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  1. Simply Always Awake

    1.Simply Always Awake

    A place where anyone interested in waking up from the dream of separation can find resources and support. Check out my YouTube channel for technicolor loveliness. My book is called "Awake: It's Your Turn," and is available on Amazon. My Website: www.SimplyAlwaysAwake.com

  2. The Metaphysical Hour with Julia Cannon and Tracie Mahan

    2.The Metaphysical Hour with Julia Cannon and Tracie Mahan

    Julia Cannon carries on the work of her mother, Dolores Cannon, who authored 19 Books (so far) and was a Past-Life Regressionist and Hypnotherapist who specialized in the recovery and cataloging of Lost Knowledge. Dolores is widely acknowledged as a leading authority on Nostradamus and considered the World's Foremost Expert on his Prophecies. She passed to the next realm in Oct, 2014 and now continues to work and inspire from beyond the veil. Dolores' powerful method, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), was developed over the last 50 years as her technique to not only unlock the Lost Knowledge captured in her books but also to provide amazing and life changing physical, spiritual and emotional healing to her personal clients. Her method is still being taught by Julia and through a series of online classes that Dolores developed before her passing and is in use by over 5,000 practitioners around the globe today.. Julia, a renowned author in her own right (Soul Speak) continues to run the company's publishing, academy and media businesses in addition to bringing Dolores' vision of the Cannon University of Metaphysical Studies into reality.

  3. Hey Spirit! with Theresa Caputo

    3.Hey Spirit! with Theresa Caputo

    Theresa Caputo – better known to millions of fans as the “Long Island Medium” from the hit reality series of the same name – provides virtual readings to people from around the world, providing closure as they commune with their departed loved ones. On HEY SPIRIT!, Theresa channels the souls of those who have passed, conducts Q&As with people from all over the world and shares feel-good tips from her everyday life on how to enjoy a healthier and happier time on earth. When she connects with angels, loved ones, and guides on the other side—souls she refers to as “Spirit”—Theresa will help guests work through their related grief to help them heal and move forward with peace and self-assurance. This podcast will also allow for Theresa’s fans, callers, and guests—maybe even a few surprise celebs!—to have the rare opportunity to get a reading and receive healing messages. At least that’s the plan for now. You never know what will happen when Spirit enters the room! If you’d like to ask Theresa a question or have a chance at a reading, you can leave a message at 1-866-TCAPUTO Facebook - shorturl.at/zDHKQ Instagram - @theresacaputo Twitter- @Theresacaputo TikTok-@theresa_caputo Website-https://www.theresacaputo.com

  4. Beyond the Illusion

    4.Beyond the Illusion

    An exploration of topics in the spiritual, mystical, ancient, forbidden and forgotten realms.

  5. Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses-Critical Thinkers » Critical Thought Podcast

    5.Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses-Critical Thinkers » Critical Thought Podcast

    The "Critical Thought" presents topics that will challenge you to use critical thinking as you examine the teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses. As former teachers and members of Watchtower theology, the group known as JW.org, we have insider information to raise public awareness. Most important, we know the psychological tactics the organization uses to lure unsuspecting converts into believing its deceptive teachings.Our intent is not to bash the organization’s religious practices. We are merely conduits, sharing information about the group’s motives and operation. We are dedicated to dispelling the group’s false teachings that they plant in the minds of “the fallen.”As former members of this group, we understand how an enormous burden befalls those members who cannot maintain the pace—a burden of shame, fear, obligation and guilt, judgment and condemnation; accusations of unappreciativeness, spiritual weakness, and the inability to truly love God. Carrying this burden eventually takes its toll. We know many members who expressed a desire to leave the group. But they stayed because they feared losing close relationships with family and longtime friends. So, they put up a front, feigning their zealous commitment as faithful members of the organization. Many struggled—and continue to struggle— to maintain this charade, denying their true feelings. Their friendships are conditional, based on whether they continue as members in the organization. All the while, the leaders pretend that they are part of a big, happy family and convince members to stay the course because the end to our terrible world conditions is around the corner. If through our platform, we help a single person in anguish over his or her inability to live up to the group’s standards—unattainable standards that have nothing whatsoever to do with the Bible or loving God— or prevent unsuspecting victims from joining the group, or assist public educators to better understand their pupils, or help to mend broken family relationships, or motivate individuals to see the need to further their education – we will have succeeded.

  6. Conspirituality


    Dismantling New Age cults, wellness grifters, and conspiracy-mad yogis. At best, the conspirituality movement attacks public health efforts in times of crisis. At worst, it fronts and recruits for the fever-dream of QAnon.As the alt-right and New Age horseshoe toward each other in a blur of disinformation, clear discourse, and good intentions get smothered. Charismatic influencers exploit their followers by co-opting conspiracy theories on a spectrum of intensity ranging from vaccines to child trafficking. In the process, spiritual beliefs that have nurtured creativity and meaning are transforming into memes of a quickly-globalizing paranoia.Conspirituality Podcast attempts to bring understanding to this landscape. A journalist, a cult researcher, and a philosophical skeptic discuss the stories, cognitive dissonances, and cultic dynamics tearing through the yoga, wellness, and new spirituality worlds. Mainstream outlets have noticed the problem. We crowd-source, research, analyze, and dream answers to it.

  7. Guided Meditations by Bunok

    7.Guided Meditations by Bunok

    My name is Bunok and I am on a mission to get as many people meditating as I possibly can. Join in on the mission and use my meditations. Please and thank you. If you like my content, buy me a cawffee. :) ko-fi.com/bunok

  8. Podcast Pray as you go

    8.Podcast Pray as you go

    Pray as you go Podcast

  9. Your Wish Fulfilled. Become Your Future Self Now.

    9.Your Wish Fulfilled. Become Your Future Self Now.

