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  1. Conspirituality


    Dismantling New Age cults, wellness grifters, and conspiracy-mad yogis. At best, the conspirituality movement attacks public health efforts in times of crisis. At worst, it fronts and recruits for the fever-dream of QAnon. As the alt-right and New Age horseshoe toward each other in a blur of disinformation, clear discourse and good intentions get smothered. Charismatic influencers exploit their followers by co-opting conspiracy theories on a spectrum of intensity ranging from vaccines to child trafficking. In the process, spiritual beliefs that have nurtured creativity and meaning are transforming into memes of a quickly-globalizing paranoia. Conspirituality Podcast attempts to bring understanding to this landscape. A journalist, a cult researcher, and a philosophical skeptic discuss the stories, cognitive dissonances, and cultic dynamics tearing through the yoga, wellness, and new spirituality worlds. Mainstream outlets have noticed the problem. We crowd-source, research, analyze, and dream answers to it.

  2. Hey Spirit! with Theresa Caputo

    2.Hey Spirit! with Theresa Caputo

    Theresa Caputo – better known to millions of fans as the “Long Island Medium” from the hit reality series of the same name – provides virtual readings to people from around the world, providing closure as they commune with their departed loved ones. On HEY SPIRIT!, Theresa channels the souls of those who have passed, conducts Q&As with people from all over the world and shares feel-good tips from her everyday life on how to enjoy a healthier and happier time on earth. When she connects with angels, loved ones, and guides on the other side—souls she refers to as “Spirit”—Theresa will help guests work through their related grief to help them heal and move forward with peace and self-assurance. This podcast will also allow for Theresa’s fans, callers, and guests—maybe even a few surprise celebs!—to have the rare opportunity to get a reading and receive healing messages. At least that’s the plan for now. You never know what will happen when Spirit enters the room!  If you’d like to ask Theresa a question or have a chance at a reading, you can leave a message at 1-866-TCAPUTO Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  3. Heathen's Journey Podcast

    3.Heathen's Journey Podcast

    A podcast exploring Norse paganism, Traditional Witchcraft, folk magic, and so much more. Join me, won't you? As I explore the wyrd world of transformative Nordic magick. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/heathens-journey/support



    Hi there, this is ASMR SAKURA and welcome to my channel. I create mostly no talking ASMR videos to help you relax, tingle, and sleep. YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/ASMRSAKURA

  5. 100 Near Death Experiences

    5.100 Near Death Experiences

    1st person narratives of Near Death Experiences collected by nderf.org. Listen to these podcasts from all over the world, and learn more. New stories added weekly!

  6. Sober Speak-  Alcoholics Anonymous  Recovery Interviews

    6.Sober Speak- Alcoholics Anonymous Recovery Interviews

    Find us at www.soberspeak.com. This podcast shares experience, strength, and hope centered around recovery and the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are not affiliated with AA in any way.

  7. Awakened Tarot

    7.Awakened Tarot

    A Tarot education podcast

  8. Spirit Speakers

    8.Spirit Speakers

    Psychic Intuitive Mediums Patty Davis & Judea Lynch converse together about their psychic experiences and compare their clairvoyant vantage points on various topics.

  9. Highest Self Podcast®

    9.Highest Self Podcast®

    The #1 spirituality podcast and for a reason- we keep it REAL! Sahara Rose is your spiritual bestie, helping you activate your full potential - with a side of twerk! With 5 years and over 6000 5-star reviews, Highest Self Podcast will teach you how to discover your dharma (soul's purpose), embody your fullest expression and blossom into your highest self, while having FUN! From intuition to manifestation to past lives to raising your vibration to channeling to sacred sensuality to conscious entrepreneurship, this podcast supports you you on all levels. Welcome home, sun-being! Find your purpose through her Dharma Archetype quiz on www.dharmaarchetypequiz.com Dive into her latest book Discover Your Dharma at www.iamsahararose.com/dharma Join her divine feminine mystery school at www.rosegoldgoddesses.com Follow her on Instagram, TikTok + Facebook for hilarious spiritual videos at @IAmSaharaRose

  10. Anything Ghost Show

    10.Anything Ghost Show

    Since 2006, Anything Ghost has been sharing people's personal paranormal experiences. The stories are sent to Lex Wahl, who reads the experiences and sometimes adds music and effects to the background.

  11. Podcast Pray as you go

    11.Podcast Pray as you go

    Pray as you go Podcast

  12. The My Norse Pagan Journey Podcast

    12.The My Norse Pagan Journey Podcast

    My name is Anthony and this is My Norse Pagan Journey. During these podcasts my co-hosts and myself will be talking about all things having to deal with Norse Paganism. We will be having frequent guests who have offered to be a part of this show. If you want to learn and want to follow along with our journeys then sit down, grab a drink and join us for some fun.

