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  1. Ram Dass Here And Now

    1.Ram Dass Here And Now

    Ram Dass shares his heart-centered wisdom in each episode featuring excerpted lectures given throughout the last 40 years, with an introduction from Raghu Markus of Ram Dass' Love Serve Remember Foundation.

  2. Vivekananda Retreat Ridgely's Podcast

    2.Vivekananda Retreat Ridgely's Podcast

    This is the official podcast of Vivekananda Retreat, Ridgely in Stone Ridge, NY. The Vivekananda Retreat, Ridgely, founded in 1997, is a residential retreat dedicated to preserving and continuing the universal teachings of Swami Vivekananda. The 82 acre retreat provides opportunities to deepen one’s personal spiritual practice in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, visit an historical location associated with the life of Swami Vivekananda, and access a living spiritual tradition established by Swami Vivekananda and his teacher, the Indian saint, Sri Ramakrishna.

  3. Krishna's Mercy

    3.Krishna's Mercy

    Articles about bhakti yoga, devotion to God. krishnasmercy.com

  4. Pilgrim Heart with Krishna Das

    4.Pilgrim Heart with Krishna Das

    The Krishna Das Pilgrim Heart Hour features Krishna Das’ no-nonsense take on everyday struggles for finding balance on the spiritual path. Through the honesty, humility and humor of his own personal experiences, he points to the possibility of navigating life’s trials with a true inner yearning for truth. His own practice of kirtan or chant is the well stone of his ability to share from his spiritual heart. As KD says, “Love is a disease - we catch it from those who have it.”

  5. Empowering Gita Reflections: A podcast to guide modern lifestyle with the wisdom of Gita

    5.Empowering Gita Reflections: A podcast to guide modern lifestyle with the wisdom of Gita

    Ever Joyful Living and Loving! Over five thousand years ago it was rediscovered in India that perfection could not be found in the impermanent external world which is ever full of contradictions. This glorious discovery came in the form of The Bhagwad Gita - the most revered and stunningly succinct Hindu scripture which itself is based on India's timeless Vedanta philosophy. Vedanta exhorts that freedom from all limitations at all times under all circumstances can alone be suggestive of real perfection! This podcast is an extract from Jeetu dada's Weekly discourses on Gita.

  6. Amala-bhakta Swami / Amal Bhakta

    6.Amala-bhakta Swami / Amal Bhakta

    Lectures and audio books from Amala-bhakta Swami, formerly known as Amal Bhakta das

  7. Stories from Upanishads

    7.Stories from Upanishads

    Upanishads have a wealth of stories and tales which enrich us with various concepts of "Self-realization", "Brahman" or the "Supreme-Being", "Aatman" or the "Supreme-Self" and many other foundational building blocks of Santana Dharma. These stories are not only engaging but leave us with an ever-lasting resonance of thoughts. Many of these stories are pretty popular such as the Story of Nachiketa and his dialogues with the Lord of Death or the tale of Gargi or Satyakama. However, each time you hear them will provide you with a different aspect. So if you are tired after work, if you are down or if you are stressed out; listen to these stories and enrich yourself to the fullest. I will try my best to bring these stories in the simplest language so that they can be enjoyed and understood. So please subscribe, download or follow the podcast series to ensure that you don't miss out on any of these interesting stories. Untill then... Aum Shantih, Shantih, Shantih!!!



    This series brings to you the life of Saints of India who have left indelible mark in our lives. Hope you enjoy listening to the podcast. If you would like to support this series, please consider contributing through the link that appears hereunder. All contributions will be used for the improvement and upliftment of Padashalas/Tols. Namaskarams. https://www.patreon.com/SriramIyer

  9. Shiva Purana (शिव पुराण)

    9.Shiva Purana (शिव पुराण)

    Detailed English chapter-by-chapter reading and analysis of the great Śiva Purāṇa, the most potent Vaidik scripture giving both material enjoyment and spiritual liberation.

  10. Introduction to Vedanta

    10.Introduction to Vedanta

    This body belongs to me, the mind belongs to me; The body is my instrument of action, the mind is my instrument of thought. I'm the owner of this body and the mind, Who Am I? What is the nature of my existence? Do I exist the way I believe I exist?

