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Music Interviews


  1. BIG FACTS with Big Bank & DJ Scream

    1.BIG FACTS with Big Bank & DJ Scream

    Two Atlanta legends Big Bank and DJ Scream bring you the long awaited BIG FACTS Podcast!

  2. Pop: The History Makers with Steve Blame

    2.Pop: The History Makers with Steve Blame

    Each Week - Pop: The History Makers presents a new DEEP DIVE one-hour interview with an icon of popular culture. If you prefer watching the interviews - go to my YouTube podcast channel -https://www.youtube.com/@popthehistorymakers Online - Per Martinsen - Norwegian's Electronic Godfather!UPDATE and DEEP DIVE interviews include:Raz Lindvall (formerly Rob 'n' Raz), Louis C. Oberländer (Jeremy Days), Justin Currie (Del Amitri), Fish (Update interview) Phillip Boa, Toyah, Anne Clark (the poet who continually reinvents herself), Belouis Some (80s hitmaker back in the dance charts), Papa Dee (Swedish Rapper/Toaster/Pop musician) Carl Magnus Palm (ABBA historian), Suzi Quatro (70s Rocker who broke the glass ceiling for female musicians)DEEP DIVE interviews include:Larry Flick (Legendary music journalist), Alanas Chosnau (Lithuanian singer), Elizabeth Thomson (Author of Joan Baez - The Last Leaf), Sleaford Mods (electronic punk poets), BISHI (Electro Sitarist), Mike Evans - author - of the Who - Much Too Much, Tony Swain (80s hit producer), Lanah P (LGBT pioneer), David McAlmont (Vocalist, Essayist, Historian).Previous Series include:Radiohead - Life in a Glasshouse by John Aizlewood. The Velvet Underground by Chris Roberts. Sex Pistols - I Wanna Be Me by Dave Simpson. Joy Division + New Order by John Aizlewood. Lady Gaga - Applause by Annie Zaleski. ABBA at 50 - by Carl Magnus Palm. Previous Series include; P.P. Arnold, Marcella Detroit, Steve Lipson, Chris Huelsbeck, Kevin Hegge, Dieter Meier, Sue Tilley, Stefan Holm Mardo, Rusty Egan, Suzi Quatro, Hifi Sean, Man Parrish, D:Ream, Dave Dorrell (M/A/R/R/S), Papa Dee, Madeline Bell (Blue Mink), Simon Napier-Bell (documentary maker & former Wham! manager), Steve Kilbey (The Church), Jonas Åkerlund, Steve Barron, Jimmy Helms (Londonbeat), Belouis Some, Mousse T., Wolfgang Flür, Billie Ray Martin, Belouis Some, Mark Reeder, Marcus Vere (Living in a Box), Raz (of Rob n Raz), Ulf (Ace of Base), Marian Gold (Alphaville), Louis Oberlander, Dr. Alban, and Youth (Killing Joke). Fish (ex-Marillion), Leee John (Imagination), Durga McBroom (Blue Pearl), Martyn Ware (Heaven 17), Kevin Godley (10cc, Godley & Creme), Michael Münzing (Snap!), Alexander Bard (Army of Lovers), Sam Brown, John Watts, Anne Clark, Right Said Fred, Justin Currie (Del Amitri), WestBam.Mini-Memories. Short personal interview memories of; Whitney Houston, Madonna, Kurt Cobain, Al Green, Elton John, Milli Vanilli, Dave Gahan, Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, Kylie Minogue ... (ongoing)

  3. Talkhouse Podcast

    3.Talkhouse Podcast

    Your favorite musicians, filmmakers, and other creative minds one-on-one. No moderator, no script, no typical questions. The Talkhouse Podcast offers unique insights into creative work from all genres and generations. Explore more illuminating shows on the Talkhouse Podcast Network.

  4. The MJCast - A Michael Jackson Podcast

    4.The MJCast - A Michael Jackson Podcast

    A Michael Jackson Podcast

  5. The Gramophone Classical Music Podcast

    5.The Gramophone Classical Music Podcast

    The finest artists on their latest albums and in-depth discussions with leading writers - a weekly exploration of classical music

  6. The Vanflip Podcast

    6.The Vanflip Podcast

    The Vanflip Podcast (#VFP) is not your typical Q&A interview-type podcast. A relaxed and in-depth conversation into the minds of some of the biggest names in the Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore, and Entertainment Industry. Visit Lambgoat.com for all your news and scene updates.

