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Adam Carolla Show

Part 1: Film Critic Christian Toto, plus comedian Jodi Miller (ACS Jan 18)


At the top of today’s pod, comedian Jodi Miller returns to the studio, filling in for Gina Grad. Adam chats with Jodi and Bryan about getting confused for Norm Macdonald, as well as his thoughts on drive-thrus, spitting gum out the window, and how people dispose of trash. The guys then play a clip from Jodi’s AGT appearance, and Adam talks about taking a shuttle to the Rams game, which sparks a debate about sitting in the front seat when you take an Uber. Later, film critic Christian Toto joins the pod to discuss wokeness in Hollywood, predictions for this year’s Oscars, and who would be the ideal host. Before the break, Adam recalls some of the Oscar jokes he wrote that didn’t make it to air.

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