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Meggie Palmer - Closing the Gender Pay Gap

All About Change
All About Change

Meggie Palmer is a confidence creator and globally renowned speaker, facilitator, executive coach as well as the founder and CEO of PepTalkHer.

While still finding success as an award-winning journalist, Meggie was surprised to realize that she was facing pay discrimination. This opened her eyes to pay inequality and inspired her to take action not just for herself but for all women around the world.

She left journalism to embark on a path of activism. She started her own organization - PepTalkHer - with the mission of closing the gender pay gap. ‘PepTalkHerr App’ is described as ‘fitbit for your career’, helping professionals track success and navigate their pathway to promotion. Meggie now runs a community of 60,000 professional women focused on elevating performance and supercharging their career success.

In conversation with Jay, they discuss the importance of proactive and positive storytelling and how her life put her on a mission to close the gender pay gap.

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All About Change
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