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Film interviews


  1. The Blind Movie Podcast: The Robertson Family Story

    1.The Blind Movie Podcast: The Robertson Family Story

    The Robertsons are telling it all. For the first time, the family that captured America's hearts on "Duck Dynasty" comes together on one podcast to reveal the heartache, laughter, love, and redemption that inspired their movie, "The Blind." Go behind the scenes of this stunning cinematic journey, and experience the love story that launched a dynasty, the turmoil that nearly brought it crashing down, and the hope that rose from the ashes to create a foundation for generations to come. Watch The Blind in theaters starting September 28, 2023.

  2. Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein

    2.Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein

    We are born. We die. In between we watch a lot of films. And some of these films shape the people we are. This is a podcast about those films. (And a bit about death.) Join comedian, actor, writer and swimmer Brett Goldstein and an extra special weekly guest as they go all the way into life and death by way of movies, to ultimately pick their Films To Be Buried With!

  3. Awards Chatter

    3.Awards Chatter

    'Awards Chatter' is a podcast that features in-depth interviews with the most interesting and accomplished people in show business. Created and hosted by: Scott Feinberg

  4. Hi Jinkx! with Jinkx Monsoon

    4.Hi Jinkx! with Jinkx Monsoon

    Drag darling and winner of RuPaul's Drag Race JINKX MONSOON brings her unique brand of talk to the podcast airwaves through thoughtful, hilarious, and even probing conversations with your favorite celebrities, comedians, and artists. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network and Moguls of Media

  5. WUSSY Movie Club

    5.WUSSY Movie Club

    A weekly roundtable podcast looking at some of our favorite movies through a Queer lens.

  6. Better Things with Pamela Adlon

    6.Better Things with Pamela Adlon

    Pamela Adlon, Emmy Award-winning creator, actor, writer, producer, and director, finally has her own podcast to explore the people and topics that inspire and light her up. Pamela will host special guests from all walks of life, and deep dive into their hidden dimensions – their journeys, their passions, what drives them, memories that stick, turning points in their lives, childhood nostalgia, and visions for the future.   In this season, Pamela breaks down the making of the fifth and final season of her critically acclaimed, award-winning series, Better Things. Take a peek into the creative process of a woman who at 50, started writing, directing, showrunning, and starring in her own TV show. Featuring guest stars, cast, and collaborators from the series. For all the fans of the show, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. An inside look at each episode of the finale season, straight from the horse’s (Pamela’s) mouth.

  7. Blissful Spinster

    7.Blissful Spinster

    Welcome to Blissful Spinster, a podcast where I’ll explore my place in the world as a happy single woman in her 50s, and how that intersects with my journey as I hustle to get my first narrative feature film, ALONE GIRL off the ground as a writer/director.

  8. TG Geeks Webcast

    8.TG Geeks Webcast

    Sci-Fi, Comics, Film, Genre, Horror, TV, You name it, we talk about it. Ben and Keith are the Two Gay Geeks who talk about all aspects of Geek-dom and Nerd-ery.

  9. Art of the Cut

    9.Art of the Cut

    Conversations with Film, TV, and Documentary editors.

  10. The Dr. Ward Bond Show

    10.The Dr. Ward Bond Show

    The Dr. Ward Bond Show is an exciting and inspiring television program that takes listeners into the world of nutrition, natural medicine and inspiring and uplifting stories to power your day ahead. Ward Bond, Ph.D. interviews celebrity guests and experts from all areas of film, television, music, health and wellness. With an incredible guest list this program is one you don‘t want to miss. Subscribe today!

  11. We Are the Brand Podcast

    11.We Are the Brand Podcast

    "We Are the Brand Podcast" is a podcast that explores the concept of personal branding. The show delves into the idea that we are all brands, and everything we do, say, and go through contributes to the story of our personal brand. The podcast aims to help listeners understand the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness in building a strong and authentic personal brand. Join host Frankie Fabre as he interviews experts and share personal experiences to help listeners on their personal branding journey. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/fabremedia/support

  12. Canadian Made

    12.Canadian Made

    This podcast will take you behind the scenes of the Canadian film and television industry. Each week we talk to an industry professional to discover how things get made and the people who make them.