    Welcome to "Your Wish Fulfilled - Spiritual Manifestation Methods to Attain Everything Now," a podcast dedicated to uncovering the mystical teachings and principles that enable you to feel the fulfillment and joy of having already attained everything your heart desires. Delve into the magic of living life from fullness to fullness, as we explore the hidden wisdom that goes beyond basic Law of Attraction principles. In this spiritual masterclass, we dive into advanced manifestation methods and practices that tap into the power of your inner being. Each episode is designed to help you feel wonderful, empowered, and inspired as you journey through life. By joining our community, you'll experience the multi-million fold spiritual fortune that comes with each breath, elevating your consciousness and attracting abundance in all its forms. Whether you're a seasoned spiritual seeker or just beginning your quest for a more fulfilled life, "The Strangest Secret - Spiritual Manifestation Methods to Attain Everything Now" will guide you through transformative experiences and profound insights, connecting you to the timeless wisdom of "The Strangest Secret" and the teachings of spiritual luminaries like Neville Goddard. Embark on this extraordinary journey with us and unlock the secrets to living a life of limitless abundance, joy, and spiritual growth. Join Michael, the presenter of "The Strangest Secret - Spiritual Manifestation Methods to Attain Everything Now," as he shares his own transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. At 18, Michael found himself lost and disconnected from his true purpose, engaging in self-destructive behaviors and feeling trapped in a life that seemed to be going nowhere. Desperate for change, he finally decided to give meditation a try, guided by his mother, who had been advocating for its benefits for years. During his first meditation session, Michael had a profound out-of-body experience that transported him to a world of light and allowed him to see two possible futures: one where he continued down a dark and depressing path, and another where he embraced a life of contentment, purity, and joy. Faced with this life-altering choice, Michael took his first step onto the path of light, forever changing the course of his life. In the weeks that followed, Michael let go of his harmful habits and embraced a new life of meditation and spiritual growth. He discovered a source of unlimited love, bliss, and peace within himself, leading to profound happiness and self-realization. Michael's journey serves as an inspiring testament to the power of spiritual transformation and the limitless potential that lies within each of us. Over the past 25 years, he has devoted himself to sharing spiritual wisdom with countless individuals, guiding others in uncovering their authentic purpose in life. He lives in Sedona and Kauai. Join Michael on this podcast as he shares his story, along with advanced manifestation methods and spiritual teachings that can help you unlock the secrets to living a life of abundance, joy, and spiritual growth.

  10. The Witch Wave

    10.The Witch Wave

    The Witch Wave is a podcast for bewitching conversation about magic, creativity, and culture. On each episode, host Pam Grossman speaks with a leading visionary about art and Craft.

  11. Buddha at the Gas Pump

    11.Buddha at the Gas Pump

    Conversations with spiritually awakening people.

  12. Holy Crap Global

    12.Holy Crap Global

    Welcome to Holy Crap! We're Amanda Miklin and Mathilda Ritzén, your hosts from Stockholm, Sweden. We're also best friends, coaches, healers, and the founders of Sweden's largest conscious community. Join us as we explore modern spirituality, holistic health, and the wisdom of Nordic culture through authentic, raw and heart-centered conversations and insightful interviews with guests from all over the world. Connect with us on Instagram @holycrapofficial. Discover our healing retreats, events and online courses: www.holycrapco.com  New episodes comes out on Wednesdays, make sure you subscribe! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  13. The Sadhguru Podcast - Of Mystics and Mistakes

    13.The Sadhguru Podcast - Of Mystics and Mistakes

    Sadhguru, founder of Isha Foundation is a yogi, mystic and spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serve as a reminder that inner sciences are not esoteric philosophies from an outdated past, but a contemporary science vitally relevant to our times.

  14. The Higher Self with Danny Morel

    14.The Higher Self with Danny Morel

    The Higher Self is dedicated to guiding you through the journey of discovering your highest purpose, passion and potential in Life. Have a dream to get in better shape, heal relationships or even create true financial freedom, whatever it is... the keys to achieving your heart's desires are already in you. The Higher Self will help you unlock your greatest potential, erase limiting beliefs and guide you on the journey of creating your dream life.

  15. Spiritually Hungry

    15.Spiritually Hungry

    Don’t miss this thought-provoking podcast series with authors Monica and Michael Berg. Together, they’ll answer your most pressing questions, offering sage advice for the modern world. Self-proclaimed Change Junkie, Monica Berg is an author and teacher who lectures internationally. Michael Berg is a rabbi and Aramaic scholar who has published almost 20 books on the teachings of Kabbalah. This husband and wife team has been sharing kabbalistic wisdom and relationship expertise with students for decades. Join them for a down-to-earth conversation about the big life questions that spark your curiosity the most.

  16. Colby Rebel Show

    16.Colby Rebel Show

    Are you tired of the airy fairy Spiritual podcasts? Join the pack and subscribe to the Colby Rebel Show-the BEST podcast featuring today's Spiritual legends & trailblazers! On this podcast Colby interviews the latest in the world of trendsetters including psychics, mediums, intuitives and spirituality. The show also includes ON AIR readings! No editing, no fluff, just straight up raw readings. Colby is an international psychic medium, Master Spiritual Teacher & 2x best-selling author located in Los Angeles, CA. Colby Rebel's down-to-earth style is infectious as she discusses a variety of topics including psychic development, mediumship, the paranormal, intuition, grief, reiki, energy and so much more! Join Colby LIVE on air every Thursday night at 5pm (pst) LIVE on FB https://www.facebook.com/PsychicRebel/ Never miss an episode. Subscribe right here: https://colbyrebelshow.simplecast.com

  17. Awakened Tarot

    17.Awakened Tarot

    A Tarot education podcast

  18. Paranormal Pendle Podcast

    18.Paranormal Pendle Podcast

    Author and Investigator Craig Bryant takes you on a journey of the Unexplained, the Paranormal, UFO's, Cryptozoology and Big Cats from the North West of England. Contact me at www.craigbryant.co.uk. Please follow my You Tube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKn1cZ9Z47LKwmA3mzip-zw

  19. The Metaphysical Hour

    19.The Metaphysical Hour

    This is the official Podcast for Dolores Cannon, world renowned author, speaker, hypnotherapist and past-life regressionist who transitioned from this world to the next on October 18, 2014. Dolores Cannon specialized in the recovery and cataloging of "Lost Knowledge" and created her unique method of hypnosis for healing and past life regression known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).

