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Kids & Family

Podcasts about parenting, child development and mental health. In addition, stories for children and podcasts about children's culture and games. Here you can also find dog podcasts, horse podcasts and podcasts about other pets.


  1. How Other Dads Dad with Hamish Blake

    1.How Other Dads Dad with Hamish Blake

    Hamish Blake chats with other dads he really admires (and whose phone number he had relatively easy access to) about their approach to dadding, and in the process hopefully learn a little, steal some of their hard earned wisdom and help us all dad a tiny bit better.

  2. Good Inside with Dr. Becky

    2.Good Inside with Dr. Becky

    Join clinical psychologist and mom of three Dr. Becky Kennedy on her weekly podcast, as she takes on tough parenting questions and delivers actionable guidance—all in short episodes, because we know time is hard to find as a parent. Her breakthrough approach has enabled thousands of people to get more comfortable in discomfort, make repairs after mistakes, and always see the good inside. You'll gain the tools to embody your authority while developing a stronger parent-child connection, helping you become the parent you want to be and helping your child develop the skills necessary for life success.

  3. Pop Culture Parenting

    3.Pop Culture Parenting

    This podcast is about finding the sweetspot between the textbooks and real life when it comes to parenting. Dr Billy (a developmental pediatrician) and Nick (a developing parent) are a couple of dads having honest discussions about parenting day to day We'll be using iconic TV and cinema scenes from the 80's & 90's to give context to Billy's parenting advice. Please subscribe and tell us what parenting topics and movie scenes we should talk about next

  4. Happy Mum Happy Baby

    4.Happy Mum Happy Baby

    In the Happy Mum, Happy Baby Podcast, Giovanna Fletcher continues the conversation about motherhood she began in her bestselling book of the same title. In a series of frank and warm conversations with other high-profile mums and dads, Gi discusses all aspects of parenthood - the highs, the lows, the challenges and rewards. There is no such thing as the perfect parent, and we’re all simply doing our best, something Giovanna fully encourages. It’s time to stop comparing ourselves and champion each other instead. Each episode is truly unique yet unifying. No topic is out of bounds, therefore this podcast is essential listening for any parent seeking solidarity and support. A Pixiu production.  Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  5. Australian Birth Stories

    5.Australian Birth Stories

    A Podcast of Mothers' stories of childbirth. Weekly interviews with mothers giving their first hand accounts of child birth in Australia. Designed to help educate and inform first time pregnant women, parents wanting to have better subsequent births and birth enthusiasts who love to hear and tell birth stories. An entertaining and heartfelt resource for pregnancy, labour and delivery and postpartum.

  6. Parental As Anything, with Maggie Dent

    6.Parental As Anything, with Maggie Dent

    One of Australia's favourite parenting authors and educators Maggie Dent gives you tips and answers to your real-world parenting dilemmas — screen time, tantrums, building resilience, homework and more. Parental As Anything is a common sense, relatable, practical guide on raising kids of all ages today.

  7. Short & Curly

    7.Short & Curly

    A fast-paced fun-filled ethics podcast for kids and their parents that asks those curly questions. From banning lollies to trusting robots, and from colonising other planets to eating pets, Short & Curly covers it all.

  8. Beyond The Likes

    8.Beyond The Likes

    There’s not much else you can do but have a laugh with Amy Gerard. She’ll be the best friend you never knew you needed. Make you feel part of her clique and tackle taboo subjects head on with the same bullshit free filter that we’ve come to love from her on instagram. The wine loving Mum of 3 talks about juggling it all, from spirited children, to sex, friendships, marriage and with a witty sense of humour you will be left smiling (if not laughing hysterically) ear to ear. Follow the show on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/beyondthelikespodcast/?hl=en

  9. For Crying Out Loud

    9.For Crying Out Loud

    Lynette Carolla, and Stefanie Wilder-Taylor are two mothers of twins just trying not to eff it up. In this raucous hour of conversation they, along with Producer Caelan Biehn, a father of two young girls, cover a range of topics from marriage, divorce and the space in between, to what they’re watching, where they’re going (Target) and how they manage to look so damn young. The format is informative, loose and most of all entertaining. If you’re looking for parenting advice you’ve come to the wrong place but when you hear their honest, unfiltered experiences you may come away knowing what NOT to do. Put them in your ears while you clean your floors or walk your dog and let them keep you company during what will surely become your favorite hours of the week. New shows come out Tuesdays and Fridays.

  10. Curious Neuron

    10.Curious Neuron

    Curious Neuron supports parents by offering scientifically-backed advice. Our host, Dr. Cindy Hovington is a mom of 3 with a doctorate degree in neuroscience. Join her every Monday as she chats with scientists, clinicians, parenting experts and everyday parents to bring all the info you need to make parenting decisions that meet both your needs and your child's. We cover topics around child development and wellness as well as parental mental health and behaviours. Join Curious Neuron on Instagram @curious_neuron for daily posts about your child's brain development and your mental health. If you have a child under the age of 12, subscribe to our podcast today!

  11. We Don't Have Time For This

    11.We Don't Have Time For This

    Two full-time working mums with lots of opinions and no time. Featuring childhood besties Gemma Peanut and Kate Reeves.

  12. The Aware Parenting Podcast

    12.The Aware Parenting Podcast

    The Aware Parenting Podcast explores all elements of parenting through a developmental perspective. We explore why and how connection, attachment, compassionately understanding our own childhoods as parents, and listening to our children are the foundation to parenting with this particular kind of awareness. We are both Aware Parenting Instructors, certified by The Aware Parenting Institute, founded by Aletha Solter, Ph.D.

  13. Disney Magic of Storytelling

    13.Disney Magic of Storytelling

    On the Disney Magic of Storytelling Podcast, our talented ABC11 cast members perform beloved Disney children's stories for all to enjoy. Spark imagination and entertainment whether you're on the go or in the comfort of your own home. All content is rated G and appropriate for children.

  14. Beyond the Bump

    14.Beyond the Bump

    Beyond the Bump is a podcast brought to you by Jayde Couldwell and Sophie Pearce. This podcast is targetted at mums, just like you. A place to have real discussions and ask real questions (no matter how hard) with honest and authentic people. The aim is to have you feeling lighter, more supported and more understood after each listen.