  7. No Jumper

    7.No Jumper

    The Coolest Podcast In The World. Hosted by Adam22 Watch these interviews on YouTube right here: https://www.youtube.com/nojumper

  8. The Corona Diaries

    8.The Corona Diaries

    Lead singer of Marillion, father, hippy, punk, soul singer, progressive rockstar (wtf!), defender of the faith, voice of reason in a world gone crazy... ...and now podcaster. Join me as I talk about my life and what is rambling around in my head. Along the way I will focus on some of the stories that have shaped my career and my life, as well as reading from my diaries and offering my take on the wider world. Stay safe, h P.S I began this journey just as CoVid-19 took hold and changed our lives, possibly forever, so it seems apt to reference that in the naming of the podcast.

  9. Official Masters of Hardcore Podcast

    9.Official Masters of Hardcore Podcast

    The world's leading hardcore podcast

  10. The Zane Lowe Interview Series

    10.The Zane Lowe Interview Series

    One thing that today's biggest artists have in common: They all speak with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about their lives and the stories behind their songs. Hear why he is the interviewer the biggest stars open up to in these candid, in-depth conversations, now available in full on Apple Podcasts.

  11. Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM

    11.Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM

    We proudly present to you Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM, live and direct from our studio! For every monthly episode we're joined by the biggest names in hardcore, who will treat you to a reckless b2b Hardcore mix, interviews and total mayhem!

  12. Life In Dub Podcast with Steve Vibronics

    12.Life In Dub Podcast with Steve Vibronics

    Talking to people who live their lives in Dub & Reggae. A series of in depth interviews with artists, sound systems, promoters and all kinds of people that have spent their lives in the world of Dub & Reggae. It's hosted by Steve from Vibronics, who has been producing Roots Reggae Dub for over 20 years, runs the SCOOPS Records label and performs regularly all over the world.

  13. Paul Pod: Curtain Call 2

    13.Paul Pod: Curtain Call 2

    A look back as EMINEM’S long time manager PAUL ROSENBERG sits with the inside players, stars and unsung heroes that have helped, guided and inspired Eminem throughout the past 15+ years of his career. The PAUL POD : Curtain Call 2 takes an in depth look at the hits, art and albums that make up the legendary musical library of Eminem as told through first-hand experiences by the participants and collaborators on these celebrated projects.

  14. Americana Podcast

    14.Americana Podcast

    Americana Podcast: The 51st State is a platform dedicated to sharing and expanding on the Americana genre's roots, reach, and definition. Each episode is told from the point of view of the musicians that have dedicated their lives to it. Robert Earl Keen, Americana pioneer and host, interviews musicians, exploring their unique histories, creative processes, successes, failures, and everything in between.

  15. Inside MusiCast

    15.Inside MusiCast

    Inside MusiCast provides in-depth interviews with amazing musicians, producers, session players, and front-line artists. We dedicate our podcast to those who go “beyond the liner notes”. Now, you’re inside the music scene.

  16. Caresha Please

    16.Caresha Please

    Host Yung Miami (of City Girls' fame) welcomes the biggest names in Hip Hop and entertainment for wild and unfiltered conversations about their lives, careers, relationships, and much more. Caresha Brownlee (Yung Miami) is a famous singer, musician, entrepreneur, model, social media star, and Internet sensation from Miami, FL. She is sure to get people talking and bring some surprises with fun, no holds barred interviews.

  17. The Jann Arden Podcast

    17.The Jann Arden Podcast

    THE JANN ARDEN PODCAST is an iHeartRadio original podcast hosted by multi-talented Canadian icon Jann Arden. The self-titled podcast discusses the challenges, triumphs, and tribulations of everyday life. THE JANN ARDEN PODCAST is a fun-filled, relatable experience that explores what makes all humans authentically themselves with a variety of special guests including musicians, actors, politicians, writers, and athletes.

  18. Floor Finds

    18.Floor Finds

    Nightwish singer Floor Jansen invites people to discuss topics they might not be known for and poses interesting hypothesis. Floor Jansen also shares her own valuable experience and her perspective on things.

  19. Walls of Time: Bluegrass Podcast

    19.Walls of Time: Bluegrass Podcast

    Field recorded interviews with the best in bluegrass. Hosted by Daniel Mullins.