  13. The Process / Dispatch

    13.The Process / Dispatch

    *Notes on Directing* Long form conversations with some of today's most compelling film directors. The Process / Dispatch isn't your typical press tour interview, it's a deep dive into the granular elements and the highs and lows of bringing your first feature film to life. Season One: 001 - The Daniels [Everything Everywhere All at Once, Swiss Army Man] 002 - Bassam Tariq [Mogul Mowgli, Blade] 003 - Nikyatu Jusu [Suicide by Sunlight, Nanny] 004 - Jonathan & Josh Baker *aka TWIN* [KIN, Ursa Major] 005 - Ricky Staub [Concrete Cowboy] Season 1.5: A WGA MINISEASON As the WGA strike is in place, a small act of solidarity as we share conversations about the highs and lows of bringing a screenplay into existence. From the perspective of writers, directors, actors, and cinematographers. A special release ahead of S2. 001.5: Dan Steele 002.5: Bradley Jackson 003.5: Morgan Cooper 004.5: Bassam Tariq 005.5: Marc Menchaca 006.5: Anthony Ramos 007.5: Natalie Kingston 008.5: Nikyatu Jusu



    The OPENING CREDITS podcast takes you behind-the-scenes of film & TV to explore the unseen world of filmmaking. Join detective-turned-film Graphic Designer, Stephen Nutley, as he demystifies the dark arts of the industry and meets the creative minds who bring your favourite movies and shows to life. Whether you’re a die-hard movie buff who wants to learn more about film production, or a casual fan who is curious to know what goes on behind the camera, this podcast is a new way to discover the overlooked roles of filmmaking and meet the unsung heroes who have been hidden in the credits. Visit www.openingcredits.net to find out more.

  15. Factual America

    15.Factual America

    Factual America examines America through the lens of documentary filmmaking. Guests include Academy Award, Emmy and Grammy-winning documentary filmmakers and producers, their subjects, as well as experts on the American experience. Find out more about the current and upcoming documentaries on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Sky Documentaries and other platforms directly from the creators. Whether we discuss true crime, music, burning social and political topics, history, or arts, Factual America is your #1 documentary film podcast. Factual America is produced by Alamo Pictures, a London- and Austin-based production company that makes documentaries about the US from a European perspective for international audiences.

  16. Respect The Process

    16.Respect The Process

    One-on-one chats with commercial directors, advertising agency creatives, actors, editors, producers, crew and more. Filmmaker Jordan Brady has directed of over 1300 spots , 4 feature films, 3 full-length documentaries and one Netflix special. The show is edited by Jake Brady. Jordan is Founder of Commercial Directing Film School.

  17. Actual Facts

    17.Actual Facts

    Conversations about documentary films + interviews with the filmmakers who create them. Hosted by Eric Steuer and Jason Betrue. Produced in collaboration with MovieMaker Magazine. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  18. Short Hand: A guide to making a short film

    18.Short Hand: A guide to making a short film

    A BFI NETWORK x Film Hub South East podcast about making a short film. Each episode will guide listeners through a different part of the process, from development to post-production. You’ll hear filmmakers, industry professionals and expert voices as they offer their own perspectives on what it takes to create a great short film.

  19. Wakanda Forever: The Official Black Panther Podcast

    19.Wakanda Forever: The Official Black Panther Podcast

    The groundbreaking success of BLACK PANTHER changed the world. What happened after was unprecedented. This podcast is an intimate look into the making of BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER, written and hosted by Ta-Nehisi Coates, featuring conversations with Ryan Coogler, Angela Bassett, Kevin Feige, Nate Moore, Dominique Thorne, Ludwig Göransson, and more. WAKANDA FOREVER: THE OFFICIAL BLACK PANTHER PODCAST is a production of Proximity Media in partnership with Marvel Studios, Marvel Entertainment, and The Walt Disney Studios. The series is produced by Paola Mardo. Executive Producers are Ryan Coogler, Zinzi Coogler, Sev Ohanian, and Paola Mardo. The film score is composed by Ludwig Göransson. The first episode premieres on November 3. The rest of the series debuts in January 2023 around the 5-year anniversary of the first film. Learn more at ProximityMedia.com and follow @ProximityMedia, @Marvel, and @MarvelStudios on Twitter and Instagram. BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER will be in theaters on November 11.

  20. The VFX Artists Podcast

    20.The VFX Artists Podcast

    The VFX Artists Podcast, hosted by Kofi Opoku-Ansah and Daniel Mark Miller is the spot for artists to share, learn and discover other artists in the VFX industry. We aim to bring artists from different levels and departments to discuss industry practice, software, processes, journey and more. We are a podcast made by artists for artists.

  21. 1on1 with Papi Chulo [Episodes 1-50]

    21.1on1 with Papi Chulo [Episodes 1-50]

    Get up close and personal with some of your favorite adult industry personalities, content creators and sexperts on 1on1 with Papi Chulo. Created by Papi Chulo, 1on1 showcases exclusive interviews with some of the hottest adult entertainers and sex workers. You will come closer than ever before to your favorite adult industry personalities in this exclusive interview series. Want to be interviewed on our podcast? Email contact@papichuloradio.com This feed contains Episodes 1-50. Search "1on1 with Papi Chulo" to find more feeds with additional interviews.