  15. Dirty Mother Pukka with Anna Whitehouse

    15.Dirty Mother Pukka with Anna Whitehouse

    Dirty Mother Pukka is the intelligent, gritty, humorous podcast that airs the dirty laundry of its brilliant guests. Hosted by Anna Whitehouse AKA Mother Pukka, each week I’ll be uncovering the highs and lows of the humans behind the big names. Unfiltered. Unashamed. Unapologetic. Listen and subscribe now on Global Player.

  16. Sexier Than A Squirrel: Dog Training That Gets Real Life Results

    16.Sexier Than A Squirrel: Dog Training That Gets Real Life Results

    In Sexier Than a Squirrel, the Official AbsoluteDogs Podcast, veterinary behaviourist Tom Mitchell and international agility competitor and professional dog trainer Lauren Langman talk training your dog, transforming your dog training struggles and getting real-life results through GAMES!

  17. Raising Good Humans

    17.Raising Good Humans

    As a parent, do you ever wish someone could just whisper some realistic and trustworthy support in your ear? And not make you feel awful for not having all the answers? Well, that’s what I’m here for. I'm Dr. Aliza Pressman, developmental psychologist, parent educator, asst. clinical professor, and co-founder of both Mount Sinai Parenting Center and SeedlingsGroup. And I'm a mom... trying to raise two good humans myself, so I'm in this with you! In each episode, we'll go deep (but brief) with both experts and parents to share the most effective approaches and tools and talk about the important bigger picture of raising good humans. My goal is to make your parenting journey less overwhelming and a lot more joyful! Please join me every Friday for new episodes of Raising Good Humans.

  18. Marriage Therapy Radio

    18.Marriage Therapy Radio

    Look... every couple struggles. You fight too much; you're bored; sex is either okay (or rare); maybe you're even considering divorce. OR... maybe your marriage is actually pretty good, but you want to go deeper. In this podcast, straight-talking marriage therapists Zach Brittle and Laura Heck tackle the most common complaints virtually every marriage experience. Along the way, they reveal the science behind strong relationships and talk about what's really going on for couples. Topics include conflict, communication, compatibility, money, sex, in-laws, infidelity, time-management, future dreams, and more. If you want relief? A deeper connection? A new way forward...? Then you've got to find out what's REALLY going on in your marriage. That's what this podcast is about. You can learn more about Zach and Laura, and their alternatives to traditional therapy at marriagetherapyradio.com.

  19. Deep Sleep Sounds

    19.Deep Sleep Sounds

    Sleep, relax, and unwind with our original sleepy soundscapes. Featuring nature soundscapes, binaural sleep music, and calming white noise. Become a premium member for access to 8-hour episodes and ad-free listening. Start your 7-day free trial now: https://sleepsounds.supercast.com/new_landing?

  20. Chrisley Confessions

    20.Chrisley Confessions

    Todd and Julie Chrisley from the hit USA reality show, Chrisley Knows Best, ask all and tell all. Join us every Wednesday as the beloved duo listen to your voicemails and offer advice, suggestions, and opinions on all things faith, family, food, and well, just about everything else. (Wait, is there more?)

  21. Motherland Australia

    21.Motherland Australia

    Hosted by Stephanie Trethewey. Motherland shares real, raw, and unbelievable stories of motherhood told by women on the land. Each week, a rural mum from somewhere in Australia shares her motherhood journey. You'll hear stories of true grit, resilience, grief, and pure joy. Motherhood is the most life changing and transformative journey a woman can go through, and it's not always easy. No matter where you live or what you do, we're in this together and you're not alone.

  22. Brains On! Science podcast for kids

    22.Brains On! Science podcast for kids

    Brains On!® is a science podcast for curious kids and adults from American Public Media. Each week, a different kid co-host joins Molly Bloom to find answers to fascinating questions about the world sent in by listeners. Like, do dogs know they’re dogs? Or, why do feet stink? Plus, we have mystery sounds for you to guess, songs for you to dance to, and lots of facts -- all checked by experts.

  23. Dr. Ross Greene

    23.Dr. Ross Greene

    Dr. Ross Greene, originator of the Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model and author of The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost & Found, and Raising Human Beings, provides guidance to parents on understanding and helping kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges...along with his co-hosts Kim Hopkins-Betts (Director of Outreach at Lives in the Balance) and parents Jennifer Trethewey, and Stella Hastings.

  24. M Is for Mama Podcast

    24.M Is for Mama Podcast

    On the M is for Mama Podcast, you’ll hear encouragement for all things motherhood, practical helps and systems to help you thrive in your home from day to day, funny, relatable kid-stories, examinations of what the Bible has to say about cultural issues, and so much more!

  25. Shaped by Dog with Susan Garrett

    25.Shaped by Dog with Susan Garrett

    Susan Garrett, world-renowned dog trainer, multi-time champion of dog agility, and leading educator on all things canine shares everything related to dogs! Susan understands dog behaviour and wants you and your dog to have the best life together possible.

  26. The Mom Room

    26.The Mom Room

    Warning: This is NOT a typical parenting podcast! Renee Reina is the mom friend you’ve always wanted and The Mom Room is the podcast you've always needed! Renee is not afraid to challenge parenting practices, ask the hard (and sometimes awkward) questions, tackle taboo topics and say what we're all thinking. From setting boundaries and refusing visitors after giving birth to breaking down why being the default parent is so hard, Renee is exploring and exposing the good, the bad, and the sh*tty parts of parenting. Holding a PhD in psychology in one hand and a diaper bag brimming with snacks in the other, Renee is not trying to “balance” it all and is on a mission to validate, educate, and entertain moms everywhere. So grab the cold cup of coffee you’ve reheated three times, push aside the mom guilt and enter The Mom Room, the #1 podcast for moms!  New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

  27. The Positive Birth Story Podcast

    27.The Positive Birth Story Podcast

    Empowering & positive stories about birth with Swedish midwife Åsa Holstein sharing her in-depth knowledge about birth and brave women sharing their very personal stories. A podcast with women for women about the super power that resides in all of us. Support me in this mission of mine to let positive stories come to life by becoming my Patreon. Together we can change the narrative around birth! Go to Patreon and look for the podcast!

