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by Kiri Pritchard - McLean
All Killa No Filla

All Killa No Filla - Episode 81 - Part 2 - The Hillside Stranglers


Join comedians Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean as they explore a shared passion, serial killers. Each episode the pair will talk all things murder and macabre and have a right laugh doing it. Episode 81 part 2 takes another look at a horrible pair of maniacs, the Hillside Stranglers; Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono. This section covers their murderous spree so it's not an easy listen, not just because Kiri is yet again talking about her septic tank. Rachel gets riled up about libraries, people who don't wear pajamas and signing for parcels. Oh, and if you listen right to the end there's a little bonus treat if you're into bizarre sneezes.



by Kiri Pritchard - McLean