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by Jakob Jakobsen
Hospital Prison University Radio

Social Crisis Mental Crisis No. 7 | Radio Show on Communism and Mental Health May 30 2020


For our seventh broadcast we are joined by our comrade Silvia Federici. Together we sketch out commonalities between social and historical processes of exclusion - in the form of the witch-hunt, and the contemporary apparatuses of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment of all those pathologised as mentally ill and clinically insane. The broadcast draws on both scholarly and first hand experiential knowledge situating the violence of social exclusion in the contexts of gender and class formation, and as a necessary structural condition of the reproduction of capital.

Social Crisis! Mental Crisis! is a series of conversations on Communism and Mental Health in times of pandemia between the artists Sophie Carapetian based in London and Jakob Jakobsen based in Copenhagen. We will be back approx. once a week with occasional guests.



by Jakob Jakobsen