  28. Maked Up Stories: Imaginative Kids Stories

    28.Maked Up Stories: Imaginative Kids Stories

    Daily, imaginative kid's stories, hosted by dad Steven Ebin and his son Jonah. Please share and subscribe. Visit: https://www.makedupstories.com

  29. The Honestly Adoption Podcast

    29.The Honestly Adoption Podcast

    The Honestly Adoption Podcast features real voices, sharing real hope and encouragement to parents on the journey of foster care and adoption. Hosts Mike and Kristin Berry, and Nicole Goerges share open and honest perspectives from the journey of foster, adoptive, and special needs parenting. Their goal is to be real and honest but also bring hope and encouragement to parents, all over the world.



    Real stories about the joys and challenges of the adoption journey. You'll hear from parents and families who've been through infant and international adoption, foster-to-adopt, and even embryo adoption. These inspiring stories are told from the perspective of the adoptee, birth parent or adoptive parent.

  31. Adoption Shared

    31.Adoption Shared

    Adoption Shared is produced by We Are Family adoption support community in partnership with Adopt London. Adoption Shared explores stories which inform, support and amplify the adopter voice and community. In each episode, our host Eddie Elliott meets adopters and professionals who share their insight and experiences of the adoption journey from a variety of different perspectives. You can join We Are Family for FREE at www.wearefamilyadoption.org.uk.*Please note that the views expressed in this podcast are the views of our guest speakers and do not necessarily represent the views of We Are Family or Adopt London.

  32. The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

    32.The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

    Childhood is finite at just shy of 9.5 million minutes. We only get one shot at it. One of the biggest decisions we make is how we will use that time. Research has confirmed time and time again that what children are naturally and unabashedly drawn to, unrestricted outside play, contributes extensively to every area of childhood development. The importance here cannot be understated. Every year we aim to match nature time with the average amount of American kid screen time (which is currently 1200 hours per year). Have a goal. Track your time outside. Take back childhood. Inspire others.

  33. Mathematics


    Maths Podcast

  34. The Adoption and Fostering Podcast

    34.The Adoption and Fostering Podcast

    Conversation & discussion on contemporary Adoption & Fostering

  35. ON BOYS Podcast

    35.ON BOYS Podcast

    Real Talk about Parenting, Teaching, and Reaching Tomorrow’s Men

  36. Down to Birth

    36.Down to Birth

    Join Cynthia Overgard and Trisha Ludwig once per week for evidence-based straight talk on having a safe and informed birth, which starts with determining if you've hired the right provider. If we had to boil it down to a single premise, it's this: A healthy mom and baby isn't all that matters. We have more than 30 years' experience between us in midwifery, advocacy, childbirth education, postpartum support and breastfeeding, and we've served thousands of women and couples. Listen to the birth stories of our clients, listeners and celebrities, catch our expert-interviews, and submit your questions for our monthly Q&A episodes by calling us at 802-GET-DOWN. We're on Instagram at @downtobirthshow and also at Patreon.com/downtobirthshow, where we offer live ongoing events, so be sure to join our worldwide community. Become informed, empowered, and have a great time in the process. We're all about forming a connection with our listeners - join us!

  37. From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne

    37.From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne

    One of the earliest examples of literature written in the science fiction genre, From the Earth to the Moon is a part of the Voyages Extraordinaires series by French novelist Jules Verne. Written more than a century before the Apollo mission, Verne’s classic is somewhat a prophetic novel of man’s travel to the moon with its thorough and descriptive detail. A remarkable blend of action, humor, science, and audacious schemes, the timeless classic is sure to fascinate with its unique vision of lunar exploration. The story unfolds at the Baltimore Gun Club, a society of American Civil War veterans and weapon enthusiasts, who are in the midst of adjusting to a post-war environment and left feeling superfluous. During deliberations on how to deal with the declining need for artillery, club president Impey Barbicane puts forward his idea to build a giant cannon and launch a projectile to the moon. After the initial chaos the proposal causes, the members of the club unite in support of the idea. As the project receives public recognition, the Baltimore Gun Club gains even more courage to proceed with its endeavor, with significant donations pouring in from all over the world. However, Captain Nicholl of Philadelphia, an armor plate designer and old rival of Barbicane, contradicts the venture and makes a series of wagers with him about the success rate of such a feat. Accordingly, the members of the Baltimore Gun Club are busy at work with the formation and scientific calculations for their lunar expedition. Furthermore, a cheerful French adventurer appears and volunteers to be a passenger on board the projectile, and even convinces Barbicane and Nicholl to join him. An unforeseen array of characters and their cooperation brings together elements of comedy and suspense, leaving readers engrossed in the novel’s development. Verne uses his characters to present humorous stereotypes and a caricature representation of American nationalism. Nevertheless From the Earth to the Moon offers adventure, humor, and a range of comical and eccentric personalities.

  38. Greeking Out from National Geographic Kids

    38.Greeking Out from National Geographic Kids

    Oh, Muses! Hear our podcast and allow us to recall some of the greatest stories ever told. Stories of gods and goddesses, monsters, and heroes! Enjoy this kid-friendly retelling of classic ancient Greek myths for the whole family.

  39. Family Road Trip Trivia Podcast

    39.Family Road Trip Trivia Podcast

    Fun for the whole family!

  40. Baby Steps

    40.Baby Steps

    Hosted by Jesinta Franklin and Vogue Australia’s Remy Rippon Baby Steps is a no-nonsense pocket fertility guide for anyone trying to have a baby. Jes and Remy talk to the experts on everything from obstetrics, fertility, miscarriage, loss and explore everything from IVF to egg freezing.

  41. Unspookable


    Unspookable is a family friendly look at the histories and mysteries behind your favorite scary stories, myths and urban legends. Each week host Elise Parisian digs into the history, brain science, and power dynamics behind such topics as Bloody Mary, Charlie Charlie, and Ouija Boards to find the stories behind the scares. (Recommended for ages 8+) Unspookable has been called one of the "Best podcasts for kids of all ages" by Time Out New York, one of the “7 Podcasts Big Kids Will Love” by The New York Times, one of the "5 Spooky Podcasts to Check Out Right Now" by Vulture, one of the "10 Best Podcasts for Children" by the Irish Examiner, appeared multiple times across Canada on CBC Radio's Podcast Playlist, on NPR station WHYY's Kid's Listening Hour, has been featured by Podcast Magazine, The AV Club, Fast Company, and more.

