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Music Commentary


  1. Sidetracked with Annie and Nick

    1.Sidetracked with Annie and Nick

    For music and pop culture lovers looking for an authentic and light-hearted take on the week in music… with broadcasters and music fanatics Annie Macmanus and Nick Grimshaw

  2. Strong Songs

    2.Strong Songs

    Music: it's good. On each episode of Strong Songs, host Kirk Hamilton takes listeners inside a piece of music, breaking it down and figuring out what makes it work.

  3. Joanna Lumley & The Maestro

    3.Joanna Lumley & The Maestro

    Joanna Lumley and her husband Stephen Barlow invite you into their home for a fascinating, funny journey into their shared love of music. You probably know Joanna Lumley, but you may not be aware that her husband Stephen Barlow is a famed conductor, composer and musician - and the pair of them are passionate about classical music. On this, their new podcast, the pair welcome you into their home for a personal, fascinating and funny journey through a musical world. Joanna is the enthusiastic amateur - asking the questions she’s always wanted to ask - and Stephen is The Maestro, providing the answers. Who was better: Mozart or Beethoven? Why do certain pieces of music make us feel a certain way? What do conductors actually do? They also discuss the great composers and symphonies, and the often-remarkable stories behind them, all delivered in Joanna and Stephen’s unique, engaging and affectionate way. Maybe you think classical music isn’t for you? Or you know a little and want to know more? Or perhaps it's been a lifetime love? Regardless, you definitely need to meet Joanna & The Maestro.

  4. One Song

    4.One Song

    On each episode of ONE SONG, friends Diallo Riddle ( Emmy-nominated star and creator of HBO Max’s South Side and IFC’s Sherman’s Showcase) and Blake "LUXXURY" Robin (Music Producer & TikTok creator) will hilariously break down ONE SONG from the pop music canon that you know - or need to know - but have never heard quite like this.

  5. Music Production Podcast

    5.Music Production Podcast

    An exploration of music production through informal discussions about technique, philosophy, gear, and creativity. Hosted by Brian Funk, a musician, songwriter, teacher, and Ableton Certified Trainer.

  6. BC the Beatles

    6.BC the Beatles

    A podcast about the Beatles... everything about the Beatles. 24/8!

  7. Learn Jazz Standards Podcast

    7.Learn Jazz Standards Podcast

    The LJS Podcast is the podcast where you get weekly jazz tips, interviews, stories and advice for becoming a better jazz musician! Hosting the show is the jazz musician behind learnjazzstandards.com, author, and entrepreneur Brent Vaartstra, who’s one goal is to answer any question about playing jazz music you may have. Jazz can be a challenging music to learn and play, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. Each episode features a specific musical challenge that jazz students may come across, where it is discussed and answered. Special jazz guests frequent the show, sharing their expertise on an array of different musical subject matter. Listeners are invited to call in with their jazz questions to the podcast hotline, where it could get answered on a future LJS Podcast episode. Join thousands of other listeners getting free jazz education every week!

  8. Taylor Swift Cast

    8.Taylor Swift Cast

    Get ready to dive deep into the world of Taylor Swift with Taylor Swift Cast! Join us as we explore her music, her career, and everything in between. Subscribe now and never miss an episode! https://www.solgood.org - Check out our Streaming Service for our full collection of audiobooks, podcasts, short stories, & 10 hour sounds for sleep and relaxation at our website Taylor Swift, pop music, country music, singer-songwriter, music industry, album reviews, music production, music videos, music performance, song analysis, fan culture, celebrity culture, Taylor Swift fan community, songwriting, Taylor Swift fashion, Taylor Swift awards, Taylor Swift interviews, music tours, Taylor Swift discography, Taylor Swift collaborations, Taylor Swift style, Taylor Swift persona, Taylor Swift image This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on this podcast, contact us at https://www.spreaker.com/show/5858551/advertisement

  9. Rolling Stone Music Now

    9.Rolling Stone Music Now

    Inside the biggest stories in music, hosted by Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hiatt. Featuring interviews with top artists, expert insight on new releases and breaking news from the Rolling Stone staff, and much more.

  10. My Expert Opinion

    10.My Expert Opinion

    Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion is THE BEST NEW HIPHOP PODCAST!! Creating a setting to express his opinion of music culture and getting the opinions of other celebrity vet’s in the game while sharing stories, good laughs and insights that are entertaining to the viewers. Make sure to to head over to YouTube.com/MathHoffaTV and subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out on ALL NEW content on the way!