  11. Ramayana, Ramayan, Ramayanam, Sampurn Ramayan, Sampoorna Ramayanam, Mahabharat | OnlineNarada

    11.Ramayana, Ramayan, Ramayanam, Sampurn Ramayan, Sampoorna Ramayanam, Mahabharat | OnlineNarada

    Welcome to OnlineNarada – your gateway to dive deeper into ancient Indian epics like SriRamayana, Mahabharata, Bhagavatham, Ashtadasa puranas, etc. in the form of short stories in english. For more content about Ramayana, Mahabharat, puranas, etc. you can follow us on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCduxYF77LcOIfi9lp5UkFJQ https://twitter.com/OnlineNarada https://www.kooapp.com/profile/OnlineNarada https://www.facebook.com/OnlineNaradaFB

  12. Bhagwat Darshan

    12.Bhagwat Darshan

    It's about Lord Sri Krishna's advice for us all. Explained in a easy language to make it understandable for everyone.

  13. The Authentic Valmiki Ramayana

    13.The Authentic Valmiki Ramayana

    This podcast includes an authentic Sanskrit recitation and the reading of a genuine translation in English by Gita Press, Gorakhpur, India. This is not a western translation of the Valmiki Ramayana, nor a re-telling in any form. It is translated by Hindus from within the tradition, and it is thereby recommended as the most authentic recitation and English reading available. The Ramayana recitation by Sriram-ghanapaathi HariSitaramamurti-ghanapathi is taken from archive.org. The reading is from the English version of Srimad Valmiki Ramayan translation by Gita Press, Gorakhpur, India.

  14. New Books in Indian Religions

    14.New Books in Indian Religions

    Interviews with Scholars of Indian Religions with their New Books Support our show by becoming a premium member! https://newbooksnetwork.supportingcast.fm/indian-religions

  15. Beauty of Real Love

    15.Beauty of Real Love

    Teaching of Sadhu Maharaja in His Special Sweet Style

  16. Gita For Daily Living

    16.Gita For Daily Living

    Gita for Daily Living is a biweekly podcast that distils the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita and presents it in a way that is action-able and relevant to daily life

  17. Satsang with Sitar

    17.Satsang with Sitar

    Satsang discussing all aspects of yoga, the vedas, tantra and tantric philosophy. Storytelling from hindu and buddhist mythology, and musings on spiritual living and speculation on the mysterious nature of the universe. Occasional guided meditations, advice on pranayama and asana practice.

  18. Sri Viswa Janani Parishat's Podcast

    18.Sri Viswa Janani Parishat's Podcast

  19. Vedanta, Yoga, Tantra Podcast

    19.Vedanta, Yoga, Tantra Podcast

    Talks about the Essence of Life. Deep spiritual insights from Yoga experts and Masters. Recordings from Yoga Vidya, Europe's leading network of Yoga Teachers, Yoga Centers and Ashrams.

  20. Krishna Temple Talks

    20.Krishna Temple Talks

    Home of Festival of Colors

  21. Wisdom of the Sages

    21.Wisdom of the Sages

    Truths about life from the timeless wisdom of the Bhakti-yoga tradition - fun, relevant, and deep. Learn about dharma, yoga, bhakti, and how it relates to all the basic questions of life. This show is about how to live your best life, let go of the external distractions, and uncover the spiritual happiness that lies within the heart as the true nature of the soul. Raghunath and Kaustubha's connection goes back to their teens in the New York Hardcore Punk Scene of the early 80s, through serving together as Bhakti-yogi monks in the 90's, to sharing their experiences in the world of yoga in the 21st century.

  22. Gita Wisdom Teachings by Joshua M. Greene (Yogesvara)

    22.Gita Wisdom Teachings by Joshua M. Greene (Yogesvara)

    A bi-weekly Bhagavad Gita class in NY. Each session includes readings, analysis, audiovisuals, verse recitations and practical insights into India's essential wisdom text. Attendees will discover the message of the Gita, master basic vocabulary and concepts, and acquire skills for teaching and practicing yoga philosophy. Class notes available at www.gitawisdom.org/podcast.For information on attending a class, visit www.facebook.com/pg/gitawisdomteachings/events.