  42. The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

    42.The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

    The Mysterious Island is another exquisite novel written by the master of adventure writing, Jules Verne. The novel has been seen as the sequel to two other famous novels written by the same author: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and In Search of the Castaway. The story revolves around five Americans who live in a dark and harsh environment as prisoners of the American Civil War. Depleted by famine and death all around them, the five war prisoners take a big risk and escape by hijacking a hot air balloon. The five fugitives, an engineer, a servant, a former slave, a sailor and a journalist have to face an ugly and destroying storm, crashing on a mysterious volcanic island. The five men start a new living there, but circumstances soon become mysterious when a message in a bottle turns up on the beach. With pirate attacks and erupting volcanoes these five escapees get more than they bargained for. This book is a fun read for anyone with an adventurous spirit deep inside.

  43. The Beanies

    43.The Beanies

    Hey Mini Beanies... The Beanies are back! And they have been VERY hard at work in their Rainbow Studio, adding glitter and bubbles and colours to brand NEW episodes of The Beanies podcast! Each week, Laura, Mim and Michael will share a special new episode where you will either follow them on a fun and silly adventure, or you can be part of a special Show & Tell. Yes YOU are invited to be part of the podcast – sharing your stories and questions! Over the weeks you will meet a teeny tiny spider who learns how to be brave; visit the super hero training Academy; meet a very royal puppy; and find out how unicorns get their horns! Subscribe now to the brand new weekly episodes of The Beanies. Don’t miss an episode!

  44. Autism Podcast

    44.Autism Podcast


  45. The Mother Daze with Sarah Wright Olsen & Teresa Palmer

    45.The Mother Daze with Sarah Wright Olsen & Teresa Palmer

    Sarah Wright Olsen (American Made, Parks and Recreation) and Teresa Palmer (Warm Bodies, Hacksaw Ridge) are two moms, from opposite ends of the world, meeting for an hour every week to discuss the mayhem, magic and madness of raising their 8 children between them. Motherhood can feel overwhelming, exhausting and isolating but you don’t have to do it alone! Follow along as they attempt to navigate, ask questions, share stories, break down the everyday challenges and hopefully keep you from googling phrases like “What does it mean when my baby’s poop is green?” Grab your coffee, tea, Kombucha or favorite libation and join as they discuss mom fails, poop talk, pillow talk, and much more. These moms will engage in some brilliant interviews with celebrity friends, parenting experts and listeners like you! From the creators of the celebrated Your Zen Mama community, Sarah Wright Olsen and Teresa Palmer bring you “The Mother Daze”, a refreshing and real look in to the wild and wonderful days of Motherhood. Subscribe so you never miss an episode, whether you’re listening sitting in your minivan or taking some me time in the tub. For advertising opportunities please email PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com    We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4   Privacy Policy: https://www.studio71.com/terms-and-conditions-use/#Privacy%20Policy   

  46. The Therapy Edit

    46.The Therapy Edit

    Pep talks packed with grounding words for motherhood feelings. Enjoy a twice weekly dose of The Therapy Edit. On Monday's you'll find ten minute episodes of Anna's Psychotherapy knowledge woven with with her candid chat about motherhood. Fridays bring 15 minute episodes featuring a guest sharing the one thing they'd love to share with fellow mothers. Anna Mathur is Times Bestselling author of 'Mind over Mother', and 'Know Your Worth'. Her most recent book 'The Little Book of Calm for New Mum's' is out now. Anna is passionate about taking therapy outside of the therapy room, she shares insights that have changed the lives of her clients, and transformed hers too. More from Anna: Times Bestselling books: ‘Mind Over Mother - Every mums guide to worry and anxiety in the first years’ and ‘Know Your Worth - How to build your self-esteem, grow in confidence and worry less about what people think; Instagram: @annamathur Website and contact: annamathur.com Courses, sessions and guides: Benefit from resources to help you have a happier motherhood. All £12 at annamathur.com Contacts: Proudly hosted by: Global Management: Bev James Management - enquiries@bevjames.com Production: Kate Starkey @contentinthecotswolds Audio: John Shepheard. Aloe Audio - aloeaudio.com Design: Amber Miller. Ooh La La Studio - oohlala.studio

  47. Squiz Kids

    47.Squiz Kids

    Published each weekday at 6 am, Squiz Kids is 10 minutes of age-appropriate news, delivered with positivity and humour. Make it part of your daily routine by playing it over breakfast, during the drive to school or - for all the Squiz teachers out there - in the classroom. Want a birthday shoutout? Email us at squizkids@thesquiz.com.au, or visit https://www.squizkids.com.au/ Want more things Squiz? Check out The Squiz Today - a free weekday email and podcast for big people - check it out at www.thesquiz.com.au

  48. LaplandUK Father Christmas' Elfcasts!

    48.LaplandUK Father Christmas' Elfcasts!

    The very clever Elves of Lapland have worked out a special way to send magical messages from Father Christmas to the Human Folk!This is the most wonderful news as Father Christmas will be keeping the Small Folk up to date with all the happenings in Lapland this Christmas. Will the Elves finish all the toys in time?!Season 1: Two special messages for those visiting us in Lapland this Christmas. One for before the experience (pre-visit special) and one for afterwards (post-visit special)Season 2: The official countdown to Christmas has begun in Lapland and Father Christmas has magical messages for ALL Human Folk to listen to in the up run to Christmas!

  49. Imagine This

    49.Imagine This

    Imagine This is a science podcast for the young and curious. Have you ever wondered how bees make honey? Or how do fish breathe underwater? Or, very importantly, where your poo goes when you flush it down the toilet? Imagine This is a series of puzzling science questions from inquisitive young minds. Our host, Dr Niraj Lal, chats to kids and Australia's leading academics, taking you on imaginative adventures to learn about the world around us and find the answers together.  This podcast is suited to kids aged 4 and up, though all members of the family are sure to learn something! 