  11. Discord and Rhyme: An Album Podcast

    11.Discord and Rhyme: An Album Podcast

    A music podcast where we discuss our favorite albums, song by song.

  12. The Metallica Report

    12.The Metallica Report

    Keep up with all things Metallica by going straight to the source. Now you can get your news directly from those entrenched in the band’s own Northern California headquarters. This weekly report is hosted by Steffan Chirazi and Renée Richardson, two members of the Metallica Camp. Steffan is a long-time rock scribe and editor of the band’s online mag, So What!, whose days covering Metallica began in the 1980s with the British music magazines Sounds and Kerrang! Renée is the Director of Philanthropy for the band’s foundation, All Within My Hands, and also has a storied background in music as a well-known Bay Area radio personality. Each week will sound a little different, but you’ll always remain in the loop. Steffan and Renée will keep you posted with the latest news and updates from Metallica HQ and the road as the M72 Tour makes its way around the world. They’ll bring you mini-features for a little peek behind the curtain, and you’ll learn bits of info you won’t find anywhere else through chats with everyone from members of the road crew to poster artists, from fans to band members themselves! They won’t just tell you what you need to know; they’ll also get to the bottom of what you want to find out! Listeners can submit questions, and Steffan and Renée will get to work finding answers. You’ll enjoy all of this and more with The Metallica Report, your quick, weekly fix covering our most relevant topics of the day. Produced by Pantheon Media & PopCult Executive Producers: Marc Reiter, Vickie Strate, Doug Oswandel Production Coordinator: Lane Watson

  13. Justin Hawkins Rides Again

    13.Justin Hawkins Rides Again

    Justin Hawkins Rides Again is where I’ll be discussing what it’s really like to be part of the lauded and loathed music industry. I'll be talking about the pitfalls of being part of this fickle business, how to navigate it, the highs and lows and what the future could hold for this volatile and beautiful art form. There will also be interviews with incredible people who work in this industry from vocal coaches, record label bosses to real life hardcore rockstars. I want to reveal to you the nitty gritty details of what this lifestyle is actually like and the affect it has on artists - so join me every Monday, right here.

  14. Diary of the Madmen - The Ultimate Ozzy Osbourne Podcast

    14.Diary of the Madmen - The Ultimate Ozzy Osbourne Podcast

    Jump aboard the Crazy Train with two lifelong Ozzy fans who will bring you two unique perspectives on his legendary career. Diary Of The Madmen - The Ultimate Ozzy Podcast discusses all things Ozzy and all things Ozzy related. We will discuss all of the albums from all of the eras. We will talk tours, ozzfest, reunions and more. We will pit albums against each other in battles to determine the ultimate Ozzy albums. Also we will have special guests along the way. As a bonus We will also be discussing Ozzy related artists such as Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, Jake E. Lee, Bob Daisley and Black Sabbath among others. Go Flyin’ High Again with us and hit that subscribe button now!

  15. Vinyl Ventures

    15.Vinyl Ventures

    Vinyl Ventures hilariously and expertly explores all things vinyl.  Like and subscribe as John and Jay, (Doctors of Vinyl Philosophy) explore the vinyl universe and distill everything down into an easy to digest audio/video snack.   It's (STILL) a vinyl gold rush...STAKE YOUR CLAIM!

  16. Elvis Reviews

    16.Elvis Reviews

    We talk about/review the studio albums, live performances, movies and more from the one and only Elvis Presley

  17. Sleep Medication Podcast

    17.Sleep Medication Podcast

    Sleep Medication with rain all types of sounds

  18. Bandsplain


    Bandsplain is a show where host Yasi Salek invites experts to explain cult bands and iconic artists - and why people love them - using a curated playlist to help you understand the hype. 

  19. Digging The Greats

    19.Digging The Greats

    Stories behind some of your favorite music, by some of the people who made it.  On the YouTube Channel Digging The Greats, Brandon Shaw digs through classic songs and albums, the stories behinds them, recreates, remixes, and dissects the music, and talks to some of the people involved.  This podcast is the place to hear the full conversations that won't fit on YouTube. Kick back, relax, and enjoy these long form conversations with some of the greats. 