  22. Batman the Animated Series Podcast

    22.Batman the Animated Series Podcast

    A podcast where DC Comics artist & writer Will Robson and mega Batman fan Alex Robson, delve into the critically acclaimed Batman the Animated Series! This podcast takes a close look at this groundbreaking series, including: episode reviews, cast and crew interviews, toy and merchandise retrospectives, character designs, music reviews, comic book influences, and so much more. This is the definitive podcast for all BTAS fans and one you won't want to miss!

  23. Life Moves Pretty Fast - The Music and Movies of John Hughes

    23.Life Moves Pretty Fast - The Music and Movies of John Hughes

    Out Now - a new 6-part series that celebrates the music and movies of the legendary film director John Hughes. Featuring interviews with those who knew, loved and worked John, alongside some of the artists whose music featured in those decade-defining films. A new box-set of music from these films is out now.

  24. Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song

    24.Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song

    Brand new podcast series goes behind the making of the new film, Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song, and the legendary artist and song that inspired it. Interviews include Includes archival footage from Leonard Cohen, himself, and exclusive content from film-makers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine and journalist Larry "Ratso" Sloman. You will also hear from members of Cold War Kids, Old 97s, The Mountain Goats, Judy Collins, and a special appearance by Rita Houston (WFUV - New York, NY). Find the film in theaters near you at https://tickets.hallelujahfilm.com

  25. Visionary Voices

    25.Visionary Voices

    Conversations with Women and Non-Binary Filmmakers from around the world.

  26. Down And Nerdy Podcast

    26.Down And Nerdy Podcast

    Spanning the nerd world and feeding your fandom! The Down And Nerdy Podcast, hosted by James Witham, talks movies, TV shows, comics and more from entertainment and nerd culture!

  27. Rumikay Talks

    27.Rumikay Talks

    Konstantin and Rumena are an international creative couple and founders of Rumikay Studio. With an ongoing experience in filmmaking, acting, and writing, they will share insights from the film industry and what it takes to be an artist. On the Rumikay Talks podcast, you'll listen to interviews with professionals from the entertainment industry, popular film topics, and tips on how to keep your creative juices flowing.  Check out our website: www.rumikay.com.

  28. TV Writer Podcast - Audio

    28.TV Writer Podcast - Audio

    Hosted by TV editor/writer Gray Jones, the TV Writer Podcast has featured interviews with everyone from the bottom to the top of the TV industry... show creators like Beau Willimon (House of Cards) and Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) to recent graduates of TV writing fellowship programs.

  29. IATSE Local 891 Presents: Apple Box Talks

    29.IATSE Local 891 Presents: Apple Box Talks

    IATSE 891 presents Apple Box Talks is the podcast where we talk to entertainments very best, 891 Artists and Technicians. From prep to post and everything in between We are the union behind entertainment.

  30. Into Final Space

    30.Into Final Space

    Listen to interviews, episode breakdowns, and events from the world of Olan Rogers' "Final Space", hosted by Gabe Jones (@gabrielwjones). All episodes are available now.

  31. Dear Diary...

    31.Dear Diary...

    Hello, we are Simonetta Bergamaschi and Matei Botîlcă and welcome to our podcast. Our idea was to create a cozy space in which we are telling stories with our guests about meaningful moments in life. We know some days can get stressful so take your headphones, relax and enjoy every page of this diary.

  32. The AwardsWatch Podcast

    32.The AwardsWatch Podcast

    Podcasts from AwardsWatch on the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, SAG and more.

  33. The Film Scorer

    33.The Film Scorer

    The Film Scorer Podcast features a wide array of long-form interviews with film composers, including up-and-comers, established veterans, and everybody in between. Learn first-hand from masters of the craft about the film scoring process, see behind-the-scenes, and hear all about the art of film and film music.

  34. The Video Store

    34.The Video Store

    A weekly chat amongst friends working a shift at local video store. You know, the place you can go to once a week whenever it's movie night! Interesting customers pop in to rent something all the time. Come for the advice on what you could watch but stay for the characters you will come to love.

  35. FC PopCorn

    35.FC PopCorn

    FC PopCorn, A Film Companion Original Podcast is here to make it easier to track what's trending and what's not. Each week, 3 professional critics and content creators from Film Companion will bring you everything from their favourite trends in cinema to the best show or film they’ve seen that week - all for the love of pop culture. Millions of listeners seek out Bingepods (Ideabrew Studios Network content) every day. Get in touch with us to advertise, join the network or click listen to enjoy content by some of India's top audio creators. studio@ideabrews.com Android | Apple

  36. Junkyard Theory - Film Podcast

    36.Junkyard Theory - Film Podcast

    A series of interactive film webinars where extraordinary individuals from around the world converse about filmmaking and their experiences in an ever-changing industry.

