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Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

What if I Fail?


Of all the questions you could ask yourself about weightloss, What If I Fail is likely the one you ask 100's of times before starting a diet.

And it's BULLSHIT!

Think about the question. What kind of answer are you going to get? Crappy ones because it's the wrong question. It doesn't lead you toward change, believing in yourself, or even an idea of what to do next.

What it DOES is scare your ass like a raccoon in the night when the lights are turned on. You either freeze up or turn and run, hoping not to die.

In Episode 248, I'll teach you all about how to "what if" yourself the right way.

I'll explain the language to watch out for (and how to stop it).

Tell you what to do when you catch yourself in the vortex of negativity.

And most important, how to dream a little even if you're scared to imagine losing weight for fear you'll fail.

Listen to Episode 248: What If I Fail.

It's a must-listen for anyone who is scared they can't lose weight.

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