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A Podcast of One's Own with Julia Gillard

Regina Waugh on advancing gender equality in politics

Regina Waugh has been working in public service for over a decade to advance the rights of marginalised groups, champion gender equality and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Regina served as the Obama administration’s director for human rights and gender at the White House National Security Council and as the chief of staff in the Secretary’s Office of Global Women’s Issues at the US Department of State. Today, she is working with the International Foundation for Electoral Systems to support female leaders and advance gender equality in the electoral process.

Regina and Julia discuss how we can address barriers to women’s political participation, such as violence against women in politics both online and off, uneven access to electoral justice, and restrictive gender norms. We’re releasing this episode to coincide with the 16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence; an international campaign that calls for the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls. Find out more about the campaign, and what you can do to support its mission, here: https://www.unwomen.org/en/what-we-do/ending-violence-against-women/unite/16-days-of-activism.

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A Podcast of One's Own with Julia Gillard
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