  37. Pre-Production with Chris Stuckmann

    37.Pre-Production with Chris Stuckmann

    Are you ready to take an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the making of some of your favorite movies? Look no further than Pre-Production, the must-listen podcast hosted by Chris Stuckmann. Chris will sit down with top filmmakers to discuss their journey from “the spark”, that moment they realized they wanted to be a filmmaker, to the making of their first feature. From the struggles and triumphs of bringing a movie to life, to the creative process and lessons learned along the way, Pre-Production offers a unique and insightful look at the art of moviemaking.

  38. afikra Movie Night

    38.afikra Movie Night

    Movie Night is an interview series that calls for afikra community members who are interested in movies and films to spend time watching along with the entire community. This interview series hosts filmmakers and actors who are featured in the chosen movie.

  39. A Brit in LA

    39.A Brit in LA

    British stage and screen star Lauren Samuels has just moved to Los Angeles to continue her showbiz career. This podcast, A Brit in LA, is for anyone who shares her fascination with Hollywood and ambition to succeed there. Each week, Lauren interviews inspirational figures who explain how they are achieving their own Hollywood dreams.

  40. Making Docs

    40.Making Docs

    A resource for people who want to make a documentary film. Learn from experienced documentary film professionals about the many aspects of making a documentary film. Hosted by Karoline Pelikan (@PelikanPictures) and Paul Hulligan (@paulhully). *Recorded pre COVID*

  41. Below The Line Above The Line

    41.Below The Line Above The Line

    This is a unique 2021 podcast focusing on the film crew in the film industry. These people don't always receive credit for the work they do and this podcast showcases their talent and the ability to break into the film industry.

  42. 48 Hour Heroes: Origin Stories

    42.48 Hour Heroes: Origin Stories

    48 Hour Heroes: Origin Stories explores the stories behind the people who participate in and those who organize the 48 Hour Film Project, the world's largest filmmaking competition. Krk Nordenstrom hosts this series. He's run the 48 Hour Film Project in Seattle since 2005. His goal is to explore the back stories of people who have participated in or organized 48 Hour Film Projects around the globe and show why they are his personal heroes.

  43. People’s Podcast

    43.People’s Podcast

    Inside stories lies transformational power, Power that moves the invisible us, Power that stirs our emotions, To experience the experiences of others; Stories allow us to imagine and live momentarily the lives of others. And there after set a different course and perspective for the life we seek to live.

  44. Invasion of the Pod People

    44.Invasion of the Pod People

    Twice monthly interviews with independent horror filmmakers. Are you a filmmaker who's interested in talking about your movie? Shoot me an email: invasionofthepodpeoplepodcast@gmail.com Powered by Firstory Hosting

  45. Total Film's Last Picture Show

    45.Total Film's Last Picture Show

    It's the last time you can go to the cinema EVER...what four films would you programme and why? Total Film asks filmmakers and film fans to guide us through their choices and their love of the big screen.

  46. The Filmmaker's Guide to the Industry

    46.The Filmmaker's Guide to the Industry

    The Filmmaker’s Guide to the Industry (FGI) is a bi-weekly podcast featuring in-depth interviews and insider knowledge about the business of the entertainment industry. Whether it’s lawyers, producers, gaffers, or marketers; The Filmmaker’s Guide to the Industry will give beginners and veterans alike the knowledge to navigate a career in the movie business. FGI is hosted by Kevin Echemendia and Joshua Long.

  47. The Filmmaker Hotline

    47.The Filmmaker Hotline

    Leave us a voicemail with your question - 501-396-9689 An opportunity for us to dive deeper into filmmaking topics that we’re interested in, to share what we don't know, as well as give thoughtful, in-depth answers to any questions from the audience has about filmmaking/making videos.

  48. gibop


    Director film commentaries for educational purposes only, so you can listen on the go. New episode every day with an extremely wide breadth of films. I make no money from this and I don't take requests.

  49. FILM CRUX Podcast with Host DiAnté Jenkins

    49.FILM CRUX Podcast with Host DiAnté Jenkins

    Learning directly from the best filmmakers in the world.

  50. Backstage - TV & Film

    50.Backstage - TV & Film

    Going behind the scenes to bring you showbiz interviews, TV recommendations and our thoughts on the latest movie releases - from both sides of the Atlantic. Join Katie, Claire and Stevie for a fun look at the world of entertainment. Got a message for us? Email <a href="mailto:backstage@sky.uk">backstage@sky.uk</a>

  51. 8 & 3/4: Disrupting Hollywood

    51.8 & 3/4: Disrupting Hollywood

    The ultimate, 2022 dive into the film industry that brings you firsthand stories to help you land your dream job.

