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Ableton Music Producer Podcast

#144 - Slynk

Ableton Music Producer Podcast
Ableton Music Producer Podcast

Slynk (Evan) is a producer, DJ, and educator originally from Brisbane, Australia. With the overwhelming support and love from the world’s most respected funk artists, Slynk's reputation has been growing strong producing a variety of genres with numerous releases on established labels including Westwood Recordings, Jalapeno Records, Goodgroove, Discocakes, and more. He’s collaborated with recognized artists such as Lazy Syrup Orchestra, ill.Gates, Stickybuds, Defunk, Father Funk, Def3, not to mention Slynk's remix for Bootsy Collins.

Evan also has multiple tutorial videos that were released by Ableton on a variety of topics, in addition to support from other music brands. Today, when Evan isn’t producing or playing festivals and shows regularly, he’s teaching lessons and offering Ableton packs/ samples through his website Slynk.net

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(Episode Music: Coconut Crab by 7apes)

Ableton Music Producer Podcast
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