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Alive and Kicking with Clare McKenna

'Dublin Front Runners', FInding your voice with Dr. Caren Hession & 'Spark a Life'

'Dublin Front Runners' is Ireland’s oldest LGBT+ running club, inviting gay men, women, and their friends to stay active and have fun in the process. They currently have 250 members with 60 identifying as women. Clare speaks with members, Gillian Callaghan and Mark Armstrong about why it's not just about running but about providing an inclusive space.

Dr. Caren Hession is on a mission to help people rise up and find their voice. Drawing on a wealth of training from music to creative arts, neuroscience, and neurolinguistic programming, she's designed a coaching programme and workshop that's helped many including senators for public speaking and some with speech impediments.

And Sinead Hingston was on the show a couple of years back to talk about grief having lost her husband Geoff when they were 7 months married and she was 17 weeks pregnant. She has since gone on to rebuild her life and a family with her husband Michael but who have experienced pregnancy loss along the way. She joins Clare to talk about why she's founded 'Spark a Life' because no life, no matter how short should be forgotten.
Alive and Kicking with Clare McKenna
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