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Alan Watts Being in the Way

Ep. 13 – Psychology of Mystical Experience

Binding contrast into paradox, Alan takes us on a journey through the psychology of mystical experience in relation to life and death, followed by a jaunt through the power of nothingness.

In this episode of Being in the Way, Mark Watts opens the door to the vault, introducing two rare recordings from his father, Alan Watts. The first lecture, entitled Psychology of Mystical Experience, stems from March 5th, 1972 at San Jose State exploring the paradox of life and death. Recorded on Alan's infamous houseboat in Sausalito, the second talk, Nothingness, highlights the inseparable oneness of contrasts, like form and formlessness.

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This series is made in partnership with the Alan Watts Organization. Discover the official Alan Watts archive at alanwatts.org

"Nothing is what brings something into focus." – Alan Watts

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Alan Watts Being in the Way
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