  20. The Queen Podcast

    20.The Queen Podcast

    QueenPod: The Queen Podcast is your official one-stop shop for everything related to the world's greatest rock band. Joined by comedians and Queen superfans John Robins and Sooz Kempner, host Rohan Acharya and Queen archivist and documentarian Simon Lupton will take you through all of Queen, track by track, album by album, listening along to the tunes and analyzing them (well, at least talking about how awesome they are). We'll also have news and stories about the band, fan questions and queries, and some very special guests! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  21. Metal Crush

    21.Metal Crush

    SYFY WIRE's four-week descent into hell with guide Whitney Moore. Each episode celebrates heavy metal and its intersection in science fiction, fantasy and horror.

  22. Definitely Dylan

    22.Definitely Dylan

    A podcast about Bob Dylan, his music & anything else. Featuring conversations and original analysis of Bob Dylan’s work.

  23. Dj Timon ( Hard House DanceCore HandsUp Reverse Bass HardStyle Happy Hardcore FrenchCore ) Mix's

    23.Dj Timon ( Hard House DanceCore HandsUp Reverse Bass HardStyle Happy Hardcore FrenchCore ) Mix's

    Weekly Live Stream Dj set, every Saturday. Fresh RAVE selection. Hard House, DanceCore, HandsUp, Reverse Bass, HardStyle, FrenchCore, Happy Hardcore mix's.

  24. Inside The Groove - Madonna’s Music

    24.Inside The Groove - Madonna’s Music

    The story behind Madonna’s most famous songs Each episode focuses on a particular track or era and discusses the creative process and how the song was received. With reference to the videos and live performances, the episode often plays snippets from the song’s multitrack session.

  25. Ableton & Music Habits Podcast

    25.Ableton & Music Habits Podcast

    This podcast is all about the mental & technical side of music production. Although Jason Timothy is an Ableton coach, the content in this podcast can be used for any aspiring music producer.

  26. Country Heat Weekly

    26.Country Heat Weekly

    The Country Heat Weekly podcast, hosted by Kelly Sutton and Amber Anderson, brings Amazon Music's Country Heat playlist to life. Every week Kelly and Amber deliver the vibrant world of country from Nashville to Austin and beyond – entertaining listeners with today's top tracks, sharing country music news, sitting down with beloved artists, celebrating country music history, and highlighting future stars.

  27. Disk Dungeon

    27.Disk Dungeon

    Music lovers, welcome to the realm on your computer disk that brings you the voices of Music lover Joe Dove, and Music Producer Julian Valencia! Together we are talking about the music that speaks to us and we think may sing to you. Its not on your phone already, google already looked. Hence we have brought it from our disk's dungeon to your ear! Get ready to partake on a music conversation and journey from the dark depths of our world to the real world. Prepare to escape the unknown dungeon of life to the joy of music in your street beats, welcome to Disk Dungeon.

  28. Into the Void: A Black Sabbath Podcast

    28.Into the Void: A Black Sabbath Podcast

    Into the Void: A Black Sabbath Podcast is a podcast that will be discussing all things Black Sabbath and related. Interviews, guests, deep dives into albums and thought provoking discussions on the greatest band of all time Black Sabbath.

  29. Hip-hop Beats

    29.Hip-hop Beats

    Hey everybody, this is Hip-hop Beats and I'm going to make some of your favorite hip-hop soundtracks. And make sure follow be on RapFame. It can be downloaded through the app store and Google play. My name on RapFame is "Hip-hop Beats". Enjoy!!



    Welcome to the Party! This 2Pac Podcast is hosted by YouTube Star DJ Skandalous. This will feature commentary only podcast that will break down 2Pac stories, news, song facts, album facts and many more! All uploads will be available for playback on here and other podcast/music apps. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/2pacmusic/support

  31. NOT 97

    31.NOT 97

    NOT 97 is a home for discovering new music from talented, under-the-radar artists around the world. Biweekly episodes feature a roundtable conversation with industry insiders, influential voices, and artists introducing their new favorite songs organized by unique playlist categories like introverted dance music — music to move to for your party of one — and Shea Butter Approved — smooth music for mellow mornings & dimly lit nights. Additionally, Season Nine of NOT 97 will include extended episodes with a range of artists joining the show for intimate interviews and in-studio live sessions — from Jordan Ward, to Fana Hues, Alex Vaughn, and more. NOT 97 is produced in partnership with The Orchard & Human Re Sources.