  13. Seeking Witchcraft

    13.Seeking Witchcraft

    Merry Meet, fellow witches! This podcast is aimed at beginner witches with informational 30-minute or less episodes focusing on various topics in the Witchcraft and Wiccan world. Topics will vary each episode but may include life as a witch, how to find a coven, different paths of Wicca/Witchcraft, moon phases, spell work, altar set ups, experience with various covens, solitary practitioner work, and more. Find me on Facebook at Seeking Witchcraft Podcast, Instagram (@seekingwitchcraft) or Twitter (@SeekWitchcraft) where I host occasional listener giveaways. Blessed be!

  14. Guided Meditations

    14.Guided Meditations

    My name is Bunok and I am on a mission to get as many people meditating as I possibly can. Join in on the mission and use my meditations. Please and thank you. If you like my content, buy me a cawffee. :) ko-fi.com/bunok

  15. Enlightened Empaths

    15.Enlightened Empaths

    Enlightened Empaths

  16. The Witch Wave

    16.The Witch Wave

    The Witch Wave is a podcast for bewitching conversation about magic, creativity, and culture. On each episode, host Pam Grossman speaks with a leading visionary about art and Craft.

  17. Buddha at the Gas Pump

    17.Buddha at the Gas Pump

    Conversations with spiritually awakening people.

  18. BehatiLife Podcast

    18.BehatiLife Podcast

    A weekly gaze into the stars and cards to see what messages Spirit has for us...

  19. Divine Alignment Podcast

    19.Divine Alignment Podcast

    Welcome to Divine Alignment Podcast! Our host Daniela Arango’s soul purpose and calling is to bridge the gap between the wild pleasures and challenges of living a human life and leading one’s self with depth and authenticity as a spiritual being...and all the in-between!! Get ready to feel deeply inspired, receive practical tools, join mystical conversations, and dismantle the veil between the seen and the unseen! Join the Divine Alignment world and follow Daniela’s journey and teachings @iamdanielaarango.

  20. UFOs and Aliens

    20.UFOs and Aliens

    UFOs and Aliens is a podcast that interviews todays leading experts and experiencers on Aliens, UFOs and E.T. Contact.

  21. Paranormal Pendle Podcast

    21.Paranormal Pendle Podcast

    Author and Investigator Craig Bryant takes you on a journey of the Unexplained, the Paranormal, UFO's, Cryptozoology and Big Cats from the North West of England. Contact me at www.craigbryant.co.uk

  22. Miracle Voices - A Course In Miracles Podcast (ACIM)

    22.Miracle Voices - A Course In Miracles Podcast (ACIM)

    Transformation and Healing Through Forgiveness - Inspired By A Course In Miracle (ACIM)

  23. Awaken and Align

    23.Awaken and Align

    Awaken and align the podcast provides you with guidance and support to help you awaken and align to your truth. Laura Chung, the host, realized through her own journey that living the life of your dreams means living in alignment with your highest self and activating your limitless potential. If you're inspired by what you've heard and learned on the show, please subscribe, rate, review and share Awaken and Align with a friend.

  24. The Astrology Hub Podcast

    24.The Astrology Hub Podcast

    How often do you get weighed down by life’s daily concerns? There’s an antidote -- look up! There’s a Cosmic Curriculum that supports and guides you to be your best self when you tune into it.During the Astrology Hub Podcast, Amanda Pua Walsh (CEO of Astrology Hub) sits down with insightful speakers who inspire you to embrace your own wisdom and cultivate more magic and connection in your life, using the wisdom of astrology as your guide!If you’re curious or already in love with astrology and looking for practical strategies for living your life with purpose, and to learn from some of the world’s best astrologers, this podcast is for you.

  25. Comfy Cozy Witch Podcast

    25.Comfy Cozy Witch Podcast

    Jennie Blonde (Comfy Cozy Witch), talks about all things witchcraft! From House and Hearth witchery to Kitchen and Green witchery, you're sure to get your fill of witchy things to bring magick into your every day and leave you feeling comfy, cozy and witchy yourself! Social Media: Instagram: @comfycozywitch FB Private Group: Comfy Cozy Witches Founder of @fit_witch_challenge

  26. JeffMara Paranormal Podcast

    26.JeffMara Paranormal Podcast

    Welcome to the JeffMara Podcast. I like to have conversations with people from all walks of life and talk about their paranormal stories, theories and experiences! These stories could be near death experiences, alien abductions, psychics and more. This is a daily podcast! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jeffrey-s-reynolds/support

  27. Positively Wiccan

    27.Positively Wiccan

    Welcome to the Positively Wiccan podcast, helping spiritually and wicca-curious people learn about Reiki, crystals, energy, cards, past-lives and more. I’m your host Kathy Zimmerman and it's my mission to help demystify the mystical so you can get reliable, practical information you can trust. If you’re ready to embrace all things wiccan so you can feel better, clear your own energy, and improve your life - you belong here. Let’s get started.

