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Harvard Professor Todd Rogers on 3 Ways to Write Well for a Busy World

All Ears English Podcast
All Ears English Podcast
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Todd Rogers is Professor of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is coauthor of Writing for Busy Readers.  
He is faculty director of the Behavioral Insights Group, faculty chair of the executive education program Behavioral Insights and Public Policy, Senior Scientist at ideas42, and Academic Advisor at the Behavioral Insights Team. Todd is co-founder and board member of Analyst Institute, which increases civic engagement through improved voter communications.
He is also co-founder, equity holder, and Chief Scientist (unpaid) of EveryDay Labs, which partners with school districts to reduce student absenteeism by communicating with families. He has trained thousands of leaders across hundreds of organizations on the science of writing for busy readers. 
Todd received his Ph.D. jointly from Harvard's Department of Psychology and the Harvard Business School. Check out Todd’s book at www.WritingForBusyReaders.com

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