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The Inspire Podcast

S3 E13 Creating A Culture Of Employee Development: One Entrepreneur's Story with John Vuong


00:39 Live show promo
01:30 Welcome
03:13 Personal backstory
05:40 What was your first job?
07:13 Curiosity
08:40 Yellow Pages
11:15 Early stages of company
12:34 Sell services – figure out how to deliver afterwards
13:50 Hiring the team
14:53 What it’s like at the company
16:40 Workshops on personal stuff
19:36 John Vuong’s philosophy
19:56 Clarity
20:54 Example of goal-setting session
23:04 Shopify quote about family v team
26:32 Community service
28:58 Positive effects on retention
30:59 Book recommendations?
31:29 Thanks
31:52 OUTTRO

In this episode of the Inspire Podcast Bart interviews entrepreneur John Vuong about his unique philosophy around lifelong learning and how it infuses his approach to employee retention and engagement. John shares with Bart his story of growing up with very little and hustling to achieve success in sales. As he progressed in his career he realized he was driven by a desire to learn and grow, and when he set out to found his company Local SEO Search he brought that commitment to his own growth and eventually to the team he built. Today John invests time, energy and passion in helping his team learn in ways that enrich their lives. In this interview John shares his philosophy and offers advice for other leaders who want to go beyond "the basics" to really help their people grow.