  28. Intuitive Astrology  with Molly McCord

    28.Intuitive Astrology with Molly McCord

    Join bestselling author, consciousness teacher, intuitive and astrologer Molly McCord for this lively weekly show! Molly shares inspiring cosmic messages, astrological updates, spirituality insights, and timeless wisdom to add empowering awesomeness to your life - and have some fun along the way! Molly's spiritual awakening began in 2002, and she delightfully offers her years of growth and experiences in each episode to inspire, uplift and upLIGHT your journey.

  29. Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

    29.Earth Speak with Natalie Ross and Friends

    Earth Speak is helping you to be your own best connection to your intuition, spirit guides, Earth, and the divine. Episodes feature conversations with people, plants, nature spirits, and high-vibration places on Earth. For many episodes, we're giving EARTH the microphone with channeled messages from nature beings. Human guests share their approaches to standing in their power, working with spirits, deepening their connection with nature, and shamelessly embodying their true selves. Topics covered include deconditioning your mind, working with ancestors and nature spirits, folk herbalism, plant-spirit medicine, true self-care, shadow integration, what it means to be a modern witch, conscious co-creation, (wo)manifestation, intuitive business practices, and more. Check out our videos at https://www.earthspeak.love

  30. Connected Calm Life

    30.Connected Calm Life

    Lane Kennedy, Mindfulness Teacher and Calm Coach brings weekly mindful, calm moments and practices to support your life. She also has conversations with other women about living in recovery and beyond. In the longer conversation format, she and her weekly cohost dive into topics that matter. Topics include alcoholism, addiction, infertility, depression, postpartum, anxiety, children, and marriage situations... like divorce. Discover practices, tips, and ideas as you listen to other mothers, and guests who openly discuss their lives. This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy

  31. Why Shamanism Now - A Practical Path to Authenticity

    31.Why Shamanism Now - A Practical Path to Authenticity

    Why Shamanism Now is a weekly live Internet radio show hosted by Christina Pratt and featuring guest interviews and live email and phone questions and answers. The show airs every Tuesday morning at 11:00 am PST on Co-Creator Network. To participate in the live call, go to http://www.co-creatornetwork.com/hosts/shamanism/host_bio.htm . Christina is an authentic, non-traditional contemporary shaman. In practice since 1990, she specializes in mending the soul and transforming the parts of life that feel impossible. She is the director of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing in Portland, OR.

  32. The Higher Self with Danny Morel

    32.The Higher Self with Danny Morel

    The Higher Self is dedicated to guiding you through the journey of discovering your highest purpose, passion and potential in Life. Have a dream to get in better shape, heal relationships or even create true financial freedom, whatever it is... the keys to achieving your heart's desires are already in you. The Higher Self will help you unlock your greatest potential, erase limiting beliefs and guide you on the journey of creating your dream life.

  33. The Folk Podcast

    33.The Folk Podcast

    The Folk Podcast is the official podcast of The Wisdom of Odin YouTube Channel. This podcast is meant to be a lighter take on the often heavy subject of Norse Paganism, all while still discussing topics that we believe can help you on your own personal journey. We occasionally bring on guest to interview about their personal experiences, or what they are up to in the larger pagan community. Conversations meant for every level of practitioner, because at the end of the day we are all just folk trying to get by.

  34. Neville Goddard Lectures

    34.Neville Goddard Lectures

    Neville Lancelot Goddard, generally known as Neville, was an American author who wrote on the Bible, mysticism, and self-help. This podcast features a collection of his most popular lectures.

  35. Lakota SoulHeart

    35.Lakota SoulHeart

    The host of this podcast is David Little Elk, who is a Lakota Sioux Native American. The discussions are about Lakota Star Knowledge Spirituality.

  36. Way of Nature with George Thompson

    36.Way of Nature with George Thompson

    Exploring Daoism, living well and sustainability with some of the most interesting minds in the world...

  37. Bhakti Yoga Divine Sounds

    37.Bhakti Yoga Divine Sounds

    You will experience goosebump-inducing bliss from these Talks and Kirtan suffused with deep remembrance, realization, and internal vision. They are spoken and sung by Bhaktiratna Sadhu, an Enlightened Bhakti Yoga Master for 30+ years. His peculiar voice and expressions are due to the internal waves of bliss created by his long daily hours of practicing Nitai Vayulekhan (निताइ👈) for Harinam Siddhi.

