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  1. Beef's Golf Club

    1.Beef's Golf Club

    Andrew 'Beef' Johnston and John Robins are starting a golf club. Doors open September 13th. How do you become a member of the world’s greatest golf club? We’re glad you asked. Welcome to Beef’s Golf Club, a place where anyone can get involved. Whether you are an experienced golfer, a total amateur, or you just want to give it a go… this is the club for you. Join us every week, as European Tour winner Beef Johnston and his golf fanatic friend John Robins unpick the wonderful world of golf. There will be guests, there will be laughs, and there will be excellent chat about what it’s like to be an actual professional golfer. To become a member of Beef’s Golf Club, simply subscribe and enjoy the podcast.

  2. Fore Play

    2.Fore Play

    "Fore Play" is a weekly podcast by common golfers, for common golfers. Trent, Riggs, Frankie, Dan Rapaport, Lurch, and their wide variety of guests talk about everything golf like normal folks sitting at a bar watching coverage, venting about the game's difficulties, and weighing in on pro gossip. Your classic golf addicts, the "Fore Play" crew brings a young, unique voice to the rapidly-evolving game, discussing freely and openly everything golf. There is nothing like it.

  3. The Putting Couch Podcast presented by SeeMore Putter Company

    3.The Putting Couch Podcast presented by SeeMore Putter Company

    "The Putting Couch", presented by SeeMore Putter Company, is a podcast where any golfer can listen to anything and everything about putting. Hosts Jim Grundberg and Ted Gallina, and their guests, will give entertaining insights on putting instruction, the mental game, and share great stories from the tour. The team will also cover the science of fitting and the technology behind putting and putter dynamics and designs. Putting is 40% of the game and the fastest way to lower scores. You will be amazed at how much you learn from these podcasts! Sit back, relax and listen to some great and fun information. "The Putting Couch" is the first golf podcast exclusively devoted to all things Putting.

  4. Good Good Podcast

    4.Good Good Podcast

    Welcome to Good Good! The Squad: Garrett Clark, Stephen Castaneda, Matt Scharff, Micah Morris, Bubbie (Tom Broders) Golf, Colin Ross, Max Putnam

  5. Fit For Golf

    5.Fit For Golf

    Conversations to help you improve your golf, fitness, and health.

  6. The NCG Podcast

    6.The NCG Podcast

    The NCG Podcast, by National Club Golfer, brings stories from the world of golf to life. From the Clubhouse explores the grassroots game, NCG Top 100s features golf course discussion, it’s All the Gear for all things equipment, The Slam for interviews with tour players, and Dialled In previews the week ahead. Available on your preferred podcast platform.

  7. Bros And Birdies

    7.Bros And Birdies

    2 brothers who love their golf, discuss everything about the upcoming pga and European tour competitions. They digress from time to time but eventually come up with some betting options. Enjoy

  8. 1Up Podcast with Gary Williams

    8.1Up Podcast with Gary Williams

    Golf Channel brings you the 1Up Podcast with Gary Williams, a weekly conversation-based show where some of the biggest names in sports and beyond share their love of the game of golf.

  9. The Fried Egg Golf Podcast

    9.The Fried Egg Golf Podcast

    A deeper level of golf: conversations and stories about golf course design, professional golf, and more from the team behind TheFriedEgg.com

  10. The Golf Psychology Podcast

    10.The Golf Psychology Podcast

    Golf Psychology Podcast - Mental Game Sessions with Doc is a podcast for serious golfers who want to improve their mental game performance. Hosted by Dr. Patrick Cohn of Peak Performance Sports, the golf psychology podcast allows junior, collegiate, amateur, and professional golfers to ask Dr. Cohn a question on golf psychology or the mental game of golf.

  11. TalkinGolf


    The podcast network for serious golfers. TalkinGolf launched as an online audio show way back before podcasts (or even the iPhone) were a thing. We've been on an extended break since 2012 but now we're back and creating new and interesting content each week as well as a sprinkling of some of the best stuff from the archives.

  12. Me And My Golf Podcast

    12.Me And My Golf Podcast

    Me And My Golf is the largest golf YouTube channel in the world. PGA Coaches Piers Ward and Andy Proudman have dedicated their lives to helping golfers get better and as European Tour coaches, they know what it takes to become a world class golfer. This podcast is going to help you get up to speed with the latest trends in golf coaching, news, mindset and overall performance as they discuss and interview some of the world leaders in golf. Giving you simple tips and tools to help you take charge of your game.

