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Kane and Feels: Day Trippers



Content Warning: Drug Use, including trauma and bad trips, Suicide Mention, Peril., Graphic descriptions of horrifying death., Violence Gore,Trains, Loud Noises, Non-consent mention, Depictions of Witchcraft and Christianity

A Lonesome Brutus takes a holiday to Twomy St. Dunstans.

What's this town? Why do the trains terminate here? Why is Brutus drawn? and who are these mysterious voices? Who is Saint Dunstan? Who is Twomy? Who is Kane? Who are you?

The cast in order of Appearance: Oliver Morris - Brutus Feels James Cass - Suicide Demon Eleanor George - Tannoy Dave Pickering - Goeff Grace Beth Eyre - Thornbush Princess George Ofori-Addo - Riz Sarah Goulding - Chippie/Sharron Greg Lass - Daniel, Jock,Kraut,Frog,Bossman, Rylan Ali Cambell - Jeanine Karim Kronfli - John Peter Hildreth - Conducter Mean Mark Waylett - The Yawning Man Jack Fitzpatrick - Kane Viviana Padiglia - Libertina, Axabiss Lucy Lan Lao - Alice

Kane and Feels - Daytrippers - Episode 1 - Who?