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AI News
AI News

In the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), 2022 was arguably the year of foundational models, or AI models, trained at scale.

Harvey, a startup building a so-called "Copilot for Lawyers," emerged today with $5 million from the cloak being led by the OpenAI Startup Fund, the tranche through which OpenAI and its partners in AI companies in early-stage investing that tackle big problems.

Google is working on a tool that will teach code to write and rewrite itself.

Medical technology company iCAD announced that it will integrate Google Health's mammography AI technology into its breast imaging solutions through a strategic development and commercialization agreement.

Researchers have developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) model capable of predicting a patient's 10-year risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke -- all with a single chest X-ray.

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