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Affirmations for Black Girls

Finding Yourself Through Change: Embracing the Next Chapter in your Life, Seasonal Depression, Break Ups, and Radically Showing Up for Yourself


Tyra sits down and gets real about her break up, seasonal depression, and moving away from home and how it has all affected her life. She spent the entire month of December, at home,  reflecting on how her life has been going since this major life change. She weighs the good along with the bad, and we speak on moving forward and learn to make promises to ourselves and to always put ourselves first because you cannot give from an empty cup. In order for our cups to overflow, we have to show ourselves love, and sometimes that's hard when your life suddenly changes.

This week’s Affirmation is “ My fears of tomorrow are melting away”

The Biggest Takeaways from Today’s Episode on Change:

  • Putting yourself first fills your cup. You cannot give from an empty cup, the goal is to give from your saucer.
  • God says trouble doesn't last always.. Matthew 6:34. So do not worry on tomorrow, because change is inevitable.

Recommended resources

LoFi Music. 

Tyra listens to LoFi to increase productivity and relax her. Instrumental tracks are great to help quiet the mind and get things done!

The particular link to the track played in the episode is here: LoFi Music

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