  52. Futurespectives


    The Locarno Film Festival podcast presented by UBS hosts an illustrious line-up of actors, change makers and innovators from the movie industry. Expect to laugh, learn and be inspired by the untold stories and perspectives of guests ranging from Matt Dillon to Daisy Edgar-Jones. Hosted by Gabby Sanderson, Futurespectives covers everything from finding one’s purpose to equality and representation in film, the freedom of expression through art, to green film making. Prepare to immerse yourself in deep yet crisp conversations as the guests share stories about their life’s journey and deep dive into how arts will shape culture, society and cinema. This podcast series is produced in collaboration with BrandAudio.

  53. Film Companion Retake with Anupama Chopra & Rahul Desai

    53.Film Companion Retake with Anupama Chopra & Rahul Desai

    In our new show Film Companion Retake, Anupama Chopra and Rahul Desai deep-dive into one film from the past to celebrate what it stood for, discuss how it’s aged and dissect what worked and didn’t work.

  54. NICKSAV Film & Music SHOW

    54.NICKSAV Film & Music SHOW

    Earnest interviews with prominent filmmakers, musicians, and creative people. We discuss the art of collaboration and making the world better in some way. Send feedback or suggestions for future episodes to podcast@nsavides.com.

  55. Color & Coffee

    55.Color & Coffee

    Color & Coffee is a podcast focused on the craft of color grading hosted by colorist and finishing artist Jason Bowdach. Jason hosts a variety of post-production professionals for intimate discussions on their craft, their passions, and of course, their favorite beverage of choice. 

  56. The PAPER STREET Podcast

    56.The PAPER STREET Podcast

    From the team behind Austin-based genre film production company Paper Street Pictures, ‘The PAPER STREET Podcast’ covers genre films, filmmaking, and the film industry, while touching on the theme of positivity and inclusivity in the genre community. The show also dives deep into all aspects of production -- from the workshopping of ideas and script, to on-set production, to the post-production process, to distribution. Hosts Becky Sayers and Shawn Talley get into the movie-making weeds, interviewing industry professionals and craftspeople, and they may even impress you with their respective knowledge of genre films along the way.

  57. The Extras

    57.The Extras

    The Extras explores the behind the scenes extras of your favorite TV shows, movies, and animation, whether on digital, dvd/blu-ray and 4K, or your favorite streaming site.

  58. Odins Light Podcast

    58.Odins Light Podcast

    Gillan Williams discusses filmmaking, production, the media industry, and everything inbetween

  59. Story & Craft with Marc Preston

    59.Story & Craft with Marc Preston

    Story & Craft is Marc Preston’s venue for offering up entertaining, insightful and inspiring conversations. Marc has spent over three decades as a successful actor, voiceover talent, coach and major market/syndicated radio host. He’s endlessly curious and enjoys great conversations that inspire. Each episode, Marc welcomes film, television and voiceover actors, storytellers, influencers and creative personalities that have intriguing points of view to offer. Marc’s unique interview style provides insight into the origins of what made his guests successful, as well as how they stay at the top of their game. Whether you work in the industry, or simply enjoy great conversation, you’re invited to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a sit down with Marc and his guests as they talk story, share a moment and inspire.

  60. Conversations with Camerawomen

    60.Conversations with Camerawomen

    Conversations with women working in the camera department in all different stages of their careers, sharing their stories and experiences. Hosted by camera operator Tanya Marar. Instagram - @conversations_with_camerawomen

  61. Fake News

    61.Fake News

    An interview with the actress Selena Gomez talking about upcoming projects.

  62. Love of Cinema

    62.Love of Cinema

    Interviews and conversations centered on cinema and streaming shows. Discerning conversations; organic interviews.

  63. Life Journey TV

    63.Life Journey TV

    Life Journey TV is a podcast that helps people find inspiration, motivation and courage in their lives through listening to the lived experiences of others. Kelly interviews inspirational Australian's who generously share their truth and honesty in order to help others find their happiness.

  64. Grit


    Grit is a pod hosted by Jon Harman, where we talk to people at all stages of their careers in the creative industries. We seek to find what they do, how they do it, why they do it and how did they get there. Each episode will explore top tips and insider information to give inspiration and help people stay motivated as professional creatives. "From Grit comes Pearls"

  65. 50 MPH

    65.50 MPH

    Get ready for rush hour! 50 MPH is a podcast dedicated to the making and legacy of Jan de Bont’s 1994 summer movie blockbuster SPEED. Across 50 episodes, this one-of-a-kind oral history takes you on a breakneck journey from conception to execution, distribution and beyond. Join entertainment journalist Kris Tapley as he talks to the people who made it happen and discusses their memories of an electrifying thrill ride that defied expectations and became a global, star-making phenomenon. Through conversations with actors, executives, filmmakers, film scholars and film fans, 50 MPH will attempt to secure SPEED’s rightful place in the canon of action cinema on the way to celebrating its fast-approaching 30th anniversary in style. Don’t forget to fasten your seatbelts!

