

  55. Agriculture Adapts by ClimateAi

    55.Agriculture Adapts by ClimateAi

    Every week we speak with industry leading executives, farmers, and academics to get a 360 view of how the agriculture sector is innovating to stay ahead of a changing climate. We belong to a small team of climate and ag entrepreneurs trying to make farming more resilient, profitable, and equitable as we transition to a new age of agriculture. This podcast is our journey as we explore the hurdles and opportunities that lie ahead for the industry that feeds the world. To learn more, visit us at www.Climate.Ai

  56. Issues of Tomorrow

    56.Issues of Tomorrow

    There are many issues with the world, but I will be focusing on the non-political issues.

  57. #savetheturtles


    This podcast is about the Sea Turtles. Informing about their endangered state and how we can do our part as humans to keep them safe.

  58. EnviroMENTAL


    We are three college students who are fascinated with learning about our Earth and eager to share our journey. EnviroMENTAL is a radio show committed to blowing your mind with all things environmental!

  59. Jeranism Podcast

    59.Jeranism Podcast

    Welcome to the Jeranism Friday Lounge, Thursday LIVE (DITRH Stein And Me)... [Audio Podcast Edition] a new show... with no specific topic, let's see how it goes. Enjoy the show. Some links will be listed below following the live stream! IF YOU CANNOT FIND THE LATEST EPISODES OF JERANISM PODCAST ON YOUR PODCAST PLATFORM GO TO https://anchor.fm/jeranismpodcast FOR ALL EPISODES

  60. 5 Minute Nature Show

    60.5 Minute Nature Show

    Ellie Mae takes a dive into incredible nature topics and shares her love of her backyard, plants, animals, and our planet.

  61. CCERP Podcast

    61.CCERP Podcast

    CCERP connects people who want to enjoy nature, learn more about nature and ecology and plants and animals, clean up trash and litter in nature areas, remove invasive species, maintain the natural ecology and biodiversity of the area, educate people about the workings of nature and its benefits to us, connect with their neighbors, and exercise, enjoy, have fun, and live well. We can be healthy and happy only when our ecology is healthy and "happy." This podcast will cover the nature, history, natural history, ecology, parks, and beauty of Cypress Creek, and all things ecological and biological.

  62. ChangeUnderground


    Decarbonise the air, recarbonise the soil. To feed the world, to clean the air and water, we need to change what we do with our soils. This podcast looks at the many variants of regenerative food growing. How? Why? When? We must be the ChangeUnderground!

  63. Storm Front Freaks

    63.Storm Front Freaks

    Storm Front Freaks is a bi-weekly entertaining weather podcast hosted by storm enthusiasts with exciting guests.

  64. Kosmographia


    All the Randall you can handle

  65. A New Climate

    65.A New Climate

    A New Climate is a special series of podcasts from Sky News Daily

  66. GEO Podcast

    66.GEO Podcast

    A place to learn about geology for teachers, students, rock hounds, and geology enthusiasts. Gary Lewis is an Australian-born geologist who loves to share his passion for all things 'geology'. In the GEO podcast, Gary takes you on a journey to learn about rocks, minerals, earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers and so much more. It does not matter if you have no experience in geology, Gary will help you to understand the fundamentals of our planet so you can have a greater understanding about when you see when visiting your backyard, your local creek, cliff or beyond.

  67. Scaling Up Energy Efficiency

    67.Scaling Up Energy Efficiency

    This podcast by the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency promotes the ongoing work and research on energy efficiency through discussions with experts from various sectors, such as buildings, district energy, and datacentres. You will hear experiences and case studies from our global network of experts and we aim to help you understand them. If you want to learn more about energy efficiency or discover related projects, this is the podcast for you!

  68. Yale Environmental Dialogue

    68.Yale Environmental Dialogue

    Podcast collections from Yale University Produced by Yale Broadcast Studio

  69. Green Tech Today (Audio)

    69.Green Tech Today (Audio)

    Green Tech Today is the essential show for the eco-minded geek. Brought to you by the TWiT network and hosted by Becky Worley and Dr. Kiki, Green Tech Today covers the technology, news, gadgets, and innovation fueling the green movement! "Green Tech Today" is fun, informative, and full of ideas! Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.