  50. Minimal-ish: Minimalism, Intentional Living, Motherhood

    50.Minimal-ish: Minimalism, Intentional Living, Motherhood

    Minimal-ish is a podcast hosted by Desirae Endres about striving to live with less of the things that don't matter, more of what does, and pursuing intention in every area of our everyday lives and motherhood. We'll talk about a realistic version of minimalism, family life, motherhood, work, caring for ourselves, budgeting and intentional finances, and everything in between.

  51. Resonate by The Reconnected

    51.Resonate by The Reconnected

    With a unique blend of science and spirituality, Emma and Eleanor the co-founders of a global movement known as The Reconnected, bring you a library of knowledge for parental and personal development. Family Counsellor, Play Therapist and Breathworker Eleanor joins with Self Published Author, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Breathworker and Theta Healer Emma, to share their experience as mothers in this rapidly changing world. Website: www.thereconnected.com Facebook: www.fb.com/thereconnected Instagram: www.instagram.com/the_reconnected TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@the_reconnected Pinterest: www.pinterest.com.au/the_reconnected/ Twitter: www.twitter.com/the_reconnected

  52. Horses


    All about horses and, horseback riding, and tips.

  53. Growing


    Growing is a podcast brought to you by Beth Ryan - midwife, business owner and Mum. Beth chats all things pregnancy, birth, baby-life and the realities of modern motherhood. Want to learn the in’s and out’s of pregnancy? Keen to feel prepared for birth? Wondering how on earth you are going to care for your baby AND maintain a sense of self? Join Beth every Monday and Wednesday for bite-sized episodes designed to help you feel seen and excited during this season of profound growth.

  54. Loving Well

    54.Loving Well

    The secret sauce to the success of your marriage! Every season of this bingeable podcast series is chalk full of heartwarming love stories and practical marriage advice you can put into practice every day. The series from Focus on the Family will inspire you and your spouse to put Christ’s love at the center of your relationship. Along the way, marriage experts Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley will get you thinking about healthy boundaries in a romantic relationship, about how to respect and cherish one another, and about honoring God in your most important relationship.

  55. Help! I'm A Parent with Emma and Ollie Proudlock

    55.Help! I'm A Parent with Emma and Ollie Proudlock

    Ollie and Emma Proudlock need help! They'll be sharing their experiences raising their brand new baby Bonnie Lou, and along the way they're calling on family, friends, some famous names and their listeners, for advice on being new parents! Our lovely friends and sponsors Never Fully Dressed have an exclusive discount code for listeners of this podcast. Use code PROUDLOCKS15 for 15% off at https://www.neverfullydressed.co.uk/collections/newness-2?page=1

  56. The Arthur Podcast

    56.The Arthur Podcast

    Arthur Read is back and starting his own podcast! Listen in as he shares his favorite adventures with, DW, Buster and all their friends from around Elwood City. The Arthur Podcast is produced by GBH Kids and Gen-Z Media.

  57. How To Build A Human

    57.How To Build A Human

    Having a toddler is one of the most exciting phases of being a parent. It’s also one of the most demanding. They need you all the time, they’re also learning and growing all the time. It’s why the wisdom and support of ‘the village’ is crucial in the pre-school years. That’s where How To Build A Human comes in. Over 8 weeks, join Leigh Campbell as she speaks to some of Australia’s best-known parents and our resident parenting expert Gen Muir, to work out the perfect ingredients it takes to raise a well-rounded child - ready for their big future. This podcast was made in partnership with the LEGO® DUPLO® Brand. We believe in building happy humans, Start Off Big with LEGO DUPLO.

  58. Spinning Plates with Sophie Ellis-Bextor

    58.Spinning Plates with Sophie Ellis-Bextor

    Hello I’m Sophie Ellis-Bextor and this is my new series Spinning Plates where I speak to busy working women, who also happen to be mothers, about how they make it work. I am a singer and have released 7 albums in-between having my 5 sons who are aged between 1 and 16 so I spin a few plates myself. Being a mother can be the most amazing thing.. but it can also be hard to find time for yourself and your own ambitions. I want to be a bit nosy and see how other people balance everything. Join me while I speak to a host of interesting and inspirational women who’ve really made me think - and laugh, and sometimes cry. Welcome to Spinning Plates. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  59. Blended


    Hosted by Kate Ferdinand, this podcast is a celebration of blended families - exploring the stories of relationships bound by love, no matter what their circumstances are. Covering subjects such as second marriages, divorce, grief and life after loss, adoption, fostering and (not-so-wicked!) stepmothers, Kate will champion different voices and experiences by speaking with experts, everyday people and celebrities in the public eye.

  60. Frog of the Week

    60.Frog of the Week

    Every week we'll choose and highlight one frog to be the frog of the week! Doesn't that sound fun?



    Welcome to CLP, where we talk conscious parenting, partnering, personing, and everything else in between. __ HOSTS ASHY BINES
 Web: https://www.ashybines.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ashybines/ LEVI WALZ Web: https://mindbodyhq.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themindbodyguy

  62. Sunshine Parenting

    62.Sunshine Parenting

    Camp Director, Mom, Author, and Speaker Audrey Monke and other youth development experts discuss summer camp, family life, raising thriving kids, and ideas for living more connected and happier lives.

  63. The Parenting View

    63.The Parenting View

    The Parenting View podcast is a place to listen to chats about all things parenting! Hosted by Maria Foy - owner of New Zealand's award-winning parenting website Happy Mum Happy Child. For any enquiries, email me on happymumhappychild@gmail.com

  64. Modern Homemakers

    64.Modern Homemakers

    For more than 25 years Donna Otto has shared inspiration and practical wisdom. She is an Author and founder of Modern Homemakers (formerly Homemakers By Choice), a national organization which offers weekly teaching for a new generation of "counter culture" women who have made the choice to stay at home. To hundreds of young homemakers, Donna has been the wise, fun, Godly Aunt every young woman wishes she had. Each teaching session encourages women in their role as a woman, wife, mother, and keeper of the home.