  38. Sadhguru Moments

    38.Sadhguru Moments

    Sadhguru speeches here, it will make you more sensible in your life,more stable in your life or may be it change your life

  39. Book Of Shadows Podcast (UNCENSORED)

    39.Book Of Shadows Podcast (UNCENSORED)

    Feather and Shay with Friends delving into all things Occult, Pagan, Wiccan and Witchcraft related.



  41. Psychic Scoop with Spirit Sis

    41.Psychic Scoop with Spirit Sis

    This podcast is a deep dive exploration on all things spiritual -- hosted by Psychic Medium Steffi, the Spirit Sis. The goal is to reframe spirituality, life and death, intuition and clairvoyance in a way that's approachable, light, fun and endearing. Steffi will cover all topics in the mystic and magical realms -- as well as giving self improvement tips with collective downloads she receives directly from Spirit. If you want to be kept in the spirit loop, tune in to the Psychic Scoop. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/spiritsis/support

  42. THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO ....with Russ Dizdar

    42.THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO ....with Russ Dizdar

    THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO with Russ Dizdar THE VOICE OF SHATTER THE DARKNESS Home of Theology for the 3rd millennium FREE training courses JOIN-FOLLOW to get broadcasts sent directly to you. Thanks for your prayers and being here. Mail site http://www.shatterthedarkness.net/ See www.tenmillionfierce.com and RussDizdar.com for bio info Go to THE RAGGED EDGE RADIO.COM and sign up for the free digital M-F news letter and update, the newest audios, broadcasts and training mp3s are there.

  43. Inner Engineering - A Yogi's Guide to Joy

    43.Inner Engineering - A Yogi's Guide to Joy

    Sadhguru, a yogi, mystic and visionary distills his own experiences with spirituality and yoga and introduces the transformation concept of Inner Engineering in this series. Developed by him over several years, this powerful practice serves to align the mind and the body with energies around and within, creating a world of limitless power and possibilities.

  44. Elder Hour

    44.Elder Hour

    Elder Hour is a podcast born out of Chelsea Selby and Juliet Diaz’s love of plant magic. Juliet - a bestselling author and respected seer and healer and Chelsea owner of an international occult beauty brand dissect the history, magical properties, and science behind a new plant every week. Come along for a journey full of thorns, roots, and deadly flowers for plant history like you’ve never heard it before.

  45. subliminal playlist

    45.subliminal playlist

    this subliminal playlist contains all the subs that i use

  46. The Healer Babe

    46.The Healer Babe

    The Healer Babe, Clara, vows to transform her life into something truly extraordinary. Ever since her spiritual awakening 3 years ago, she ditched her unconscious lifestyle to live a spiritually awakened life. This podcast is a journey with Clara as she shares all of the beautiful healing experiences she's had and many more discoveries to help her become the best version of herself. May this bring the love and light to you as it did for her.

  47. Visionary Faerie

    47.Visionary Faerie

    Shaping the future toward conscious living, one podcast at a time 🌏 channeled messages from the divine, plantings seeds within the minds✨ Thank You for being here on Earth at this time. It’s a vibe. Tap IN

  48. Neoteric Talks

    48.Neoteric Talks

    “The quality of questions you ask dictates the quality of life you live.” Neoteric Talks is a podcast created with the intention to provoke critical thought and provide space for authentic human connection and conversation. Hailey Taylor hosts this riveting and engaging podcast that will have you contemplating beliefs you hold to be true. This podcast is for the mentally rebellious, inquisitive and open-minded individuals that question the system, the rules and the programs. This podcast is for you if you enjoy topics related to spirituality, psychology, consciousness, alternative medicine, energy healing, quantum physics, near death experiences, mental health and self-development. May we go down the rabbit hole, together! New Episode every Tuesday. Contact: neoterictalks@gmail.com

  49. Mindfulness Spiritual Music & Meditation

    49.Mindfulness Spiritual Music & Meditation

    Tibetan Singing Bowl, etc.

  50. House of Magick

    50.House of Magick

    A deep dive into the vast world of all things magickal.

