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by Jacob Søgaard Christensen
Fitness Unplugged @byjschristensen

Episode #070 - Shelby Starnes | Female athletes | Dieting strategies | Drugs & more


In this weeks episode I had the chance to sit down and chat with Shelby Starnes. Shelby has been a coach for many years, and coaches mostly females. We talk a lot about specific dieting strategies, whether or not calories matter, drugcycles, ethical boundaries as a coach and a lot more. Hope you enjoy! And remember to share the podcast in your instagram story - tag me as @byjschristensen You can follow Shelby at @shelbystarnes100 on instagram --- --- --- --- Dansk / Danish --- --- --- --- Hvis du er nysgerrig på min måde at coache på? Så kontakt mig via Alternativt skriv en mail til Eller fang mig på: Facebook: Jacob Christensen - Coach & Personlig træner Instagram: @byjschristensen


Episode 70

by Jacob Søgaard Christensen