  20. This Little Light

    20.This Little Light

    Hosted by Flea, founding member and bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, This Little Light is a podcast about falling in love with music. Flea interviews musical guests from all genres to discuss the teachers who guided them, the influences that inspired them, and how the lessons they learned as young musicians have shaped their creativity, resilience, and careers. Guests range from legends to rising stars, and include Rick Rubin, Patti Smith, Thundercat Margo Price, and Cynthia Erivo. The podcast is produced by Cadence13 and Parallel, with proceeds benefiting the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, a Los Angeles-based non-profit that Flea co-founded in 2001.

  21. Music Ally Focus

    21.Music Ally Focus

    Analysing vital music business topics in detail, as they emerge: Joe Sparrow breaks down important stories with expert guests in about 25 minutes. It'll keep you on the cutting edge, and it'll take about the same time as making and eating a good sandwich! (We recommend doing both simultaneously for maximum deliciousness.) 🌍 Music Ally provides analysis and context for the global music business: musically.com Ⓜ️ Music Ally's industry-leading subscription service: https://musically.com/subscribe 👋 Music Ally’s free weekly newsletter, The Knowledge: https://musically.lnk.to/knowledgepo

  22. ARE WE ON AIR ?

    22.ARE WE ON AIR ?

    Are We On Air ? is a weekly interview series by Arman Naféei exploring the life’s soundtrack of global cultural figures and personalities within the fields of music, film, art, fashion, life and culture. https://areweonair.com www.instagram.com/areweonair/ www.instagram.com/armannafeei/

  23. Lynn’s Ted Talk

    23.Lynn’s Ted Talk

    Recording of my podcast

  24. The Music Supercast

    24.The Music Supercast

    The Music SuperCast (MSC) podcast explores the collision of music and image from the perspective of music supervisor, creative director and VP of the Canadian Guild Of Music Supervisors, David Hayman of Supergroup Sonic Branding Co. Candid Conversations. Music Matters Uncensored.  Stay Super! Los Angeles // Toronto This is what we are into.  What we listen to beyond the charts. What we watch, binge and help create.  What we are passionate about. The creators we are curious about.  The makers, dreamers and storytellers we love.  Music. Movies. Media.  The Music Supercast.  BIG LOVE! Produced by Sorelle Sound at Supergroup Sonic Branding Co (Toronto/LA) distributed by Sound Off Media




  26. Rudy Salcedo's Original Songs

    26.Rudy Salcedo's Original Songs

    KCXU - LP 92.7 FM is recording all Rudy Salcedo's Original music and distributing across the world.

  27. Witchpolice Radio

    27.Witchpolice Radio

    Acclaimed Manitoba-centric music interview podcast. Hosted by Winnipeg journalist and massive record nerd Sam Thompson. Music talk radio, broadcasting from 2012 'til forever. DIY or die.

  28. A Soundtrack of Resistance

    28.A Soundtrack of Resistance

    A podcast looking at the social history of Indonesia, through the songs of Navicula, the best band you’ve probably never heard of. In each episode of the show, we dig deep into one Navicula song, and the story of why and how it was made. Find out more at: http://soundtrackofresistance.net/

  29. Things Musicians Don't Talk About

    29.Things Musicians Don't Talk About

    Hattie Butterworth and Rebecca Toal host a podcast of insight and change in the classical music and arts professions. Delving into the often stigmatised worlds of mental health, injury, discrimination and productivity, classical music issues are spoken and revived. Join Hattie, Rebecca and guests for important conversations, inspiring moments of wisdom and poignant vulnerability. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  30. Björk: Sonic Symbolism

    30.Björk: Sonic Symbolism

    Join Björk in conversations with collaborators about her sound experiences. In the podcast you’ll learn about the moods, timbers, and tempos that vibrate through each album.

  31. The Drive's Classic Rockstar Interviews - with Seaver

    31.The Drive's Classic Rockstar Interviews - with Seaver

    97-1 FM, The Drive - where Seaver keeps Chicago moving every weekday afternoon from 2:00 to 7:00 with the best music ever recorded and long sets of Classic Rock for the ride home. Now, The Drive presents a collection of Seaver's one-on-one interviews with an elite array of Classic Rock artists. 906895

  32. Make Jazz Trill Again Podcast

    32.Make Jazz Trill Again Podcast

    It’s for the streets, it’s for the people and it’s to dance to. It’s anti-institutional. Jazz and Black Music was birthed in the streets and we can’t forget that. Join hosts, Vocalist, flautist, and producer, Melanie Charles and Yunie Mojica, Saxophonist, producer and GRAMMY nominated composer, as they converse with fellow musicians, creators, movers and shakers.