  51. Make Yoga Magick Again

    51.Make Yoga Magick Again

    The House of Mages is a School of Yoga, Tantra and Magick, dedicated to reforging the link between Yoga and the Magical Arts. We teach and explore various paths of Yoga, Tantra, Ritual Embodiment, Occultism, Ayurveda, Astrology, Folk Magic, Chaos Magic, Witchcraft, Runes, Ritual and Ceremonial Magick. Hosted by Mischievous Mage, Daniel Erulian Cuming. Founder of Ritual Embodiment, Rune Yoga and The House of Mages. Daniel shares his story and experiences in these intertwined worlds while interviewing various practitioners, leaders, pioneers and mages in yoga and the occult. Welcome to Make Yoga Magick Again - The House of Mages Podcast. Find out more about what we do at www.thehouseofmages.com

  52. Spirituality Speaks

    52.Spirituality Speaks

    Awakening inner spirituality, aligning ourselves with the universe, and learning about different ways to view things

  53. Journey of Mercy and Carmelite Foundations

    53.Journey of Mercy and Carmelite Foundations

    These podcasts are a mixture of Carmelite Secular conversion stories and unofficial summaries of Franciscan friar Francisco de Osuna’s great spiritual treasure, “The Third Spiritual Alphabet” written in the 1520s and goes on to some works of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the the Cross. Many scholars say the Third Spiritual Alphabet was a springboard for the spirituality of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. The first episode provides a summary of the 23 treatises of spiritual wisdom found within The Third Spiritual Alphabet.

  54. Black Girl Experience

    54.Black Girl Experience

    Jasmine Danielle shares her journey to spiritual growth and healing through “Black Girl Experiences” which empower women and awaken their divine feminine energy.

  55. Spiritual Truth Seeker

    55.Spiritual Truth Seeker

    An introduction to the awakening of spiritual enlightenment & current culture topics.

  56. Honestly Though

    56.Honestly Though

    Join Jaci and Keren, two best friends, who are here to talk about all things girl. From relationships to clothes, to spirituality and everything in between, J&K are here to help you navigate these hard topics that have become unpopular between us girls. Challenging each other (and you) to think beyond comfortability. So grab your coffee, it's time to hang with the girls.

  57. Awakened...Now What?!

    57.Awakened...Now What?!

    Awakened…Now What?! is a podcast that illuminates your Spiritual Awakening and Ascension. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/awakenednowwhat/support

  58. Spiritual Life

    58.Spiritual Life

    - Learn about life - how to have better relationships - how to be successful - how to do work effectively I am not going to give you some patterns to follow they will cause your further confusion We will discuss your problems, your life & find our answer Episode every Tuesday & sunday

  59. Shakti Hour with Melanie Moser

    59.Shakti Hour with Melanie Moser

    Melanie is a meditation teacher, musician and peace activist. Her podcast, Shakti Hour on the Be Here Now Network represents her ambition to connect people with the wisdom of the divine feminine.

  60. Lilith's Left Hand

    60.Lilith's Left Hand

    Emma Kathryn and Jessica sit down to talk as they always do to discuss their left hand path practices. The only difference is that now they are recording those conversations to share with others. What is the left hand path? Why do women's perspectives and voices need to be shared? What happened throughout history that led women to practice the esoteric arts in hidden silence? Listen and discover for yourselves. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/lilithslefthand/support

  61. Not for All — All for None

    61.Not for All — All for None

    A radical approach to taking Spiritual accountability in a digitally bound world. Just living my life, holding myself accountable for my shit, and sharing my lessons along the way.

  62. Empower Women

    62.Empower Women

    This podcast is about women sharing their stories of empowerment with other women to encourage and motivate them in their daily lives

  63. The Rebel Unicorns Podcast

    63.The Rebel Unicorns Podcast

    Tune into The Rebel Unicorns Podcast for the unedited version of Living Your Best Life. Avalon is a three time international best selling author and successful online Spiritual coach. Dropping magic like it’s hot, on Monday’s Avalon will use her channeling skills to give you an energetic boost of highly vibrational motivation to shift your energy and transform your business! Enlightened conversations with incredible guests will follow on Thursday's, where you can hear the truth about how accessing your belief in something bigger can completely change the trajectory of your life. If you are ready to find the place where money and magic meet, this is the podcast for you!

  64. The Jen Mavros Show

    64.The Jen Mavros Show

    The Jen Mavros Show is about Loving Humanity Forward. Join Jen Mavros and a few of her friends; Global Visionary Thought Leaders, Change-makers, Authors, Teachers and Creatives in the Spiritual Growth and Personal Development space who are shaking things up and helping to move the world forward through Love. During these conscious conversations and master classes, you'll receive insight, tools and support to live your most soulful, awesome life.

  65. Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton

    65.Further Emergence Podcast with John Dalton

    A friendly catch up with John Dalton answering listener questions about consciousness, the spiritual life, enlightenment, and natural health.

  66. The Conscious Buzz

    66.The Conscious Buzz

    The Conscious Buzz is your friendly neighborhood podcast dedicated to all things conscious living and holistic self care. Join me, Bailey, a Holistic Health practitioner, as I combine what I've learned from personal experience with formal training to educate and inspire you on how to live your most fulfilling, engaging, and authentic life. This pod is here to remind you of who you truly are.