  13. Golf Betting System Podcast

    13.Golf Betting System Podcast

    The official podcast for Golf Betting System, the number 1, free betting resource for Major Championship, PGA Tour and DP World Tour golf. https://www.golfbettingsystem.co.uk

  14. The Golfers Journal Podcast

    14.The Golfers Journal Podcast

    Join Tom Coyne on his fortnightly forays into the golf’s uncovered corners and characters.

  15. Let's Get It

    15.Let's Get It

    Let's Get It features top-ranked golfer Tony Finau and his coach, Boyd Summerhays, as they dive into their experiences in the golf world and in life, including stories from the PGA TOUR, Tony's quest for greatness, and their collective love for family, community and all things sports!

  16. The ModGolf Podcast

    16.The ModGolf Podcast

    The ModGolf Podcast talks with golf's top influencers, entrepreneurs, innovators and disruptors about their vision and solutions to re-imagine, transform and grow the game. The ModGolf Podcast has been ranked #4 on 2021's most comprehensive list of "Top 25 Golf Podcasts" (https://blog.feedspot.com/golf_podcasts/), based on our quality and consistency of posts, industry expert reviews and social media influence/popularity. Please subscribe to The ModGolf Podcast to help us grow and move up the rankings in 2022! We'd love to hear from you! Have any ideas or guests you'd like to hear on future episodes? Contact Colin directly here (https://modgolf.fireside.fm/contact) or on Twitter @ModGolfPodcast (https://twitter.com/ModGolfPodcast) to start the conversation.

  17. Golf Podcast: next on the tee

    17.Golf Podcast: next on the tee

    Hear Golf's Greatest Legends, Players, & the Top Instructors in the Game Sharing Their Stories, Insights, & Playing Lessons. Next on the Tee is all about giving the game's greatest players the opportunity to open up and share their stories. You'll hear what it was like competing against other great players, plus playing in major championships. How did they deal with the pressure? What was it like being a part of those events? You'll also get insights into what's going on in the game now. The Top Instructors in the game join me and share playing lessons to help you lower your scores and have more fun on the course. Check out our Web site, www.nextonthetee.net, to stay up-to-date with our guest schedule plus what's happening with the show. Make us a part of your regular golf content to hear all the best the game has to offer.

  18. The FORE! Cast

    18.The FORE! Cast

    The FORE! Cast with host Allen Burton will give an in-depth look at the game of golf, the golf swing and life on the PGA Tour. Listen as Allen and his guests give their expert opinions on all things golf. Quiet please now playing through on the MESH.. The FORE! Cast.

  19. The Junior Golf Podcast

    19.The Junior Golf Podcast

    -A podcast that is passionate about the Future of the Game of Golf. -You will learn about Kids Golf, Junior Golf, The Players, Golf Tours, Coaches, Training facilities, Academies, Courses, Products, Services and so much more. -We will also reach out with Boots-on-the-Ground and conduct interviews with the players, the parents, coaches and tournament directors at tournaments all across the US. -The Podcast will not only serve as a platform to educate people around the Globe on Kids and Junior Golf, it will provide a means to promote Players, Coaches, Schools, Authors and Service Providers all around the World of Golf. -The Podcast will also serve as a way to for potential High School and College recruiters to stay up to date on future players. www.thejuniorgolfpodcast.com

  20. Better Golf Academy: Strategy to Awesome Golf

    20.Better Golf Academy: Strategy to Awesome Golf

    We all want to get better at golf. But for whatever the reason, our game just doesn’t improve. Sound familiar? Well, I am here to share the best secrets of improving your score. This podcast NOT about giving you swing techniques or swing tips but it’s about giving you specific strategies, a tangible plan and a fun way to improve your score! So, welcome to Better Golf Academy Podcast…are you ready? Alright, HERE WE GO!

  21. Golf 360

    21.Golf 360

    Golf 360 came about from a theory I wrote a decade ago called The Golf Paradigm. It is something I came up with after spending over 30 years in golf and meeting a lot of exceptional people. Some of them were within the industry while others were outside of it but they all had phenomenal information that helped me improve. Whether it was a world-renowned coach, genius club fitter or engineer, ground breaking health professional or therapist, fantastic mental coach or psychologist or someone that understood how to utilize all of these to the benefit of the whole, they are some amazing people. There were also many others, all highly accomplished and from various fields; the business world, other professional athletes, and many more that were kind enough to pass along the knowledge they had acquired over a lifetime of work. Not only did their input help me as a touring professional, it also helped me in life and with my current teaching position with the The Golf Paradigm Academy. I wanted to take my good fortune of having access to so many people and bring that to you so you could apply it to your own game and life. With such a wide array of people I thought why not call it 'Golf 360'?

  22. Up & Down

    22.Up & Down

    Unscripted conversations and stories from the biggest names and most interesting figures in the game of golf.