  20. Astrology of the Week Ahead with Chani Nicholas

    20.Astrology of the Week Ahead with Chani Nicholas

    Astrologer Chani Nicholas talks you through the astrology of the week ahead. Every week, learn about the planetary movements that will be influencing you. Updates on what’s happening in the sky are paired with insights and guidance on how you can mindfully work with the astrology of the moment.

  21. Spirit School

    21.Spirit School

    Mediumship, Intuitive and Spiritual Development made accessible and authentic! Since 2018 Danielle Searancke, the Squamish Medium, has been podcasting the raw, real an authentic journey of a developing Spiritual Medium. An indigenous mother of 2, this mountain mama holds nothing back as she shares vulnerably and honestly the ups and downs, the lessons and wisdom from 10+ years on the Mediumship and Spiritual Development Path! Trusted by many around the world as a mentor to their own spiritual unfolding, Danielle has grown from Mediumship sessions at her kitchen table in 2013, to Spirit School - a podcast turned online school, flourishing to a physical School on the Squamish Waterfront in 2024 - with a passion for mentoring the upcoming healers in a wholistic way. Grab a cup of tea, maybe a story will resonate and have teachings within it you need to hear at this moment Welcome to Spirit School @squaimishmedium

  22. Affirmation to Manifestation Podcast

    22.Affirmation to Manifestation Podcast

    My name is Sebastian. I'm German and I have manifested my dream life. Oh, and I want to ask you something... Are you ready for your spiritual journey? Are you ready to manifest anything you want by using the laws of the universe and simple affirmations? It’s not a coincidence that you are about to subscribe to the Affirmation to Manifestation Podcast. There are no coincidences in this universe. Your personal path has brought you here and your spiritual journey has just begun. Allow Sebastian Soul, a spiritual human and certified coach, to guide you to more money, more love, and more happiness. If you want to know how to manifest money, a lover, a fulfilling job, career, or business or how to use affirmations, well, then you have come to the right place. Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions: Does manifesting work? How does the law of attraction work? Is it really possible to receive messages from the universe? This is the place where Sebastian Soul shares his own experience with the law of attraction, as well as his personal struggle to understand it and use it to his and to the world’s advantage. He also openly shares all his painful experiences and doubts that led him on his journey. Once you learn everything about the best manifestation techniques, visualization and about how to use hypnosis to tap into your subconscious mind, you will be an expert at manifesting your desires. Others will say that your manifestation is magic. You will say it’s because of your connection to source and to the universe. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, such as Law of Attraction in Action, Jake Ducey, Manifest THAT, Think, Believe and Manifest, and the Law of Attraction Talk Radio, and Manifest it Now a Law of Attraction Show, you will love the Affirmation to Manifestation Podcast. Do you want to have me as a guest on your show? Send an email at sebastian@ affirmationtomanifestation.com

  23. Psychic Talk Network

    23.Psychic Talk Network

    ....Bringing you the Psychic World each week, with our YouTube Live video-streams and Radio simulcasts! ...Tarot Reading, Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Numerology, Angels, Mediumship, Channeling, Psychic Development, Energy Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Life Coaching, Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistics (NLP), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Animal Communication, The Akashic Records, Dreams, Auras, Astrology .....Plus hangout with us on our social-networking community at 👉 www.Psychic.Cafe

  24. Gangaji Podcasts

    24.Gangaji Podcasts

    For over 20 years, American born teacher and author Gangaji has reached thousands around with world with the words of her teacher, H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji) to “call off the search” and to inquire into the truth of who you really are. Now, in her first radio show, Gangaji and host Hillary Larson take a look at the issues we face in our everyday lives, one topic at time. Every month, for thirty minutes Gangaji will be addressing subjects like addiction, chronic pain, intimacy, anxiety, depression, enlightenment, death and many more. Join us as Gangaji helps us find freedom in the face of what we experience in our daily lives.

  25. Natural Born Alchemist

    25.Natural Born Alchemist

    This podcast will bring together people and ideas that have an alchemical foundation, and together we will dive into the depths of consciousness and hopefully have some stimulating insights and ideas to share. It will also feature interesting talks by philosophers, scientists, explorers and scholars of various sorts.

  26. Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins

    26.Life, Death & The Space Between with Dr. Amy Robbins

    Dr. Amy Robbins explores life, death, and what it all means. She has the unique perspective of a clinical psychologist and medium focused on expanding consciousness and opening listeners to our miraculous universe. Through interviews with fascinating professionals, leading experts, and researchers in the fields of brain science, mediumship, psychology, near-death experiences, consciousness, grief, transitions to death, and alternative forms of healing, we explore life and death from psychological, spiritual, and scientific perspectives.   Put your preconceived notions aside and learn how to live in the now by exploring life, death, anxiety, consciousness, and the space between. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  27. Finding Harmony Podcast

    27.Finding Harmony Podcast

    What is a spiritual practice? How does it work? How will it improve my life? How will deepening my self-care transform me? What strategies can I use to improve my life, increase my health, and create wellness? How can craft a life that I love? The Finding Harmony Podcast gets to the root of all these questions. Each episode is full of inspiration, humour, honest observations, and actionable steps that you can integrate to enhance your experience of self-love, develop a connection to Spirit, and create a life you truly love.

  28. Vedic arts

    28.Vedic arts

    Vedic arts by Narayana focuses on talking about collective and individual problems of the society, our suffering, and issues through the lens of ancient Vedic knowledge of Ayurveda, Vastu, Jyotish, puranas and scriptures. This is a ONE STOP SHOP where we talk about how to apply ancient principles to solve or understand our issues. From invocation chants to Bhagavad Gita, from ancient stories of demons and angels (asuras and devas) in Srimadbhagavatam, from Vastu to verses from Astanga hrdyam- this channel is a one-stop shop for Vedic arts. Please Subscribe if you like it! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/narayana-ayurveda/support

  29. Sober Speak-  Alcoholics Anonymous  Recovery Interviews

    29.Sober Speak- Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Interviews

    Find us at www.soberspeak.com. This podcast shares experience, strength, and hope centered around recovery and the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are not affiliated with AA in any way.

