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ASK315: Am I wrong to get emotionally involved? PLUS: What's your minimum yield target?


We’re back and we’re starting 2022 with four questions! Our first three questions come from Phil from Liverpool. Phil is an avid listener of the podcast and bought his first investment property back in August – a two bed flat in Liverpool. As he was buying in an area he was familiar with, he found himself getting emotionally invested and was ruling out any areas he wouldn’t live in himself. What he wants to know is, should he avoid doing this in the future? He’s also recently started to see the power of leverage, and with this in mind as he considers buying his next property, he’s started to think about interest-only mortgages. So, Phil’s asking Rob & Rob if he should stick to an interest-only mortgage, and if so, should he only pay interest for the full term? His final question was a special one and required Rob B to dust off his crystal ball, as he quizzed Rob on how Liverpool is going to perform in the premier league. Tune in to hear what the guys have got to say. But the questions don’t end there, and our final question is a big one, and it’s all about yield. This listener wants to know what’s the minimum yield you should consider on a single buy-to-let? Thankfully, Rob & Rob have covered this before, so if you’re searching for the Total Return Formula podcast episode, you can find that here. Do you have a buy-to-let or property investment related question for Rob & Rob? You could feature on the next episode by giving us a call on 013 808 00035 and leaving a message with your name and question (normal UK call rates apply). Or if you prefer, click here to leave a recording via your computer instead. The next question on Ask Rob & Rob could be yours. Have you joined us over on the Property Hub Forum yet? Our online community is friendly, informative, and the members are waiting to welcome you with open arms. So, get yourself over and introduce yourself. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.