  23. PaddyTalksGolf


    Weekly episodes of stories in Irish golf, practical advice, tales from the tour, golf tech and learnings which may inspire you to strive and go all in on your golfing, fitness and maybe even some life goals. PaddyTalks Golf Podcast is all about bringing the stories in golf, predominantly Irish Golf, to all of you in a very relaxed vibe as if you were overhearing a chat in a coffee shop or in someone else's kitchen. Paddy sits down with a wide variety of guests to cover everything golf, from PGA pro's, professional golfers, amateurs, green keepers, golf club managers's, CEO's of Golf companies and also will release the odd major and Irish Open preview. Looking to bring a golf is for all voice, to bring the discussions from our fairway four-ball's to the rapidly-evolving game, discussing freely and openly everything golf. So what are you waiting for? Let's tee it up and press play.

  24. Fitness for the Fairways

    24.Fitness for the Fairways

    Fitness for the Fairways, presented by Par Four Performance, is a golf-fitness podcast designed to deliver the highest quality training and rehab information in the industry. With help from the best strength coaches, physical therapists, and swing coaches in the country, Fitness for the Fairways will help you improve your performance on the course while mitigating your risk for injury. Check it out and go low!

  25. U.S. Kids Golf: Game Changers

    25.U.S. Kids Golf: Game Changers

    Game Changers is a celebration of leaders, innovators, and important voices in golf that are doing all they can to make golf a game for a lifetime; not just for today's avid participants, but for future generations as well.

  26. The Hank Haney Podcast

    26.The Hank Haney Podcast

    Hank Haney gives his direct and powerful opinion on the biggest topics in the game of golf. It’s time you heard an honest and compelling judgement about the sport you love! Will Tiger catch Jack? How elite is Brooks Koepka? Hear Hank break down and analyze the biggest names in the sport. Also, take Hank on the course with you! Hank will help you improve your game with knowledge and experience that he’s gained being surrounded by the best.

  27. Making A Club Champion Podcast

    27.Making A Club Champion Podcast

    Actionable drills, tactics, and routines from the best in the game of golf. The specific advice and suggested purchases which you can test in your own game from tour players, phycologists, biomechanics instructors and much, much more. From their favorite books to personal action challenges. Each guest will inspire you to experiment and question everything. Start making your practice time more effective today. Welcome to Making A Club Champion Podcast.

  28. Strokes N' Jokes

    28.Strokes N' Jokes

    Four small-town legends in the world of Division-III Golf, set out to inform and entertain our listeners with a different perspective on the world of golf and life in itself. Hosted by Spencer Daniels. Co-hosted by; Carter Mumbower, Takoda Pratt, and Julian La Vallee. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/strokesnjokes/support

  29. Lock It In with Cam Rogers

    29.Lock It In with Cam Rogers

    Sports Betting Analyst Cam Rogers brings you his BEST sports picks of the week! Short, consumable and authentic episodes of sports betting content. Cam chats with industry experts and athletes for deeper betting insight and fun conversation! You can follow Cam Rogers on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrRogers99

  30. Gopher Golf Podcast

    30.Gopher Golf Podcast

    Gopher Golf is all about maximizing the golf experience. We want you to play your best golf. However, in order to do that, the mental game is a challange that needs to be addressed. That's what Gopher Golf focuses on; Improve your golf game by improving your thinking. We offer helpful discussions on certain areas regarding thinking, mindset adjustments, golf tips and some minor swing tips to get you out of slumps. Additionally, PGA Tour news, equipment, products, courses, etc. are discussed throughout the podcasts. Ben Stefan runs the podcast shows and has close to 30 years of golf experience. He is an avid golfer with a passion for the game and improving to become the best golfer he can be. He shares his tips based on experience which can help an avarage golfer become a good golfer.

  31. Chasing Scratch: A Golf Podcast

    31.Chasing Scratch: A Golf Podcast

    Two guys. One goal. Zero chance.

  32. The Clubhouse with Shane Bacon

    32.The Clubhouse with Shane Bacon

    One of the original golf podcasts, The Clubhouse with Shane Bacon is a comfortable conversation between host Shane Bacon and guests that either are in the golf space or share in the love of this silly sport. Started in March of 2016, The Clubhouse has welcomed guests including professionals like Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas and Brooks Koepka, media personalities like Joe Buck, Scott Van Pelt and Mike Tirico and athletes outside of golf like Andre Iguodala, John Smoltz, and Matt Ryan.

  33. Golf


    Golf realted information

  34. FromTheBackTees


    We talk all things golf and we make you laugh while doing it.