  33. Not Too Good

    33.Not Too Good

    Like our normal show, except longer. Plus, it's not too good.

  34. Bellexgenna Podcast

    34.Bellexgenna Podcast

    #bellexgennaent #koolfacedanotorious #nittykutchie The Book of Poems, Get it now on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085C3JWGR/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_cl-sFbVNNB175 https://6c5d2eidq-co7lcd35fxqdsefy.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=T0001 Visit http://www.bellexgenna.com for vegan cosmetic 💄. Male and female clothing. SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ►Paypal https://paypal.me/uptopstore FOR BUSINESS ENQUIRER/CONTENT REMOVAL ►Email: bellexgenna@gmail.com ►Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bellexgenna/ ►Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/bellexgenna SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL & CLICK THE BELL ►https://www.youtube.com/c/bellexgennaent

  35. Big Fat Five: A Podcast Financially Supported by Big Fat Snare Drum

    35.Big Fat Five: A Podcast Financially Supported by Big Fat Snare Drum

    Every drummer encounters a unique chain of influences that shape the way they approach the instrument. Join me, Ben Hilzinger, as I chat with my favorite players to dissect the TOP 5 records that helped make them who they are today...on and off the kit. For more info, check out www.bigfatsnaredrum.com or find us on Instagram @bigfatsnaredrum. Cheers!

  36. The NOT DJ Khaled Show

    36.The NOT DJ Khaled Show

    Hosted by Deejay Khalil

  37. Music Manifested Podcast

    37.Music Manifested Podcast

    Music Manifested Podcast with Lyssa Coulter.

  38. Fireproof Radio Podcast

    38.Fireproof Radio Podcast

    Fireproof Radio Podcast Powered by Ace high management Hosted by Moe McCoy & Sustah Entertainment & Empowerment @fireproofradiopodcast $10 Music Review. To Submit: Email MP3 to fireproofradioshow@gmail.com Cashapp $moemccoyfilmschool M-F Live on Facebook Subscribe For Saturdays at 6pm PST live on YouTube www.youtube.com/moemoneymccoy Sponsored by Jonah Rattler Tree Hugger Nation Big Chill available on all streaming platforms LB Collections #littlemaneverywhere #cfst Fireproof Tv Films www.fireprooftvfilms.com Ace High Management powered by Ace high management Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/fireproofradio/support

  39. Jazz Guitar Life Podcast

    39.Jazz Guitar Life Podcast

    The Jazz Guitar Life podcast features the finest Jazz Guitarists on the scene today. Jazz Guitar lives at Jazz Guitar Life.

  40. InsideOut Classical

    40.InsideOut Classical

    InsideOut Classical is a podcast and digital publication exploring perspectives in music, media and other contemporary issues in the performing arts. Stay tuned as Rebecca Schmid and Andrea Kleibel go behind the scenes and speak with artists, managers, presenters, producers, and other experts. Visit us at: https://insideout-classical.com/

  41. Ric Rush Plus (The Podcast)

    41.Ric Rush Plus (The Podcast)

    Ric Rush...voted Best Radio Personality by his parents (mostly his mom) and delivering the best daily Country Radio Show available for the salary the company had budgeted for this size radio market (#77-SALUTE!). This Podcast is proof that Ric has access to some editing software and enough bandwidth to upload enough audio to keep listeners and his bosses happy.

  42. #ThirstyThirsdayz Unsigned Artist Podcast

    42.#ThirstyThirsdayz Unsigned Artist Podcast

    🔥🔥🔥#ThirstyThirsdayz is an on-demand channel dedicated to bringing the best up and coming unsigned artists and entertainers from around the world right into your home. Our mission is to provide a platform for these talented individuals to showcase their music, comedy, art, or any other type of performance they may have. We feature live performances as well as pre-recorded content that can be enjoyed anytime you want. We strive to give our viewers access to the most exciting new talents in entertainment while also providing them with a unique viewing & listening experience. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/frekeydek/support

  43. Emo Nite Radio

    43.Emo Nite Radio

    Emo Nite, what began as a party in a small dive bar in Los Angeles, has blossomed into a full blown movement that has reinvigorated and inspired the alternative music scene. Each week host Morgan Freed interviews artists and heroes from his favorite bands, old and new.

