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Affirmations for Black Girls

Finding Consistency in a Schedule


Have you ever felt like you were a slave to your time? Too extreme? Okay.. fair.. Well, have you ever felt like you didn’t have enough time to do everything you either wanted to do or do the things people asked of you? We have all been there!

In today’s episode, Tyra is taking a deep dive into Respecting our own time and taking the power back into our own hands when it comes to scheduling our days! Its time to normalize scheduling time to talk with friends and family and they get to RESPECT your time and boundaries you've set around your time.

The days of just “going with the flow” are over when it comes to your time. 

This week’s Affirmation is “My Time is my Energy & My energy is more Valuable than Gold.”

Tyra takes some time to explain why you should treat your energy as gold and drops some gems on exactly HOW you can start doing this! Take a listen!

The Biggest Take Aways from Today’s Episode:

  • Be proactive
  • Set gaps in your schedule
  • Use a calendar scheduling app
  • Be the first to reach out
  • Show friends and family how you’d like your time to be treated by doing the same with their time
  • Put your phone on do not disturb during working hours
  • Have your “Statement” ready. On why you cannot talk, if the person is persistent.
  • Set priorities.
  • Be Flexible.


Check out Calendly!

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