  24. 24.Ganesha - Ganesha selections read from The Lilas of the Sons of Shiva’s by Vanamali Mataji. This podcast on Lord Ganesha honors Vinayaka Chaturti which falls on the 23rd of August in 2009. Vinayaka Chaturti (Ganesha Festival ) is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Vanmali’s book, Lilas of the Sons of Shiva, unfolds the timeless legends of Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya and Lord Dharma Shasta. We worship thee O Ganesha! Who art the unborn, the absolute and the formless, The essence of bliss, yet beyond bliss. The indivisible and the infinite, the Supreme without attributes and desire. The very form of the transcendental Reality - Brahman. Sri Ganesha Sthavsam

    We worship thee O Ganesha! Who art the unborn, the absolute and the formless, The essence of bliss, yet beyond bliss. The indivisible and the infinite, the Supreme without attributes and desire. The very form of the transcendental Reality - Brahman- Sri Ganesha Sthavsam

  25. BAPS Better Living

    25.BAPS Better Living

    Inspiring joy, balance and harmony in daily life through enlightening spiritual discourses. (1) DISCOURSES: spiritual talks by learned swamis as well as experienced devotees. (2) DIALOGUES: question-answer sessions. (3) MEDITATIONS: affirmations and thoughts to help guide our own minds. (4) INSIGHTS: insightful elaborations of simple spiritual concepts in less than five minutes

  26. BAPS Sanskar - Gujarati

    26.BAPS Sanskar - Gujarati

    Inspire values, joy and harmony in daily life through enlightening spiritual discourses in Gujarati. (1) KATHA: spiritual discourses by learned swamis as well as experienced devotees. (2) VIMARSH: question-answer sessions. (3) NIDIDHYAS: affirmations and thoughts to help guide our own minds. (4) MANAN: insightful elaborations of simple spiritual concepts in less than five minutes

  27. 99secs


    Primitive science and religion

  28. Bhagavad-Gita As It Is

    28.Bhagavad-Gita As It Is

    A reading of Bhagawad Gita in English.

  29. RaaMa Shri Cosmic Gestures : Vedic Astrology

    29.RaaMa Shri Cosmic Gestures : Vedic Astrology

    For getting astrology reading, please write to me on my email EMAIL: Cosmicbond7@gmail.com ------------------------------------ I am running this channel to help people find more happiness and live a more productive and successful life by being more self-aware through astrology. I also wish to help people understand Vedic astrology better. -------------------- MY LATEST BOOK's Name: Dasha in Vedic Astrology : the unfolding chain of destiny Visit the Link below to find the book on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BCX14DDD

  30. Veda Chanting

    30.Veda Chanting

    Atharva Veda Chants

  31. Shri Hanuman Chalisa by Sandeep Khurana

    31.Shri Hanuman Chalisa by Sandeep Khurana

    Shri Hanuman Chalisa Symphony of Sacred Chants by Sandeep Khurana

  32. Hindu God Prayers

    32.Hindu God Prayers

    Spiritual Relax, God Prayers

  33. Mythological Stories In English

    33.Mythological Stories In English

    Hello and Welcome to Mysticadii. We are glad to see that you have taken the time to stop by and know more about us. Mysticadii is a brainchild of our founder Mrs. Aditi Das. Being spiritually inclined she wanted to share the same with the whole world. We aim to bring back the magical stories about Gods and Goddesses of this world for our modern mystics. Anyone who is seeking for spiritual contentment and is curious to know more about the knowledge and wisdom shared through our ancient scriptures and texts, Mysticadii is the right place for him/her. We aim to empower our modern mystics by sharing ancient wisdom through several short stories and folklore. Mystics from across the world have time and again showed us a very different reality and their perception of this world. Several ancient scriptures and texts have been written to provide ideological guidance to humans. However, most of the knowledge has been lost somewhere. Considering modern times people hardly get time to go through these elaborate scripts. These scriptures are nothing less than a fortune hidden in some ancient cave. Sooner we have access to this knowledge, the better we are equipped to lead our lives here on this planet. Our mission is to empower people with this lost treasure through short stories on various spiritual and metaphysical topics. Follow us on http://fb.com/mysticadii http://instagram.com/mysticadii http://in.pinterest.com/mysticadii Download our iOS/Android app now! http://onelink.to/mysticadii (https://apps.apple.com/in/app/mysticadii-audible-stories/id1508393792)

  34. That's So Hindu

    34.That's So Hindu

    The podcast that interviews entrepreneurs and activists, politicians and professors, journalists, entertainers, spiritual teachers, and more on how Hinduism shapes their work and lives. All American. So Hindu. Brought to you by the Hindu American Foundation. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  35. Live Vedanta

    35.Live Vedanta

    A podcast on high thinking and happy living with Vivek Gupta.