  44. Tejano Gold Countdown TOP 20

    44.Tejano Gold Countdown TOP 20

    Exclusive interviews with Tejano Music Artists!

  45. The Music List

    45.The Music List

    Ellie and Ally invite a special guest each episode to choose the music for their ideal Choral Evensong. Find us on: Twitter @magnifichat | Instagram magnifichat.podcast | Website www.magnifichat.co.uk

  46. Ask Ashake Talk Show

    46.Ask Ashake Talk Show

    Reality show

  47. Three Sides of the Coin – A KISS Podcast and Radio Show

    47.Three Sides of the Coin – A KISS Podcast and Radio Show

    This is only our opinion… it is neither right nor wrong.

  48. Fuego Radio // A Winger Records Podcast

    48.Fuego Radio // A Winger Records Podcast

    Hip Hop / Rap Music Culture based podcast by Welsh label Winger Records. In association with Electronic Music Wales.

  49. musicmakers


    If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a classical music superstar, look no further than musicmakers by medici.tv! In a series of candid interviews with Gramophone editor-in-chief James Jolly, the most celebrated classical artists of today’s stages—including Joyce DiDonato and Barbara Hannigan, Alexandre Kantorow and Daniel Lozakovich, Kaija Saariaho and Pascal Dusapin, and plenty more—talk about memorable moments on and offstage, their experience of and love for classical music, and what inspires them as artists and human beings. Musicmakers is produced by medici.tv with the generous support of Mme. Aline Foriel-Destezet. Catch new episodes every Wednesday—or subscribe to medici.tv for exclusive video versions and early access.

  50. That One Time On Tour

    50.That One Time On Tour

    Hello, my name is Christopher Swinney. I have played and toured with many bands in my career such as The Ataris, Brazil, Underminded, Fire Sale, and many others. I hung up my touring boots a while back, and became a family man. As much as I love my life with my beautiful wife, Felicia, and my two children, Silas and Indi...I missed the road! This podcast was the answer! With "That One Time On Tour" I get to reminisce and/or commiserate about what it is like to be a road warrior and live your dream, and sometimes your worst nightmare. Please join me on this epic journey!

  51. Approachable Music

    51.Approachable Music

    Kiefer is a pianist and producer based in Los Angeles. On the Approachable Music podcast, Kiefer interviews artists he admires, updating his theory on what makes a great musician. Topics include the writing process, finding inspiration, making it in the music industry, as well as some casual conversation in between.

  52. Other Record Labels

    52.Other Record Labels

    Taking the Mystery out of Running a Record Label A podcast for independent record labels with interviews from Sub Pop, Ghostly International, Mute Records, Jagjaguwar, and more. Tips and advice for people starting and running a record label. www.otherrecordlabels.com

  53. How Songs Are Made

    53.How Songs Are Made

    Hello fellow songwriters, I’m Trey Xavier and this is the How Songs Are Made podcast. You may know me from the Gear Gods YouTube channel or my band In Virtue. And on this show, I’ll be talking to notable musical artists to learn about their songwriting process, how it is that they go from a seed of an idea to a full-blown song arrangement, and all the steps in between. I’m here to bring the songwriting wisdom of the masters of the craft to you directly, and to get the most usable advice from them to make you the most effective songwriter you can be. There are some other podcasts out there about songwriting, but this is the only one focused on finding out the HOW - the real techniques and creative process that real successful songwriters use to write their best songs. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  54. Lost In Dreams Radio

    54.Lost In Dreams Radio

    Welcome to Lost In Dreams, the newest world within the Insomniac universe. Tune in monthly with host, Taylor Kade, to hear the very best in future bass, melodic dubstep, and vocal-driven dance music on Lost In Dreams Radio. Each show features brand new music directly from the Lost In Dreams label, along with special guest interviews, mixes and more! Get in touch @ITSLOSTINDREAMS #LOSTINDREAMSRADIO

  55. Four For Music the Soundtrack Podcast

    55.Four For Music the Soundtrack Podcast

    “Four For Music the Soundtrack Podcast” is a series of conversations for film and game music that the composer George Strezov from Four For Music is hosting.

  56. Behind the Vinyl Podcast

    56.Behind the Vinyl Podcast

    Behind the Vinyl: The Podcast. Where musicians sit down to share the stories about their songs. Listen as they drop the needle and reminisce about anything and everything that comes to mind as it plays.

