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Sales & Marketing Talk Show

#83 Re-Branding of Gong with Udi Ledergor


In this Sales & Marketing Talk Show, we discuss the Brand renewal of Gong with Udi Ledergor, CMO of Gong.

Udi is the CMO at Gong and a 5-time VP Marketing with 20 years of experience leading world-class marketing teams for public and private companies in B2B tech so he has a lot of valuable information about this topic!

If you don’t already know Gong it’s a revenue intelligence platform, raised 250million$ Seed E with $7.25 BILLION valuation, and their marketing team has been scaling rapidly. 

-Why did Gong decide to do a brand renewal?

-Why great branding is so important?

-What kind of team Gong had on building the new brand?

-When did this rebranding process start in Gong?

-Is Rebranding always a one-time project or is it ongoing work all the time?

-When talking about brand renewal people often think the brand is only the visuals. What were the things Gong touched while doing your brand renewal?

-Udi shares about: “One REALLY fun part of this rebranding process was getting to work with animators and music composers” 

-How much money did Gong burn for the brand renewal and how do they measure the ROI of that?

-What would Udi do differently in the rebranding process if you could start all over?

-Previous guest Michael Hanson’s question to Udi: "How do you get your people to be so active on LinkedIn?"