  70. The Geology Vlog Podcast

    70.The Geology Vlog Podcast

    A series of interviews of people related to geology, including the oil and gas industry, mining and minerals, environmental consulting, and academia. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thegeologyvlog/support

  71. Genome Insider

    71.Genome Insider

    Stories where genes and genomes are key to solving energy and environmental challenges. Hear diverse voices in science talk about their JGI-supported research to better understand — and harness — the superpowers encoded in plants, fungi, microalgae, environmental viruses, and bacteria to contribute to a more sustainable world.

  72. Spatial Tonight

    72.Spatial Tonight

    Spatial Tonight is part of Spatial Series from SuperMap Indonesia. We talk with guests about how GIS being impactful to our everyday life.

  73. The METAPHYSICAL Theater podcast

    73.The METAPHYSICAL Theater podcast

    Metaphysical musings, short, medium, long hot & cold running segments, 17th century metaphysical poetic, poetry, in modern day language or historical language. Biblical revelations, old-new, Focused attention to spiritual, precepts and concepts. Narrated by Computer female or male voice with or without accent. Spiritual-poetry, spirituality. Johntvrz.com

  74. Radio-Saturada


    This project was planned by students of the engineering faculty of the UNAM and students of UT Austin, to support the knowledge of our colleagues in the petroleum industry.

  75. Bionic Planet: Reversing Climate Change by Restoring Nature

    75.Bionic Planet: Reversing Climate Change by Restoring Nature

    We've entered a new epoch: the Anthropocene, and nothing is as it was. Not the trees, not the seas – not the forests, farms, or fields – and not the global economy that depends on all of these. What does this mean for your investments, your family's future, and the future of man? Each week, we dive into these issues to help you Navigate the New Reality.

  76. The IcePod

    76.The IcePod

    The IcePod is the podcast about polar science and the people. We'll talk to scientists who went on board Polarstern, the German research icebreaker, for the biggest research expedition in the Arctic. The IcePod is the official podcast of the Year of Polar Prediction www.polarprediction.net

  77. What The Weather Podcast

    77.What The Weather Podcast

    Storm chasers Shawna Davies and James Skivers dive into the atmosphere of severe weather and the people that make it go-round.

  78. Third Pod from the Sun

    78.Third Pod from the Sun

    Third Pod from the Sun is back, and we’re going weekly! We’re breaking things up into six-week mini-series and our first series is all about the true, personal stories from scientists, for everyone. Join us as we combat misconceptions about sharks, learn how to lasso lizards, hear from a Martian here on Earth, spark science joy via TikTok, journey to Antarctica, and fight over food with some capuchins!

  79. Discovery to Recovery

    79.Discovery to Recovery

    A podcast produced by the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG), bringing you geoscience and technology stories from the world of ore deposits. Season 3 sponsored by ALS Goldspot Discoveries.

  80. Planet & The People

    80.Planet & The People

    Inquisitive actor, Tom Ward-Thomas explores the many different facets of climate change. Through talking with the experts he takes a practical, positive approach and finds out more about the human impact on the planet, what has been done, what is being done, and what we as people can do to fix the climate crisis. @planetandthepeople (Facebook & Instagram) @planetandthep (twitter)

  81. Sustain267 Podcast

    81.Sustain267 Podcast

    Conversations on climate change in Botswana with Batswana, Africans and the rest of the world.

  82. Sustainable Asia

    82.Sustainable Asia

    Stories about Asia and the environment...that you probably haven’t heard yet.  A new perspective on how different countries in Asia are tackling a changing planet. 

  83. Permaculture for the Future

    83.Permaculture for the Future

    The world is full of negative news and the planet is in crisis. This it can be downright disheartening and you feel that there is nothing that you can do. I am here to provide a different perspective. The Permaculture for the Future Podcast is about spreading positive and impactful stories, tips, and ways that each one of us can transition into a regenerative lifestyle. We talk about simple ways to make lifestyle changes and interview authors, teachers, and other folks that are collectively healing ourselves and the planet.If you want to make an ecological impact, stick around because this podcast is for you.

  84. Wild Plant Culture

    84.Wild Plant Culture

    Interviews exploring connections between people and wild plants, with botanist Jared Rosenbaum. Native plants, ecological restoration, field botany, foraging, herbal medicine, and more.

  85. Water Women

    85.Water Women

    A podcast for and about women involved in the oceans in some way, ocean sciences, ocean lifestyle, all of it! If you're a fan of the oceans, listen in every week for something new about the ocean life! Check out our Website at waterwomenpodcast.ca or our socials @ WaterWomenPodcast

  86. The 411

    86.The 411

    The 411

  87. The Nick Zentner Geology Podcast

    87.The Nick Zentner Geology Podcast

    Geologic stories from the Pacific Northwest.

