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Bringing AI to the Masses with Adam D’Angelo

a16z Podcast
a16z Podcast

Generative AI has initiated a transformative shift, reshaping our world in unprecedented ways. In a16z's AI Revolution series, we engage some of the most impactful builders in the field of AI discussing and debating where we are, where we’re going, and the big open questions in AI.

In this episode, General Partner David George chats with Adam D'Angelo, the CEO and founder of Quora, wade into this fast-moving AI landscape, and specifically touch on how building infrastructure for creators can democratize AI.

Adam, who is now building AI aggregator Poe and is on the board of OpenAI, has long been paying attention to this AI wave. He recounts this evolving fascination, and together Adam and David explore the dynamic synergy between humans and AI, highlighting the critical role of experimentation for founders in the AI realm.

As a reminder, this conversation comes from our AI Revolution series, which you can dive into more deeply at a16z.com/ai.


Watch the the full interview: www.a16z.com/AIRevolution

Find Adam on Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamdangelo

Find David George on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidGeorge83

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