  35. GOLF’s Fully Equipped

    35.GOLF’s Fully Equipped

    Hosted by GOLF’s Jonathan Wall and Ryan Barath alongside True Spec’s Kris McCormack and Golf Laboratories’ Gene Parente, Fully Equipped aims to share gear knowledge from two unique expert perspectives. It is your go to podcast for first hand gear news from the tour, detailed information on all equipment releases, and in depth interviews featuring PGA and LPGA players, Gearhead Celebrities, and the key influencers in the industry.

  36. Golf Guide Podcast

    36.Golf Guide Podcast

    Golf insiders and outsiders bring you the latest news and commentary about all things golf. Host Kyle Surlow and friends cover a plethora of topics, ranging from course rankings and golf architecture to the merits of drinking scotch on the 1st tee. Golf Guide recreates all the banter and excitement you'd get at the 19th hole in a fun weekly podcast.

  37. Any Given Monday Q

    37.Any Given Monday Q

    Welcome to the home of all untold stories of golf. This is where the professionals with the most heart, least security, and most on the line detail their adventures. Here, we lift up the ropes and let you inside a world of professional golf without security. Stories of hundreds of golfers that aren’t sure if their A game is enough, but have put every dollar, relationship, and resource into finding out. The luxury of considering legacy, majors, or Fedex cup points is replaced by the need to pay rent, gain entry, or simply have enough gas to get home. The lives of Monday Qualifiers, Q schoolers, and Mini tour pros embody the tension and horror that golf can provoke, but also provide the inspiration and affirmation that is only attainable when everything is at stake.

  38. How’s My Hand Path?

    38.How’s My Hand Path?

    Golf talk with some of the best and brightest in the industry. Hosted by PGA TOUR Coach Shauheen Nakhjavani (@shkeengolf), and by Branden Nakhjavani (@brandenreza). Powered by Callaway, Trackman, Aerotech Golf Shafts

  39. The TXG Podcast Channel

    39.The TXG Podcast Channel

    A podcast featuring top golf industry guests, golf equipment discussion, and anything golf-related!

  40. Women's Golf Extra Podcast

    40.Women's Golf Extra Podcast

    Want to get up close and personal with your favourite women golfers within the industry? This is it. In this podcast, I’ll be having real & authentic conversations with the Top LPGA golfers and some of the most influential personalities about their life stories, the highs, the lows, all things women’s golf and really…anything and everything that affect us, interests us, and inspires us.

  41. Golf Better Podcast

    41.Golf Better Podcast

    Golf Better Podcast - A golf podcast designed to help you play your best golf. Hosted by Derek Deminsky, PGA of GolfBetterTucson.com, these short podcasts will involve the world’s best players and coaches, along with helpful insight from Derek’s professional instruction of golfers at all levels. If you love golf, this podcast is for you!

  42. Life On Tour Golf Podcast

    42.Life On Tour Golf Podcast

    The Life on Tour Podcast brings you stories from the world of golf and the DP World Tour. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  43. The Thing About Golf Podcast

    43.The Thing About Golf Podcast

    Estimates say there are as many as 60 million golfers in the world and we all know at least some of them who are completely addicted. The question is why? Join us as we try to discover the answer to that burning question, interviewing golfers both famous - and not - on a monthly quest to solve the riddle of this maddening game.

  44. The Perfect Number Podcast

    44.The Perfect Number Podcast

    The path to success in golf has many roads to the finished product. At the professional level, the toolbox is full of a variety weapons; Analytics, strokes gained stats, technology, launch monitors, nutrition, fitness, psychology and more mold golfers into ultimate golfing machines. Veteran golf broadcaster Will Haskett tackles them all, plus their impact on fantasy sports, wagering, rankings and history.

  45. The Shotgun Start

    45.The Shotgun Start

    The Shotgun Start with Andy Johnson of The Fried Egg and Brendan Porath is a podcast waiting for you early in the morning that quickly blasts through a variety of topics (usually) related to golf and (ideally) relevant to the day. It covers news from the pro tours around the world, amusing and important topics from the amateur game the rest of us play, and some irreverent stuff in between. There will be short interviews, previews, reviews, and dives into the archives. It provides what you need to know on golf through a rapid and fun catch-up discussion.

  46. Get a Grip with Shane Bacon

    46.Get a Grip with Shane Bacon

    Hosted by broadcaster Shane Bacon, Get a Grip is a golf-centric podcast making light of a rather stuffy sport with legitimate insight into the game. It’s essentially the public golf course of podcasts. The show will offer a look into the PGA Tour week in and week out and have some fun at both the players' and golf fans’ expenses.