  66. Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast

    66.Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast

    The Alien vs. Predator Galaxy Podcast is a monthly (and often more) podcast devoted to the Alien, Predator, Alien vs. Predator and Prometheus franchises. Our episodes include interviews with people involved in the franchises, discussions about the latest releases and commentary on the latest news.

  67. MTV's Teen Wolf ReHowl

    67.MTV's Teen Wolf ReHowl

    Teen Wolf ReHowl is a rewatch and commentary podcast about the hit MTV show, Teen Wolf. The podcast is hosted by an obsessed TW fan, Alexis Jay and she will be howling at the mic bringing all of her other werewolf guests along the ride into the mysteries of Beacon Hills. So be prepared to howl back by subscribing to the podcast anywhere you can find your other cool podcasts.

  68. The Streaming Show

    68.The Streaming Show

    Why are most Hindi streaming shows about crime and violence? What exactly are a showrunner and a writers' room? Are Mirzapur, The Family Man, Sacred Games and Scam 1992 the new blockbusters? How do streaming shows even make money? Through a series of conversations with actors, artists, filmmakers, producers and platform heads, Suchin Mehrotra, one of the few film journalists and critics solely dedicated to covering the world of streaming, sets out to answer these questions to help navigate and provide a narrative to the beast of streaming.

  69. The Brett Allan Show

    69.The Brett Allan Show

    Join Brett weekly as he chats with your favorite celebrities from film, television, comedy, music and more. Plus, you never know who will drop in! Thanks for listening and being a part of the show!

  70. On Documentary

    70.On Documentary

    “On documentary” is a podcast hosted by filmmaker Adam James Smith exploring the art of documentary filmmaking from various points of view. In each episode, Adam interviews an individual from the world of documentary film, including directors, producers, editors, funders, critics, programmers, distributors, and beyond. 



    Guests from in front and behind the camera; Where they came from, where they’re going and the key to success. what’s your story… Spotify/Apple Podcasts/YouTube/Anchor etc. Previous guests include Toby Jones/Andrea Riseborough/Hugh Bonneville/George MacKay/Nathalie Emmanuel/Wunmi Mosaku/Tommy Flanagan/Jason Flemyng/Antonia Thomas/Pil Dunster/Scott Adkins etc Hosted by - Actor Elliot James Langridge (Scott Marshal Partners) Find us @LIFEINFILMpod Instagram/Twitter/ Tik Tok Support us on - www.patreon.com/Lifeinfilmpodcast for exclusive bonus material, early and uncut access to episodes

  72. The ICF+C Podcast

    72.The ICF+C Podcast

    The official podcast of the International Collective of Female+ Cinematographers (ICF+C) where every week we will be talking to a different cinematographer and listening to their stories as they navigate the filmmaking world - sharing secrets and experiences to empower our community.

  73. Be Afraid

    73.Be Afraid

    Hosted by Dr. Kutter Callaway, this podcast takes you on a journey into the heart of one of the most popular genres of contemporary film and television: horror. Whether you’re a lifelong horror fan or won’t go within 10-feet of a scary movie, each episode generates a conversation about the nature of our fears and why we just can’t seem to look away from the things that terrify us, even if we find ourselves peering through the slightly parted fingers covering our eyes. Over the course of the season, you’ll hear from major Hollywood filmmakers, well-known film critics, leading psychologists, and even an exorcist or two. At times, it will be dark, and perhaps even shocking, but the goal isn’t to wallow in this darkness anymore than it is to eliminate it from our lives. This podcast isn’t about how to avoid fear, how to leverage it, or even whether or not it’s ok to be afraid. This podcast is an exercise in learning how to fear rightly. It’s an exploration of fear, faith, and stories that scare the daylights out of us. From the studio that brought you "The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill" and "The Bulletin," “Be Afraid” is a production of Christianity Today, Fuller Seminary, and Uncommon Voices Collective.

  74. Locarno Meets

    74.Locarno Meets

    Welcome to Locarno Meets, where established legends of cinema and exciting new talents chat about art, life, movies and everything in between. Join us for lively conversations with the likes of Lambert Wilson, Ken Loach, Harmony Korine, Marianne Slot, Luc Jacquet, Zar Amir Ebrahimi, and more. Locarno Meets is a Locarno Film Festival original production, brought to you by UBS.

