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Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin

Extreme Makeover: Metaverse Edition with Randi Zuckerberg


A few months ago, Nicole did an episode on real estate in the metaverse. But because a few months in the metaverse is like several lifetimes in the real world, we’re due for an update.

Joining Nicole for this update is the amazing Randi Zuckerberg— who is the Founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media and host of the weekly radio show Randi Zuckerberg Means Business on Sirius XM. Randi's here to tell us all about how to go into the metaverse; whether we should in the first place; and if/when we do, how to get a bada$$ pair of glittery NFT heels.

Connect with Randi here: https://withkoji.com/@randizuckerberg

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