  57. theOpenScore Conversation Podcast

    57.theOpenScore Conversation Podcast

    Revealing the psychology and insight of Classical Music and Art through Conversation.

  58. Duncan


    Just me doing podcasts download anchor to make your own podcast

  59. Norah Jones Is Playing Along

    59.Norah Jones Is Playing Along

    Norah Jones is a multi-GRAMMY winning singer and pianist who loves playing music with people, so she started her own podcast to do just that. Each episode, she sits down with a different guest for impromptu musical collaborations and candid conversation. Her guests come from all walks of life and every musical style and you never know where the songs will take them. So, come hang out in the studio. Norah Jones is Playing Along!

  60. Live @... Radio

    60.Live @... Radio

    Celebrity guest interviews and hot topic discussions with Cha Cha Mystique.

  61. The 525 Records Podcast

    61.The 525 Records Podcast

    Portland Music. Texas Comedy.

  62. Conquer


    A journey of new and exclusive Amapiano shared by me to you, titled PIANO HEIST. Excited to have you as a listener in this whole journey of good music delivered by me.

  63. MOODY


    Tune into MOODY to hear two best buds, Narco and Dan, talk about their favorite topics like MUSIC, PSYCHOLOGY, CURRENT EVENTS, and MENTAL HEALTH. Several different people will be on the show as guests to discuss their art and passions. MOODY is the show where you can always listen for a good time. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM FOR POLLS, UPDATES, AND GUEST INFORMATION @moodythepodcast @danmcduffs @narcowashere

  64. The Strange Brew - artist stories behind the greatest music ever recorded

    64.The Strange Brew - artist stories behind the greatest music ever recorded

    Rock music from the mid 60s onwards - podcasts, features and much more

  65. Connected Sound Podcast

    65.Connected Sound Podcast

    Hosted by DJ Rello the Connected Sound Podcast is the newest source of today's Hip Hop music and culture! Give the video a like and SUBSCRIBE to the Connected Sound Podcast!

  66. Music Mondays w/ MAZEMENT Podcast

    66.Music Mondays w/ MAZEMENT Podcast

    Music news, reviews, and interviews from a recording artist/producer to You!

  67. Behind Bars

    67.Behind Bars

    A deeper dive into the world of Music

  68. Conversations with Dee

    68.Conversations with Dee

    Celebration of R&B Music, entertainers, entrepreneurs, and purposeful & positive dialogue, and conversation with artists, actors, performers, and influential individuals. You will see conversations on music. Each guest will speak on highlights, evolution, and advice in their industry. informative, purposeful, influential, inspiring, empowering, insightful, exciting, and great.

  69. …sounds good that

    69.…sounds good that

    This podcast has just one criteria. If it makes us say “…sounds good that” then its in!

  70. The Face Magazine

    70.The Face Magazine

    The Face: born in London in 1980, the original, definitive style magazine. Reborn in 2019. Endless discovery for a new generation.

  71. The Great American Hip-Hop Debate Podcast

    71.The Great American Hip-Hop Debate Podcast

    A podcast dedicated to the culture of Hip-Hop and the art of debate. We debate some of the greatest rivalries and longest standing hip-hop arguments. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/last-breath-ent/support

  72. IjahStars THE MINDSET

    72.IjahStars THE MINDSET

    Positive and Thought Provoking Vibes Every Wednesdays 7pm-10pm UK TIME On Reech Live Radio

  73. DJ Tricky Kid in the Mix

    73.DJ Tricky Kid in the Mix

    A celebration of Hip Hop with one of the longest students in the game DJ TrickyKid with interviews from the genre’s biggest players with DJ mixes, remixes, mashups, instruction & more!

  74. SOROMI Talks About YOU (S.T.A.Y)

    74.SOROMI Talks About YOU (S.T.A.Y)

    Soromi Talks About You (S.T.A.Y) is for YOU and I. A show that talks about what it takes to be ‘Young and Getting It’ as an African child. We share real life stories about people from different walks of life, we hope to inspire Africans striving everyday, hoping that the ‘labour’ market would ‘favour’ them. Soromi wants to talk about YOU on this show, hoping to renew and strengthen your mind by entertaining guests from all walks of life. Join me; Soromidayo Adebowale, as we change the narrative, discussing the low and high moments, the hustle and bustle, the good the bad and the ugly things we have encountered on the lonely but amazing journey called LIFE.