  32. Million Dollaz Worth Of Game

    32.Million Dollaz Worth Of Game

    The Million Dollaz Worth of Game show, a weekly podcast with rapper/actor @GillieDaKing and social media influencer and disruptor @Wallo267 - The perfect blend of discussing music, real life issues, personal experiences, honest advice and comedy You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit barstool.link/mworthofgame



    This is an introduction of what's to come in deep houze muzic from master mixologists MSL MALACHI & DA. AFRICAN PRINCE LOVKID!

  34. The Biztape

    34.The Biztape

    The Biztape is a weekly podcast that serves as a catch-all for music business and media news of the week. As music industry professionals themselves, hosts Colin McKay and Joe Wasilewski provide insight into the technical and business world of these closed curtain industries drawing from their research and expertise. No topic is off-limits when discussing these secretive and elusive industries. Check out The Biztape! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok: @Thebiztape Email: thebiztapepodcast@gmail.com

  35. Visualizing songs

    35.Visualizing songs

    Basically me talking about what I see when I listen to a song.

  36. Behind The Christmas Hits with Drew Savage

    36.Behind The Christmas Hits with Drew Savage

    You probably know every word to your favourite Christmas Songs, but what about where they came from? Join Drew Savage every week for a new story behind the song as he goes Behind The Christmas Hits! Presented by Tylenol Arthritis, fast and long-lasting pain relief. This product may not be right for you. Always read and follow the label.

  37. "OFF THE TOP"

    37."OFF THE TOP"

    Dial into a low-key podcast that fuses music, sports and pop culture.

  38. The Feel More Podcast With Mel the Oracle

    38.The Feel More Podcast With Mel the Oracle

    This is your space to tune into music, artists and books that support you in slowing down, breathing deep & feeling more. True to the melophile and bibliophile I am, I play and introduce you to music that prompts you to find a home with your breath and body & I read you book passages that evoke introspection & stillness - with a bit of storytelling and wisdom dropping in between. By tuning in, you are prioritizing restorative, healing moments for yourself. So sit back, steep some tea, take your shoes off, feel & breathe deep.

  39. BMT Jay

    39.BMT Jay

    Free Me Big 3rd

  40. cliquecast


    Hello! We are Remus and Michael. Twenty One Pilots fans who honestly have no idea what's going on. In this podcast you will find our ramblings about theories, lyrical analysis, connections between old and new content, and more - all wrapped up in a format that feels like you've joined us for a slumber party! We will also have other fans on with us to talk about their own theories and research they have done. Whether you're new or old to the world of Twenty One Pilots, there will be lots for you! It's a wild world Tyler and Josh have created, we can't try to navigate it alone!

  41. Wake Up Call

    41.Wake Up Call

    David Mills is an old radio "dj" (disc jockey) getting his brand of talk and humor on the airways since 1969. It’s the animals of the planet responsibility to fertilize the earth, its David’s to fertilize the airways. Given the nickname the General because of his last name which he had to convert daGaneral to franchise infringement. Making a reluctant transition to a completely different medium and inviting you to take the journey with him. In each episode he will be talking about life, society, music and everything in between and you might be lucky enough to get a new recipe or two. Episodes could include local guests with interviews about their lives. After a year and a half rambling, Ren Harris has joined him and they bring a whole new format to an ageing radio program. Ren started as David's engineer at KPRT-FM. She has vast experience in acting and is extremely witty. She brings in a fresh perspective and keeps David in line. She is a sci-fi nerd complete with customs. She has operated a bakery as well and they both love to cook!!! Each episode is designed to bring awareness, “wake you up”! Based out of Farmington, NM located in the beautiful northwestern corner of New Mexico, close to the Four Corners which include Arizona, Colorado & Utah. Podcasts are recorded live, uncut, raw & uncensored. Join Ren & David as they take a deep dive into the ramblings of life. 

  42. Modern Songs

    42.Modern Songs

    Modern Songs is a podcast devoted to the discovery of new music and the discussion of the greatest songs of the last 15 years. In each episode, Tim and Chris talk about one newly released track, plus one track released after Jan. 1, 2006.

  43. In the music with iyin

    43.In the music with iyin

    It’s all about afrobeats 🫶🏾

  44. R&B N' Chill

    44.R&B N' Chill

    Welcome to R&B N’ Chill, the ultimate destination for R&B enthusiasts and music lovers alike! Join us on a soulful journey through the world of rhythm and blues.  In each episode, we'll groove to the smoothest R&B tunes, offer insightful commentary on the genre's history, trends, and culture, and bring you exclusive interviews with talented R&B artists, songwriters, and producers.  Our passionate host, Ty The Pod Guy, will deep dive into the stories behind the melodies, explore the evolution of R&B, and introduce you to the artists who shape its future.  If you're a fan of sultry vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and the magic of R&B music, this podcast is your key to rhythm and blues bliss!

