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Ali on the Run Show
Ali on the Run Show

"What is my why? It’s just to give myself a shot. I’ve run six marathons. I feel like one of them went really well. And I felt the urge to try something fun and give myself a challenge and see what I’m capable of."

Hello from the halfway point in my Eugene Marathon training! I'm seven weeks into my training with seven weeks to go until I line up for my seventh marathon. A few weeks ago, my coach and my sports dietitian joined me on the show to talk about what it's been like working together in this pursuit. Today, it's just me, talking about why I'm doing this. Why now? Why the marathon, seven years after my last attempt? What am I hoping to get out of all of this? In addition to sharing a bit about my history with the 26.2-mile distance, I'm also talking about my key takeaways from the past seven weeks, and sharing what I hope to gain throughout this process. (Come run with me! There's a half marathon option, too! Use code ONTHERUNEUGENE to save on your registration.)

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What you’ll get on this episode:

  • What my life looks like right now, and how marathon training fits in (2:45)
  • A recap of my marathon history (8:45)
  • My key takeaways from the halfway point in my Eugene Marathon training (18:25)

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