  36. Narayaneeyam


    This is my podcast!

  37. 37.Bhagavadgita Discourse

    The Bhagavad Gita, is a manual of living that provides guidelines for attaining the heights of human excellence. The text contains the essence of the teachings of the ancient scientists of life - the Rishis. The wisdom of the Gita makes us not only wise but also enlightened human beings. This podcast contains Bhagavadgita Discourse by Swami Nikhilananda of Chinmaya Mission. The discourses were given in English from March 2010 to December 2011 at Chinmaya Mission Delhi. Swamiji explains in simple English the very essence of Bhagavadgita lucidly. A born teacher, logical and systematic, he opens the doors for understanding the Truth, as it is, reaching seekers at their own levels.

  38. Shri Ganesha Mantra

    38.Shri Ganesha Mantra

    Ganesha Mantra recited by Sandeep Khurana

  39. Bhagavad Geeta - Chinmaya Mission

    39.Bhagavad Geeta - Chinmaya Mission

    Our mission is to share the wisdom of Vedanta (the knowledge of universal oneness) and the practical means for spiritual growth and happiness - enabling people to become positive contributors to society. The Podcast features the teachers of Chinmaya Mission, who capture the essence of the Bhagavad Geeta, the Upanishads and other ancient Hindu scriptures and bring them to us in a contemporary language with messages relevant to our times. Find more Geeta treasures including access to an exclusive Geeta app and more Geeta related content at theholygeeta.com

  40. Thinking about It

    40.Thinking about It

    Do you ever stop and think about why you do what you do everyday? Australian psychologist turned Hindu Monk, Swamini Supriyananda, provides insightful answers to your contemporary questions and challenges. Her captivating anecdotes, infused with the philosophies of the ancient Hindu teachings, are guaranteed to inspire us to think about it!

  41. AstroVed’s Astrology Podcast

    41.AstroVed’s Astrology Podcast

    Get timely insights on Vedic Astrology, Horoscope & important events from our AstroVed Astrology experts! One of the top astrology podcasts where you can listen to the monthly horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, mantras, and lot more

  42. Lullaby


    This is soothing for sleep babies. So they can sleep.

  43. RKF Podcast

    43.RKF Podcast

    The Radha Krishna Foundation is a nonprofit that aims to promote Dharma and humanitarian services to those in need. This podcast is our effort to continue serving now and beyond as Pt. Sat attempts to convey scripturally based information to all of us in a manner we can apply in our daily lives.

  44. Wisdom Inspired Life

    44.Wisdom Inspired Life

    The Wisdom Inspired Life podcast shares with listeners the most proven and practical wisdom writings and talks. The purpose is to help listeners quickly gain access to a broad range of proven wisdom teachings as they search for teachings that are uniquely helpful to them on their spiritual journey. Teachings are from channeled books like Sanaya Roman’s Living With Joy to contemporary wisdom teachers like the Tibetan Master Sogyal Rinpoche to centuries old wisdom teaching from Pantanjali to great enlightened avatars like Paramahansa Yogananda……and 25 more wisdom teachers. Most of the podcasts use direct quotes from the great wisdom teachers so listeners can directly connect with the words and wisdom of the teachings. The inspiration for this podcast comes from my wisdom inspired life. At times, I found the search slow and even frustrating. I wished I could gain quicker access to the really great and proven teachings. I share my experiences in my book, My Wisdom Inspired Life, A Provocative True Story—available on Amazon in paperback and as a Kindle book.

