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The Military Leader Podcast

COL Greg Gadson - A Warrior Living Beyond the Wounds


In May 2007, Colonel Greg Gadson found himself face-up on a Baghdad street, having been blown out of his vehicle by a powerful roadside bomb. He was bleeding profusely from both legs, which he eventually lost. As a battalion commander, that day he was returning from a memorial service for two Soldiers from a sister unit who lost their lives...and now Colonel Gadson's Soldiers were trying desperately to save his.

Retired Colonel Greg Gadson played football at West Point before becoming a Field Artillery Officer in 1989. He saw every major conflict until that fateful day in 2007, when he lost both his legs to an Improvised Explosive Device. In the years following his injury, he recovered and continued to serve, eventually becoming the Garrison Commander at Fort Belvoir and retiring in 2015.

In this interview, he shares details of the IED attack and how his unit's pre-deployment training directly saved his life. COL Gadson also describes his decade-long partnership with the New York Giants and how he came to hold two Super Bowl Rings as a double amputee.

Colonel Gadson is a powerful presence and an inspiration to be around. Please enjoy the conversation and lead well!