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The Fiscal Firecrackers

7. Investing With Your Values


We all need money to survive, cover our expenses and uphold our quality of life. But once we fulfill those needs, where should we we choose to put our cash to better the world around us? What entities feel worthwhile to support with your dollars? For example, are you passionate about climate change, the environment or sustainability? Then how about merging your investments with your values? It’s easier than you think and deeply gratifying. In this episode, Galia shares ways to merge your beliefs with your money. She talks about investing in businesses and mutual funds focused on sustainability through ESG Investing (environmental, social and governance). Susan addresses how we handle tipping in 2022, finding deserving charities to mirror your belief system and how the act of thrifting reflects her values. Who knew buying a pair of assless jeans could help support the environment? But first, put them in the freezer!