  45. Sri Rama Lila Ramayana

    45.Sri Rama Lila Ramayana

    This is the story of the Lord’s descent on earth as Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, scion of the race of Raghu, pinnacle of human perfection. Place the name RAMA as a jeweled lamp at the door of your lips and there will be light both inside and out... Sri Tulsi Dass. The seventeenth of July Dakshinayanam starts, the 6 months of the year when the sun starts its northward journey. This is a very important month spiritually.The first 7 days are normally given to reading the Ramayana. Vanamali Ashram is grateful to carry on this ancient tradition and offer this reading of Sri Rama Lila, Vanamali’s translation of this timeless legend.-- This is the story of the Lord’s descent on earth as Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, scion of the race of Raghu, pinnacle of human perfection.-- Anyone who reads this wonderful book cannot help but be moved to tears. It will make him or her ecstatic. The beauty of this book is that it is written by one who has great love and devotion for Sri Rama. It touches some subtle chords in the readers heart... The more we read it, the more devotion we develop. --Sri Swami Satchidanandaji Maharaj, Anandashram, Kanhanghad.-- With prose as verdant as the Indian forest, Vanamali lovingly renders the timeless epic, the Ramayana... Prepare to be transported! -- Richard Schiffman, Author of Mother of All. -- At the conclusion of each Canto, Vanamali Mataji recites a verse from the The Yoga Vasishta , traditionally attributed to Valmiki, the author of the Ramayana. The Yoga Vasishta is a dialogue between Sage Vasishta and Sri Rama, during which Advaita (the doctrine of non-duality) is expounded. Vanamali is a contemporary Hindu contemplative, teacher, and author. She lives in a small ashram in Rishikesh, an ancient place of pilgrimage in the foothills of India's holy Himalayas.-- Vanamali Mataji is the author of The Lila Hindu World Heritage Library. Her books include: a translation of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Nitya Yoga, a commentary on the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krishna Lila, Sri Rama Lila, Sri Shiva Lila, Sri Devi Lila, Sri Hanuman Lila, Lilas of the Sons of Shiva, Gurudeva and The Taste Divine. Sri Devi Lila is published in the U.S. as Shakti: Realm of The Divine Mother , Sri Hanuman Lila as Hanuman: The Devotion and Power of The Monkey God. We invite you to visit www.Vanamaliashram.org and enjoy our Pilgrims Guide, Bhagavad Gita Discourses and Book and Music store.

  46. Facts Around Hinduism

    46.Facts Around Hinduism

    On this podcast, I will talk about some common Hindu Facts which I think everyone should aware about.

  47. 47.Mahabharata Podcast

    An English language re-telling of the ancient epic Mahabharat.

  48. Kalachandji's Audio

    48.Kalachandji's Audio

    ISKCON Dallas

  49. Satsang with Shambhavi

    49.Satsang with Shambhavi

    Join Shambhavi Sarasvati for a weekly exploration of self-realization, death, love, devotion, and waking up while living in a messy world. Satsang is an ancient spiritual practice from India. It means "being in reality together." During satsang, people gather with a teacher to learn, ask questions, find community, chant and sing. Shambhavi gives satsang in Portland, Oregon and elsewhere. The dharma talks offered here are recordings of the live satsang. Shambhavi is the spiritual director of Jaya Kula, a nonprofit organization. Her training is in the View and practices of Trika Shaivism from Kashmir and the Dzogchen tradition of Tibet. She is a householder sannyasini and a devotee of Anandamayi Ma. Visit jayakula.org for her full teaching schedule and more information. Shambhavi's books include The Reality Sutras: Seeking the Heart of Trika Shaivism (2018), Tantra: the Play of Awakening (2012), Pilgrims to Openness: Direct Realization Tantra in Everyday Life (2009), Returning (2015), and No Retreat: Poems on the Way to Waking Up (2016). All of Shambhavi's books are available on Amazon.

