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by Jakob Jakobsen
Hospital Prison University Radio

Social Crisis Mental Crisis No. 8 | Radio Show on Suicide Juli 3 2020


For our eighth broadcast we are joined by our comrade Sacha Kahir. Together we discuss the difficult subject of suicide. Our conversation explores suicide as bound up with, and as a result of social and economic processes - we discuss this against normative understandings of suicide that emphasise the failure of an individual life. Our conversation proposes new ways of thinking through the phenomena of suicide: we ask instead what does it mean to be suicided by society. We place emphasis on the relations between capitalism, suicide and proletarian life. This episode is dedicated to our fallen and dearly loved comrade Sean Bonney, a poet who refused, opposed and resisted austerity, refusing to accept the imiserating relations of capitalism. Who, along with other poets mentioned in the discussion and innumerable victims suicided by a society built on status and profit, we demand justice that can only be its abolition. As this is a huge topic we offer only some initial steps... staggering and stammering in that direction.



by Jakob Jakobsen