  47. Golf Talk Live

    47.Golf Talk Live

    Tune in every week and listen to Radio Host/Producer - Ted J. Odorico as he interviews some of the best Teaching Professionals, Coaches, Authors and Golf Industry types from around the world. Join Ted "LIVE" every Thursday evening from 6;00 - 8:00 PM Central.

  48. Playing a Round with Paige Renee

    48.Playing a Round with Paige Renee

    Paige Renee Spiranac is one of the most "followed" golfers in the world. Find out why and get to know her in an entirely new way. Not only does she love playing the game, she's a massive fan of the sport and golfers at all levels. No matter your skill level, Playing A Round is the place for Golfers and Sports Enthusiasts to have a really good time. Paige doesn't take herself too seriously. She's sexy and playful and ready to give you a little T&A (Tips and Advice) so listen up! Golf is known to reduce stress, release endorphins and offer a wide range of mental and physical benefits...just like this podcast. Get ready to Play A Round with us.

  49. Golf Talk America

    49.Golf Talk America

    From current events to the current PGA TOUR event, and from pop culture to pop psychology, join television and radio personality Timm Matthews and musician, television & radio personality Frank Bassett plus the rest of the "Golf Talk America" crew for a free-form discussion covering a variety of entertaining topics.

  50. GOLF's Subpar

    50.GOLF's Subpar

    GOLF's Subpar, hosted by featuring former PGA Tour pro Colt Knost and his long time friend and on course rival Drew Stoltz, pairs colorful segments with in-depth sit-down interviews with the game’s biggest personalities. It will be available across GOLF.com’s platforms every Tuesday.

  51. The 3 off the Tee Podcast

    51.The 3 off the Tee Podcast

    Golf Podcast hosted by PGA Professionals Harry Ewing & Ian St John

  52. Draws N Fades

    52.Draws N Fades

    America's most insightful and entertaining PGA Tour gambling show. Co-hosts Owen Vrabel and Matt Miller preview each tournament with course information, past results, current form and valued odds. Each episode they give favorite outright picks to win, top ten and top twenty selections, dark horses/long-shots and players to fade. Whether you are an experienced golf bettor or just getting into the game, you will leave each week entertained and more informed than you were coming in. Find us on twitter @Draws_N_Fades @owen_vrabel @Mattymillz85

  53. Forward Press Podcast from Golfweek.com

    53.Forward Press Podcast from Golfweek.com

    David Dusek, a senior writer at Golfweek, will host Forward Press on a weekly basis. He will speak with other golf writers, reporters, players and industry insiders about the latest happenings in golf. In addition to breaking down major championships like the Masters and U.S. Open, Forward Press delves into the world of the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour and the top players and newsmakers in the game.

  54. Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy Podcasts

    54.Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy Podcasts

    Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy airs every Saturday from 8:05am to 10:00am PST California time in San Luis Obispo, California on ESPN 1280am and on ESPN 1230am in Bakersfield/Kern County. Listen to GTR LIVE over the internet from any where in the world at www.espnradio1280.com. Mike and Billy are PGA Professionals with over 50 years of experience in all aspects of the golf industry from teaching to management. Every week Mike & Billy focus on the lighter side of golf, golf instruction, golf trivia and interview people in the industry. For more information on the show check out the Golf Talk Radio with Mike & Billy website at www.golftalkradio.com.

  55. The Good-Good Golf Podcast

    55.The Good-Good Golf Podcast

    Good-Good is the golf show for the serious golfer. We celebrate everything great about the game, from course architecture to promoting public golf.

  56. Athletic Motion Golf- The Podcast

    56.Athletic Motion Golf- The Podcast

    Athletic Motion Golf presents a deep dive into golf instruction as you've never heard before. Mike Granato and Shaun Webb are leading golf instructors who have helped everyone from Major Champions to brand new golfers who are looking for a leg up in their foursome. If you're looking to improve your golf game, then give Athletic Motion Golf- The Podcast a download and listen, and let our instruction speak for itself. Our daily bite-sized podcast is jampacked full of golf instruction that will be some of the deepest and most informative golf insight you've ever heard. If we deliver as promised, please rate and comment so other potential listeners know what to expect!

  57. Rough Cut Golf Podcast

    57.Rough Cut Golf Podcast

    The Rough Cut Golf Podcast with Peter Finch

  58. The Shack Show

    58.The Shack Show

    When golf is in the news or just when he feels like getting something off his chest, Geoff Shackelford covers the big issues in golf, talks to the smartest voices and offers insights into the sport’s more fascinating stories. Seeking to offer shorter but more frequent podcasts in contrast to the traditional 90 minute back-and-forth, The Shack Show channels Shackelford’s passion for both big picture topics and fun insider fodder to inject your podcast feed with just enough foresight to spice up your 19th hole debate stances.

