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Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast

Riding Some of the Toughest Terrain in the World: Mongolia

Some time back, we interviewed Tom Medema from Rally for Rangers, an organization that delivers motorcycles to rangers around the world, to help them safely and successfully protect parks from poachers, illegal tree cutting, manual mineral extractions, and other violations.

When 71-year-old Lester Appel heard the episode with Tom, he decided to take action and apply to join the 9-day motorcycle trip across Mongolia with Rally for Rangers. On this journey a group of volunteer riders would donate and deliver motorcycles to the rangers in Southern Mongolian National Parks. Not only would Lester play a part in helping the rangers preserve the precious parklands they were protecting, but he would also have the adventure of a lifetime riding through some of the world’s most challenging terrain. But, just two days in to the trip, Lester had a crash that could have changed everything for him.

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Adventure Rider Radio Motorcycle Podcast
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