  88. MOSAiC Mixdown: mini-podcasts from the Arctic

    88.MOSAiC Mixdown: mini-podcasts from the Arctic

    Taking you out to the middle of the Arctic Ocean, where the MOSAiC expedition aims to revolutionise Arctic climate science. Each short episode begins with a single question. The answer weaves between the voices of scientists on board. Recording, production and music by Sam Cornish, a PhD student at the University of Oxford. This is a MOSAiC School outreach project, supported by IASC, MOSAiC, AWI, ARICE and APECS.

  89. Deep Insights with Mining Review Africa

    89.Deep Insights with Mining Review Africa

    This is the official Mining Review Africa Podcast. Mining Review Africa is the leading monthly magazine and digital platform in the African mining industry. Every month, MRA reaches an audience of over 50 000 influential mining authorities and key decision makers through a variety of channels, including an interactive website, videos and print distribution at all major mining conferences in Africa and across the globe. MRA serves as a knowledge, news and information sharing platform which drives upliftment and sustainable development across the mining sector in Africa through articles on project developments and the technology and financial models that drive them. Through close interaction with major, mid-tier and junior mining houses; suppliers of capital; technology and plants, MRA is recognized as the industry’s thought leadership, innovation and strategic business content leader.

  90. Big Shift For Small Farms

    90.Big Shift For Small Farms

    From soil health to mental health we are discussing the need for A BIG SHIFT in #faming and #agricultural systems. Each episode brings together insights from #farmers, scientists and industry to share and grow knowledge about holistic and regenerative farming practices. Produced by the @growloveproject with NSW Local Land Services, through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program. We acknowledge the First People of this land throughout Australia and recognise their connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging.

  91. How to Save the Planet

    91.How to Save the Planet

    This podcast series by Friends of the Earth brings you inspiring stories from the frontlines of the climate movement, frank discussion of the issues and solutions at play and takes a look at how anyone can have an impact.

  92. iCRAGorama


    The podcast about Irish geoscience and all things iCRAG! Ben (@geo_benco) & Niamh (@NiamhFlknr_Geo), from the SFI Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences, have conversations with people working in the field of geoscience and discover more about their projects, groundbreaking discoveries, life goals and personal interests. - Created by Ben Couvin and Anthea Lacchia. Hosted by Ben Couvin, Niamh Faulkner, Jess Franklin, Anthea Lacchia, Laura Sinclair, Fergus McAuliffe and Elspeth Sinclair. Produced and edited by Ben Couvin, Claire Geel, Anthea Lacchia, Niamh Faulkner.

  93. Affects of climate change on wildlife

    93.Affects of climate change on wildlife

    This talk about how climate change affects our wildlife

  94. Movement 4.0 - from Babies to Astronauts

    94.Movement 4.0 - from Babies to Astronauts

    Whether you want to move on this planet or others, Movement 4.0 - From Babies to Astronauts offers you new and exciting insights on gravity, space, and all that happens in between. Michelle Turner, creator of Movement Lesson™ LLC, presents and discusses her theories on gravity, movement, development, and beyond.

  95. JUMP


    JUMP, travel like never before. Experience new travel filled science.

  96. How is Littering Costing the Earth?

    96.How is Littering Costing the Earth?

    This podcast explains the monetary cost of littering, how littering affects marine life, and how littering has affected human health.

  97. Animalia


    At Animalia we aim to share important stories and information related to protecting this planet and positively impacting the public discussion around climate, biodiversity, and the natural world.

  98. Earth911.com's Sustainability In Your Ear

    98.Earth911.com's Sustainability In Your Ear

    Earth911's Mitch Ratcliffe interviews activists, authors, entrepreneurs and changemakers working to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, post-carbon society. You have more power to improve the world than you know! Listen in to get started saving the planet!

  99. Academy Blasting

    99.Academy Blasting

    Academy Blasting is the podcast for explosive engineers. Discussing industry trends, in-depth lessons, and the latest in the explosive industry.

  100. Talk Solar

    100.Talk Solar

    Solar is now an established part of the national dialog. With 65% of Americans supporting solar it's time to Talk Solar. Join seasoned Blog Talk Radio Host Beth Bond of Speaking of Green as she focuses on her favorite topic solar. Known in solar circles in Georgia Bond is ready to talk to about all things solar in the US now. Join her as she talks about policy, solar technology and installations from home owner roof tops to gW utility scale solar.

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