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The Fiscal Firecrackers

6. Get Yourself A Spicy Retirement


Straight off their debut as guests on “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” Galia and Susan tackle the subject of retirement.

Dreaming of what your life will look like when you no longer have to work? If you follow our tips now, you’ll avoid living a boring or compromised retirement.

The sunset years may look differently for each of us, but we will all want to have the ability to design them to our specs. By employing our guidance, you can prepare yourself to be comfortably free of financial concerns whenever that day arrives.

We’ll discuss this subject from all angles and ages: how much of a nest egg you’ll need to retire, how best to get organized well in advance of your career’s end and practical ways to maximize what you do have, (even if you don’t have enough saved today).

Susan shares her grandfather’s eel stories and wonders if living in a palace could be in the cards for her retirement.