  75. 8th Position

    75.8th Position

    A podcast interviewing and hanging out with amazing trombonists! Hosted by Darien Baldwin and Michael Hurst. . . Instagram: @8thposition

  76. Songs



  77. Shirley's Temple

    77.Shirley's Temple

    Shirley’s Temple is an interview series hosted by acclaimed journalist, on-camera host and A&R Shirley Ju, inviting artists to relax, connect and inspire while simultaneously doing a podcast-style interview. General topics will be covered with a huge emphasis on mental health, staying motivated and self-care routines.

  78. The GAUDS Show Hosted By Ray Daniels The Culture Referee

    78.The GAUDS Show Hosted By Ray Daniels The Culture Referee

    Are you a GOAT or an Underdog? The Culture Referee, Ray Daniels will interview industry legends about their GOAT story and how they may still see themselves as underdogs. These conversations will be about "on-field" performance. A journey to becoming what the culture deems one of the highest titles one can receive, a GOAT is a long one, and some may feel that even after much success they still fit in the category as an underdog.

  79. Chris Talks Music

    79.Chris Talks Music

    Music is a wonderful thing, it gives us the opportunity to escape, be taken to a new world, empathise with the lyrics within, ask big questions of society or just surrender to the void of the aural experience. On this podcast we discuss music in all of its multiple forms, from the inception to the creation and sharing with the wider community (and the world) Welcome to Chris Talks Music with The Star, Sheffield. Do enjoy.

  80. The Irish Music Industry Podcast

    80.The Irish Music Industry Podcast

    The Irish Music Industry Podcast picks apart the mechanism of the Irish music sector in an effort to understand what makes it tick. From well-worn road warriors to eager newbies, all stories, advice, wisdom and occasional tales of woe come straight from the horse’s mouth. The podcast has been tailored to suit music industry professionals, those hoping to get a start in the sector and anyone interested in sussing out what goes on behind and around music in Ireland today.

  81. Frequency & Friends Podcast

    81.Frequency & Friends Podcast

    Podcast discussing Indian/Punjabi Music with guest appearances by singers, producers and celebs in the industry. Hosts Kultar Rai, DJ KSR, JSTATIK, DJ EM & Joti Dhillon push hot topics and discuss everything from new music to movement in the culture.

  82. The Jazz Spotlight Podcast: Music Business With a Touch of Jazz

    82.The Jazz Spotlight Podcast: Music Business With a Touch of Jazz

    Yann Ilunga from The Jazz Spotlight brings you conversations with music industry experts, club owners, festival organizers and world’s renowned such as of Dave Holland, Grammy Award-winning singer Dee Dee Bridgewater, Gary Burton, Kool & The Gang, Cyrille Aimée, Ambrose Akinmusire, The Bad Plus' Dave King, Snarky Puppy and Jamie Cullum. Get inspired and listen to advice that will help you be a better independent musician – from how to master your craft to finding gigs and promote yourself online.

  83. Noble Champions

    83.Noble Champions

    Noble Champions is a modern day salon, created and hosted by the multi-platform visionary artist, Santigold. In each episode, she sits down with some of today’s leading artists, authors, activists, and progressive thinkers who stand up, stick up and speak up for important causes. Inspired by the artist, Kandinsky, when he said that periods during which art has no noble champions are ones of retrogression, these intimate no-holds-barred roundtable conversations where ideas and experiences are exchanged, are where Santi and her fellow champions try to make some sense out of our world, to push culture forward. Boundary-expanding and defiantly vulnerable, Noble Champions is a public invitation to an intimate gathering of the minds.

  84. Overall Settings Podcast (Reggae/Dancehall/World)

    84.Overall Settings Podcast (Reggae/Dancehall/World)




    Welcome to GRAPEWAVES, the official daily podcast of Iceland Airwaves and the Reykjavík Grapevine, hosted by Tim Pogo. Each day at Airwaves, Tim will be chatting with artists from Iceland and around the world, as well as people in and around the festival and the city to bring you the insights and information to get the most out of your Airwaves experience. Tune in to find new sounds, no matter where in the world you're listening from!

  86. Life on Music

    86.Life on Music

    Some people get hooked on coffee, some on shopping, and some people get hooked on music. Each Tuesday, join Jessey Napa, an Australian musician and music addict, as he chats with musicians and other people whose lives are surrounded by music. If you yourself are a music addict, or you would just like to hear the stories of those who are, Life on Music is the podcast for you.