  75. Gold Derby Show

    75.Gold Derby Show

    Gold Derby is Hollywood's No. 1 source for awards expert predictions, news, analysis, and interviews with celebrity contenders throughout Oscar and Emmy season. Subscribe to the Gold Derby Show for the expert slugfests with Joyce Eng and Christopher Rosen, the Gold Derby Roundtable series, and to listen to exclusive interviews with the top film and television nominees. Email us your questions and comments at slugfests@goldderby.com.

  76. Kingdom of Dreams Podcast

    76.Kingdom of Dreams Podcast

    Kingdom of Dreams is a podcast about cinema and art of storytelling that features series of conversations with people (may it be screenwriters, directors, animators, producers etc.) behind the scenes of Hollywood and cinema worldwide.

  77. Go Creative Show

    77.Go Creative Show

    Go Creative Show is a place for revealing and informative interviews with A-list filmmakers. Hosted by Producer and Director Ben Consoli, each week we feature cinematographers, production designers, directors and producers to share behind the scenes experiences from the hottest movies and shows. Whether you're a brand new filmmaker or a film industry veteran, Go Creative Show will entertain, inform and make you a better filmmaker.

  78. Whiskey and Popcorn

    78.Whiskey and Popcorn

    Welcome to Whiskey and Popcorn! A podcast dedicated to all things film. We review the latest films coming to theaters, discuss movie trends, and occasionally have a drink while doing so. Kaely and Tuesday are your hosts.

  79. WILDsound: The Film Podcast

    79.WILDsound: The Film Podcast

    In each episode, our host Matthew Toffolo talks storytelling and film. Conversations with film professionals and great storytelling moments.

  80. The Cinematography Podcast

    80.The Cinematography Podcast

    Art, Business, Craft and Philosophy of the Moving Image

  81. Hello Movies

    81.Hello Movies

    A podcast by movie lovers, for movie lovers, Hello Movies gets you closer to the new and exciting films coming out on the big screen. Every two weeks, host Natasha Gargiulo and guests offer up ideas and insights about the two top movies playing in theatres. Sneak peeks, insider info, and cinema trivia. All the stars, all the stories -- all brought to you by Cineplex Entertainment.

  82. Skip Intro

    82.Skip Intro

    Skip Intro with Krista Smith is a weekly show bringing you dynamic conversations with the exceptional people behind your favorite shows, films, specials, and documentaries on Netflix.

  83. Film Trooper Podcast with Scott McMahon: A Filmmaking Podcast

    83.Film Trooper Podcast with Scott McMahon: A Filmmaking Podcast

    Welcome to Film Trooper, where we empower the filmmaking entrepreneur. Why? Because film production is no longer a barrier—anyone can make a film. Film distribution is no longer a barrier—anyone can sell their film directly to the world. Film sales and marketing are the last barriers! To rise above the noise of the internet is the challenge — this is the place that explores these topics to help you, the filmmaking entrepreneur. Proud Member of the IFH Podcast Network (www.ifhpodcastnetwork.com) This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at https://www.spreaker.com/show/4510551/advertisement

  84. Hollywood & Levine

    84.Hollywood & Levine

    Hollywood & Levine looks at the world of entertainment, pop culture, screenwriting, and life, and takes none of it seriously. The point is to make you laugh, although useful information might accidentally slip through. Hosted by Emmy-winning writer/baseball announcer/talk show host, Ken Levine, Hollywood & Levine will feature commentary, war stories on Ken’s career (MASH, Cheers, Frasier, Simpsons), interviews, writing advice, movie reviews, snarky award show recaps, tall tales from his baseball and radio career, segments from old broadcasts, improv sketches, answering listener questions, and more. It’s a fun, fast-paced hour of humor, nonsense, and God knows what.

  85. The Rough Cut

    85.The Rough Cut

    The Rough Cut features in-depth interviews with the film and tv industry's top post production professionals on the topics of film editing, video editing, sound design and more. Hosted by @MattFeury.

  86. Film Threat

    86.Film Threat

    The OFFICIAL podcast of Film Threat!

  87. The Producer's Guide: Todd Garner & Hollywood's Elite

    87.The Producer's Guide: Todd Garner & Hollywood's Elite

    Todd knows movies. For 30 years, the Hollywood veteran has overseen 170 films (and counting) - including XXX, Anger Management, 13 Going on 30, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Black Hawk Down, Punch Drunk Love, Con Air, and Hellboy. Join Todd as he shares tips and stories on the movie business and chats it up with A-list industry pals.

  88. Cracking the Code of Spy Movies!

    88.Cracking the Code of Spy Movies!