  65. A Courageous Journey

    65.A Courageous Journey

    A courageous journey is one which starts where ever you may be in your life. It is a pivotal moment in your being when you begin to allow yourself to see the truth of your very existence and the power that resides within. It is a journey that begins right here, right now.As we connect, to raise our level of consciousness to allow ourselves to learn to be more compassionate towards ourselves to embody our highest self and begin our healing journey in order to raise ourselves and then influence our kids to look within as we have set the example through our commitment to growth and authenticity.

  66. Partners In UpBringing

    66.Partners In UpBringing

    When it comes to kids, all parents pour their heart and energy into making them smile and seeing them achieve their dreams. While the whole process is one happy ride, it can be adventurous at times. Given the fact our lives are now more work-driven, we hardly get time to spend with our kids. While playing multiple roles as a parent, we all need a partner to lean on, and for you, we can be your ‘Partners in Upbringing’. Our belief in the power of conscious and mindful parenting, for the holistic development of our kids, gave rise to Partners in Upbringing. We bring to the table valuable insights from the parenting experts, and realistic advice from fellow inspiring parents. With you being in the driver’s seat and us guiding you through this joyous ride of mindful parenting, we aim to grow as a community of parents who want to give their best to their kids so they can be happy and confident individuals. Join us in this journey and lets be ‘Partners in Upbringing’. Visit www.partnersinupbringing.com to know more. The podcast is hosted by 2 Mums and friends - Himani and Kalyani who turned into partners for their new baby – Partners in UpBringing. Do checkout our social media handles on FB and IG @partnersinupbringing.

  67. speech


    about how to love yourself

  68. The Parenting Tools Podcast

    68.The Parenting Tools Podcast

    Jason and Jordan are UK based dads who talk through their experience of the juggling act that is work, parenting, dad life, marriage, church and social life, all while maintaining sanity and trying to be good parents. They share their experiences and funny parenting moments as well as listener stories and questions. This is the funny parenting podcast for dads, mums, expecting parents - anyone who enjoys a great balance of funny stories and deeper conversations. Follow us on socials @parentingtoolspod Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  69. A Kansas State of Mind

    69.A Kansas State of Mind

    You want to break the mold society has tried to put you in and Host Kansas Michalke is here to encourage you through it all . From mom life, owning multiple businesses, setting boundaries, living unapologetically, and staying bold despite the backlash - she covers topics most would never dare to talk about… all while keeping you laughing and feeling encouraged. Kansas’s spunky personality and sass makes you feel like you're getting the inside scoop from your bestie and like any good bestie, she tells it like it is… trust us, it will be something you don't want to miss. Grab some popcorn and get ready to take a glimpse into Kansas’s State of Mind

  70. Family Foundations: The Path To Becoming Us

    70.Family Foundations: The Path To Becoming Us

    Welcome here friend! My husband Adam and I are on our journey to becoming parents. I'm preparing my body for pregnancy and we are seeing a fertility specialist to help us. We don't know how our kiddos will come to be. We understand families find their start in many different ways and we want our show to reflect that. Join us on our walk to becoming a family! Family Foundations is hosted by me, Lindsay Lawson and is a SquirrelTalkAudio production with new episodes every Friday. Become part of the conversation on Instagram @ FamilyFoundations_BecomingUs we'd love to hear from you!

  71. Over at Alicia's

    71.Over at Alicia's

    Over at Alicia's is a podcast for moms who want to make their houses into homes. A weekly conversation with a mom who wants to take good care of her home, her kids, enjoy her life at home, keep organized, and follow her passions, all without losing herself in the shuffle.

  72. All Our Mothers

    72.All Our Mothers

    Welcome to the All Our Mothers podcast! We’re a Berlin-based community, creating online and IRL spaces for ALL mothers. We aim to highlight the diversity of motherhood and promote a more inclusive narrative.

  73. Beatrix Potter - Tales of Peter Rabbit and Friends

    73.Beatrix Potter - Tales of Peter Rabbit and Friends

    Beatrix Potter's stories have made her one of the most beloved figures in children's literature and there isn't a library in the world that doesn't have a copy of her classic Peter Rabbit. Listen to these warm cozy tales of Peter and all of his friends. Whether you're young or just young at heart, you can't deny the magic and whimsy of the Beatrix Potter world. All stories presented ad-free. Listen to select episodes for free, then subscribe to access every episode of the Fairytalez podcast channel.

  74. Andersen's Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

    74.Andersen's Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen

    The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen, The Real Princess and a host of other wonderful tales which form so much a part of childhood are part of Andersen's Fairy Tales, by Hans Christian Andersen. This volume contains eighteen selected stories. Some of them are old familiar friends, while others maybe new to some readers, but all of them equally enchanting and enthralling. Today, these stories are known almost everywhere in the world and have been translated into hundreds of languages. Their appeal is not just for children or young readers. As folktales and typical Scandinavian legends, they are a fascinating glimpse into the myths and legends, culture and ethos of the Northern Lands. Since their publication in 1835, they have continued to inspire and delight generations of children and adults. Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish author whose work included plays, poetry, travelogues, novels and stories. Born in a noble Danish family, he was inspired to transcribe the tales he had heard as a child from people around him. The stories he selected were interesting, imaginative and unique. Some of them like The Little Mermaid were poignant and were not strictly just for a young audience. In fact, the story went on to capture public imagination to such an extent that today one of the most iconic monuments of Copenhagen is the statue of the Little Mermaid on the Langeline Promenade, which draws thousands of visitors every year. Andersen's first foray into writing fairytales did not meet with much success because translating them from the original Danish was quite difficult and it had only restricted readership. However, in 1845, he reached out to the rest of the world through a brilliant translation of The Little Mermaid in Bentley's Miscellany magazine. Great success followed as his stories began appearing in various English magazines and journals and a whole generation of young English speaking children discovered the treasures of Scandinavia. The stories have continued to enthrall people in many fields. Music, opera, art, literature, drama, film and television have become richer by the addition of various versions of Andersen's tales and his name has become a byword for the genre. He also inspired hundreds of other writers to come out with folktales and stories designed to captivate the imagination of young and old. Stories like The Tinder-Box convey a feeling of mystery and awe, while The Nightingale provides pathos and beauty. As an invaluable addition to any library shelf, Andersen's Fairy Tales can provide hours of reading pleasure to both young and old.

