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Roswell Slides, Another Snowjob from Jaime Maussan? - 9/11 YES, Inside Job!


Jaime Maussan is the most "GO TO" man in Ufology and yet he has never professionally skywatched or UFO Hunted except for TV and maybe a few times he was outside with nothing else to do and looking skyward. To be an expert you need to have several thousand hours skywatching or UFO Hunting and must have learned all the mistakes a skywatcher would make. Jaime Maussan has been fooled and been handed balloon video only to give it the thumbs up that it is a real UFO on said video. We have seen this time and time again on TV with MUFON members launching balloons then taping it and giving it to Jaime to examine with Jaime saying "this is what we see here in Mexico, this is a UFO"! So why would we believe a man with no expertise in Ufology that The Roswell Slides are real? They are purely faked and proven fakes yet Jaime still says they are real because he believes that if he can make money on bull**** or get a bit of notierety which he craves so bad then he will back it. I will discuss why Jaime Maussan should be removed as an authority on UFOs and why The Roswell Slides are fake. 9/11 IS an inside job!!! Why anyone, with all the evidence clearly showing planned demolisions, would believe this was not an inside job blows me away 14 years later. As soon as I saw the building come straight down I said this looks exactly like a planned demolision. You only need less than average intelligence to see this. Why are people so thick headed about them not being planned? Anyway we will discuss the frustration...