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Island Crime

S3 E1 Vanished


In this episode you will hear the voice of Michael Dunahee himself. Michael's parents Bruce & Crystal Dunahee shared home video with Producer Laura Palmer.

Felicia Bernier was one of Michael's little chums. She describes her friend Michael through the lens of a childhood playmate. She talks about his love of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And how losing her buddy in such tragic circumstances impacted her life.

Bruce and Crystal Dunahee reflect on their life as a family before Michael vanishes. Michael's parents talk about Michael's childhood and what kind of a little guy he is growing into. They are interviewed separately and together to capture as much detail as possible about the day Michael disappears and their specific recollections of the event.

Author Valerie Green wrote the book on Michael Dunahee's case. It's called 'Vanished: The Michael Dunahee story'. Valerie mostly writes local history books. And true crime represents something of a departure for her. But Michael's disappearance in 1991, is a big part of the story of Victoria.

Townsend Coleman is the voice of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 'Michaelangelo', one of Michael's heroes. At the end of each episode Townsend is lending his voice to a plea for information on Michael's case.