    James Bond! Mission: Impossible! Classic spy movies! New Releases - all "decoded" right here! Rated "Top 10 Spy and Espionage Podcasts" out of thousands – by FeedSpot and Spybrary! Subscribe! Listener: “If you’re a spy movie fan, you’re going to really enjoy these. The hosts make it fun and offer some fascinating trivia about the movies we all love.” Discover something NEW in every episode! Decoding spy movies from classics like The 39 Steps through James Bond, Mission: Impossible and current spy movie releases - means diving deeply into scenes, pre-title sequences and gadgets - to always uncover something new - examining how other movies influence the movie being examined and how real-world things influence spy movies too. Interviews with directors, actors, authors and more! Challenge us and see - you will discover something NEW in every episode!! Subscribe and don’t miss the monthly Spy Movie News episodes giving updates on movie releases, new movies, issues, related events and more. Know it all in 15 minutes! Cracking the Code of Spy Movies is in your favorite podcast app! Join Dan, Tom and Vicky who sometimes agree and sometimes do not! So grab your explosive eyeglasses and freefall into the back catalogue and current releases! Join the adventure! For a chance to have your idea featured on the show, email info@spymovienavigator.com. Follow them on • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpyMovieNavigator • Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpyNavigator • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spymovienavigator/

  89. Someone Else's Movie

    89.Someone Else's Movie

    SOMEONE ELSE’S MOVIE is just what it says on the label: Each week, an actor, director, screenwriter, critic or industry observer will discuss a film that he or she admires, but had no hand in making. Hosted as genially as possible by Norm Wilner.

  90. The Boo Crew

    90.The Boo Crew

    Join your hosts Leone D'Antonio, Trevor Shand, and Lauren Shand as they bring you discussions and interviews covering all things horror! Our guests are not only icons from your favorite horror and genre films from in front of and behind the lens, but also artists, actors, musicians, authors and personalities inspired by horror and dark entertainment. A truly unique experience that has something for everyone.

  91. Advanced TV Herstory

    91.Advanced TV Herstory

    Finally, a podcast that studies, analyzes and celebrates women in TV. Thousands of comedies, variety shows and dramas have aired, yet the presence of strong women – both in front of and behind the camera - is an experience we need to understand better and embrace. With an eye to aligning the leadership lesson, time capsule observation or fascinating backstory of a show’s success or failure, my goal of Advanced TV Herstory is to connect the treasures of the past to the great potential of today’s TV and online platforms. Tomorrow’s success is rooted in understanding what has come before us. So gear up for a little sociology, economics, strategy, storytelling and fun.

  92. Filmmaking for Change

    92.Filmmaking for Change

    Based on the concepts presented in his book Filmmaking for Change, host Jon Fitzgerald will cover all the bases related to indie filmmaking, from development and production to marketing and distribution. An industry and film festival veteran, Fitzgerald will engage in conversations with filmmakers and entertainment professionals, who will share their words of wisdom in their area of expertise.

  93. Switchblade Sisters

    93.Switchblade Sisters

    Switchblade Sisters is a podcast providing deep cuts on genre flicks from a female perspective. Every week, film critic and screenwriter April Wolfe sits down with a phenomenal female film-maker to slice-and-dice a classic genre movie - horror, exploitation, sci-fi and many others! Along the way, they cover craft, the state of the industry, how films get made, and more. Mothers, lock up your sons, the Switchblade Sisters are coming!

  94. Upodcast- Bollywood Edition

    94.Upodcast- Bollywood Edition

    Upodcast- Bollywood Edition Probably the longest running Bollywood Podcast in the world! Bollywood film reviews, the largest collection of interviews with your favourite stars on any podcast and filmy debates.

  95. Another Level

    95.Another Level

    Now Playing: Season 2 of the Another Level Podcast. Host Conor Smith speaks with ski filmmakers and athletes about their passion projects. Conversation topics eschew inside the industry nonsense, revolving around the culture of ski movies and the people who shape it.

  96. American Dream

    96.American Dream

    It is about American dream of my sister and little bit about my too.

  97. Face 2 Face

    97.Face 2 Face

    Baradwaj Rangan is a National Award-winning film critic. He has authored Conversations with Mani Ratnam and Dispatches From the Wall Corner. His long-form story on Vikram was featured in The Caravan Book of Profiles, as one of their “twelve definitive profiles.” He has written screenplays and works for theatre. Here you can find all of his interviews and conversations with leading actors and filmmakers of the South Indian Film Industry. In short, everything you need to enhance your cinematic experience.

  98. Yash Qaraah World Wide!

    98.Yash Qaraah World Wide!

    Also check us out on TikTok @ qaraahfilms

  99. Exploration Films Podcast

    99.Exploration Films Podcast

    A deep dive into films from around the world. Featuring conversations with producers, directors, and actors. Here they discuss the sublime to the ridiculous of film making and even give you the never heard before backstories with worldview. Hosted by Renaissance man and thinker Carl Moeller.

  100. Clarke Lane

    100.Clarke Lane

    Podcast for filmmakers

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