  67. Quantum Living®

    67.Quantum Living®

    An engaging, thought-provoking, inspiring and empowering podcast where we talk about anything and everything at the intersection of science and spirituality - from energy healing, psychic phenomena and soul journeys through time and space, to practical applications of ancient wisdom, the nature of reality, the Conscious Universe and the Omnipresent Intelligence we often call God. My mission for this podcast is to explore the sacred alchemy of physics and metaphysics, science and spirituality, mind-body and spirit which together reveal the truths we all want to know: Who am I? Why am I here? What life is all about? How can I live my life to realise my highest potential with fulfillment, prosperity and joy? How can I manifest what I want? All we need to do is to connect the dots. I want to share with you on this podcast what I have learned over the years in this sacred space and bring you inspiring conversations with my guests who will share their insight and expertise with us, as well. Enjoy and please share! And if you really love it, please post a review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify to encourage others to listen to it. Thank you! To FOLLOW and download the podcast, and read the full show notes for each episode, please go to my podcast website at https://www.podpage.com/quantum-living/

  68. Love Her Wild

    68.Love Her Wild

    Love Her Wild is a spiritual and lifestyle podcast where host Brooke Carver comes to you with all things spirituality, manifestation, happily ever after, and creating a life that you LOVE.

  69. spritual


    The tree of life is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. As a symbol of immortality Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ganesh55/support

  70. Astrology for Witches

    70.Astrology for Witches

    Join us for our monthly casual long-form discussion format instruction on energy and how to use it in your spells and goals.

  71. Science Of Spirituality

    71.Science Of Spirituality

    Sharing talks by Sadhguru, an Enlightened master, yogi and humanitarian. Looking at life and spirituality in a scientific way.

  72. The New Message from God

    72.The New Message from God

    Hear the Voice of Revelation

  73. The Mad Hatter Academy

    73.The Mad Hatter Academy

    From Alice to the Wonderland, religion and heaven, this podcast discusses our experiences with it all.

  74. Nanak Time - Apply Guru Nanak's Teachings in your life

    74.Nanak Time - Apply Guru Nanak's Teachings in your life

    Nanak Time is dedicated to anyone who wants to live a beautiful and purposeful life. Inspired from the Japji Sahib Gurbani composed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, founder of the Sikh way of life, this app explores universal concepts such as Oneness, Truthful Living and living Without Fear and Hate. * Explore the 9 Gems of Mool Mantar by listening to short Audio Lessons and Guided Meditations Each of the 9 words (Gems) encompass a truly global concept of habits, traits and mindset we should aim to achieve. *A free app is available on Android and iOS to journal, apply and reflect on meditations.

  75. Our Witchy Way

    75.Our Witchy Way

    Explore the world of witchcraft and the occult We will be posting ever new moon and full moon. Twitter @ourwitchyway Instagram @belladonna_amber_wolfe and @pixieluv5642 Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ourwitchyway/support

  76. Elements Aligned

    76.Elements Aligned

    A podcast and pedestal for empowering you to live boldly within the rhythms of the universe. 🌙💓🙏🔮

  77. The Spiritual Sandbox Podcast

    77.The Spiritual Sandbox Podcast

    Are you ready to tap into an exciting alternative to the modern day BS that has you stressed out, bummed out & working harder than ever? Why stay in self-doubt for another moment when you don't have to? Tune in to raise your vibe, get inspired and hear about the new way to live your greatest potential through PLAY. Why play? Because play is the easiest, most efficient and powerful way to co-create the love, health, wealth, freedom and joy we all want. It’s so much FUN and get this-- it’s our BIRTHRIGHT! It will open doors and attract awesome opportunities for you, just as it has for us. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-spiritual-sandbox/support

  78. Regarding Consciousness

    78.Regarding Consciousness

    Regarding Consciousness is an exploration into how our consciousness can be harnessed both personally and professionally. Host Jennifer K. Hill is passionate about holistic medicine, consciousness, science and spirituality. Her company Om-heals.com focuses on matching people with the right holistic practitioner for them. Her deep desire to bring this wisdom to the world is what birthed this podcast where she interviews thought leaders such as Deepak Chopra to energy practitioners such as Holly Copeland.

  79. Thursday Night Nuggets

    79.Thursday Night Nuggets

    Hey ya'll! This is Donnell and Chelseá Harris with "Thursday Night Nuggets". We started this podcast to have a conversation with you, and why not incorporate God's Word?! Join us as we tap in and get real close and personal on some topics of this world. Let's do this!