  50. Hinduism History Practices Mantras

    50.Hinduism History Practices Mantras

    Sanatan Dharma, aka Hinduism, was present throughout the world in ancient days. One can find evidence of this in almost all the countries. In the forthcoming Podcasts, I shall be sharing researched information on this point. For more detailed information on this subject,you may visit www.ramanisblog.in

  51. Bhagwat Katha

    51.Bhagwat Katha

    The glories of Sri harinama give your cause less devotional service under the guidance of sadhu, guru and vaishnavas . Chant the Holy name if hari. God surely would appear in your heart nd bestow peace and happiness. The utterance name of Krishna is but a supreme devotion

  52. 10 Minute Vedanta Sessions from Ask Sri Vishwanath Vedanta Show.  The Fastest Way to Attain Self Realisation and Solve Complex problems of your Life

    52.10 Minute Vedanta Sessions from Ask Sri Vishwanath Vedanta Show. The Fastest Way to Attain Self Realisation and Solve Complex problems of your Life

    In the Ask Sri Vishwanath Vedanta show you can bring in your questions and Sri Vishwanath will answer them for you live. He is the author of The Secret of Bhagavad Gita and runs the Bhagavad Gita University www.bhagavadgitauniversity.com and www.magicofgod.com Each session runs from 9 to 20 minutes and is packed with the wisdom and secrets of Vedanta. Simple to absorb easy to implement. You will love these subtle teachings of Advaita Vedanta and want to visit them again and again. You can visit www.magicofgod.com to get your free Vedanta lessons. The best way to get in touch with him is to email him at free109@gmail.com with the Sub line: Vedanta Ask Sri Vishwanath Show Itunes.

  53. Satguru Mata Savinder  Ji Discourses

    53.Satguru Mata Savinder Ji Discourses

    Nirankari Satguru Mata Savinder Hardev Ji Discourses Podcast Channel

  54. SĀRĀ Slokas

    54.SĀRĀ Slokas

    SĀRĀ Slokas came to existence after reading this line In addition, ‘sārā’ (सारा) is also a name of Devī Gāyatrī. It occurs twice in the Gāyatrī-sahasranāma found in the Rudrayāmala Tantra (verses 9 and 95: you can read them online here and here). This Gāyatrī-sahasranāma has been published as a part of the book Gāyatrī-Rahasyam edited by Paṇḍita Śivadatta Miśra Śāstrī. Verse 9 सफला सत्यसङ्कल्पा सत्या सत्यप्रदायिनी। सन्तोषजननी सारा सत्यलोकनिवासिनी॥ saphalā satyasaṅkalpā satyā satyapradāyinī santoṣajananī sārā satyalokanivāsinī

  55. Vedas Scientific Evidence and Vedic Science

    55.Vedas Scientific Evidence and Vedic Science

    Indus Sarasvati Civilization and Scientific Evidence of Vedas and Vedic Age Part-1 login https://www.puranavedas.com/ Presentation By : Saikrishna Gajavelly https://www.linkedin.com/in/saikrishnagajavelly/

  56. Sleep Stories

    56.Sleep Stories

    This podcast tells you about the stories that we have been listening since childhood.

  57. Hinduism Basics

    57.Hinduism Basics

    We are here to serve you as a gateway of your spiritual learning. Hindu Media Wiki is a Resource sharing and discussion site for followers of Sanatan Dharma. Our Mission is to preserving Online and Digital Content related to Hinduism using Web Resource aggregation, discussion, content marketing and social media presence.

  58. Aghoreshwar's Pearls of Wisdom with Commentary By Baba Harihar Ram

    58.Aghoreshwar's Pearls of Wisdom with Commentary By Baba Harihar Ram

    Every evening the teachings of Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram are read and contemplated at Sonoma Ashram. The passages are read from "The Book of Aghor Wisdom", containing the core teachings compiled over the lifetime of this great modern saint. Baba Harihar Ram, a monk and disciple of Aghoreshwar, offers his commentary on each teaching.

  59. Bhagavad Gita English

    59.Bhagavad Gita English

    This podcast covers Gita in its True perspective. 5200 years long interval Srimad Bhagavad Gita in its authentic and everlasting exposition : The Science of Religion for Mankind : Yatharth Geeta by Swami Adgadanand.