  30. The Tiffany Harelik Podcast

    30.The Tiffany Harelik Podcast

    Astrology, Beekeeping, Spirituality. Let the Universe have your back with beloved host Tiffany Harelik. "Tiffany's warm and insightful conversations with experts will leave you with a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of nature, the cosmos, and the human soul."

  31. Wendy


    Rewrite of born of man and we man from the cats point of view

  32. The Shamans Cave

    32.The Shamans Cave

    Shamans Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau have found that they enjoy speaking to each other and sharing inspiration and healing stories to keep us focused on our spiritual practice during this turbulent time on the planet.The Shamans Cave is a dedicated circle of shamanic practitioners who desire to contribute their unique gifts in behalf of all of life! This is a time to share strong ceremonial work and shamanic practices in our local communities. Shamanism is a practice that was tribal. All community members needed to be strong and filled with power so that the entire community benefited. Each person had an important role in sharing their individual gifts and talents so the entire community remains in harmony and in health.

  33. Relaxing Sounds - The Relax Sound Spa

    33.Relaxing Sounds - The Relax Sound Spa

    Music by Sandeep Khurana

  34. Law of Attraction Secrets

    34.Law of Attraction Secrets

    Welcome To Law of Attraction Secrets with noted speaker, author, healer, and Miracle Mentor, Robert Zink. Robert merges the latest in the mind sciences with ancient wisdom to help you manifest the life you desire. Using the power of the Law of Attraction Robert Zink has help people avoid the world create a life of abundance, wealth, and love. Robert personally mentors clients from millionaires to movie producers, artist, business people, entrepreneurs, and more. Subscribe to Law of Attraction Secrets podcast and experience incredible increase in your life. expect Miracles and more. Note: See Robert Zink daily on YouTube at Law of Attraction Solutions.

  35. What's Your Sign?

    35.What's Your Sign?

    A comedy podcast for astrology lovers AND haters. With your hosts Julia Loken, Stevie Goldstein, & Lisa Chanoux.

  36. Tarot for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack

    36.Tarot for the Wild Soul with Lindsay Mack

    Hosted by Lindsay Mack, Tarot for the Wild Soul explores the cards through an inclusive, non-predictive, trauma informed perspective, rooted in compassion, common sense, and critical thinking. With over seven million downloads (and counting), T-WS Podcast is your top source for unique and insightful Tarot lessons, explorations into the cards, and monthly channeled downloads.

  37. The Numerology Podcast

    37.The Numerology Podcast

    The Numerology Podcast covers everything within the esoteric field of numerology. We get into it from every angle from the different systems of numerology to name change and how to use the numbers in your birthday to see what your soul wanted to explore in this lifetime. No number is left un-discussed as Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder takes you through this ancient spiritual tool in all its forms. Want to know what numerology can reveal about you? Sign up on www.novaleewilder.com to get instant access to the free e-book The 9 Base Numbers.

  38. UFO Podcast

    38.UFO Podcast

    The UFO Podcast interviews people in the UFO and Alien field who have claim to be abductees, experiencers and contactees about their stories with E.T.s and off world entities. We also have interviewed many authors and celebrities about their UFO and Alien encounters as well on the podcast.

  39. Becoming Buddha - Meditations

    39.Becoming Buddha - Meditations

    Join Vikram on a meditation journey. Start at the beginning with ‘Looking’ to follow the podcast as a story and gradual training - or go directly to an episode that feels particularly relevant. The podcast is based on the book with the same title. Norwegian-speakers can also check out the podcast 'Meditasjon med Vikram'. To donate, go to paypal.me/VikramKolmannskog

  40. Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

    40.Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

    Bringing ancient mysteries to a modern meaning. Learn the forbidden wisdom of the Gnostics and discover how Gnosticism can lead you to your true self.

  41. Breakthrough with A.J. Barrera

    41.Breakthrough with A.J. Barrera

    Psychic Medium & Intuitive Counselor A.J. Barrera continues to captivate audiences through numerous radio and television appearances across the U.S & Internationally. His validating messages of hope awakens the soul, providing the ultimate spiritual journey of the after life. "Breakthrough with A.J. Barrera" features world renowned experts in the mind-body-spirit fields, authors, celebrities, conversations about personal life issues in today's society & intuitive readings by A.J. Barrera and his guests. It's a show for positive thinking, intuitive living, finding guidance & making a breakthrough!

  42. Lilith's Left Hand

    42.Lilith's Left Hand

    Emma Kathryn and Jessica sit down to talk as they always do to discuss their left hand path practices. The only difference is that now they are recording those conversations to share with others. What is the left hand path? Why do women's perspectives and voices need to be shared? What happened throughout history that led women to practice the esoteric arts in hidden silence? Listen and discover for yourselves.

  43. The Examen with Fr. James Martin, SJ

    43.The Examen with Fr. James Martin, SJ

    The examen is an ancient prayer practice that enables you to find God in your daily life. Our podcast is based on a technique that St. Ignatius Loyola outlined in the "Spiritual Exercises," his classic manual for prayer. Each week Fr. Martin will provide you with a new reflection and guide you through the examen prayer.

  44. Tarot Talk

    44.Tarot Talk

    Tarot Talk, hosted by Mystic Kat, deals with tarot from a therapeutic, self-empowerment perspective. Mystic Kat views tarot cards as a resource for practical guidance to help uncover answers and create positive change. Tarot Talk explores the history and mystery of tarot and how tarot can be used to uplift us and keep us moving in the right direction in times of challenge or when we're are looking for more self-awareness, clarity, or support. Mystic Kat will provide live readings as well as tips on and insight into interpretation and application of tarot to real-life situations. This show is for beginner- to advanced-level card readers and non-readers alike. Join Mystic Kat for free readings and lively conversations! Mystic Kat has been a tarot card reader for over 25 years and combines her study of tarot with a master’s degree in Sociology for truly informed and insightful readings and discussion. She can be reached directly at mystickatarot@gmail.com.

