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Life, Interrupted with Simon Thomas

Charlie Corbett


Charlie Corbett is a name that won't be familiar to many. But he has a story that should be heard by many.

Charlie is a writer, journalist, public speaker, husband and father to two sons. He grew up the son of a farmer and spent his childhood living a rural life immersed in the sights and sounds of the nature around him.

After university, he left his farming roots behind and spent the next twenty years as a journalist reporting on business and finance. It was about as far away from the countryside life of his youth you could get.

Yet, when he was 35, Charlie's world was profoundly interrupted when after a long struggle with cancer, his mum died.

As Charlie battled with the weight and despair of grief, it was the song of a skylark as he lay on the side of a lonely hill, that began to lead him on a journey of healing.

It was a journey of rediscovering not just about the power of nature, but also himself.

Now he's written an incredible book called 12 birds to save your life (https://www.penguin.co.uk/books/442899/12-birds-to-save-your-life/9780241503331).

It's a moving tale of loss, but also one of great joy and hope, as Charlie tells the tale of the amazing power of nature, and the songs of the birds around us which bring healing and joy in even the darkest of times.

If you have been through life events similar to those described in this episode and you need someone to talk to, please contact The Samaritans, on 116 123

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