  75. 1 mommy 2 hands

    75.1 mommy 2 hands

    I’m just 1 mommy with 2 hands doing the best I can here to encourage other mommies that they are rocking it and I believe in them!

  76. The Mom Voice

    76.The Mom Voice

    Hosted by Lauren Willis & Sarah Bones, The Mom Voice has been dubbed the "mommy morning show" because of their energetic, unscripted & relatable mom-talk. Each week, The Mom Voice offers realistic tips on how to have a happy home, without loosing sight of yourself or your relationship. The best friends are so candid, you'll soon feel like you're sitting there in the room with them, laughing along the way. Lauren & Sarah are both married with 7 kids between them, raising their families in Arizona. They have wildly different personalities but share the same mindful approach to parenting. NEW RELEASES each Monday! Find them on IG @themomvoicepodcast or at themomvoice.com.

  77. New Moms, New Babies: Tips, Tricks, Sanity Savers

    77.New Moms, New Babies: Tips, Tricks, Sanity Savers

    Real Moms. Real Stories. A weekly podcast by new moms, for new moms with tips, tricks and sanity savers on sleeping, feeding, crying and more! Guests include, doctors, pediatricians, authors, experts on child seat safety, strollers, baby carriers, activities and more! Friendly advice, various perspectives and relevant information to get you through those first years.

  78. Us and Kids: Parenting and marriage coaching with therapist, Jan Talen

    78.Us and Kids: Parenting and marriage coaching with therapist, Jan Talen

    You can lower the weariness, anxiety and depression that overwhelms your relationships. Each week Jan, a marriage and family therapist, talks through real life situations for being your best parent and spouse/partner. Keep your dream of being married forever while parenting your infants, toddlers, school age and teenagers. Jan teaches towards the DNA way of communicating that brings emotional balance alongside speaking, listening and connecting skills. This defends against the pain of divorce and creates fulfilling, unlimited and courageously good relationships! You are worth it! Join today!

  79. Magical Mindset Moments: A Parenting Podcast for Disney Families

    79.Magical Mindset Moments: A Parenting Podcast for Disney Families

    If you’re looking for a family friendly podcast that is equal parts silly and seriously grounding, you're in the right place. Life can be hard sometimes. But whether it’s challenging right at this moment or humming along swimmingly, it is always so much better with friends. Enter The Magical Mindset Moments Podcast, a mindset podcast where real life besties Jen & Lauren explore life lessons from Disney movies each and every week. In these bite-sized bits of mindset work, we share our favorite takeaways from Disney stories and discuss creative ways we can apply those lessons in our lives. We always end with one Big Think and invite you to ponder it through the week. You may choose to take it as a prompt to your favorite journal, explore the idea over coffee with a friend, or use as a conversation starter around the family dinner table. We also would love to get to know you, so you're invited to support the show by joining our Patreon community: The Magic Family. In the community, we go Beyond The Big Think with additional journal prompts and conversation starters for each episode, movie discussion guides, and so much more. No matter how you choose to participate in this work, we hope this show is equal parts entertaining and enlightening, and becomes a little slice of happy that you look forward to each and every week. Be sure to subscribe so you'll be notified when new episodes go live every Monday morning! And now...on with the show!

  80. Kids Stories

    80.Kids Stories

    Stories are what makes the imagination come alive!

  81. Therapy For Moms 
(Formerly Healing After Birth)

    81.Therapy For Moms (Formerly Healing After Birth)

    This is a podcast for moms, parents, and birth workers who want to be inspired and explore matters of the heart. - Are you struggling with motherhood? - Are you having a hard time during the postpartum period? - Did you have a difficult, challenging, or traumatic childbirth experience? - Do you want to learn more about postpartum mental health? Join me, your host Jennifer, Chief Empathy Officer of ASK Therapy for Moms and Author of Healing After Birth and Midwifery For The Soul, as I explore these topics and more.

  82. Bullfrogs and Lizards

    82.Bullfrogs and Lizards

    Bullfrogs and Lizards is about the adventures of Lucy and Larry Lizard, and Betty and Bill Bullfrog and their friends. They live in a former gold mining town in north western Victoria, Australia in the early 20th century. Their world is a simple but amazing place, full of horses, greasy piglets, carts, thieving magpies, fire and flood. Come along and join us exploring the world of Bullfrogs and Lizards.

  83. What's up Beautiful People

    83.What's up Beautiful People

    Stephen and Amanda Miller sit down in their brand new show "What's Up Beautiful People!" brought to you by FamilyMade Network to celebrate the beauty of diversity, adoption, & family. Each week, they’ll dive into a relatable family topic and share some of their insight on what it’s like to raise seven kids. With the help of a few guests on the show, the Millers will keep you entertained, informed & leave you feeling encouraged.

  84. Finding Joy in Your Home

    84.Finding Joy in Your Home

    The Finding Joy in Your Home podcast exists to give you the tools, inspiration, and encouragement that you need to craft a Gospel-Centered Home (formerly called the Homemaking Foundations Podcast)! Join Jami, creator behind FindingJoyinYourHome.com, as we explore various aspects of homemaking including biblical womanhood, marriage, healthy living, organizing, cooking, and so much more! If you feel like your home is out of control - or if you ever feel overwhelmed in your role as homemaker - then join Jami each week as she stands firm on God’s Word as our path to bringing glory to God and finding true joy and peace in the everyday.

  85. Sleep Time Stories For Kids

    85.Sleep Time Stories For Kids

    Stories for kids that have life lessons you always want to teach them without sounding like you're nagging. Great for kids 5 - 18 years old (and husbands) Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jo-jones-sleepytime/support

  86. Snoop and Sniffy: Dog Detective Stories for Kids

    86.Snoop and Sniffy: Dog Detective Stories for Kids

    What happens when Snoop, an experienced dog detective from London, gets sent to small-town Pflugerville to train clueless puppy Sniffy as an undercover agent? Mystery! Adventure! And CHAOS! Seriously -- the town of Pflugerville isn’t dullsville like Snoop expected and he quickly realizes that he can’t handle all the action without Sniffy by his side. Even when they’re able to turn a blind eye to the alien superheroes and villains battling it out for control of Pflugerville, Snoop and Sniffy have their paws full on Bark Street with hilarious busy bodies like Loraine the Neighborhood-Watch duck, Poot the Groundhog and Fred the Squirrel popping ‘round! Do you love to laugh? Do you love animals? Do you have the brightest mind since Sherlock Holmes? Yes?! Then tag along with us for the fun and see if YOU can help Snoop and Sniffy solve some mysteries! For ages 5-12

  87. Treasured with Courtney DeFeo

    87.Treasured with Courtney DeFeo

    Treasured is a podcast for anyone raising girls - no matter your season and no matter your age! We all have questions, and this is the place to get guidance, wisdom and encouragement. Wouldn't you love to have lunch every week with a mentor or counselor or trusted friend? Well that’s not realistic - so Courtney DeFeo is doing just that with this podcast, bringing new questions and conversations every week! She also brings her own struggles and the real topics she faces with her own girls. Join us each week and don't forget to remind your girl - she is treasured by God and treasured by you!