  45. Mindspo


    Introducing The Mindspo Podcast - the podcast for curious minds and ambitious humans who want to dream big and live slow. Tune in for a twice-weekly dose of conversations that inspire the mind, ignite action and elevate your energy. The Mindspo podcast is here to guide you in living a life of magnetic alignment that feels good to you, so you can reach your highest potential and achieve those BIG dreams without burning out in the process. Hosted by Meditation Teacher, Serial Entrepreneur, and App founder Rochelle Fox, the Mindspo podcast features solo episodes and expert guest interviews with conversations on personal growth, spirituality, wellness, manifestation, mental health, success and entrepreneurship. As a Host, Rochelle provides insightful, relatable and actionable insights into how to elevate your life and create your dream reality with clarity combining science & grounded spirituality. If you’re looking for a podcast that doesn't gatekeep and a thriving online community of seekers with open minds and even more open hearts, then hit that FOLLOW button, listen in and connect to become part of our ever-growing Soul Fam. Start your week with Manifestation Mondays with Fox and tune in every Thursday to get inside the mind of one of our expert guests or have an uncut conversation with our co-founders Chris Soll & Fox. Keep the conversation going and connect with us via the Soul Fam group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/500163608944346 Connect with Mindspo on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindspo/ Tik tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@mindspo

  46. Demystify Magic

    46.Demystify Magic

    Your spiritual practice should feel lighthearted, appease both your intuition & skepticism, & make life feel a little more magical. Let’s create it together! Hosted by Molly Donlan, a former skeptic turned energy healer, & Madison Lillian, a born-and-raised witch running a crystal shop, Demystify Magic is a blend of science & spirituality filled with practical tips to add more magic to your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to spirituality or a seasoned practitioner, whether you want to manifest a big vision board goal or want to make your 9-5 more bearable — this podcast is for you!

  47. Sleep with Silk: Background Noise - White noise, Brown noise, Fan noise, & Sounds

    47.Sleep with Silk: Background Noise - White noise, Brown noise, Fan noise, & Sounds

    Block out distracting sounds with white noise, fan noise, machine noise and other background noise to help you to focus, relax, or sleep. 1-Hour and 8-Hour versions available at www.silkpodcasts.com.

  48. Supernova Yoga Nidra Podcast

    48.Supernova Yoga Nidra Podcast

    Yoga nidra guided meditation practices to restore your body, mind and spirit.

  49. Hay House Meditations

    49.Hay House Meditations

    Hay House presents Guided Meditations featuring your favorite authors guiding you through mediations designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. Each week we bring you a new mediation with a featured author taking you on a meditational journey ranging from numerous topics on health, healing, overcoming fears and blocks and much more. Please visit hayhouse.com or facebook.com/HayHouseDailyMeditations to learn more.

  50. The Elevator

    50.The Elevator

    Rise into the ethers and elevate the globe with your hosts Britt + Tara of Elevate the Globe - the spiritual lifestyle movement. We are driven by one single mission: elevating the vibration of the planet, one person at a time. Here we will discuss ancient & modern spiritual principles, practices, and tools to elevate the vibration of your own energy. Many episodes will be interviews with guests who will speak about their favorite ways to elevate themselves and their journey of moving closer to the light. You'll get to know Britt + Tara better and learn how the Elevate the Globe lifestyle they have dedicated their lives to teaching is creating a collective movement to raise the vibration of the globe.

  51. The Empath Podcast

    51.The Empath Podcast

    As an empath, you’re sensitive to everyone else - making it really easy to forget yourself. Join Robin Scott, of The Diary of an Empath, and guests, for episodes speaking to what it means to be an empath, and how to navigate your gifts in life and business. If you need help putting yourself first and/or honouring the work you’re here to do, this podcast is for you.

  52. Third Eye Sight: Exploring Psychic Ability & the Supernatural

    52.Third Eye Sight: Exploring Psychic Ability & the Supernatural

    Psychic medium Juan Francisco talks about his experiences with Spirit and interviews folks who have had their own experiences with the supernatural. The goal of Third Eye Sight is to inspire listeners with the hope that there's more to life than what meets the five senses. For more information, go to https://www.juanfranciscospirit.com.

  53. Returning with Rebecca Campbell

    53.Returning with Rebecca Campbell

    Returning with Rebecca Campbell A podcast to return to yourself and the wisdom within. A long awaited podcast hosted by world renowned writer, mystic, poet and creative, Rebecca Campbell. Returning offers a sacred space for you to ponder, wonder, reflect and return to the wisdom within. Recorded across the sacred lands of Glastonbury, Rebecca shares never-before-told personal stories, answers your real-life questions, hosts inspiring guest conversations, and guides you through her most trusted sacred practices. We go deep. We laugh. We keep it real. We keep it sacred. Whether you're just setting off on your spiritual path or looking to go deeper - Returning offers a beautiful, intimate, accessible deep dive into the sacred mysteries of life and the wisdom we all hold within.    https://rebeccacampbell.me/podcast

  54. Zarathustra's 5D Academy

    54.Zarathustra's 5D Academy

    The 5D Academy with Zarathustra explores universal wisdom to foster total freedom from suffering in all areas of your life; health, wealth, love and self. Each Academy podcast contains valuable insights and takeaways to become the best version of yourself and create an authentic, fulfilling life.