  60. Hare krishna Mantra

    60.Hare krishna Mantra

    Just a sample one

  61. Prasang-a-Day with Akshar Parmar

    61.Prasang-a-Day with Akshar Parmar

    In this podcast, we will be discussing prasangs about Swamishri as well as all of the other gurus. This year 2022 is very special because we are celebrating the Centenary Celebrations of Pramukh Swami Maharaj so all the episodes of this year will be dedicated to Pramukh Swami Maharaj and all of the inspiring incidents from his life. Then, we will be giving our manan on this to be able to remember Swamibapa daily and continue to do our daily ahniks. be sure to check out the podcast on the YouTube Channel below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYkphS7Szy2APmzdO_g9kyA Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/akshar-parmar/support

  62. Vivekananda Cultural Centre

    62.Vivekananda Cultural Centre

    Started in 2014, Vivekananda Cultural Centre (VCC) offers various job oriented programmes aimed at underprivileged youth to provide them with the necessary skills and empower their lives. Courses in traditional arts are conducted which provide participants with immediate job opportunities and also a chance to learn our ancient tradition and culture. Wellness programmes for promoting a healthy society and for a healthy nation are also conducted.

  63. Daily READINGS of Srila Prabhupada's Books

    63.Daily READINGS of Srila Prabhupada's Books

    Join us for daily reading of Srila Prabhupada's books. Listen as Kesava Bharati Dasa Goswami reads the verses and purports from all of Srila Prabhupada's books and absorb the nectar drops of insights into bhakti-yoga and devotional service from India's classic spiritual literature. About the PodcasterKesava Bharati Dasa Goswami has been reading Srila Prabhupada’s books, BG, Bhagavatam, and Caitanya-Caritamrita, out loud every day for the last four years. This podcast was developed to provide broader access to these important readings.

  64. Celebrate Ganpati In A Meaningful Way

    64.Celebrate Ganpati In A Meaningful Way

    Hello its Vaishali Kelkar again from think mindful. It’s finally time for Ganpati bappa to visit us at home. ‘Lord Ganesha’ is one of the most loved gods from Hindu mythology and an integral part of our lives. Do you know how Ganpati bappa first came to all our homes and then become a grand part of celebration? We answer some of these tiny questions and many more……. In this episode we have included the stories of lord Ganesha from various scriptures, teaching us various values. As lord Ganesha is an excellent teacher, god of beginning and the destroyer of evil. You might learn to look at these stories in a different perspective How important ones duty is The position of parents in our lives How forgiveness is a virtue of the strong ….and many more Some amazing stories that you might know but giving a different perspective to it will surely make you think differently. The video is to thank: Editing: Raviraj Shirodkar Music credits: Bensound.com

  65. 99% Invisible

    65.99% Invisible

    This is the podcast tells about Indian Cultures and different Customs !

  66. Hearing Prabhupada

    66.Hearing Prabhupada

    'Hearing Prabhupada' is a podcast series offering audio transcriptions of lectures and recordings by the Hare Krishna founder A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

  67. Mantra, Kirtan and Stotra: Sanskrit Chants

    67.Mantra, Kirtan and Stotra: Sanskrit Chants

    Mantra-Chants from Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany. Sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes in a more meditative mood; sometimes classical, sometimes more modern. Sivananda tradition. Mantras, Kirtan, Recitations of Shlokas, Stotras, Suktams.

  68. Daily Horoscope 2021 - Today’s Horoscope, Predictions Every Day

    68.Daily Horoscope 2021 - Today’s Horoscope, Predictions Every Day

    Daily horoscope of all zodiac signs on love, career, & more and get guidance for your life. Read your Today’s Free Astrology forecasts by Kundali Bhagya Youtube Channel. #horoscope #astrology #zodiac #zodiacsigns #horoscopes #virgo #scorpio #love #leo #aries #taurus #libra #sagittarius #cancer #capricorn #pisces #gemini #tarot #aquarius #astrologer #astrologyposts #zodiacmemes #astrologymemes #astro #dailyhoroscope #numerology #zodiacsign #spirituality #zodiacposts #bhfyp

  69. The Influencer

    69.The Influencer


  70. Nikita The Music Lover

    70.Nikita The Music Lover

    This is my favourite song so I wanna start my podcast from it first plz support 🙂

  71. The Baba Gonesh Podcast - Lessons in Indian Culture and Breaking News from the Homeland

    71.The Baba Gonesh Podcast - Lessons in Indian Culture and Breaking News from the Homeland

    The Wisdom and World View of Baba Gonesh, guru of all things spiritual.

