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Alive and Kicking with Clare McKenna

Lydia Rolley on Chronic Fatigue and Sarah Shannon on Finding Your Own Way

Sarah Shannon was a corporate lawyer spending years studying and then many working in Dublin law firms before following a urge to seek out something more which led to world travel and now working as a yoga and meditation teacher, leading others to find their own way in life. She joins Clare in studio to talk about what helped her find her path once she made the first jump.

And Lydia Rolley is an occupational therapist and psychotherapist who experienced chronic fatigue syndrome first hand and then with many patients through her work. This led her to write The Fatigue book to help others with the debilitating condition and also those with long covid fatigue. Her book starts with empowering people in their recovery or living with the illness and she talks through some of her practical tips with Clare
Alive and Kicking with Clare McKenna
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