  80. The Metaphysical Hour hosted by Julia Cannon

    80.The Metaphysical Hour hosted by Julia Cannon

    Julia Cannon carries on the work of her mother, Dolores Cannon, who authored 19 Books (so far) and was a Past-Life Regressionist and Hypnotherapist who specialized in the recovery and cataloging of Lost Knowledge. Dolores is widely acknowledged as a leading authority on Nostradamus and considered the World's Foremost Expert on his Prophecies. She passed to the next realm in Oct, 2014 and now continues to work and inspire from beyond the veil. Dolores' powerful method, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), was developed over the last 50 years as her technique to not only unlock the Lost Knowledge captured in her books but also to provide amazing and life changing physical, spiritual and emotional healing to her personal clients. Her method is still being taught by Julia and through a series of online classes that Dolores developed before her passing and is in use by over 5,000 practitioners around the globe today.. Julia, a renowned author in her own right (Soul Speak) continues to run the company's publishing, academy and media businesses in addition to bringing Dolores' vision of the Cannon University of Metaphysical Studies into reality.

  81. Jesus Revealed Ministries International

    81.Jesus Revealed Ministries International

    Revealing Christ to the Nations, Reaching the Lost, Teaching the Word of God

  82. Sri Nanak Prakash (Suraj Prakash) English Katha

    82.Sri Nanak Prakash (Suraj Prakash) English Katha

    Sri Nanak Prakash is a detailed historical account of the life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It was written by Mahakavi (great poet) Bhai Santokh Singh Ji in 1824 (AD), and represents one of the most comprehensive and beautifully written accounts of Guru Ji’s life. It is usually associated as a part of the greater text known as Sri Gurpartap Suraj Granth (aka Suraj Prakash) which details the historical accounts of all 10 Guru Sahibs in poetic form. It is an ocean of bliss, knowledge and experience. It is said that if one listen to the history of the lives of all 10 Gurus through these texts with complete devotion and faith, they can reach enlightenment. Tune in LIVE on Fridays & Saturdays on Zoom (cutt.ly/nanakprakash) 6pm PST (see the poster on @basicsofsikhi Instagram for other time zones). -- Support us: www.basicsofsikhi.com/donate Contact us: www.basicsofsikhi.com/contact-us

  83. Goddesses of the Wild

    83.Goddesses of the Wild

    On this podcast we aim to reopen the treasure chest of feminine goodness that we all have within us - however buried, dusty or battered. Through conversations with amazing humans we will liberate and re-root our wild side. Truly becoming a goddess of the wild.

  84. The Gateway Experience

    84.The Gateway Experience

    Please, follow us on Patreon. Unfortunately, this podcast may be canceled soon. https://www.patreon.com/mymindistheuniverse

  85. Walk In Truth Radio Network, Dr. James Sutton II

    85.Walk In Truth Radio Network, Dr. James Sutton II

    Spiritual inspiration and motivation for all the world . Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/walk-in-truth-ministries/support

  86. The Advaita Podcast

    86.The Advaita Podcast

    A podcast that asks all of life’s hard questions and answers none of them.

  87. Inspired Aliveness Podcast

    87.Inspired Aliveness Podcast

    Inspired Aliveness with Jon Bernie

  88. The Divine Masculine podcast

    88.The Divine Masculine podcast

    This podcast is about the spiritual journey and how it applies to our world today. Also covering subjects on spiritual relationships,manifestation and sacred sexuality. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thedivinemasculine/support

  89. The Boundless Soul | Your Pleasure Coach

    89.The Boundless Soul | Your Pleasure Coach

    We're returning from the womb-cocoon. And this caterpillar is a whole different kind of butterfly. Can't wait to show up here as Your Pleasure Coach. It's not quite time. But when it is, expect to learn to set boundaries, speak your truth, command respect and feel bold and confident in your own skin. It's time, ladies. Stand tall, heart open, chin up, crown on. You deserve a life of pleasure, truth, and real love. It's all more than possible and I'm here to show you how. Join the Journey with Pleasure today: www.LauraChristine.us Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theboundlesssoul/support

  90. Welcome to the Godly Healing Podcast by N. Niami

    90.Welcome to the Godly Healing Podcast by N. Niami

    Welcome to the Godly Healing Podcast. I am your host, N. Niami and I am so excited to have you here with me. As we embark on this journey of healing, we will begin to transcend our limiting beliefs by shifting our paradigm, uprooting our false beliefs, and replacing them with the truth. It's time to face all our fears and be set free from them because God has not given us a spirit of fear. Therefore we must overcome our fear with crazy-like faith in a faithful God and attain the life and the blessings God has for you and me! So come on along with me, hand in hand with Jesus, and receive the full authority, power, freedom, joy, and peace we have in Him. This is where we heal God's way!

