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#2249 Gazing Car / AI material / Hokkien / Motion Mix / 19th Century portraits

AI News
AI News

No matter how many cameras or sensors they use, autonomous cars will never be perfect, but research from Japan suggests a simple upgrade could help reduce the risk of self-driving cars hitting undetected pedestrians: a pair of animated googly eyes that make it obvious what the vehicle has spotted or not.


"This research introduces and demonstrates an artificial intelligent material that can learn to exhibit desired behaviors and properties when exposed to increased environmental conditions," said Jonathan Hopkins, the study's lead researcher and professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering.


Meta said Wednesday that it has built an artificial intelligence system that translates Hokkien into English, though the Taiwanese language lacks a standardized written form.


Today at Adobe Max 2022, Adobe will showcase a prototype AI project that can convert a still image of a person into an animated dancer.


Mystery Scoop's Lorenzo Folli and Olga Shirnina have put together a fascinating compilation of historical 19th-century portraits that have been digitally restored and brought to life using AI software.


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