  55. You Are Not Alone w/ Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel

    55.You Are Not Alone w/ Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel

    Join Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel (goop, Forbes, The New York Times, The Jenny McCarthy Show, and more) in exploring the most fascinating answers to all of our questions about life, death, and everything in between. Erika has been connecting with Spirit and delivering messages from the other side since childhood and professionally for 13 years and has a lot to say about it! Special guests will include Mediums, Motivators, Manifestors, and more. All things Spirit and beyond! Write comments and most important questions! Yours might just get answered on the next podcast. Whether you are just starting out on your spiritual path or deep along, this pod will connect you with what you already feel to be true: YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. From Straw Hut Media

  56. What Really Matters: Everyday Spirituality

    56.What Really Matters: Everyday Spirituality

    Dr. Karen Wyatt shares the life wisdom she learned from her hospice patients as they faced their last days. Learn how to navigate life's challenges and become your best self in the process as Karen shares what she's learning from day to day on her own journey. You'll discover tools, practices, wisdom, and stories to help you figure out what really matters in your own life.

  57. Law of Attraction

    57.Law of Attraction

    The perfect guide to to use Law of Attraction effectively and receive what you wish.

  58. Meditation Podcast

    58.Meditation Podcast

    Different types of Meditation and Breathwork so you can listen any time of the day. I have added meditations from 1 min to over 2 Hrs to cater for those starting their Meditation journey and experienced Meditators. I also interview some of the people that have kindly shared their Meditations and share their journey. Please Consider Donating so I may Continue to Create FREE Content https://www.podpage.com/meditation-podcast/support/ According to Listennotes this Podcast is in the Top 0.5% of International Podcasts. Thank You to my Listeners.

  59. The Kirsty Gallagher Podcast

    59.The Kirsty Gallagher Podcast

    Each week I share with you what is happening in the skies so you can work with theses energies to support your soul's path.

  60. Ancient Wisdom Today

    60.Ancient Wisdom Today

    Stories have the power to change the world. Human beings have been sharing stories for hundreds of thousands of years, and with those stories came the emotional, spiritual, and physical knowledge of the ancients. Shaman Durek is a 6th generation shaman, an evolutionary innovator, and a women’s empowerment leader. He’s here to bring forth the ancient wisdom of our elders to help heal and bring happiness into our modern society. We’re sharing ancient knowledge in modern times, in order to put the power back in people’s hands. Welcome to the tribe.

  61. 100 Near Death Experiences

    61.100 Near Death Experiences

    1st person narratives of Near Death Experiences collected by nderf.org. Listen to these podcasts from all over the world, and learn more. New stories added weekly!

  62. Living by Numbers

    62.Living by Numbers

    Welcome to "Living by Numbers", where I dive into the fascinating world of numerology and its profound impact on living a purposeful and aligned life. Join me as I explore the ancient wisdom of numbers and how they shape our destinies, personalities, and life paths.

  63. 21-Day Meditation Experience

    63.21-Day Meditation Experience

    Manifesting Grace through Gratitude Welcome to the 21-Day Meditation Experience, Manifesting Grace through Gratitude. We are honored you’re joining us as we seek our true nature and discover our path to health and happiness. You will discover your soul’s purpose and create a life in which all things are within reach.

  64. Styx and Bones with Chelsea and Tenn

    64.Styx and Bones with Chelsea and Tenn

    Come join your ghost hosts Chelsea and Tenn as we study hellenism, ancient magic, death, the paranormal, witchcraft and more! Chelsea is a professional evidential psychic medium, High Priestess to King Hades and Italian Folk Witch. She also leads paranormal investigations through her ability to see and hear spirits and is a professional necromancer. Tenn is an archaeologist and has her PhD in Art History who specializes in Weaponry and Combat Iconography. She teaches ancient art history with a focus on religion, mythology and ancient practices. Find us here: beacons.ai/styxandbones Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/styx-and-bones-podcast/support

  65. The Spiritual Awakener

    65.The Spiritual Awakener

    Your Soul knows exactly why you are here. Are you listening to your mind body and Soul? Are you doing a job to only to pay the bills? Staying in the relationship because you think it’s all you deserve? Is your body showing you a message you can’t hear? Many people are living half a life because they are not living their mission. In this show you will hear Susan interviewing everyday people sharing their spiritual awakening stories and how they help others to heal and live the lives that were always meant to have. Whether you are a Spiritual Awakener like Susan, a gardener, work in shop or a homemaker, you too can live your mission by listening to your Soul.

  66. Diary of a Psychic Medium

    66.Diary of a Psychic Medium

    The energy world can be a doozy. Join Amber Amrhein, Psychic Medium & Reiki Master, as she goes through her daily experiences dealing with unseen forces. Whether you've encountered ghosts, faeries, extraterrestrials, or are simply curious to dive into spirituality, this show gives you the tools needed when the energy world comes a-knocking. To subscribe to the one stop shop for all of your self care & spiritually expanding needs, visit channelwithamber.com/subscribe - Connect with Amber: https://www.channelwithamber.com https://www.instagram.com/channelwithamber channelwithamber@gmail Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/channelwithamber/support

  67. Mindfulness Spiritual Music & Meditation

    67.Mindfulness Spiritual Music & Meditation

    Tibetan Singing Bowl, etc.

  68. The word of God is Spirit and life

    68.The word of God is Spirit and life

    We will be speaking the word of the Lord.

  69. Am I A Psychic Medium?

    69.Am I A Psychic Medium?

    I started reading books all about spirituality, manifestation, life purpose, and intuition in fall 2019. All of a sudden, in early January 2023, I began having psychic impressions, had a kundalini awakening, and realized I had been a medium for a long while and didn't even know it. I was never intuitive as a child, so stepping into this world in my 30s is wild. This podcast seeks to share what it feels like to step into this natural, innate ability of mediumship that we all have. It is not at all what you might think. I also share anything that I feel inside related to spirituality, money mindset, limiting beliefs, ego deaths, and so much more. Join me on my journey! I'd love to have you. This podcast is meant to share my experiences. I am not a professional. Please seek guidance from a trusted practitioner and always do your own research. Have discernment as it applies to your own life when listening to each episode. Leave what feels restrictive, keep what feels expansive. IG: TeAmoAaron

  70. The Brave Woman Podcast

    70.The Brave Woman Podcast

    The Brave Woman podcast explores how to embody the brave woman so that you can take action on your dreams and desires, unapologetically speak your truth, and live life on your own terms. Your Host Tanya Lynn drops in and gets real, asking questions to get the truth about how to reclaim your power as a brave and unstoppable woman in the world. This is where your Heroine's journey comes alive as you apply and live the 5 principles of the B.R.A.V.E. woman: Bold, Responsible, Authentic, Vulnerable and Empathetic. Learn from world class leaders in the fields of women’s leadership, health, sexuality, hormones, parenting, body somatics, spirituality, embodiment, plant medicine, psychology, astrology, healing, racial equity, money, and more.

