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32 Thoughts: The Podcast

Flyer Friday

32 Thoughts: The Podcast
32 Thoughts: The Podcast

Philadelphia fires Chuck Fletcher. Jeff and Elliotte wonder where the Flyers go from here, who might be next to replace Fletcher and why we might have seen so many changes over the last few years (00:00).

The guys then get into the sale of the Ottawa Senators (13:20), the upcoming GM Meetings (22:30), the run we’ve seen from Calgary (25:20), a massive injury for Minnesota (31:15), exciting games from Vegas-Tampa (35:00) and Edmonton-Boston (40:00), Buffalo’s tough stretch (47:00), Pittsburgh’s inability to close games (52:30), Nashville’s playoff hopes are sliding (54:45) and Elliotte talks about attending the Alphabet Sports Collective launch party (55:40).

And THANK YOU to all the listeners for responding to our trade call to action on the last podcast! (10:20)

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Outro Music - Kim Churchill - Bathed in Black

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This podcast was produced and mixed by Amil Delic, and hosted by Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman.

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32 Thoughts: The Podcast
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