  59. ClubProGuy Podcast

    59.ClubProGuy Podcast

    ClubProGuy, Former Mexican tour legend and now revered club professional interviews the top players and personalities in the world of golf.

  60. Golf Central Podcast

    60.Golf Central Podcast

    GolfChannel.com writers discuss and debate the latest news from the PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA, Web.com Tour, Champions Tour, College Golf, and the amateur game.

  61. On Par with Anthony Scorcia

    61.On Par with Anthony Scorcia

    Celebrating golf on Long Island every Saturday at 8AM on Long Island's WGBB 1240AM. http://www.am1240wgbb.com/



    This is the Getting Stuck Into GOLF podcast from Mark Crossfield golf pro with over 20 years coaching experience and has been making online golf content for over 12 years. In these episodes Mark will be sharing his coaching knowledge, his ideas on golf travel, golf equipment and all thing golf. Making sure he is keeping golf fun for all and trying to help golfers improve along the way.

  63. TurfNet RADIO

    63.TurfNet RADIO

    TurfNet personalities Frank Rossi, Dave Wilber, Randy Wilson, John Reitman, Jon Kiger and Peter McCormick interview a variety of turfies on a multitude of subjects... or just pontificate upon occasion.

  64. The Open Podcasts

    64.The Open Podcasts

    Welcome to The Open Podcasts, the home for golf's greatest stories and documentaries from golf's original major. From feature length documentary episodes telling some of the most incredible stories in sport, to relaxed chats with some of golf's biggest stars, there is something for everyone with The Open Podcasts. Be sure to subscribe to never miss an episode. You can also stay in touch with The Open via our website and social channels, and you can email us at podcasts@theopen.com or join the conversation at https://www.facebook.com/groups/theopenpodcasts.

  65. Irish Golfer Podcast

    65.Irish Golfer Podcast

    The latest news, reviews, features and in depth interviews from every level of Irish Golf. Stay Ahead of The Game with Irish Golfer. New Episode every Monday www.irishgolfer.ie

  66. Shank Happens

    66.Shank Happens

    Shank Happens, hosted by Travis Miller and Ryan Rustand covers all things going on in the world of golf. From the comedic side that you've grown to love and expect from its widely popular social platforms, to the serious side of life on Tour inside the ropes. The podcast will feature a variety of segments that will push the boundaries of the conversations happening in golf and include in depth interviews with the biggest personalities in the world of golf. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  67. Lost Fore Words

    67.Lost Fore Words

    Lost Fore Words is a golf podcast focused on tournament previews, player interviews and everything in between.

  68. #GolfLifeAB


    Your resource for everything golf in Alberta! Throughout the episodes of the show we’ll be hearing from people who are industry professionals as well as fellow weekend hackers who just love the game. We’re gonna break down some golf tips, golf fitness, PGA Tour controversies, Alberta Golf Tour highlights, help you understand the rules of golf and decisions better, and chat about some of the great courses this province has to offer.

  69. 18 Opportunities Podcast on Golf

    69.18 Opportunities Podcast on Golf

    Golf stories about the greatest game ever played. We explore why we love golf with Billy McGee and Drew Tambling from Portland, Oregon. Covering golf history, golf courses, golf tips, golf strategy.

  70. Golf Strategy School Podcast

    70.Golf Strategy School Podcast

    Golf Strategy School is a place where you can get great actionable tips, strategies, and information from the best and brightest golf instructors from around the world.We feature guests like:Tom Stickney - Golf Magazine Top 100 instructor, Golf Digest Top 20 Under 40 alumniTim Kremer - Feature speaker at the 2013 PGA & LPGA teaching and coaching summitsGeoff Greig - PGA instructor and Amazon best selling authorTyrus York - 2014 Kentucky section PGA teacher of the year.Alison Curdt - 2016 LPGA National Teacher of the YearIn these conversations we try to parse out the wheat from the chaff from golf gurus like Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter, Chuck Martin. We also dive deep on what strategies and practice methods pros like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Speith, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, and Jason Day use to maximize their improvement.This podcast is influenced by Fred Greene & Golf Smarter, The Golf Psychology Podcast, Golf Better Podcast, 18 Strong, Golficity, Golf For Beginners, For Serious Golfers Only, Feherty, No Laying Up, Tour Junkies, Golf Science Lab and many others. So make sure you subscribe, rate, and review so these pros can help you keep it in the short grass!

  71. Edel Golf Podcast

    71.Edel Golf Podcast

    Go behind the scenes with putting designer and PGA professional, David Edel as he answers your questions, talks about how to play your best, and sits down with friends for candid golf conversations.