  71. Horror Stories by Creepy Dystopia

    71.Horror Stories by Creepy Dystopia

    Welcome To Horror Stories by Creepy Dystopia! Here you can listen to HQ horror stories.

  72. The Language of Tarot - A Tarot Podcast

    72.The Language of Tarot - A Tarot Podcast

    The Language of Tarot is a comprehensive guide to Tarot, teaching every aspect of reading. A valuable asset for both new and experienced Tarot readers, it places particular emphasis on understanding the role of the often-overlooked Court Cards in readings, as well as explaining the different nuances each card takes on as read in the context of a multi-card spread. With clear directions for applying every card to relationship, financial and medical questions, as well as an extensive explanation of the common card combinations every reader should know, The Language of Tarot is a valuable addition to existing titles on this fascinating subject and proof you do not need to be psychic to read Tarot cards. These Podcasts comprise the card interpretations for the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana, episodes on doing multi-card dreadings, sample real life readings, interpretations of minor arcana and court cards and other excerpta from The Language of Tarot. You may purcahse the entire 542 page, profusely illustrated book as a paperback or eBook at RobertaLeeArt.com or on Amazon.com. You are also invited to become Roberta Lee's fan on Facebook or follow her on Twitter @RobertaLeeArt.. "Clear, concise and highly detailed, the podcasts of Roberta Lee's Tarot guide provide the basics for divination and fortune telling using Tarot." © Copyright 2008 Roberta Lee. All rights Reserved.

  73. Sky Aspects: Astrology Transits and Astrological Topics

    73.Sky Aspects: Astrology Transits and Astrological Topics

    Your source for weekly Astrological Influences On Sky Aspects I talk about what you can expect for the week when it comes to Astrology. On this show, you can expect a Weekly Horoscope, New and Full Moon episodes, plus other Astrological topics. So who am I? My Name is Cleopatra Jade; I'm an Astrologer, Relationship Coach, and Writer who happens to be Intuitive. I want to show you how to get results so you can be successful in your personal life, learn to heal yourself so you can tap into your high vibes while teaching you how to have a successful love life. https://www.cleopatrainvegas.com/ Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/cleopatrainvegas/support

  74. Cosmic Leadership

    74.Cosmic Leadership

    Welcome home. In this podcast, we venture into what it means to be a leader in this new world: human, flawed, but working on things, and forever changed by using our intuition to guide us. I’m Adalina East, founder of Transformational Healing and Multi-Dimensional Mentor to those wanting to tap into their spiritual gifts, either as a business or just for themselves. As I get older, I learn more and more that the learning never ends. Join me and other Cosmic Leaders here to receive Transformational Healing activations, tips to develop your spiritual gifts and to hear great conversations with the people I turn to for growth. Let’s begin!

  75. Sleep with Silk: Soothing Voices

    75.Sleep with Silk: Soothing Voices

    Listen to soothing voices read literature, read poetry, read bedtime stories, share personal stories, or guide you towards relaxation and sleep. Discover more relaxation podcasts at www.silkpodcasts.com.

  76. Keepin’ it G

    76.Keepin’ it G

    My name is Goldi, a life, business, and relationship coach. I resonate with Earth's frequencies, finding solace in Mother Nature. As an intuitive, I commune with departed souls. Though labeled as a witch or psychic medium, I perceive myself as celestial essence. Many seek me for holistic healing, encompassing mind, body, soul, and spirit. Ready to join this journey? Welcome to my realm.

  77. Seeking Witchcraft

    77.Seeking Witchcraft

    This podcast is aimed at beginner witches with informational episodes focusing on various topics regarding Witchcraft and Wicca. Tune in to listen to the voices of witches from all around the world as they share snippets of their practice, experiences, knowledge, and expertise with the listeners. Seeking Witchcraft is available for free to stream any where you listen to your favorite podcasts, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and more. You can find Ashley on Facebook at Seeking Witchcraft Podcast, Instagram (@seekingwitchcraft), Twitter (@SeekWitchcraft), or Patreon (http://patreon.com/seekingwitchcraft). Blessed be!

  78. Astral Projection/Out-of-Body Experiences

    78.Astral Projection/Out-of-Body Experiences

    Important!  The  Astral Projection Podcast has changed location If you subscribed to this podcast before the 27th October, 2012 you will have to do so again. To subscribe to this free podcast in iTunes, click on the subscribe button below, then click 'View in iTunes', then click subscribe. New location:  http://astralprojection.blubrry.com/   Thanks for your patience.

  79. Law of Attraction Explored

    79.Law of Attraction Explored

    A deep dive into the law of attraction to change your life from the inside out... Relax into abundance with Tim Grimes, bestselling spiritual author of "The Law of Attraction Simplified" and "The Joy of Not Thinking," as well as the acclaimed editor of classic law of attraction teachings by Émile Coué and Neville Goddard. Tim is both a spiritual counselor and a modern authority on the law of attraction. This advice is disarmingly straightforward, calming... and unlike anything you have heard before. For more information visit: www.radicalcounselor.com

  80. Let's practice feminine energy

    80.Let's practice feminine energy

    A pragmatic podcast where we'll learn and master together the art of feminine energy. Join me in this journey to rebalance masculine and feminine energies in ourselves and in society in order to enjoy life to the fullest, thrive, live in harmony with others and with Nature, bring our unique gifts into the world. In each episode, we’re going to dive deep into a quality of healthy feminine energy and do a small practical exercise that you can repeat every day for a week. I'd love to hear from you, get in touch on IG, I'm sara.msck or email me at sara.musso16@gmail.com :)

  81. Twin Flame Time

    81.Twin Flame Time

    Hey guys, This is a podcast for everyone that is in a Twin Flame, Dual Soul, Soul Mate or any other kind of love connection. I am sharing my own experiences when it comes to my personal Twin Flame Journey, things that have helped me over the time, insights, tools, challenges, funny situations and soul growth. This podcast is meant to inspire and encourage all of you people in challenging love connection.

