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Maybe Baby

S2 Ep16 - The First Twelve Months with Ellie Taylor


One question that has been on our minds for a while now is how tough will those first twelve months be? Every journey is different for every woman but if you're going to ask anyone, why not ask an award-winning comedian who's literally written a book about it.

Enter Ellie Taylor, who is as honest and funny as you would expect. We cover how she changed her mind from being ambivalent to becoming a mother, the struggles she faced in the first few months and a story that may literally be out of Something About Mary.

Ellie's book "My Child and Other Mistakes: How to ruin your life in the best way possible" is available for pre-order from Amazon - you can find it at https://www.amazon.co.uk/My-Child-Other-Mistakes-possible/dp/1529362997.

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