  72. Birdies Not BS. A Modern Approach to Golf

    72.Birdies Not BS. A Modern Approach to Golf

    Golf expert Doug Smith and friends take a modern approach to the golfing experience while answering the most popular questions the new generation of golfers have today, in less time than it takes you to order a take-out meal.

  73. Irish Amateur Hour

    73.Irish Amateur Hour

    All things Irish Golf!

  74. Talking GolfGetaways: Your Golf Getaways Podcast

    74.Talking GolfGetaways: Your Golf Getaways Podcast

    Talking Golf Getaways is a podcast focused on golf travel and experiences with hosts Darin Bunch and Mitch Laurance. The two avid golfers connect with golf journalists, architects, and global golf travelers to talk about their favorite destinations and experiences.

  75. On the Mark Golf Podcast

    75.On the Mark Golf Podcast

    Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.

  76. European Tour Race to Dubai Golf Podcast

    76.European Tour Race to Dubai Golf Podcast

    Former European Tour professional Robert Lee hosts a weekly golf podcast with unparalleled access to the top players. The Race to Dubai Show features exclusive interviews with star names, incisive analysis of the latest action, all the key news and a light-hearted look at life on tour. Robert and fellow former pros will guide you through the season from start to finish, and test their predictive skills by trying to pick the winner of each European Tour event!

  77. In The Hunt...

    77.In The Hunt...

    In the Hunt is a golf podcast that targets Performance. We will provide insight and stories from all levels of golf. This will include touring professions, amateurs and top coaches from around the world. The GameForge team will drive the podcast discussions . They have removed the fog from golf analytics and will help provide you a simple map to your next level of golf. As you can see, we are not your typical golf podcast, We talk performance, not mechanics. Think of us as your Rosetta Stone for performance. So if you want to be In The Hunt, join us....

  78. Stick and Hack On-Air

    78.Stick and Hack On-Air

    Stick & Hack brings you an amazing mix of golf content from a daily golf story, weekly reactions to the PGA/LPGA tournaments and news, as well as amazing guests from sports psychologist’s to golf superstars. Stick & Hack has just the right mix of behind-the-scenes, stories of the game, and world-class interviews to keep you entertained and educated in between your rounds.

  79. Tour Junkies: PGA Tour Betting & DFS

    79.Tour Junkies: PGA Tour Betting & DFS

    Are you tired of getting your PGA TOUR betting and DraftKings advice from boring, zero personality numbers nerds? The Tour Junkies have been delivering winning golf betting picks and DraftKings strategies since 2015 all while delivering hilarious takes and segments to make the golf betting research process fun. DB & Pat have interviewed over 50 PGA TOUR players, caddies, and media personalities over the years including Brooks Koepka, Tony Finau, Daniel Berger and more. If you're looking to actually enjoy your golf betting and DFS research process, then take it from a couple of OG's in the space with the inside track. If it's professional golf and you can bet on it...The Tour Junkies Network has you covered.

  80. Above Par

    80.Above Par

    Hi This is a golf podcast

  81. Golflandia


    A golf podcast featuring in-depth discussions around fantasy golf and betting for the PGA and other professional tours, as well as, interviews from the world of golf, trending topics, humor, business, family and life. From creator and host, Matthew Wiley.

  82. The Filthy Lipout Golf Podcast

    82.The Filthy Lipout Golf Podcast

    Golf chat and shenanigans with John E. Morgan and Kit Alexander

  83. Those Weekend Golf Guys

    83.Those Weekend Golf Guys

    Take the #1 golf instructor in the state of Indiana (Jeff Smith (http://jeffsmithgolfinstruction.com) ) and pair him with an outstanding radio personality and you have the formula for one helluva Golf Talk Radio Show. John Ashton (the show host) has enjoyed success as a morning personality on radio stations from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas. He’s also embarrassed himself on many golf courses in the same locations. John is a hacker, struggling to break 80 (OK, 90) but has a passion and enjoyment of the game, a skewed sense of humor and an outlook that makes this the most entertaining Golf Show around. Jeff Smith, PGA  enjoys the innate ability to create word pictures so, even on the radio, his tips and techniques to improve your game are clear, easy to follow and help listeners cut strokes on their very next round.

  84. Far From Par

    84.Far From Par

    Two PGA professionals on a mission to grow the game of golf on their own terms, discuss current PGA Tour current events and review the overall state of the game. Guests from multiple backgrounds appear week to week to help elaborate on what makes golf so great, while excluding country club squid-talk and bashing anyone who stands in the way of the movement.