  82. Rueng Thai Thai

    82.Rueng Thai Thai

    This podcast will tell you about Thai folk, culture and more

  83. The Cosmic Tea Podcast

    83.The Cosmic Tea Podcast

    Tune into The Cosmic Tea Podcast for the unedited version of Living Your Best Life. Avalon is a three time international best selling author and successful online Spiritual coach. Dropping magic like it’s hot, on Tuesday’s Avalon will use her channeling skills to give you an energetic boost of highly vibrational motivation to shift your energy and transform your business! Enlightened conversations with incredible guests will follow on Friday's, where you can hear the truth about how accessing your belief in something bigger can completely change the trajectory of your life.

  84. Psychic Scoop with Spirit Sis

    84.Psychic Scoop with Spirit Sis

    This podcast is a deep dive exploration on all things spiritual -- hosted by Psychic Medium Steffi, the Spirit Sis. The goal is to reframe spirituality, life and death, intuition and clairvoyance in a way that's approachable, light, fun and endearing. Steffi will cover all topics in the mystic and magical realms -- as well as giving self improvement tips with collective downloads she receives directly from Spirit. If you want to be kept in the spirit loop, tune in to the Psychic Scoop. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/spiritsis/support

  85. Manifest, Love. Manifest!

    85.Manifest, Love. Manifest!

    Learn more about manifestation, spirituality, action, and energy

  86. Meditation


    Guided meditation to activate chakras.

  87. Moonbeaming


    Moonbeaming is a show for the modern witch and magical critical thinker. Join your host Sarah Faith Gottesdiener as she discusses tarot, magic, the moon, creativity, healing, business, witchcraft, and more.

  88. UFOs and Aliens

    88.UFOs and Aliens

    UFOs and Aliens is a podcast that interviews todays leading experts and experiencers on Aliens, UFOs and E.T. Contact.

  89. Singing Bowl Sound ASMR

    89.Singing Bowl Sound ASMR

    Please follow and subscribe my youtube channels for more videos : Singing Bowl Sound ASMR youtube.com/@singingbowlsoundasmr Relax Sound Healing ASMR youtube.com/@relaxsoundhealing 7 Chakras Clearing patreon.com/RelaxSoundHealingASMR

  90. Stoicism On Fire

    90.Stoicism On Fire

    The practice of Stoicism as a philosophical way of life and rational form of spirituality

  91. Twin Flame Transformation

    91.Twin Flame Transformation

    Michele Lynch talks all things Twin Flames. She brings spiritual insights, grounded psychological information, Universal Laws, mind-body healing and tons of inspirational tips to help you navigate your own divine journey. She also shares her experiences as a Divine Feminine—the obstacles she has faced as well as the transformations she has gone through. Website: https://michelelynchhealing.com/ Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/michele-lynch/support

  92. Uncommon Intuition

    92.Uncommon Intuition

    Join, psychic-medium, Kristy Hansel as she helps you to discover the magic within through meditations, stories, and intuitive readings.

  93. Holistic Spaces | the feng shui podcast by Mindful Design

    93.Holistic Spaces | the feng shui podcast by Mindful Design

    Welcome to the Holistic Spaces Podcast, feng shui conversations with Anjie & Laura co-founders of the Mindful Design Feng Shui School. We hope to inspire you to create your own holistic spaces that nurture and resonate with you. Anjie Cho and Laura Morris are the founders of the Mindful Design Feng Shui School. We teach feng shui online at Mindful design School! check us out at mindfuldesignschool.com and be sure to sign up for our mailing list for special free workshops and opps to ask questions for the podcast! Tune in every Monday for a new podcast episode.

  94. Riding The Broom

    94.Riding The Broom

    Riding the Broom: A Pagan Podcast with Sirayah Night. We talk about different paths of paganism, before focusing heavily into Satanism, and if it actually relates to the pagan path.

  95. Paul Lowe - Inspirational Talks

    95.Paul Lowe - Inspirational Talks

    Inspirational Talks

  96. The Power Of Now

    96.The Power Of Now

    Let’s speak on it NOW!

  97. The Healer Babe

    97.The Healer Babe

    The Healer Babe, Clara, vows to transform her life into something truly extraordinary. Ever since her spiritual awakening 3 years ago, she ditched her unconscious lifestyle to live a spiritually awakened life. This podcast is a journey with Clara as she shares all of the beautiful healing experiences she's had and many more discoveries to help her become the best version of herself. May this bring the love and light to you as it did for her.

  98. What in the Wyrd

    98.What in the Wyrd

    Kelley Harrell explores animism and soul tending seasonally through the Elder Futhark runes. Join the Runes for Change community at https://www.soulintentarts.com/join/ For more information, visit soulintentarts.com Find her book, ”Runic Book of Days,” online and in book stores.

  99. Think Spiritual

    99.Think Spiritual

    Think Spiritual is an ongoing, online project (primarily on YouTube) that encourages all people to think about their personal spirituality through modern mythology and the Hero's and Heroine's Journeys. Be your own Heroine/Hero. Change your Self. Change your world.

  100. Visionary Faerie

    100.Visionary Faerie

    Shaping the future toward conscious living, one podcast at a time 🌏 channeled messages from the divine, plantings seeds within the minds✨ Thank You for being here on Earth at this time. It’s a vibe. Tap IN

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