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Steve-O on Forbidden Stunts and Sexual Restraint + Jim Kwik on Brain Training

Adam Carolla Show
Adam Carolla Show
Steve-O joins the show to talk about some of the stunts featured in his new special, Steve-O’s Bucket List. The guys revisit his infamous appearance on Adam’s late night talk show and chat about his sobriety and previous sexual addiction. Next, Adam shares some of the advice he gave to his daughter about heading to the airport and Steve-O comments on Bam Margera. The guys then watch a practical stunt from Live and Let Die featuring a guy hopping on actual crocodiles. Chris reports the news on a woman who live streamed the birth of her child, Daryl Hall filing a restraining order against his former bandmate John Oates, and Jim Irsay commenting on his 2014 arrest.

Lastly, brain coach Jim Kwik drops in to talk about the importance of brain health, mental fitness, and today’s education system.

For more with Steve-O:
? Steve O's Bucket List is now available at http://SteveO.com and premiered on his website in partnership with Moment and Patreon on November 14.

For more with Jim Kwik:
? His book, Limitless Expanded Edition, is available now
? http://JimKwik.com

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