  45. Studio Secrets A to Z

    45.Studio Secrets A to Z

    Studio Secrets A to Z is a podcast chock full of never before heard music business stories from decades of work on projects with artists including Duran Duran, Sir Elton John, Collective Soul and many more. Music Production, Recording , and Mixing tips, from Anthony J. Resta and his guests, as they share valuable insight/ Secrets only learned from thousands of hours of experience in Studios around the world. Part of Pantheon Podcasts.

  46. OM Library / OnlyMusic™

    46.OM Library / OnlyMusic™

    Dear Friend's, This is sections of the music library, are a selection of the best musical works of an individual author. We have specially selected & mixed them for you, Listen music and enjoy! Paul Sidorov & OnlyMusic™

  47. Unknown Girl

    47.Unknown Girl

    what would u like to see in the next episodes? send suggestions in my email 20110077@aesjt.pt. XOXO, Unknown Girl 😘

  48. Music Is The Love Language

    48.Music Is The Love Language

    One thing we can all agree on no matter what you look like or who you date, at some point music will be discussed. The best conversations a lot of times stems from debating how you feel about a song, album, artist or era in time of music that you and someone can connect on. Comedian Clint Coley, known for his comedy and thoughts on relationships, pivots and taps into his number one love language which is music.

  49. Kpop Luv Affair

    49.Kpop Luv Affair

    Two sisters discover k-pop in a pandemic and begin a k-pop luv affair

  50. ocean sounds

    50.ocean sounds

    literally just the ocean

  51. PVT SESSION 101

    51.PVT SESSION 101

    Enjoy nothing but quality music.

  52. Jeewan



  53. Hip Hop Dissolved

    53.Hip Hop Dissolved

    A podcast discussing the currents in Hip Hop & R&B. Hosted by TStomp & Martian.

  54. Deep Feed - 5Ds Podcast

    54.Deep Feed - 5Ds Podcast

    5D (aka Deep N Beeper and Onepacman) is here to bring you his musical "nerd" knowledge and selection. Expect special guests and a variety of topics each week: from Ambient to Drum and Bass, from Trip-Hop to Grime, not many genres will be brushed over, and some weeks the topic will be a specific artist or label. 5D loves his music deep and it's nice to peel back layers, to search, dig deeper within tracks and genres and find hidden jewels. It's nice to hear a track and feel something special, that not necessarily everyone and their mum will understand but that resonates with YOU especially. Music can have so much depth, would you be happy to just paddle around the edges of the ocean forever?

  55. Right Between The Eyes Podcast

    55.Right Between The Eyes Podcast

    A podcast about the rock band KISS. Hosted by 3 generations of KISS fans telling you why we love it LOUD. Covering all eras of the band, plus much much more!

  56. Cyphersations


    Tune in every Wednesday and Saturday to hear Sleepy_Jedi and friends smoke, spill tea and introduce you to new and upcoming artists.This is the Cyphersation you've been missing!

  57. Aiwaska Planet

    57.Aiwaska Planet

    Aiwaska present monthly Radio Show on Worldwide Dance Radio Stations. He mix genres from Melodic Techno to Dark Indie Dance. Lets start your music Trip.

  58. The Alan Parsons Project Fans

    58.The Alan Parsons Project Fans

    A podcast for fans and die hards of The Alan Parsons Project.

  59. Not Your Average Fangirls: A K-Pop Podcast

    59.Not Your Average Fangirls: A K-Pop Podcast

    Whether you're a new KPOP fan or a KPOP OG, let NYAFG be your stop (every Tuesday) for all the Korean pop culture news, comebacks, and general tea that you might have missed within the week. We know it's hard to keep up, so let us do it for you! Send in your requests or questions to us at www.twitter.com/NYAFangirls

  60. Eurovision For Real with Alesia Michelle

    60.Eurovision For Real with Alesia Michelle

    The Eurovision Song Contest unites the world in song! For almost 70 years communities across the world have tuned into the Song Contest. Hear the latest #ESC news and updates from American Eurovision blogger, Alesia Michelle. From the vocals to the fashions, the national selections to the grand final— join this #RealTalk conversation on all things The Eurovision Song Contest. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/alesia73/support

  61. ...And Volume For All

    61....And Volume For All

    A deeply reverent and lovingly irreverent exploration of the history, philosophy, and future of the greatest music in the world: Heavy Metal... Also there's jokes!

