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by Jakob Jakobsen
Hospital Prison University Radio

Social Crisis Mental Crisis #9 | Return to Normal | August 6 2020


In this episode recorded in the beginning of August we are discussing the urged for normalisation offered by the brief retreat of the virus in Europe during the Summer. What we are experiencing is an obsession with going back to the same destructive normality we were briefly relieved from during lock down. Like the irrational drive to go back to a violent partner despite knowing that it will go wrong there was a general push for restoring the stressfull and exploitative order of capitalist production. This death drive can only be countered by mass general strike and the abolition of capitalist institutions including the mental hospital.

Social Crisis! Mental Crisis! is a series of conversations on Communism and Mental Health in times of pandemia between the artists Sophie Carapetian based in London and Jakob Jakobsen based in Copenhagen. We will be back approx. once a week with occasional guests.



by Jakob Jakobsen