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Affirmations for Black Girls

Finding Excitement in Navigating Singleness Pt. 2: Abandonment Issues, Anxiety in Dating, and Exploring Envy


We are getting very real and raw today. Navigating Singleness has been a rollercoaster for Tyra and she’s only been single for a few months. But, in today’s episode, we are tackling childhood trauma that influences your relationship with romantic relationships and things like envy, jealousy, and anxiety around finding “The One”.

Tyra Believes in order to be a whole person and be 100% available to a partner, you need to love yourself first, at least a little bit..

This week’s Affirmation is “I deserve self love.”

Tyra takes some time to share her thoughts and feelings on navigating singleness while it seems like everyone around you have what you long for. And, in this episode, we learn that its okay to long for things, but a reframe always needs to happen to keep you afloat during your season of singleness.

There is a reason God is saying “Not Yet” and all you can do is continue to LIVE your life and not view it as a waiting period. But, we all know that can get hard, so take a listen a

The Biggest Takeaways from Today’s Episode on Navigating Singleness Pt 2 are:

  • Reflect on your relationship with Romantic Relationships
    • Get to know who YOU are in romantic relationships
  • Don't rush into relationships, let them build over time.
  • Acknowledge your anxiety or worry around “Finding The One”
  • Envy happens, and when it does, take a step back to focus on YOU.

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