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#2248 Mortgage fraud / Activision / co-pilot / HeartFlow / Nvidia and Oracle

AI News
AI News

An AI document forensics solution improved fraud detection at an online mortgage broker by 30 percent while reducing the workload for investigators.


A patent application from Activision Blizzard is exploring the idea of using machine learning technology to create custom soundtracks for gamers that could potentially be used to enhance gameplay experiences.


Open source programmers are investigating a possible class action lawsuit against Microsoft after the company used their publicly available code to train its latest AI tool.


HeartFlow announced that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for two new non-invasive, artificial intelligence-based coronary artery anatomy and plaque analyzes based on coronary CT angiography.


Nvidia and Oracle announced today at Oracle CloudWorld an expanded, multi-year partnership to help customers accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) adoption.


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AI News
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