  88. Little Sprigs Podcast

    88.Little Sprigs Podcast

    Welcome to The Little Sprigs Podcast, hosted by Christina Rochelle. On this podcast, you'll find a mix of interviews and recordings focusing on early childhood education, communication, mindfulness. Follow me on social @littlesprigs to keep up with the latest and say 'Hey'

  89. Mr.&Mrs.Smith


    Life in general with people with perspective

  90. Rising Above with Becky Davidson

    90.Rising Above with Becky Davidson

    Rising Above Ministries is lifting up the special needs community through support, encouragement, inspiration, and community.

  91. Story Time for Children

    91.Story Time for Children

    Story Time for Children Bed time stories for children in a calming voice to help send them to sleep, read by Arj Thiruchelvam.

  92. Dad.Work


    Become hard to kill, easy to love, and equipped to lead with the Dad.Work Podcast. Our expert guests help forge you into the elite man, husband, and father your family needs. You will be guided to build a massive vision, support it with non-negotiable daily habits, clear roadblocks from your past, maintain high discipline and integrity, and learn the skills needed to build the only legacy that matters - your family.

  93. An Unreasonable Podcast

    93.An Unreasonable Podcast

    Tune in once a month where we interview other parents in our community and around the world about raising kids in today's world. We talk about the daily joys and struggles of working towards a balanced family life. Sometimes it’s just us, having a conversation about what we’re learning about ourselves and our kids, and sometimes we interview other parents to learn about what they’re doing to raise good humans. We love connecting with people, learning about their 'why' and where they’re at in their journey. We love that everyone has different perspectives, seeing the world differently and interacting differently. We don't judge how people live their lives. So if you’re someone who enjoys learning about how other people are parenting, and you’re okay with listening to people who don’t take themselves too seriously and who certainly don’t have all the answers, you might find these conversations comforting. There are so many parents out there on a similar journey, and we think listening to others share their stories is one of the best ways to feel less alone and more connected. Follow along, leave feedback, or just listen for a bit of a laugh! About us: We feel like we are one of the luckiest families in the world! We work online doing something we love for a living, and that affords us the opportunity to travel while spending time with our rapidly growing boys. We want to catalog as much of our experiences and adventures as we can while not missing out on anything! You can follow along on our Instagram account and Youtube channel to see where we are and what we’re up to.

  94. The Today's Mama Podcast

    94.The Today's Mama Podcast

    The Today's Mama Podcast: A parenting podcast focused on how we care for the things we care about the most. Parenting advice, tips, and inspiration from smart parents.

  95. Wee Yogis Kids Yoga

    95.Wee Yogis Kids Yoga

    Wee Yogis Founder, Jocelyn “Jyoti” Kay Levy takes you on a journey into everything kids yoga and mindfulness. Episodes 1-8 are perfect for teachers and parents. Jocelyn guides us through a how to yoga series and you Episodes 9-15- “Shelter in Place” Disney Stars talks: where they share their words of wisdom, mindfulness and yoga tips and provide well needed laughs. Episode 16- Current -Calming Kids Yoga Stories: Jocelyn and her guests kids Yoga & mindfulness Specialist. Bring evidence-bass relaxation techniques into calming bedtime stories. Weeyogis.com

  96. This Podcast Has Fleas

    96.This Podcast Has Fleas

    What happens when rival pets have dueling podcasts? Find out as Jones (Jay Pharoah), a slick cat with a taste for auto tune, faces off with Waffles (Emily Lynne), a dog who can’t help chewing her microphone. Also starring Benny the gerbil (Eugene Mirman) and Mr. Glub the goldfish (Alec Baldwin). WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of podcasts including Radiolab, Snap Judgment, On the Media, Death, Sex & Money and many others. © WNYC Studios

  97. Parent Footprint with Dr. Dan

    97.Parent Footprint with Dr. Dan

    Parent Footprint with Dr. Dan teaches us all how to make the world a more loving, accepting and compassionate place -- one parent and one child at a time. With over 20 years experience as a psychologist, author and father, host Dr. Dan Peters understands the key to raising happy and aware kids is for parents to seek the same joy and mindfulness in their own lives. Through diverse and timely discussions, aimed at any parental figure in a child's life, Dr. Dan helps caregivers parent with purpose while striving to be the best version of themselves.

  98. Arthur Mommy Movie Time

    98.Arthur Mommy Movie Time

    Watch a movie with us!

  99. LEGO Hero Factory Channel

    99.LEGO Hero Factory Channel

    Exciting multi-media videos and podcasts from the LEGO Company's newest story: LEGO Hero Factory! LEGO Hero Factory is located in the futuristic Makuhero City, and is an enormous high tech facility that builds robotic heroes. The heroes are designed, built, and equipped depending on specific missions that beam in across the galaxy from remote areas. Their missions focus on defeating evil villains lurking throughout the galaxy! Free downloads to your ipod, itouch, iphone and ipad!

  100. Motherhood Mayhem

    100.Motherhood Mayhem

    When you scroll through social media most of the time you'll see moms with their shit together. Hair done, date nights, expensive lattes ( kudos to them - they're goals!) - and then there's me. Hair in a bun, running out the door to get my little one to daycare and can't remember the last time I washed my hair. I LOVE nothing more than being a mom but I don't sugar coat the struggles that come with motherhood.Listen to my journey weekly.

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