  62. Party Favorz

    62.Party Favorz

    Get the party started with the best dance music podcast for 16 years!

  63. The #41 Show…A DMB Podcast

    63.The #41 Show…A DMB Podcast

    For over 30 years dave Matthews band has managed to sell out concerts every summer and have the most unique fan base following in the music world. Join Melissa and heather weekly to chat about shows set list band history and much more! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/melissa-wanjek/support

  64. Podcasts Killed The Video Star

    64.Podcasts Killed The Video Star

    The music video podcast! Hosted by Collin and Seth

  65. Songs of Our Own: A Marital Tour of the Music That Shaped Us.

    65.Songs of Our Own: A Marital Tour of the Music That Shaped Us.

    Join hosts Lee and Al on a tour of the music that made a lasting impact on them throughout their lives.

  66. Conversáà With VJ_Burna

    66.Conversáà With VJ_Burna

    Coversáà With VJ_Burna podcast is a show hosted by VJ_Burna,and who is VJ_Burna? Well I’m VJ_Burna,a music analyst,hypeman,lover of football and Aspiring A&R.and this podcast is all about bringing to you proper entertainment Every Sunday,we talk about everything happening in the world of music. On Tuesday ,we gists and banter about football and also vibe on diff topics like,Relationship.sextalk and more in a fun entertaining way. Follow on SM :@Iam_Vjburna

  67. America's Dead

    67.America's Dead

    Five decades after sparking the counterculture movement, the Grateful Dead are more alive than ever, and filmmaker Emmett Malloy wants to find out how. In this limited-run series from Sonos, join Emmett as he unpacks how a band of misfits changed American music, culture and consciousness forever, as told through the eyes of Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend), Animal Collective, mycologist Paul Stamets, Lila Downs, Margo Price and many more. What can the Grateful Dead tell us... about us? Produced by work x work for Sonos

  68. Just vibes podcast

    68.Just vibes podcast

    This is my happy place. Come join me on this journey while I let you in my personal space, from tech, mental health, music, art, interviews, gossip, family, and most especially my life through vibes.

  69. Slang of Ages Podcast

    69.Slang of Ages Podcast

    If music is your pasion, tune in to the Slang of Ages Podcast, where Preston Frazier reviews the best albums of all time.

  70. The Cullip Hour Podcast

    70.The Cullip Hour Podcast

    Join Jacob as he reviews albums from his favourite artists such as Oasis and he also discusses his feelings on those albums released down the years. This is The Cullip Hour! You can see these episodes on YouTube by checking out the Jacob Cullip YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe their for more music content and other activities.

  71. Liner Notes

    71.Liner Notes

    On Liner Notes, we go in depth with some of our favorite albums as we discuss what makes them great. Hosted by Matthew Van Zandt.

  72. The Indie Artist Show

    72.The Indie Artist Show

    The Indie Artist Show is a podcast by me your host, Nic Rollo. I'm a pop producer from Australia, and once upon a time was an indie artist like you. I find a lot of artists I work with have a lot of questions about songwriting, production, recording, marketing and many other things. My goal is to help answer some of these questions. Leave a review if you find this enjoyable and/or helpful!

  73. BG's Brok'n Records

    73.BG's Brok'n Records

    Two friends for almost 40 years that just like to talk music. We are going to take you on a musical ride - from the past to the present: from rock to punk, alternative to country rock, from R & B to Soul. We will explore the strengths, the highs, the lows that have had an impact on our lives.

  74. No Snitchin

    74.No Snitchin

    Basically discussing the principles of hip hop

  75. Marvel


    I dedicate this to every sweet mother out there happy mother day

  76. The Nexxt Spin

    76.The Nexxt Spin

    Nexxt Spin is a vinyl collective comprised of five friends united by a love of music and monthly vinyl meet-ups. Hear conversations about different music genres, record collecting, and personal stories from DJs and other musical guests, every month. Follow along on IG (@Nexxtspin) for photos of our record collections

