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Inside Anna's Mind

two homes, two personalties: growing up with divorced parents


Welcome to my first episode... a timeline of my life until now. But why listen to someone else's past?

It helps you learn more about yourself. I am constantly trying to learn and reflect how my past experiences have shaped me to be the person I am today. There is a reason why we struggle with our mental health and it always goes back to childhood. So before I talk about my experiences with eating disorders and depression to being financially successful at 20, let's dive deep into my past.

Topics I reflect on:

  • Single mum upbringing
  • Relationship with my family
  • Idolising my Dad + people pleasing
  • Why I didn't go to University
  • Body image issues from the age of 6
  • Two homes, two personalties
  • Seeking validation in men as a teenager
  • Why I loved the feeling of losing weight
  • Rejecting my feminine traits
  • The story of losing my Dad at 17

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