  72. The Epic RAMAYANA

    72.The Epic RAMAYANA

    This is about Ramayana written by sage and poet Valmiki, which narrates the life story of Lord Rama. There are different stages in Rama's Life which are divided into kandas. Several stories in each kanda will be narrated in this podcast.

  73. The Bearded Mystic Podcast

    73.The Bearded Mystic Podcast

    Rahul N Singh is the host of The Bearded Mystic Podcast which explores the Hindu philosophy of Advaita Vedanta or Non-Duality in a very simple, direct and practical way. Episodes include discussions into eastern scriptures like The Bhagavad Gita, The Upanishads etc, along with discussions on the teachings of Mystics from different traditions and discussions about everyday spirituality. Rahul has been a spiritual seeker for over 20 years and has an open-minded approach to spirituality and finds that there is no one size fits all approach. A new episode is uploaded every Sunday. Subscribe to the channel and don’t miss out on a single episode.

  74. The Hindu/Yoga Dharma.

    74.The Hindu/Yoga Dharma.

    Exploring the profound wisdom of the Hindu/Yoga/religious/spiritual/scientific lifestyle. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dharmayogashram/support

  75. Swami Vivekananda:  Jnana Yoga

    75.Swami Vivekananda: Jnana Yoga

    The complete fourteen (14) classes that Swami Vivekananda gave on Jnana Yoga in New York City, 1895-96. Narrated by Varun Narayan. Recorded with permission from Advaita Ashrama, publisher. For more information about Swami Vivekananda: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swami_Vivekananda To order books by or about Swami Vivekananda: https://www.vedanta.com If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help fund the recording and production of this and the next three series of yoga classes, please email info@vedantaworks.com for more information.

  76. Śrīmad Bhāgavatam

    76.Śrīmad Bhāgavatam

    Classes given by Babaji Satyanarayana Dasa

  77. Mahabharata


    In this podcast,I narrate the great story of Mahabharata as translated by C. Rajagopalachari.

  78. Hindu Mantras recited by Sandeep Khurana

    78.Hindu Mantras recited by Sandeep Khurana

    Hindu Mantras recited by Sandeep Khurana

  79. Paramahamsa Nithyananda's Podcast

    79.Paramahamsa Nithyananda's Podcast

    Find engaging discourses providing life solutions, meditation instructions, audio books and meditation music for free in this channel. Discourses offer easy-to-follow techniques on relieving stress, fighting depression, understanding emotions and living enlightenment. A greater understanding of life concepts is delivered through simple and succinct language, making the message straight, simple and yet powerful. Nithyananda Life Solutions is the one-stop for enlightened living. Participate at: www.nithyananda.org www.facebook.com/nithyanandalifesolutions www.twitter.com/lifesolutionz

  80. Mantra Talks

    80.Mantra Talks

    Mananat-trayate iti Mantrah. Mantra means anything which protects you when you remember it constantly, think about it constantly and recollect it and recite it. Hence the supreme god also has the name Mantra. Listen to talks about Hinduism - The sanatana dharma , about pages from Puranas, upanishads and mantra shastras and everything that protects us when we think about it, discuss about it and and learn about it

  81. The Enlightenment Show

    81.The Enlightenment Show

    Inspiring Interviews with Enlightened Ones

  82. Wisdom of the Sages

    82.Wisdom of the Sages

    Truths about life from the timeless wisdom of the Bhakti-yoga tradition - fun, relevant, and deep. Learn about dharma, yoga, bhakti, and how it relates to all the basic questions of life. This show is about how to live your best life, let go of the external distractions, and uncover the spiritual happiness that lies within the heart as the true nature of the soul. Raghunath and Kaustubha's connection goes back to their teens in the New York Hardcore Punk Scene of the early 80s, through serving together as Bhakti-yogi monks in the 90's, to sharing their experiences in the world of yoga in the 21st century.

  83. Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam

    83.Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam

    The Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam is a non-profit institution dedicated to the study of Vedanta and Sanskrit. Vedanta is the knowledge of the self as limitless, whole and free of sorrow and fear. Visit our website www.arshavg.org for more information on classes and retreats. Check out our youtube channel: youtube.com/user/Svatmavidyananda

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