  77. Musicology


    Welcome to Musicology, a podcast about music, life, and our honest thoughts about various topics. Each episode, we’ll discuss songs, a playlist, or an album, and talk about our likes, dislikes, and why we chose the featured tracks. Hudson’s Spotify Profile: https://open.spotify.com/user/hudsonintexas Anna’s Spotify Profile: https://open.spotify.com/user/anna_vh

  78. "Out of the Main" - A Yacht Rock Podcast

    78."Out of the Main" - A Yacht Rock Podcast

    “Out of the Main” is a podcast celebrating yacht rock, west coast AOR, and related sophisticated music from one of the most proficient and accomplished eras of musicianship and studio production, perhaps ever. Take a deep dive into the history, the musicianship, the production mastery, and now even the future potential of the West Coast sound of the late 70s and early 80s. Join the revelry. Partake in the nostalgia. Tune in to artist interviews. Discover buried treasures. And explore new, perhaps even uncharted, waters of yacht rock and more. Dive in! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/yachtrockpodcast/support

  79. The New Reviews

    79.The New Reviews

    I've always been a huge fan of TV, film and music. While sampling a wide spectrum of all three, I now realize I never went as In depth as I could have. Listen as I explore genres that I had only scratched the surface of throughout my life. I'll be taking suggestions on the quintessential titles from a wide array of must-have albums, artists, songs, films, and shows and then sharing my thoughts on the concensus "best of the best". Find out if the New Reviews are in line with the status quo or if I'm gonna decide I've been lied to about what's considered the greatest........

  80. Vinyl Verdict

    80.Vinyl Verdict

    A podcast where friends and co-workers Bell, Jamie, and Plouffe talk about vinyl from the strange to the extraordinary. Hosted by @softontwitch, @jamiepilkey, and Nicholas Plouffe

  81. perfect


    it's a song

  82. Music: Through the ages

    82.Music: Through the ages

    In this podcast, we talk about everything from Rap to Rock to Country and all in between. From the '90s to new releases. We even talk about what is happening in current events in the music world. Like if an artist gets married or has a baby. So overall if it's good (or sometimes bad) music you will find it here. This is my website link. Please fill out this form about what you like in music and a possible interview! Click this link to send in an audio comment that might be aired on the show (Only if you want it to be) https://anchor.fm/rylan-krauss/message

  83. Gospel Music Talk: Preaching to the Choir

    83.Gospel Music Talk: Preaching to the Choir

    Do you love talking music? Do you love talking about gospel artists, albums, songs? Do you love great conversations and hate gossip shows? Would you like consistent updates on what's happening in the world of Gospel Music? Are you tired of this description asking you a lot of questions? If so, this podcast is for you! Gospel Music Talk (GMT):Preaching to the Choir will provide great conversations, topics, and interviews. This show is for the lovers of gospel music and everything that comes with it. But I don't have to tell you how great gospel is...I'd be PREACHING TO THE CHOIR!

  84. FUTURISTICA RADIO with Simon S

    84.FUTURISTICA RADIO with Simon S

    FUTURISTICA RADIO with DJ Simon S features monthly journeys through his extensive vinyl selection to create a blend of jazz, soul, hip-hop & electronica from across the generations…from Madlib to Coltrane, Gang Starr to Alfa Mist and everything in between, Simon has been playing records across the world for over 30 years and has shared turntable duties with Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Patrick Forge, Mad Matz, DJ Spinna and so many more.  in the early 2000s he was a founder member and producer of cult downtempo trio Break Reform and has been at the helm of the UK-based Futuristica Music label for 15 years, releasing independent soul, jazz and hip-hop from an artist roster that includes Deborah Jordan, Marc Rapson and Georgie Sweet as well as producing music as DJ Simon S, the Peter Franks Group and Jazz Chronicles.  For more information about Futuristica Music and Simon S, go to www.futuristicamusic.com

  85. Surface Wave Podcast

    85.Surface Wave Podcast

    The official podcast from Wave Media hosted by Lalo and Nick.

  86. under the piano with Tiffany Poon

    86.under the piano with Tiffany Poon

    a cozy podcast where pianist Tiffany Poon talks about life and classical music under her piano on loan from Steinway, in between practicing, performing concerts, making recordings and running her nonprofit Together with Classical.



    This show will give you insight on topics to become successful as an indi rap artist,commentary on the recent state of HIP-HOP/RAP. This show will entertain you as well with live performances and rap freestyles as well

  88. Sirius



  89. When You Think Taylor Swift

    89.When You Think Taylor Swift

    We're Madeline & Hannah, lifelong best friends who forged our friendship in Taylor Swift, and we would very much like to be included in this narrative, one we have been part of since 2006.  As Taylor rereleases her discography, we'll be doing track-by-track analysis of each album and deep dives into the wild world of Taylor Swift.

