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by Kiri Pritchard - McLean
All Killa No Filla

All Killa No Filla - Episode 77 - Rodney Alcala - Part 3


Join comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean as they explore a shared passion, serial killers. Each episode the pair will talk all things murder and macabre and have a right laugh doing it. Episode 77 Part 3 is another look at The Dating Game Killer, Rodney Alcala. This episode focuses on his many, many trials. Get your bingo cards out because he represents himself AND even does different voices for himself in the dock and as a defendant, lad's got range. Rachel is also persistently heckled by her own flat in what turns out to be a moving three act play about living in London with a finale of Rachel at her most pissed off.



by Kiri Pritchard - McLean