  91. Colby Rebel Show

    91.Colby Rebel Show

    Are you tired of the airy fairy Spiritual podcasts? Join the pack and subscribe to the Colby Rebel Show-the BEST podcast featuring today's Spiritual legends & trailblazers! On this podcast Colby interviews the latest in the world of trendsetters including psychics, mediums, intuitives and spirituality. The show also includes ON AIR readings! No editing, no fluff, just straight up raw readings. Colby is an international psychic medium, Master Spiritual Teacher & 2x best-selling author located in Los Angeles, CA. Colby Rebel's down-to-earth style is infectious as she discusses a variety of topics including psychic development, mediumship, the paranormal, intuition, grief, reiki, energy and so much more! Join Colby LIVE on air every Thursday night at 5pm (pst) LIVE on FB https://www.facebook.com/PsychicRebel/ Never miss an episode. Subscribe right here: https://colbyrebelshow.simplecast.com

  92. Witch's Gathering

    92.Witch's Gathering

    Two witches gather together to discuss witchcraft and all things related to witchcraft, and hopefully help to teach you something along the way. Hosted by long time friends and witches Bella and Carrie, who are both easily distracted and can't look each other in the eye for more than 2 seconds without laughing. Note: We do swear and sometimes talk about 18+ content. If you would like to get the latest information or see what the ladies are doing feel free to follow us on Instagram at the following usernames: The Podcast: @WitchsGathering Bella: @SybellaTilki Carrie: @Carrion_Grey

  93. The "MORE IN YOU" Podcast with Olu Olabode

    93.The "MORE IN YOU" Podcast with Olu Olabode

    This is a Podcast for Women who desire to be MORE, do MORE and have MORE just I desired so many years ago. The Podcast is set to stir them up to bring forth the MORE God has deposited in them.

  94. The Anishinaababe Podcast With Grace C. Swain

    94.The Anishinaababe Podcast With Grace C. Swain

    The Anishinaababe podcast is your weekly dose of manifestation, spirituality, self-development, and wellness. On this podcast, you will also learn about Indigenous culture and the behind-the-scenes of Grace's life as an Ojibway influencer, advocate, and speaker.

  95. Sun&Moon


    Join me, Medusa Röxe, spiritual wellness practitioner, as I share the practice of self-care and spirituality, through the use of discussion, guided meditations, Yoga Nidras and mantras. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sun.moon/support

  96. Naked And Unashamed

    96.Naked And Unashamed

    Sharing my journey unashamedly....

  97. "Meditations with Sam"

    97."Meditations with Sam"

    Welcome to “Meditations with Sam” a weekly podcast that has been created to gift you with a space in the week where you can deeply breathe out and pause, knowing that for this moment in time, someone else is holding space for you. May these chats and meditations gift you with a deeper sense of mindfulness, stillness and peace, May they be a place where you can come for self awareness, self empowerment and self love, And may they gift you with little treasures as you navigate life in all its ups and downs in a way that helps you breathe out deeper and deeper each and every day. My name is Samantha (Sam) Corrie, and I welcome you to my podcast - “Meditations with Sam” 🍃EVERY TUES EVE AEST 🍃 I am a Shamanic Practitioner and Earth based Healer and Mentor. For further information about the healing work I offer, my workshops and how you can contact me please pour yourself a cuppa and visit my website https://samanthacorrie.com.au/ Until we meet, where your mind and heart can gently pause and breathe out, Blessed be.

  98. Integrate Yourself | Inspiring you to integrate all aspects of health in your life!

    98.Integrate Yourself | Inspiring you to integrate all aspects of health in your life!

    This podcast is all about mind, body and spirit integration. Sharing important aspects of self aware self care strategies. Telling my story, sharing other people's stories and inspiring you to get out of survival mode and finally thrive. I talk about what I've learned in my twenty years of holistic fitness, energy and health coaching and share with you what I've discovered along the way. Cultivating inspired conversations with incredible people and experts in the field of holistic health, fitness, metaphysics, spirituality and personal growth. Giving you a new perspective on your health and wellness journey.

  99. Center for Spiritual Living Midtown

    99.Center for Spiritual Living Midtown

    Podcast of CSLM Sunday Talks

  100. Your Energy First

    100.Your Energy First

    You're a powerful source of energy. You're intuitive, you have energetic skillsets, how do you develop them in a way that helps you feel less blah and more fulfilled in life. Here we discuss all things energy & intuition, in a way that empowers you to take what you need, and leave the rest. There's no right or wrong way to tend to your spiritual practice or live your journey, your energy is completely unique. Let’s cut through the noise and see what parts you desire to experience, what inspires & supports you, so you can live the fully expressed version of you, today. www.emilymarie.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/yourenergyfirst/support

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