  87. Voice with Julia Podcast

    87.Voice with Julia Podcast

    Voice with Julia is all about demystifying conversations around vocal technique with interviews from some of the great singers of today, tutorials, and discussions. For all things vocal technique, this is your channel.

  88. The Red Carpet Treatment with Jordan Stephens

    88.The Red Carpet Treatment with Jordan Stephens

    Singer, songwriter and presenter Jordan Stephens takes over from Nella Rose for series 2 of The Red Carpet Treatment, as he chats to guests from the world of music and entertainment. Over the course of each episode, our guests talk about their own BRITs experiences and what it’s like being in the spotlight. And let's not forget Jordan's two dogs; Spike and Mimi, who’ve also come along for the ride. The Red Carpet Treatment with Jordan Stephens is brought to you by The BRIT Awards with Mastercard.

  89. Legendary with Kevin Jonas Sr

    89.Legendary with Kevin Jonas Sr

    Kevin Jonas Sr., the patriarch of the Jonas family, talks with entertainment icons about legendary moments and the stories behind them. Kevin, affectionately known as Papa Jonas, has been in entertainment for decades. He is an entrepreneur, the owner of Nellie’s Southern Kitchen, and Jonas Group Entertainment which has worked with The Jonas Brothers, Jordan Sparks, and many others.

  90. Apple Music Podcast

    90.Apple Music Podcast

    talk about

  91. Meet Me Backstage

    91.Meet Me Backstage

    Meet Me Backstage is a podcast series that shines the light on the talented and inspiring people who work behind the scenes in the music industry around the world. Get backstage access with Global Publicity boss Nikki McNeill, as she shares her experiences from events around the world and introduces you to some of the backstage stars and a host of colourful characters she has met on her journey through music.

  92. The Mindful Voice Teacher Podcast

    92.The Mindful Voice Teacher Podcast

    If you're a voice teacher or choir director who sometimes sees your students struggling with mindset or mental health, this podcast is for you! Take in this treasure trove of resources, education, and how to easily apply them so that you can better help, support, and advocate for your students.

  93. Songscapes: Music and Nature

    93.Songscapes: Music and Nature

    Songscapes: Music and Nature is a podcast that shows off the two most moving things in the world. Each episode shares the story of diverse musicians, their music and their relationship to nature. Songscapes draw on the emotional hook of music and cultural capital of artists to build public support for the environment. Hosted by former NFL and NHL music executive, Charles Coplin, and produced by nonprofit Sustain Music and Nature.

  94. AUD'$: Australia's Hip-Hop Connect

    94.AUD'$: Australia's Hip-Hop Connect

    Join AUD'$ (A.U Dollars) host Matthew Craig as he talks with the biggest and best names in Hip-Hop and RnB from Australia and around the world.

  95. The MJLS

    95.The MJLS

    The MJLS is a podcast and web series hosted by Omani-American artist Emaan, produced by Wealth Care Records. The premise of this show entails Emaan interviewing artists and creatives from The Middle East and North Africa. Providing a platform for creatives to speak on their struggles, pinnacle experiences and influence on their society, while recreating a cozy majlis setting to pay homage to her Middle Eastern cultural background.

  96. Listening 2 Millions

    96.Listening 2 Millions

    Listening 2 Millions is show created by two young men. Where we go over popular topics, music, and open each others eyes to different ideologies. Give us a follow and a listen.

  97. Country Music's Dead

    97.Country Music's Dead

    Country Music’s Dead examines historical folklore, high crime in the western plains, crooked lawmen, moonshiners and grifters from Texas to Appalachia with some of our favorite songwriters and troubadours from Americana, Folk, Red Dirt and beyond.

  98. The Process with Peter Martin

    98.The Process with Peter Martin

    Acclaimed jazz pianist Peter Martin interviews some of today's greatest jazz musicians. For more info, check out: Open Studio at openstudiojazz.com.

  99. Culture & Currency Podcast

    99.Culture & Currency Podcast

    The New Agenda Network Presents The Culture & Currency Podcast. Culture & Currency Podcast is a series dedicated to the culture and everything that relates to the culture. From Hip Hop to Business, sports and entertainment! Culture & Currency Podcast is hosted by Zo Pronto and J- Nice. This is more than a podcast! This a Lifestyle!

  100. The Keyboard Chronicles

    100.The Keyboard Chronicles

    A podcast for keyboard players

Not playing