  85. Sub 70 Golf Podcast

    85.Sub 70 Golf Podcast

    The Sub 70 podcast will feature interviews and other unique golf content. Player interviews, tournament previews/recaps, equipment discussions and more.

  86. 51 Strokes

    86.51 Strokes

    51 Strokes is a masterclass in following your dreams. It’s teaching tape on pursuing your passion. Essentially, Caleb Pressley is a terrible golfer who one day wants to go pro and he's about to manifest that destiny right in your damn face and earlobes and there’s nothing you can really do about it except strap in and join the journey. Listen in as he consults the greatest golf minds in the world in order to fill his brain with facts about the game he has haphazardly dedicated the rest of his life to. He might be a 51 handicap golfer now, but when it’s all said and done he will be a Masters Champion and a national hero. Getting in on 51 Strokes now is like buying Amazon stock in 1997. Even if you don’t like golf, this is the podcast for you. However, if you DO like golf, you’ll probably like it more.

  87. No Putts Given

    87.No Putts Given

    Fore The Golfer. Unbiased. Independent. NoPuttsGiven. The #NoPuttsGiven golf podcast is powered by MyGolfSpy: "The World's Most Extensive Golf Gear Reviews."

  88. TeesMe


    Golf is a tool for business but playing golf won’t get you a promotion. It is what you do on the course that will. Tune in and hear why golf matters on and off the course. Learn how to use your time on the course strategically and how golf can position you for your next opportunity.   #TeesMe #TeesMe_aGolfPodcast #IN18 #IN18WAYS contact: LJ@IN-18.com

  89. Talk of the TOUR Golf Podcast

    89.Talk of the TOUR Golf Podcast

    PGA TOUR LIVE host John Swantek has conversations with top players and discusses trending topics with leading broadcasters and content producers in the golf world.

  90. The Stripe Show

    90.The Stripe Show

    The Stripe Show Podcast is a one-on-one discussion with top coaches, players and personalities in the game of golf. Host Travis Fulton will entertain listeners along with show guests sharing unique insight on the professional and amateur game.

  91. The Course Of Life

    91.The Course Of Life

    The Course of Life Podcast features two life-long golfers talking golf, sports, and pop-culture. Every week, they are joined by celebrity guests offering a new perspective on the game we love.

  92. The Golf Practice Podcast

    92.The Golf Practice Podcast

    A golf podcast about learning, personal growth, history, and the deeper side of the game.

  93. The Loop

    93.The Loop

    This is The Loop, a refreshing mix of everything you love to talk about around golf, with the only rule that you don’t take yourself or the game too seriously. Each week hosts Christopher Powers, Alex Myers, and Steve Hennessey, along with special guests from across the sports and entertainment worlds, will touch on what’s going in the game, who they’re putting money on, and whatever else comes up along the way.

  94. The Grind

    94.The Grind

    At the Fire Pit Collective, we’re drawn to golf's dreamers, long shots and underdogs. Now we're bringing to life their stories with "The Grind" podcast, hosted by Ryan French, aka Monday Q Info. A diverse group of pros and elite amateurs will drop in as they chase the dream, while different voices from the Fire Pit staff offer perspective on the story-behind-the-story. "The Grind" will take golf fans deeper into the sport, revealing its harsh realities but also the life-changing triumphs for players living on the margins.

  95. The Bogey Boys Golf Podcast

    95.The Bogey Boys Golf Podcast

    Golf Podcast by Kevin and Mark Professional Route Series featuring names such as LPGA Tour Player Charley HullPGA Tour Player Hudson SwaffordEuropean Tour Players Chris Hanson, Tom Gandy & Matthew BaldwinPlus many more stories from Professional Golfers from around the world Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/the-bogey-boys-golf-podcast. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  96. The Bunkered Golf Podcast

    96.The Bunkered Golf Podcast

    The official podcast of bunkered.co.uk Join us every week as Michael McEwan, Bryce Ritchie and guests discuss the latest big talking points from across the game. If you like plenty of opinions and absolutely zero fluff, this is the golf podcast you’ve been waiting for.

  97. The Green Awning

    97.The Green Awning

    A golf industry podcast that promotes all angles of this fantastic sport!

  98. Golf: next on the tee

    98.Golf: next on the tee

    Hear golf's greatest Legends, Players, and the Top Instructors in the game sharing their stories, insights, and playing lessons. Check out our site, www.nextonthetee.net, to stay up-to-date with our guest schedule and what's going on with the show.

  99. On The Number

    99.On The Number

    Bi-Weekly show hosted by Andrew Jensen, covering all things happening in the professional golf world, featuring exclusive interviews with current and former players

  100. Technically Golf

    100.Technically Golf

    A Golf Podcast, Technically.