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Tae The Bard

The poetry, the performance


On the 25 January each year millions of people across the world will attend Burns Suppers to honour Scotland's National Bard. Quite simply, no other literary figure is commemorated in the way that Burns is worldwide. In this episode of the Tae The Bard podcast series we look at ways in which Burns Night Celebrations have evolved since the early nineteenth century, all the time retaining Burn's poetry and song at their heart.

Our guests today offer different perspectives on both performing and organising the Burns Supper. Catherine Wilson is an Edinburgh-based poet and writer, known for her reflections on the everyday, blended with a sense of humour and solemn questions about the big things in life. Jack Finlay is the associate producer of the Big Burns Supper, an 11-day festival in Dumfries with an eclectic mix of music, comedy and performance. Professor Gerard Carruthers, Francis Hutcheson Chair of Scottish Literature at University of Glasgow, has performed at Burns suppers around