  90. Obsidian Sounds

    90.Obsidian Sounds

    Just a DJ showing his love for a dance genre that defined a generation. With Obsidian Sounds, you'll hear House Music in all of it's glory. From Classic House, Current House, Remixes, MashUps and everything in between. Like what you hear? Stick around, there's always something headed your way! Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer (Fair Use) under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. *This Internet based podcast demonstrates mixing skills, all audio was purchased legally.* Copyright Statement: The Music, media or material played are not intended to infringe any copyright laws in any way. This is for sole purpose of entertainment; no profit is gained from the music or media. It is the copyrighted property of its respective owner(s).

  91. Rappad Latest News & Music

    91.Rappad Latest News & Music

    This Podcast is about Rappad rappers, the latest news on them and their Music, this will hopefully not only promote the talented artist, I will also Hold interviews with these said rappers.

  92. Songs For When...

    92.Songs For When...

    Songs For When... the playlist podcast designed to help you find the perfect songs for every mood, feeling or setting. Join George and Em as they take you through their picks for each weeks playlist theme, discuss their favourite TV binges, and generally have a camp old time. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @songsforwhenpod Find Season 1 here - https://open.spotify.com/show/34ajSr39W3JEuJNsbNBKyB Find all our playlists on Spotify -  https://open.spotify.com/user/5j7lo37x0eh0ngp1imic9b1qi

  93. Don't Believe The Hype

    93.Don't Believe The Hype

    A weekly podcast exploring the discography of Arctic Monkeys - track by track, era by era, brick by brick. Written, hosted and produced by Nick Lee and Dan Holt. https://linktr.ee/arcticmonkeyspodcast

  94. We Will Rank You

    94.We Will Rank You

    The songs from the best albums ever made, ranked from awful to awfully good!  Four longtime music and list-making friends dig into everything from new wave to indiepop to classic rock to bygone oldies from the early 00s and beyond. Recorded in exotic California and Colorado locales, the quartet ranks and riles each other up with sarcasm, fanboy fervor, indie-snobbery and fascinating facts. Podcasting goodness from the makers of music pages Your Older Brother and Yer Doin' Great. Please stalk us and share YOUR rankings on F-book, Intagramps and Twittah @wewillrankyoupod !

  95. Swiftie BookNerd

    95.Swiftie BookNerd

    He said, "Look at you, worrying so much about things you can't change You'll spend your whole life singing the blues If you keep thinking that way" He was tryna to skip rocks on the ocean saying to me "Don't you see the starlight, starlight Don't you dream impossible things"

  96. Enter Sadmen: The Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Hall of Fame

    96.Enter Sadmen: The Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Hall of Fame

    It's the world's loudest podcast as hosts Steve Davies, Richard Napthine and Mark Norman take their collective 120 years of worship at the altar of golden era hard rock and heavy metal (1970-ish to 1996-ish), cut the ribbon on their newly-built Hard Rock Hall of Fame - and debate the albums that have earned their places in its gilded rooms.



    The podcast answering questions and comments about the state and affairs of Chutney Music, Chutney Soca and the general music industry.

  98. synthquest: relaxing, ambient soundscapes

    98.synthquest: relaxing, ambient soundscapes

    Meditation music for music lovers — 100% improvised live and unedited, bringing you into the creative process. synthquest is a twice weekly live stream of relaxing, improvised, ambient soundscapes performed and created by songwriter/composer and multi-instrumentalist Jen Starsinic in Nashville, TN. It is recorded live on Twitch Sundays at 4pm CT and Wednesdays at 9pm CT with weekly recordings posted to the podcast stream.

  99. The Rock and Metal Profs: The History and Philosophy of Rock and Metal

    99.The Rock and Metal Profs: The History and Philosophy of Rock and Metal

    Associate Professor of Philosophy Dr. Court Lewis and Associate Professor of History Matt Alschbach discuss the history and philosophy of your favorite rock and metal acts of the last 50+ years. A fun, insightful, and always illuminating look at an often misunderstood genre of music.

  100. IncenseNashtrays


    Funk, Soul, Classic Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, and Modern Soul Music commentary. Interviews with music legends and contemporary artists. Curated playlists. Roll up and listen

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